“Do We Need Security Officials Like this at Boulevard Shopping Mall..?”

Hold on What’s going on..? audie61 and crew made their way to have lunch after our impromptu meeting. We were all wearing audie61 T-Shirts and Natasha,Cindy,Joyce and my wife commented that we will be very noticeable. How I wished that Bouvelard Shopping Mall Management had sponsored our T-Shirts. Why didn’t we think of that and while writing this report Boulevard could have got me a scanner to substantiate my posting. Never mind..!

We were all talking about the highhandedness of some security officials or people in uniforms. It certainy goes with the Job and some people just cannot be given that “POWER” if you know what I mean.. They abuse the system or does not follow the procedures or think that they are in charge and nothing else matters.

We sat down and had lunch and my wife had Coconut juice at M$2.00 and me drinking water at M$1.80. This happen at the vicinity of Boulevard Food Court at  precisely 15.03  Cashier 02 Change returned M$1.20 after giving a M$5. Happily all of us had our lunch and said how comforting the place was and the aircondition was just what we needed as the temperatures outside was very high and the weather hot and humid. After lunch we parted ways and I made my way to Boulevard Hypermarket.

Occasionally I do my weekend shopping here for groceries. This time we just purchased 12 items amounting to M$57.10 as shown by  Hong Leong Bank Credit Card Receipt. I wanted to pay in cash but the incident which is about to happen just got me going. There was no Encik or Sir when the security approached me and just stared at me and said ,”You minum Air bottle tidak bayar”  What! Huh! Whats your problem my friend I asked him?

You security “Sini  Kah“I said and asked him on what grounds do you suspect I drink this Boulevard Air Minuman Exp date 13/05/11 without paying for it. Please lah for M$1.80 I am going to be termed a ‘SHOPLIFTER” I gave him a piece of  my mine and I blog this article so that the management of Boulevard shopping Mall at Block 16,K.C.L.D,Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli Kuching will look at their security officials and SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE plus MANAGEMENT in order that this embarrasing situation does not occur again or be replayed. Who knows the person might not be so forgiving ..??

  • Firstly, The security officers do need a good and proper training.
  • Secondly, the on the spot questioning needs to be more courteous and polite.
  • Thirdly,maybe hmmm audie 61 can give them a TRAINING PROGRAMME to help the management.(Fee chargeable..!!)
  •  We would thought that this weekend would be much better after what we have discussed amongst the crew of audie61 and we touched on how crime /security /lawlessness in the country has risen up in recent years.
  • Did this incident have to happen to make us blog this article?

By the way if there are more proof needed this is our parking ticket No:03192441 Departure 16.30pm. We just hope that this article will indeed open up the eyes for the management of all shopping arcades/malls/hypermarkets. audie61 would love if you all could sponsor our T-shirts and in doing so the security in the areas patronised by shoppers would be ‘A HAPPIER AND CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT” We can be reached at the E-mail:-lufc61@hotmail.com. Drop us a line and see how we can assist you……

We say as always,”Boulevard receipt has,”Thank You.Please Come again. Have a Nice Day!!” We shall be waiting for the management to write to us and inform us that they have taken the necessary actions and steps to avoid another EMBARRASING SITUATION. There might be other implications if this situation remains…..