What “SPDP/PRS Merge..??”


It seems the less said about the subject the better it is for both parties. The members and grassroots of both parties are feeling the heat and thus mosts of them are giving their so called”objections‘ to a merged entity.

We have covered this subject quite extensively and in the last couple of days internet portal ,”Malaysiakini” and another PRS SC members blog,”Borneo Warrior” also gave the political netcitizens something to ponder on this subject. Obviously, the spark has started the fire and it is starting to  engulf both PRS/SPDP top hierarchy.  

In conversations up and down the State of Sarawak it seems that most people are pointing the finger to the deputy of SPDP Peter Nyarok Ak.Entri who is very much against the “idea of a merged entity” Is Nyarok so powerful?One could even hear the echos coming all the way as he is the voice of a certain higher ranking and powerful SPDP tycoon. A political strategists said In Iban” IYA ENDA BERANI“( Not brave enough).

We also received an Sms which hit the nail in the coffin as we blog this article ,”MP Tiong put up a strong resistance.” What more is there to say.? Does anyone dare to go against him?

The PRS boys dare to go against Sng Chee Hua but with Tiong are there anytakers? This remains the stumbling block but with Mawan helming the merged entity maybe this might just make Tiong give way? Any bets that there will surely be other resistance..???

The camel’s back is already broken and now what remains is that “GOLDEN Tiger on the Hilltop….Click below for earlier postings:-

  •  https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/black-eyed-james-prsspdp-merger-diversion/ 
  • http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/108817 
  • http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=55114
  • https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/07/19/2005-i-already-said-merge-its-already-2009/
  • We say as always,”There is a song called” NO MATTER WHAT” and the political figures involved in this merged entity will be HELL BENT TO PUSH THROUGH THIS AGENDA.BELIEVE ME….

    8 thoughts on “What “SPDP/PRS Merge..??”

    1. dayang says:

      This statement I read in Borneo warrior”PRS is short of telling SPDP ” get rid of your defacto leader” and we will merge! This is really pushing SPDP and Tiong. Wonder what the MP will say?

    2. queen bee says:

      Dangerous crossing Tiong’s path. Tiong is right in that in SPDP he is Treasurer,Youth Chief and Vice President. Who can tell him what he can and not do ? Of course he is the big fish now in the small pool and if merge he will be big fish in a big pool. Sorry he will say.

    3. shamsul says:

      Its high time for SPDP to tell PRS to stop dreaming. Why need to wait for SPDP Annual general meeting first? Have yours and thats that. Scared that they will be disagreements within PRS again?

    4. jhen says:

      Obviously Nyarok being deputy he is still under Tiong. Everyone knows that and SPDP without Tiong also “susah” they say. But now maybe times have changed and matter of time Tiong also ousted. Anyone out there think so?

    5. Hulk says:

      PRS must put its house in order first…What credibility does James have to ask SPDP to propose the merger… Creditless, selfish old leader… sigh i really pity members in PRS. Its always easy to rock the boat but not easy to pilot it steadily… Through Mawan and Tiong, they have it well..

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