Sarawak Trilogy~Road to 22nd Floor-(Part 2).”The Chair.”

In Part 2 of the Sarawak trilogy our Emeritus Professor  said to audie61 ” the dayaks are moving silently but in togetherness and hoping that one of their very own will have the Coveted “Chair”. He said if you still have any doubts call this particular opposition leader and to reconfirm with him.

We called YB See Chee How the PKR assemblyman of N11 Batu Lintang and he reaffirmed,” BN has won the mandate of the people and they will rule for the next 4 half years until the next State elections. Whoever sits as Chief Minister it is very much in the hands of the BN coalition. Yea,the people have spoken for now.”

We asked if he has any preferences as enquired by Emeritus Professor and he said of course and you know lah. I don’t need to spell it out and that we will see if it materialises sooner rather than later. We are all fighting for our chair but once we have won our coalition parties will surely eye the “coveted”Chair. Its no different from BN and its up to them to sort it out themselves.

Emeritus Professor said you see,” What is wrong if Jabu,Masing and Mawan and even Uggah have all the intentions of working and grabbing the chair which will come with it the power to run the state administration. Abang Jo and Awang Tengah will try to put all barricades in front of the ‘dayak’ leaders who aspire to grab the chair.

It is no more a secret that in the UMNO circles Abang Johari looks a clear favourite for the chair if a Malay leader is looked upon to break the reins of the Melanau led rule for the pasts 41 years eversince 7th of July 1970.

Awang tengah will tend to differ. He has build a solid team of legislators behind him and being CM Taibs “delivery boy” he has build up his own arsenal of wealth and influence to have the UMNO hierarchy bending down on their knees. Even Taibs former bro in law will seem to have missed the ‘boat” once again. Having said that Douglas Uggah is seen as a potential darkhorse if the dayaks pull out a fast one on the BN adminstation. Tengah knows it too well and with his Federal links Uggah might just cross the line ahead of Tengah.

Tengah now has not only try to outmaneuver Jabu but also Uggah and as far as the corridors of power in PutraJaya.The tussling for Dayak or Malay CM is in high gear. CM Taib has kept his silence and is watching every move,steps and actions by his colleagues who are ever so willing to take over his Chair.

One particular conspiracy which has reached the CMs ears is that on Bustari Yusuf a well connected businessman to the Najib administration. He has placed high hopes that if all fails on the Jabus,Joharis, Tengahs or even Uggahs the person who has the rightful heir should be his younger brother Fadillah Yusoff. Fadillah a longshot might justs be the answer to UMNO’s dream of coming ashore to Sarawak and building bases for a long stay.

 Is Fadillah the answer..?   

Whoever wants to stay on as leader in UMNO needs the mandate from the party and Najib, Muhyddin,Hishamuddin or others knows very well.If UMNO sets up 31 other divisions in Sarawak it will have a major say in the running of the party. The GE 13 will be a watershed for UMNO as it faces a serious threat from the opposition to remain in power. Sarawak’s CM successor will have a very meaningful and tasks ahead in the lifeline of UMNO Malaysia.

We were told in so many words that a certain ” bug” was placed into the office of the Prime Minister when some Sarawak leaders came a calling. This was all related to us by our source who walks the corridors of the PM department. A highly sophisticated device was tested.It was done to protect the PM in office as it would deflect any other devices which were meant to “‘record the coversations”

Cautious that their actions were  monitored by CM Taib they all went privately under the guises of some important developments in Sarawak. {Even for that matter SUPP leader George Chan visit before going off to London on a “Gag order” for his party leaks aplenty on recorded voices were heard coming out from Putrajaya.}

Masing and Mawan were all sent under covert operations to Najibs office after our dear friend DCM Jabu has made his way to Putrajaya. The call for a dayak leader was very strong as the perception of Sarawak dayaks was for one of their own. PM as a leader was fed with the information from his special officers and had to investigate further. Jabu who was summoned and during the conversation Jabu was asked specifically if the position opens up will he take it.

