“2005 I already said Merge.It’s already 2009..??”



James,Mawan…’ Why don’t you both just join hands and merge back to just ONE PARTY..? I need BN to be BN3 and not BN4 to fight the ever increasing threat of the opposition against my rule? What are you waiting for and I dont want people to blame me for the breakup of SNAP.? You see SNAP your father and grandfather are blaming me which sees the registration of PRS,SPDP and so the demise of PBDS. Thats my call and act on it.”

So much has happened ever since and PRS was also embroiled in a crisis which was eventually solved this year as the opposition made inroads in Parliament and 308 was the time ROS under instructions had no choice but to recognise James as the legitimate President instead of Larry Sng.

Both factions did make efforts to realise the dream of a “merger’ but more so it was used to camouflage or more so in REALITY USE MERGER to get rid of the other faction. I was also part of the merger team on one side and underneath all that talks was another agenda. Heaven help me if there was not another.Since then a total of 8 divisions plus many of  Larry’s  Supreme Council has joined PKR . (In other words Jump ship when they losts or is there another reason..??)

What is stopping it now? These reports which we wrote earlier plus what has been published will throw a little light on the call for CM Taib for the merging. Click the links below for more:-

What would you do if you were CM..? Don’t you think that he has enough worries to just get himself dirtyto solve this problem? Mawan and James knows who is the boss and one of them needs to eventually step back and give way. Who is going to? Two senior political analysts said very bluntly,” Maybe they are waiting for the Good Lord to call Taib back to his side.” while another said,”This is politics and why should both leaders bow to Taib’s requests.”

We say as always,”There is already tension and CM will not want to wait for November.It only takes a day mind you 4 hours to register PRS..Be warned that CM takes no prisoners.Join Together or Ship out is the word..

8 thoughts on ““2005 I already said Merge.It’s already 2009..??”

  1. dayang says:

    Many foremr BN members already left and joined a fresher PKR and this two party system will see an end soon for PRS/SPDP if not merge. Just join enbloc to Pakatan group is the call..

  2. phyllis says:

    No need to heed the CM taibs call. stay as a different party PRS and SPDP. Then we know who to fight who hahaha

  3. chloe says:

    Time for James to step aside.His days are numbered. Mawan would certainly say this as he is a politician. James Wong used to say,”look into the eyes of politicians then you can tell whether thye lie or not and also politicians always say no with a SMILE.(who did Mawan learn from..?)

  4. Hulk says:

    I think they should merge as soon as possible.. James to give way to Mawan and Entulu to lead while he retires..Only way to move forward is to pass on the baton.. James time’s up..

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