Manek Urai”Which Dragon In the SKY..?”

Updated :-6.15pm Kelantan MB Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat  was not happy with the unruly behaviour  of supporters. He said it’s aPILIHANand not a battlefield and if we go to the market there are choices of vegetables/meat and others. That’s the TRUTH and a very Witty Observation!!!!

5.15 pm It’s going to be Ping Pong Dragon..!!!

5.00pm Unconfirmed reports 91% turnout (CONFIRMED 87.33%) .PAS has retained the seat and UMNO is made to lick its wounds.

4.55pm   In a telephone interview Natasha of audie61 was told that many UMNO /BN outstation campaigners have started to leave.Not staying back as word is out that their candidate  will be soundly beaten.

4.40pm  Sources say PAS will retain the seat.

4.0o pm Turnout was recorded at 86.44 percent or 10,626 votes as at 4pm

Many are asking us as its past noon as both candidates are quietly confident of victory. At press time the Turnout was recorded at 57.6 percent or 7,085 votes as at 11am, according to the Election Commission.

Simple the answer will be known as early as 8pm as word would have already reached the ears of the candidates who has made it or has failed. The voters will have till 5pm to casts their votes and we are still asking,”Which Dragon In the SKY..?? Will it be the Ping pong ball symbol or the BN symbol. All will be answered soon………