What the Hell is Wrong with Our Mentality,Blind Spot and T-A-T??

The last few days we have been receiving e-mails from various sources telling us to blog on a number of local issues. What we are about to reveal will need immediate swift reaction and solutions as this involves government departments. Sad to say even an Asst. Minister in the CM’s office was quoted and reminded the civil servants also not to act as “Little Napoleans“. The tax payers money in keeping those who are nesting in these departments will be futile and wasted if procedures and turn around time(TAT) is above normal.

Incident No.1 on MPP gets tough with “slow contactors”. The full report can be read in Borneo Posts page 4. What we are saying is that ,”How come the Engineer in question only informed in the full council meeting?” Doesn’t this make a mockery of the system of tender and distribution of works? Who actually monitors which,how and who the contactors are reliable? Bad news and this must not happen in both Pakatan or BN led governments. The people expect development funds and projects to be carried out in the specified time and not dilly-dally.

This is the 21st century and if the mentality of our professionals in government departments remains lacklustre where are we heading? Are we too afraid to make complains ? If we do are we singled out as not government friendly? A lame excuse by the MPP Chairman in respect of blaming the contactor as reported should never ever be used. There are so many training and programmes the government servants attend and do they need to be tutored this,” Implementation Process…??””

Incident No.2 Ever since Sesco changed its name to Sarawak Energy the Ooomph pah pah seems to have disappeared into thin air. A number of complains especially with regards to street lightings will have now to take 48 hours to implement from the time of complain. 

Procedurely this is what actually happens,” The operator will ask,”Where is the place.? Who is complaining? Whats your telephone number and at the end “I’ll file the complain with the contractor.” A complaint was lodged by a houseowner at Taman Riveria at 20.48 and he waited and waited for action to arrive.

Unfortunatedly, nothing was done. What irked him was he needed to switch all his lights on as a deterrent for would be burglars. He said,Am I not paying for the street lights too?” He called again the next day,” We are looking into it was the answer until he fumed and they say 48 hours” He told audie61 Sarawak’s crime index is not actually very low is it with a bit of sarcasm added? He even said why not the CEO try this to find out whether his man are doing their job.

To make matters worse a houseowner in the area thought he found the solution to the problem. He said he knows so and so and called him at 3.00pm. Guess what the answer was? Mr.So and So has gone for TEABREAK at 3.00pm sharp. Hahaha is this how to get the boss in trouble? Certainly the face of SHOCKED was apparent and he was of course very very happy hik hik hik. This is not a JOKE and it reflects what the mentality of our governement system and the TAT is now. The PM’s department or the CM’s department should serioulsy look into these woes faced byt the TAXPayers and a lot of them out there are suffering SILENTLY with these attitudes of our LITTLE  NAPOLEANS.

By tthe way this above incident was also related to the relevant political parties involved in BN and Pakatan group. The YB’s P.A of the constituency was informed,DAP assembly man for Batu Lintang and also PKR information chief .This is not only a political issue and if the CRIME INDEX are to be lowered all relevant authorities needs to work as a TEAM and not push the monkey around to the delight of the would be BURGLARS.

We would have thought that the MBKS cutting tree incident which we covered a couple of months ago was bad enough but this by another Asst.Minister of Infraatructure Development who was shocked that eventhough contracts are awarded they are yet to be implemented. Quoting him,”The contract works awarded is two months and with only a mont left,there is still no sigh of any work being done.” He pointed out that any works awarded it was the responsibility of the contactors to ensure that any project is carried out according to specifications and completed within schedule.”

What is going on? If the contactors have too many projects there are others who are more than willing to take over if they are awarded? Whose fault is this? This goes to show the implementation process is not adhered to and there is a flaw in the system. It needs to be corrected and quickly before the ROOTS ARE TOO DEEP

It should not be the I’m paid by the government how much and Im only doing this much. The politicians knows what needs to be done and how to push it and this few incidents are not too kind on a few people but we are not a charitable blog. We are with the people,by the people and for the people blog and we will get to the bottom of the TRUTH.

ACTIONS speaks louder than words. I remember one incident many years back when AnAsst.Minister true to his words had the Kuching Mayor immediatedly down to Tabuan Laru to see a problem with the grasscutters dumpng the cut grass in the drain. The reaction from the houseowners in that area was overwhelming for the Asst.Minister. Of course its not his area of constituency but being an Asst Minister is not only for that ministry but its a Sarawak Ministerial Appointment. Is this one BLIND SPOT that needs to be addressed…?

The thing with mosts of our Ministers is that they are too afraid to step outside of their jurisdiction and also are afriad of incuring the wrath of the YBs in the constituencies. Need I elaborate here.?? Better not as the Ministers/Asst.Ministers might get offended but  they know themselves.

We say as always,”Let’s see some actions shall we..?????