Blessings,”Want Me,Why Not..??”


If there is a genuine push by the grassroots I will not decline to go for the posts as No.1 in Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS). Could Joseph Entulu be tempted to spill the beans ” if he ” is cornered and interviewed by journalists and reporters of the main stream media? No one should be surprised though as Entulu is very much a media friendly Deputy minister and he does give statements which in itself is ” NEWS ”

His dayak  statement was very controversial and he had to take out a full page supplement to cover what was overplayed by the media seeking fraternity. According to an aide JE was very upset as this was n0t what was intended and he is now very mindful of the press and would not like to be misquoted.  

Will he be trapped into making another ‘MISQUOTED STATEMENT” as the rumours are already swirling of him pushing James Masing PRS President all the way for the No.1 CHAIR. It is interesting to note also a BN component party MIC in their September congress will make amendments to their constitution limiting the terms of the President to 3 terms and other positions to 2 terms. Will James turn round to use this in their upcoming TDC to beg for another term before he hands over the baton.? James Masing is already 60 years old and he will try to buy some more time to cement his footing as the undisputed No.1 in PRS.

The ball is already on Entulu’s foot and its up to him how and what he wants to do with it..? A proverb commonly used in politics goes like this,” He who waits on others misses his opportunities.” Its a game where only the strong survives and with the financial backing accorded and blessings in place Entulu will be looking at a “WASTED GOLDEN CHANCE”

A political analysts said,”Sarawak’s political climate is somewhat calmer now and we cannot SEE WHO THE CROCODILES ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE UP TO. SOMEONE IS DEFINITEDLY STIRRING THE SAND IN PRS” The Tree shaking theory is irrelevant in PRS unlike PBB where once the tree shaking is implemented calm and order will be restored.

In PRS it goes further than that as this particular TREE needs to be uprooted. ( Remember Tun Rahman and Leo Moggie’s divide and rule where it saw birth of PBDS and decimated the once powerful SNAP under James Wong) . Could Entulu be just the perfect politician at this time for the bigger agenda of the POWERFUL CASH RICH  HIDDEN HANDS/PUPPET MASTERS.  

 It is an open secret now that the BLESSINGS are in place no matter how James wants to avoid it. James should know how the CM was on his side when he losts to Tajem/Sng. History does repeat itself  does he need to be reminded.?”

We say as always,”It’s all about timing in Politics and Entulu will need to make up his own decision. We will not be able to push him over the cliff could we..?? 

28 thoughts on “Blessings,”Want Me,Why Not..??”

  1. mute says:

    From what is written though very brief it seems James days are numbered. So those surrounding him are they making a bee line to leave him soon. The bees know where the honey is and Entulu is very much a POT OF GOLD.

  2. chloe says:

    So all along PBDS was in together with Tun Rahman to neutralise SNAP. I see and its getting one full circle. Great and keep it coming audie61.

  3. Judge says:

    Time is certainly running out for Mr James Masing.Join us in PKR lah as you have the party now. Be like SAPP and you will have more bargaining power. Who cares about what entulu and his hidden hands are doing?

  4. Icy Waters says:

    It does not look promising for James does it.? Everything is going against him and it will be no time when the crocodiles eat him up for dinner. Drown him first and munch him up later hahaha

  5. queen bee says:

    PRS is looking to explode again? Where is hostage 88? He is very much a BN man and all in PKR please beware.

  6. sinister plot says:

    Entulu do it before too late. its your golden time and opportunity and it will not come again. Believe me.!!

  7. Hulk says:

    Entulu …use lawyer to demolish james..I think lawyer should be able to do this easily as james rely alot on him….

  8. bahtiah says:

    Open warfare better. James you are now under threat. Kill them off before you are killed that is my motto. U know wat to do and if you need help you know who to turn too.

  9. zainuddin says:

    My school friend Entulu.Let me reposts this,”A proverb commonly used in politics goes like this,” He who waits on others misses his opportunities.” Its a game where only the strong survives and with the financial backing accorded and blessings in place Entulu will be looking at a “WASTED GOLDEN CHANCE.
    What are you waiting for? The goose already lay a Golden Egg. U will regret if you dont use them.

  10. mini says:

    The tree is already affected by Virus. Of course we need a new man to head PRS. Seems Entulu with his backing from Federal side will be just the right man to ensure Sarawak is still the BN bastion. James has sold out BN by meeting anwar through his man.Bad boy bad boy James.

  11. Sting says:

    Who really has lighted this fire? Heard from my friends in Kuching It has to do with the elder Lawan and fighter Old sng. Can anyone confirm?

  12. brendan m says:

    It seems Entulu is now cornered. Even if he denies James will not trusts him one bit anymore. The only thing that Entulu is to push the MONKEY to the Lawyer who is dividing the dayaks. No choice Kaban Entulu.Nadai masa agi..

  13. lydia says:

    I am your fan Entulu. Dont wori about the little case of dayak being dropped. This is the bIG ONE. Got guts go for it.If not just go and plant Padi back home.

  14. hostage88 says:

    queen bee Says:

    June 30, 2009 at 2:52 pm
    PRS is looking to explode again? Where is hostage 88? He is very much a BN man and all in PKR please beware.


    Still in PKR and enjoying my lunch with PKR Boys. I support PKR Batu Kawa Candidate. You have a problem with that? If you have, please stop hiding and reveal who you are.

  15. queen bee says:

    Hostage88 you can check the IP address. i thought you are smarter than that. You are uploading everything for PKR Batu Kawa and you need to ask me. Open your eyes and dont always say u have access to PKR Hq. In Malay they say”BUKA MATA”

  16. ursula says:

    hostage88 dont simply hantam ppl. u are taking out of queen bee but u have to ask yourself first.Who are U?

  17. hostage88 says:

    Oh let me guess.

    1. You have a problem with me helping maintain linasoo dot com and hosting it. Well sorry, even IGP do not have a problem with me doing that, and neither do you as an annonymous.

    2. You are jealous with that. Well go on. I will be hosting more PKR Sarawak Members sites / blogs for free. If you need Vinegar for your drinks and need donation, we can gladly chip in and ensure you have enough vinegar to drink.

    If you have a problem with me supporting PKR and PKR Candidate, that write it out and write to PKR HQ complaining about me. Hahahaha. I got what I wanted. What about you? Dream on!



  18. hornbillunleashed says:


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