PM casually asked him and without even a blink of an eye he said,”me of course and why not.” The oppostion parties are harping on dayak leaders and who better than him. In his mind he cannot afford to have Masing and Mawan to overtake him and he also knows that Uggah is eyeing his deputy posts. He needs to dispel all doubts that he is more than capable having served as deputy to Taib where he remains as”trustsworthy”as ever.

He knows all will be reported back to CM Taib like all meetings but unknowingly he was ‘bugged“. It is a known fact as an obedient deputy he has shamelessly said in a DUN sitting “yang di kasihi a record 49 times”it will be just fine and he as always will have Taib again in his hand.

Did his political strategists saw this coming what’s more in all places in Betong..?

Taib knew about the seemingly”harmless plot” but he quickly moved to put his deputy in place by saying,” If I step down so will Jabu.” It has pained Jabu  till today and as a fighter and ruthless as they come Jabu  will not go down without a fight. The political wheeling and dealing by Putrajaya was not about to get Taib off guard.

He has been informed too that Masing and Mawan been asked similar questions which the PM rephrased “given the chance would you take the high chair which is the CM seat.? None of them were fools and they answered yes but with your kind blessings sir. This to CM Taib was the window which he had and he shifted gears and threw caution to the wind.

Time though not on his side he went through the adminstrative matters as if nothing has happened and he brushed aside what dirt comes his way intentionally. Taib was at his bests and Jabu was relieved to say the least. Jabu did not know that further political dangers were lurking around and he will be sliced open like a clean cut watermelon again.

In the lasts supreme Council meeting CM Taib played another of his card. He justs mentioned to the whole council minus a few potential CM shortlisted candidates that he is seriously looking into the matter of stepping down and said this should remain within these four walls only. How often have we heard politicians saying,”Please don’t tell anyone.?What happens..!!” surely it will not spill out but it didnt lasts very long.

His deputy knowing that he needs to regain the trusts of his boss was quick to ask him to stay on and that they still need his wisdom and astute leadership. Jabu was thrusts in the forefront again and he was pushing his message across.

CM Taib does not like to be pushed to a corner and Jabu did not have a choice and eventhough there were no seconders Jabu had to do it or face being left in the cold. Jabu having faith in his intuition knows that if by any “unwelcome news” he will be the default CM for a period of time{good enough for him} as George Chan has been removed by the electorate.

One must always take note that CM Taib will eventually let go but on his own terms and will not take too kindly by being unceremoniously overtaken. Jabu’s actions has made Taib biting back says an aide “You can’t try to force him as he knows how to turn the tables on you, as he had done in the past. Some political hopefuls tried to force him out but in the end, they ended up in political oblivion.”

Will Masing put on a late charge to PM? Masing would love to argue with that as he has 8 Aduns and 6 MPs with him and Jabu does not even have the majority of dayaks assemblyman with him in PBB. Jabu will certainly say without a doubt,”It’s mine as PBB has 35 unblemished record of wins in the lasts State elections while Masing losts Pelagus to an independant.”

The independant candidate George Lagongs role is being used to hold Masing at knives edge and Masing had told PM Najib that he will deliver all PRS seats prior to that. Jabu knows the Masing is within control for the time being and he will even offer Masing the DCM and Finance Ministers portfolio.

Jabu is determined to make sure that he wraps it all up and he knows William Mawan is a distant second and he will offer him a more senior posts to appease him. To check Awang Tengah he will have to offer the DCM posts and Abang Johari the Governors position in due course.

Will Tengah justs accept that too.?   

The Chair will certainly take a lot of beating from now on until the movements of the dayaks and Tengahs have stopped working in overdrive. Fadillah’s brother is dangling the carrot in front of Najib,others in KL and in Putrajaya that his brother represents the new face of sarawak and UMNO will win more upcoming elections with him at the helm.

The person to sit in the chair remains a very big mystery to some but the inner circles and very close aides to CM and PM haved had their their lips sealed. Any disclosures will have the OSA thrown at them not from afar but pasted in their faces. Its a matter of time CM Taib relinquishes but a close aide of Masing said,”I bet you he will never let go and he will see it through to the end.”

