Salah Sabong Ayam Mati Kok Kok

A phone call was made to a former officer in the Najib administration to express ‘desolution on the loss” but he was angered. He thought that it was sarcasm of the highest order and saying “Congratulations on the loss. It has hit them hard and they are not at terms with the results. Even they need to open to “buka telinga besar besar” (open their ears and listen carefully) 

Pakatan’s victory in the 14th General Election was indeed a “wake up call” for many who supported BN as this was a historic victory not only for Malaysians but also the World. 

Could Barisan Nasional avoided this HISTORICAL CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT?

The Malaysian wave was evident but BN did not heed it and were very confident of pulling the rabbit out of the hat. Even calls by Senior BN party members “DONT ROCK THE BOAT” was brushed aside.

Nationwide there were calls for putting the right candidates and also ensuring the right party represents the people. Pakatan feels the heartbeat of the nation BUT personal and party interest were the order of the day for BN.

The results speaks for itself. (see below)


On the Sarawak side there were indications that the 2 component parties in PRS and PDP were not very happy of involvement of certain ‘personnels” in their list to be named for GE14. The preemptive strike by PRS President on sacking 5 of their SC members have a reverberating effect not only in Sarawak but throughout the BN Family.

The omission of a BN stalwart in William Mawan in the list also gave added hope to the opposition front. The battle cry by Pakatan Harapan and in particular PKR was that Masing and Tiong have given them the ‘breakthrough” they crave.

The names  Entulu, Nyalau, Nyempah Sabot, Edward Kurik and Adriana Chumang are not ordinary “GREENHORN“members but significant political leaders in their own right. The final nail was hammered in a meet up “merger of minds”at a popular seafood restaurant patronised by Politicians.

The show of strength of leaders that their parties with 10 seats and political arm twisting towards the BN Chairman meant the winnable Sarawak list needed to be compromised.

There will be postmortem on the BN side on the losses of 6 extra seats besides the ones which Pakatan had in 2013. The extra shot in the arm was the removal of the names of Entulu,Nyallau and Mawan.

BN will blame the Malaysian tsunami like everyone else and conveniently blame it to some SCAPEGOATS within the coalition.

This is not politically correct and needs to be addressed in which a seasoned politician concurred and told us that “ayam yang boleh sabong mesti di turunkan”.

There were chaos and not only a rippling effect. The supporters of the BN incumbent were angered and hellbent on ensuring that the the two parties suffer in the polls. BN leaders in UMNO and PBB were picking up the telephones and coming down to the respective areas to calm down the supporters.

In this type of scenario there is only a 50/50 chance of pacifying them. Mawan himself was called by the top hierarchy and he was seen at nomination day accompanying the BN Candidate. He was also asked to give his support to the Incumbent Candidate of Julau and he did it as per requested.

adcmPictures will not lie to that effect and there are whispers plus rumours going round that Mawan is instrumental in assisting in the downfall of the candidates.

amam.jpgThis is absolutely BASELESS and if he was seen campaigning and giving speeches we will have no choice but to raise our hands in surrendering to BN “masterspies”

Mawans political maturity shown through when he accompanied the BN candidate to the nomination centre. Facts don’t lie and BN must learn and not blame the innocent from being victimised.

CM Sarawak must be told the truth and not let it sweep under the carpet or he himself will be blown away in the next State election.

awarlord.jpgThe warlords in Saratok who were not with Mawan in 2013 came back to haunt BN again in 2018. One of the lobbyists did a U-Turn when he was not nominated.

Surely, Tiong must be told that it was not Mawan who backstabbed BN but one of his former party lobbyist assisted by some who have genuine interest in ensuring PKR make the breakthrough.

The words of PRS President before the 3 losses will come back and hit his party hard,Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas,” he sarcastically jibed.

When the victors after the GE14 hit back at Masing and Tiong they are not holding back,“Salah Sabong Ayam Mati Kok Kok” which benefitted in the final count of BN only holding on to 79 seats in total.

CM Sarawak had earlier predicted 28 out of 31 seats and the 12 seats he lost in his first outing as the General in charge was a big body blow to BN Family. The CM himself was taken aback by the turn of  events.

Many in the political fields have said the ‘circle of influence” amongst the warlords also significantly made CM helpless. 

The preemptive strike and the Salah Sabong Ayam meant that today Sarawak had to swallow their pride and accept the situation of being an opposition BN state.

There are certain movements on the ground to fix the damage done where many within the BN circles blame the Malaysian Tsunami.

In truth,this could have been avoided if only the local political and personal agenda was put off after the GE14.

The results cannot be erased from the Annals of History and the GE14 is one where the world watched a 93 Year old Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohammad came back as the premier for a second stint.

He was very firm with the Pakatan list of candidates and future BN leadership must learn from this debacle that Salah Sabong Ayam Mati Kok Kok

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  1. audie61 says:

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    There must Not be a Repeatof dropping Winnable Candidates just for Personal and Selfish Agendas if GPS wants to keep its STRANGLEHOLD as the Dominant Alliance in the Political Scene in Sarawak. A chink of weakness will give an UNREALISED OPPORTUNITY for the Opposition which they will grab with both hands.

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