EXCLUSIVE reply”Sarawak Members of Parliament Full of Decorum”

The English tabloids,blogs and internet portal Malaysiakini are all carrying articles with different headlines amongst which are

  1. Deputy Speaker’s comments-confirmed our worst fears-Dayakbaru blog
  2. Sarawak Parliamentarians under fire-Malaysiakini portal
  3. Deputy Speakers comments incur wrath of BN MPs.-Borneo Posts.

On the home front /coffe shop talk there are so many stories being thrown about and most of course are half truths. Mind you though some do have credibility as they are quite logical. audie61 of course did contact some Sarawak MPs and mosts say its blown out of proportion. Really..?? 

One political secretary said,”the Deputy speaker must have a point.He is afterall sitting on the high chair and if has taken down the facts,statistics and number of times the Sarawak MPs does not have a case against him. Maybe he was trying to wake them up as some are sitting too nicely in their ‘comfort zones” That is his prerogative as he knows bests what he is letting himself into.

We tracked down the MP for Batang Sadong Nancy Shukri and we got this sms from her.This is the actual text,” Actually I dont wish to blow it up.But somebody has to speak d truth of Swak culture. We speak wt full of decorum.We in BN don’t make it a tradition n culture to outsiders,let alone thr d media,it suffices to say tht we did our part as elected leaders. the people cld c fr d media of our involvement. once we publicize our sensitiveness d opposition laugh at us. Thats why once and for all somebody has to respond.Otherwise, d opp will still tap on it saying that its proven BN reps r passive.B4 we make our sttmt we must think first.”

We say as always,”The people/voters are matured enough to vote for/vote out any Member of Parliament who are not carrying out their duties as an elected representative.Lets just not look down on the voters intelligence. Remember,this is not the 70s or 80s………..

5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE reply”Sarawak Members of Parliament Full of Decorum”

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  2. insulted public says:

    Yet again these BN MPs are insulting the publics’ intelligence. The people are not naive and totally lacking any intelligence lah.

    Why persist in making such statements? In defence or in denial but one suspects it is to their ‘own audience’.

    Maybe when they return to their constituencies, they will twist it into something else perhaps trying to suggest they are a hero or champion of the people by disagreeing with fellow BN ‘publicly’.

    No wonder, Sarawak is still stuck in the dark ages ..just read Nancy Shukri’s sms:

    “…the people cld c fr d media of our involvement.”

    Don’t get what she means here, we don’t see what they don’t want us to see in the main stream media…we all know that! Maybe, they want us to see this so called ‘disagreement’ perhaps?

    “…once we publicize our sensitiveness d opposition laugh at us”

    The statement says it all doesn’t it..opposition laugh at you??????? Sounds like Nancy Shukri is unsure of her beliefs or what shes supporting or advocating for to be worried about being laughed at!

    To cap it off,she further added “B4 we make our sttmt we must think first.”

    Wow, either they are deeeeep thinkers or maybe the longtime thinking suggests the lack of something!

    It’s yet another stupid ploy by BN to maybe suggest to the people that these BNs do stand up to their lords and masters…how LAME!

    Just wonder how much they pay their spin doctors or their political consultants? Money totally wasted!

  3. francis ngu says:

    They slumber on, telling people they are thinking or are in their dream-time. If they do wake up, may they have some profound thoughts to share with us, otherwise slumber will soon turn into a nightmare for them.

    The BN Deputy Speaker has indeed scored an own goal for BN, and the rakyat cheers his apparent challenge to Sarawak BN parliamentarians to perform as they should. We thank the Deputy Speaker for his effort to raise the standard of parliamentary debates in Malaysia, especially in the interests of Sarawak people.

    The BN YBs should now account to their electorate and not run helter-skelter for cover which will not hold! Mea culpa is the correct response from them.

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