Jabu is at a delicate position and his movements are double checked. If he cant get what he wants he will continue with CM and staying as No.2.He has already been found out eventhough his intentions were somewhat for the good of the State of Sarawak. He has in a way betrayed not only the trusts of his boss but his overplay in his political moves in stopping Masing,Mawan,Jo,Uggah,Tengah and “Bustari=Fadillah”  has had a devastating effect.

Jabu has over enthusiastically declared that he is the rightful heir to the chair but Abang Johari like Awang Tengah would not have it easy for Jabu to get away with it. A new unknown face would even be thrusts forward even giving the frontrunners gasping for air. Jabu will not justs let the chair by pass him so easily and his innermosts brain juices is telling him


Reshuffle “Any Expectations…??”

The Sarawak August House assembly will adjourn sine-die as of tomorrow. We expect the newly elected assemblyman from both houses to bring back with them many good and pleasant memories.

The next question on mosts political observers would be,” Who will join the Sarawak Cabinet as the New Assistant Ministers/Ministers/Deputy Chief Minister.?”

The longer serving assemblyman who would be considered to be in the line up for Assistant Ministers comes from the lists of:-

N16 Bengoh- Jerip Susil, N1 Opar- Ranum Mina, N14 Asajaya- Karim Hamzah, N4 Pantai Damai-Abdul Rahman Junaidi , N22 Sebuyau-Julaihi Narawi and N17 Tarat-Roland Sagah Wee Inn

Will they be any Female Assistant Ministers in the new line up..?

The same goes with who will be the new Deputy Chief Minister as the posts is still vacant due to the loss of George Chan in the lasts state elelctions. It is the prerogative of the Chief Minister and we might even be in for a few surprises.

Shall we tell you…..!!!


SUPP ‘Disturbing Statements from Party Members”

I will “swim and sink together” with the party. There is no other party for me except SUPP. How often have we heard these words coming out from politicians. Countless I presume and we will not hear the last of it. This sort of promise is so easily said and broken easily too.

I remember someone told me once,”my friends could not swim so they sank ; and we could swim so we swam to safety. So will the SUPP loyalists sink or swim?

audie61 met two party members at different locations and also had a lunch meeting with a number of veteran political boys. Earlier we heard from the SUPP lawyer and a party loyalists,”My blood runs deep for the party but the dragging on of leadership changes after losing so badly will be like another nail in the coffin when the General Elections is upon us.

The former President Wong Soon Kai stepped down immediately after his loss and why not George Chan. He is just putting on a show and he does not want to step down it seems. He controls the party and the SG does not have much say in the party as one can read from the constitution.

Does the party want him to stay and thats a million dollar question?

Isn’t there anyone else and as second echelon leaders we are indeed very concerned. The people in the urban areas have spoken loud and clear and its up to the next generation of leaders to show their mettle. The longer it goes on and even with the 58  bringing the party to court it will not solve anything. It’s high time the President thinks for the party and just let go.

The other Youth member of a Kuching Branch told us this you can put it and see whether its true or not. “Many young SUPP members have left the party and are staying out and does not want to be associated with the party when the leaders are still the same. They have had enough of false promises and thats why the voters also turn against the party.”{ Chin A- truth in Hockien}

He told audie61 to just write it and dont worry thats the truth. The truth hurts he says and only if we keep pressing them, we just hope they will realise and decide to go. Why want to hold on when your powers are no more there and gone. He added you just put this out,”

Many young SUPP members have left…

does not want to be dragged in to write negatively about the party but those words are from their own long serving members. We will try to reveal the feelings on the ground for the any parties concern.

A group of veteran native politicians also said,”SUPP needs to solve their own problems fast or else they will be irrelevant. To have a long political history  is good but what good is it when the people dont want to vote your party anymore.?

Seems the Chinese in urban areas have made up their minds and if not for the 4 native seats SUPP would just have 2 left out of 19. We think SUPP needs to address whatever issues very fasts or else it will be a total wipeout soon. SNAP was strong once and don’t forget see what happened to them at the lasts state elections and thats a good example.”


“63 Years and Counting…”

My friend called audie61 office and said,”Upload this photo to remind ourselves of how far Sarawak has come eversince the end of the 2nd world War. Also it will bring back memories of how our Grandad were friends in 1947.”

