“PKR/UMNO Penaja Sarawak Dream Crushes”


The statement and article by Pak Bui which was published on July3rd in hornbillunleashed needs to be clarified said an aide to Affendy Jeman of UMNO Penaja Sarawak. He said to look back at our earlier article of October 5th 2008 in which we wrote,”PKR or UMNO..Your choice..??” He clarified and extracted this simple scenario…

” IS UMNO good for Sarawak or PKR?” Both are National Parties and PBB,PRS,SUPP and SPDP are local based parties.PKR is a hot topic and many would like to give PKR and Anwar a chance in Sarawak come 2011 in the next state elections.

Has the Malay ground shifted from PBB to PKR like in Peninsular Malaysia has shifted? Has PBB been losing touch with their Malay ground, the reality that ordinary Malays have to confront in their struggle for existence everyday in the face of high inflation and dwindling spending power.

PBB is still relevant in Sarawak and their true tests will come when they face PKR in the fight for the Malay/Melanau areas in the next elections.Where does this put UMNO in the state context? There is a strong following of UMNO protem members (100,00 as per mentioned by Pak Bui) and they should now be seen together to put on a united front with the PBB to win over the ones that has shown allegiance to PKR. As we always say,”THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.”

PM Najib has been to Sarawak for the 4th time in a couple of months and he is also gauging the groundswell of PKR and opposition towards the BN. There are schools of thoughts and innsiders are comfortably suggesting that there should be a SNAP Elections for Sarawak in order to reverse the trend that BN Government is losing its relevancy. This will be a major PR coup and it will also mean that BN Sarawak remains a “FIXED DEPOSIT” for the ruling coalition.


Moreover nothing concrete suggests that PKR Sarawak and their partners are not having problems in identifying the seats allocation. There are also infighting in PKR in which Anwar has decided to look at the bigger picture rather than maintaining his earlier battle cry of “Within the Reach of PKR control state”  To further push through the agenda BN Sarawak knows that there is the loose coalition of opposition unlike in West Malaysia where Pakatan still holds firm and follows the national directives. 

PM knows its just a matter of time and the BN machinery is in place and he will advise and give his opinions also to the CM who is the State Barisan Chairman. UMNO Sarawak Penaja opinions are also sought after as Affendy must have been giving the right “signals” to the PM Najib. There are certains camps within the UMNO ranks who says that the timing is right for UMNO to make their presence felt in Sarawak.

However the PM Najib a man who is seen as an action packed PM knows that UMNO Penaja’s reading of ground level is correct.He does not want to tilt the  balance of power just yet as PBB is still holding the fort very well. The groundswell which PKR experienced has somewhat died down in the past few months.Will UMNO Penaja Sarawak  be sidelined..??

That is where the political strategy lies says Affendy. UMNO will not abandon us. Of course,we need certain funds to carry on with our activities and with 100,000 members if we do not take care of them they will turn their backs and support the opposition in this case PKR/DAP. We don’t want that to happen do we..? 

PKR Sarawak thinks also that UMNO is irrelavant to Sarawak in which Affendy thinks otherwise. We are doing our homework as always and we are keeping tabs also of the opposition movements. How can the writer Pak Bui say this Affendy who was quite upset seemingly as this is a twisted fact,”“How can Sarawakians keep Umno out?” is simple: vote BN out in Sarawak,when the writer ended the article.


On another note as promised yesterday by audie61 “PKR Sarawak are ready for elections if its called anytime and a good indication will be the Bidayuh’s who will surprise us this weekend says Information chief of PKR See Chee How. Just wait for our timely announcement and its just worth the wait in a telephone interview. Do we need to reveal it here..? 

PKR and UMNO both national parties will still fight toe and nail against each other in the coming state elections. It might not be an open warfare but UMNO will no doubt as a coalition partner in BN assist one of their own. Penaja UMNO Sarawak will be the BINDING POWER to ensure that its members are not pulled away by the current groundswell of PKR. UMNO will know how and where to disemburse the funding of its activities and Affendy has so far not failed to deliver. I’m sure Affendy says UMNO will not abandon one of its own.

 We say as always,”Whose dream will be crushed will be known when the Sarawak State elections are held….!!! 

“PKR delighted,UMNO Penaja Sarawak Crushing Blow No.1”


Why.?Whats Happened..?? Find out tomorrow as Affendy Jeman the man who is responsible for UMNO Penaja Sarawak is in the spotlight once again for reasons which Pak Bui put it up in the blog Hornbill unleashed.

He addressed Affendy as,”self-styled Sarawak Umno Pro-Tem Committee (JPUNS), had been bragging that JPUNS had recruited 100,000 Umno members in Sarawak.” Wow..!! Affendy who is in KL at the moment has some ” kind words”  and we will reveal it tomorrow.

Besides that we will have See Chee How ,”PKR Sarawak Information Chief who says that there will have some surprises for BN Sarawak this weekend. Find out more here at audie61.

We say as always,”Have your laptops or your phones by your side to check up latest on this article….PBB will of course have their radars ready…