P212 “People Power vs Handicap Bookies”

The first words uttered were in Hockien,”Chin A- Tang Boh..?” It seems the illegal bookies are running scared as most punters in P212 are banking on Wong Ho Leng to give them an early Gawai present.

Eventhough the goodies are a plenty in terms of project development funds,refrigerators,fans, and the newest addition in a by election “mattresses” the BN handicap of 2000 votes losing 85 cents and DAP wining 75 cents are as hot as they come. When one bookie opens up his bets the sharks swallow it all up in a matter of minutes. The trend is not dissimilar to 1982 and has that certain hallmark says a veteran punter

The bookies are asking their BN friends whether the BN will win over 2000 to save their bets. Will they be hit hard this time round? People Power { Punters } in P212 Sibu has a history of knocking out a giant killer the former DCM Wong Soon Kai was a victim of overzealous betting.

Both sides of the political divide condemn election betting but its a known fact that it will not be able to eradicate this menace. This time it seems the people power on the ground is going all out to deal a bad body blow to the RICH SYNDICATED LOCAL BOOKIE FIRMS.

 If not why all the sudden frentic calls like the time when the electricity was cut off /tripped /damaged/burnt  during football matches especially the one between West Ham and Arsenal. The tip caused a number of established local heavy weight bookies to close shop and flee.

Something is moving the market and even the impending arrival of Najib with more immediate goodies have not stopped the trend. Will DAP/PR suffer with a backlash..? Though its early days yet but once the Sibu folks have made up their minds its difficult to overturn their decision. Its Gawai Soon and BN/SUPP win with 1999 votes will keep the People Power happy…………………

“-300 Votes Pakatan P94 Hulu Selangor”

Who will you VOTE FOR IN P94 Hulu Selangor..?

The choice belongs to the voters of the constituency 63593 of them. After all the campaigning work has been done the byelection is like another LIVE FOOTBALL or LIVE HORSE RACING to bet for punters. The bookies have the most classified information and they are dealing with not just small $$$$ but huge amounts of Bets.  

The Hulu Selangor by election has got the bookies working overtime. A week ago the odds on were BN was given a handicap of 500 votes by Pakatan. It seems now that the ODDS are heavily stacked towards a BN win.

Within a week  the tables are already turning and now we hear from our informed sources that the market is “BN giving Pakatan an ODDS of 300 votes win full lose 80cents.

This statement at a PC also moved the market and it seems many punters are odds on making a good day for their pockets,” DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang today declared that an internal survey showed PKR’s Zaid Ibrahim is trailing in the Hulu Selangor by-election campaign.” Moreover there are calls for the 6000 odd voters to come back home to vote.

Whoever the winner is the punters will ensure that their man come through to beat the odds and thus this will also affect where the votes will go.

The political parties have had their say in the campaign and the final analysis will be “Where is the SMART $$$$$$$ going to..?”

Whichever and However the results the Bookies will certainly make the elections a DAY TO REMEMBER.