Very True and audie61’s Grandad is encircled in the picture. Such a long time ago and how time flies.  

Very soon we will have the 2011 New Council Negeri Legislators.


PRS “Senatorship..”

Its another winnable strategy by PRS leaders in trying to solve the problems besetting SPDP and also allowing the Separatists 5 plus 3 to temporary park at PRS. Though the 5 plus 3  has not heeded the CM to “cool  it” they have on their part listened and were advised by the PM Najib not to start a new party but park at a current BN coalition partner.

PRS is in a win win situation and according to inform sources the PRS Wanita Chief Doris Brodie would be sworn in as Senator with effective from the 12th of March 2010. Of course this is another political message being handed down and its more than meets the eye. We offer our congratulations to her and as we answered our smses “VERY GOOD DESERVEDLY”-

Many congratulations to PRS and it seems the President has consented to her appointment with the blessings from the CM and approval from PM Najib.

Sarawak it’s Calm “Signals are Good for State BN”


Updated:- Privilege source said 13 supreme council members including deputy president Peter Nyarok were absent at yesterday’s meet.Do you honestly think that all is well in SPDP..he begs todiffer hmmm A crack in the seams and whee will the New Assistant Minister Nansian be supporting ??

Updated:- 5.15 Pm New Assistant Ministers- PBB- Wahab Aziz,Dr.Rundi and Talib Zulphilip SPDP-Peter Nansian PRS-Mong Dagang and john Sikie. ( Larry Sng retained despite all the speculations of him being dropped)

Larry sng 

I would like to see Sng (picture) retained because we do not have enough young Chinese leaders. Things like that can be sorted out before the election,” Taib said when referring to the position of the Sarawak cabinet’s youngest member as a result of the PRS internal leadership crisis

Chief Minister Taib is truely a master tactician and a strategist when it comes to administering the State of Sarawak. There was much hype in the reshuffle of Ministers/Assistant Ministers,SPDP tussling of positins for the AGM on December 28th and 29th and the PRS Dinner where words from disgruntled members said that CM was not bothered and will not attend.

Alas,doesn’t this remind us of the Hug of the Uncle and the nephew in Hilton? Today he will announce the names of his new colleagues in the state Administration at 4 pm at wisma Bapa Malaysia and believe me there are already a bee line of reporters waiting at the site of the announcement. Speculations are a plenty and CM has already capitalise on this and enhance further his credibility of staying in power for another term.

SPDP is just a phone call away and now he needs a strong coalition to ensure the State would remain a strong BN bastion. Mawan summed it up nicely with these words,‘Any member challenging any determined post in the line up without the consent of the President is tantamount to working against the interests of the party,and I shall vigorously endeavour to stop such move,and not to allow it to succeed to undermine the party.” This was used by CM to his innsider especially at the height of the PRS crisis. The weak has fallen down the wayside and his troops in PRS are now those who will bow directly to him and his ways of administering the State.

An informed source and a close ally of Larry Sng has informed various persons that CM will not attend PRS dinner. Unknown to him the ripples that he created backfired and there was a very Big splash which resulted in CM’s allies working overtime. Let’s put it very simply,”Who are the deputy Federal ministers in PRS-Salang and Entulu and the Prime ministers son and an UMNO elder is also making an appearance. CM has always said to us,”Swallow your pride and you will see that the road is clearer. ”

Its (HOK BIN-Hockien) Show face (English) and the signals are even better now that we have heard that close allies of Affendi Jeman has lost faith in him with UMNO protem committee and they are leaving him. PBB will be even more stable with all these news and there are no alternatives to the State BN as very soon more we dare say will “leap back to the state BN after looking for greener pastures”

SUPP he has put his trusts on his in law George Chan and they will do well not to lose further seats in the coming State elections. SUPP need a boost of some sort and in time it will be given a new  “NUCLEAR ENERGY” to fight against the determined and  solid Sarawak DAP. The Dudong issue will be used to wash away the detractors in the SUPP circles and very soon all will be found out.

His State administration in place and his political parties are solid behind him the CM will signal it as a very nice inspiration and signal to call for a State Election. Those who aspire to be included in his new team and did not make it, needs to wait till 2012.Thats not too long to wait is it? CM know what his peoples pride is and he will use it to challenge those who undermine him.

