“Oooh Manek Urai..Bets Off..!!

manek urai state seat 220509Latest from the bookies world is that,”One way ticket” and its what they called “DRAGON in the SKY” It seems that mosts punters are going for the PAS candidate. Also the tide has turned around drastically with the appearance of PAS deputy President Nasharuddin. The Kiss as a political propaganda has had a very significant impact especially so when Nasharuddin kissed the spiritual leader  Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’ hand. It’s the RESPECT SHOWN according to political watchers which is above all.

What chances does Tuan Aziz have especially with UMNO having such a bad record at Manek Urai. This is a fact,”Manek Urai had only fell twice to Umno and BN in 12 general elections, says a runner to the organised syndicated firm. Surely, there is not a ghosts of a chance and even if DPM Muhyddin promised development funds or a new bridge it is well countered by Opposition leader Anwar with a simple phrase,”Is he King Soloman..?”

It is almost certain that the parties machinery of BN and Pakatan are going on a full swing to try to switch some minds or to influunce the fence sitters. Tuan Aziz will be a “Hero of some sort ” or even a TRANSFORMER for BN in Kelantan if he manages to pull of a surprise against PAS Candidate Kuala Krai treasurer Mohd Fauzi Abdullah.

 The bookies will just have to wait for the arrival of Manchester United to Malaysia in their friendly against the national selections. The constituents/voters will determine the other MU(Manek Urai)

We say as always,”The voters of Manek Urai will have the FINAL SAY. It’s up to them who they want to represent them in the STATE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY and they will be mature enough to CROSS THE RIGHT BOX…