Anwar “Unthinkable” for Sarawak

While Anwar is busy campaigning in Penang a storm is brewing up for PKR Sarawak.  Our informed source says all is not well as even the supremo and PKR de facto leader  has given up on Sarawak with all the infighting overflowing. He has also handed over the mantle to someone junior eventhough the person in question Mustpaha has proven qualities and a track record. Is Anwar really surrendering Sarawak? Is he taking all the wrap as even his choice of Jawah Gerang was a miscalculated move.

In todays political climate and culture we are taught never to give in and never give up. We dont hear much about surrendering. Najib surrendered Perak to Zambry but he took up the posts in Selangor as the Chief. Anwar surrendered but where is he heading too? Are both of them playing psychological mind games.? This is really taking two steps backwards instead of two steps forward. Winning is everything but Surrendering is Unthinakable.

Najib is succeeding,overcoming and conquering while Anwar is yielding,submitting and surrendering. It was supposed to be a meeting of minds and unlocking some puzzles but audie61 got more than what we have bargained for. There are tremors been felt eventhough many say its PKR Sarawaks housecleaning campaign. Does PKR Sarawak has the time? Even a longhouse folk in the interior does not know the PKR symbol. We quote ,”Its a HOSPITAL SIGN

The inroads and energy wasted especially in the ego infighting should be channelled to making the party more solid and  determining how the seats will be won. Besides,if i remember correctly didn’t Anwar propagandared that once Sarawak BN is wrestled the domino theory will follow?

It is barely two years before the next State elctions being called unless if and when the CM has got the magic inspirational  feeling it might be sooner. With Anwar surrendering and making less impact the appropriate time to go for the KILL and jugular would be very, very, very  near.

Will they be major movements of PKR members resigning enbloc. Nothing surprises us in Sarawak anymore and it seems some of the nuts are very loose now as PKR has hit the rough roads ahead. So whats the next bests thing for PKR members and supporters to think about. There are talks that a new political party is in the offing and steps are being taken to realise this. The name is already well thought of and cleverly masterminded.

 We would love to let the cat out of the bag but being citizens journalists we will abide to our informed sources wishes. Even a political consultant has been sought for and its only a matter of time when its all revealed. Anwar its ‘THINKABLE

 If Sabah and West Malaysia can have all these parties what is stopping Sarawakians from registering a new party? Good question but will the ROS bow down to the requests. Seems that there are HIDDEN HANDS at work in ROS especially when it involves setting up of political parties for Sarawak.

We say as always,”Anwar it points all to you for abandoning the people who they thought would breathe FRESH AIR for them. But the answer in fact lies in A SARAWAK BASED OPPOSITION party. Another Berjaya or PBS..but Sarawak style..???

8 thoughts on “Anwar “Unthinkable” for Sarawak

  1. hostage88 says:

    Frankly, I am not impressed with the 8 Opposition Sarawak Dun members.

    If it is true DSAI is giving up. I don’t blame him at all. I would as well and concentrate on Semanjung Malaysia and from there form new coalition partners if it can be done.

    Unless, especially PKR Leaders. I mean each and everyone of them take a good look at themselves, none qualify to be YB’s at all. Yup, not even CCJ and WHL.

    New Political Party and a revival of one as the third force is urgently needed.

  2. zainuddin says:

    It seems that a New political platform is needed for Sarawak. Good idea than after defeating BN join Pakatan like SAPP. good go for it..

  3. phyllis says:

    Time for Sarawak leaders to look at themselves. Its been too long under the Melanau led regime. Even UMNO cannot enter Sarawak. See how powerful they have become.

  4. gringo says:

    Surrender Anwar..?? Im trying to puzzle this together.Surely he has not just given up like that. It might just be a camouflage like Wong ho Leng the DAP leader used it DUN..hehe

  5. Joyce sim says:

    Sarawakians should have their own political opposition party instead of depending on too much on DAP,PKR or PAS who are all semanjung based parties. SNAP has seen its day as a force in Sarawak and it takes one too really start the ball rolling to see it happening in Sarawak. Who is the person behind??

  6. ingrid says:

    Time to wake up the dragons in Sarawak. Too much being ripped apart and all the natural resources are being siphoned to and by only a few selected cronies..

  7. bryan says:

    Anwar needs to wake up and maybe start to think what is bests for Sarawak. The writer even suggests a Berjaya or PBS style..Brilliant..!!

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