Any trojan horses in the opposition..hmmm? seems SKY has his sights on blogging on Lazy Sunday.For some its a holy and blessed Sunday while others will celebrate and thank God for their new found positions in the State cabinet….

“Maju Group 1987 Nearly…2011.Not Unless..??”

20 seats out of 48 seats in 1987 and the Maju group nearly did it. 15 seats were won by PBDS and 5 seats by Permas. If the CM has the “Inspiration” he might just call the early elections in 2010 just a year short of the full term. 23 years later after 1987 and the seats have increased to 71.

The major opposition players now are PKR,DAP,SNAP and PAS while BN are PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP. According to a political analyst the chances of the opposition toppling the State BN it will take a major shift from the electorate to stop supporting BN or NOT UNLESS there is an EXTRA ORDINARY MIRACLE OF DIVINE INTERVENTION.

The most obvious one we could envisage is CM being returned to the Almighty Creators Arms and there might be serious infighting within BN/PBB. This is truly a long shot.Don’t dream….hmmm

Even that with PKR having a new man at the helm his team needs to seriously look into the lineup which has been proposed before he takes office as the new Liason Chief of PKR Sarawak. Known as a no nonsence man Baru Bian according to few who knows him he needs to put his foot down and hopefully he plays his part as a politician and not a full blooded lawyer when he assesses the situation and groundswell of the names proposed by the so called lobbyists.

Of course if he can wrestle the State that will be an achievement but even to wrestle the Malay and Bidayuh seats will take some doing. A few days ago we wrote about Sarawak Advertisement N31 and we know we created more than a few ripples in the Bidayuh hinterland. There are some who told me that I hit the NAIL AT WHERE I WANT IT TO BE with this statement,There are a number of calibre people around but it seems that your PKR boys/Political scientists we call them here..haha are not doing enough or just plain SELFISH LOOKING AFTER THEIR OWN POSITIONS

As for the Iban areas many say its a forgone conclusion with too many Iban infighting and factions which has appeared and the seams are irrepairable and how many will give PKR Ibans a GHOSTS OF A CHANCE. It will be better served if SNAP is given a number of seats to contests in their predominantly strong areas. It must also be noted that SNAP has also losts its Invicibility of previous elections.

I was taken aback by some young Intelellectual Ibans who said to audie61 that if the remnants of the partyless PBDS were to revived the party it will be a different ball game. 1983 was when James Masing and his group started the revolution and till today he reminds himself of that with his car No as 1983. Were they trying to tell me something and they said the “Burning ambition of the Young and Dangerous might just light up another 1983 leader.” The whole group (band of brothers)was in that age group in their 30s and James Masing in 1987 was 38 years old.

Will 2010 or 2011 churn out another young group and bring their political ambitions forward. We know that History has a way of repeating itself BUT it seems that the dayaks are too divided and there is too much fighting amongst themselves that there is still TOO MUCH DARKNESS AHEAD FOR THEM.

DAP will certainly capture more Chinese seats and even wrestling 15 out of 18 seats on offer in the Chinese dominated constituency is not impossible. PAS will have difficulties but if they are given 2 seats to concntrate their full machinery on and it must be  predominantly malay, in the interior and coastal areas they might just surprise the BN/PBB candidates.

There are certainly a lot of work that still needs to be done and as a PKR Wanita Exco has previously said,’ This is our bests chance and if we dont grab it there will not be another . Baru Bian will have his hands full and he will need to exercise caution as there are NO MORE SECOND CHANCES FOR HIM IN THIS POLITICAL MINEFIELD. Every step he takes he must be mindful that he does his homework as its too easy to criticize others until you take the helm. Its very lonely on the top and he needs both hands to protect his throat from being SLIT. We wrote about him joining PKR about 1 and half years ago and to be pushed forward to helm the PKR machinery in Sarawak is no easy tasks.

There will be some who will say Baru is from a minority ethnic group . It doesnt matter though and Im sure his man surrounding him will know how to cover him or do they need to? Simple,CM Taib is a Melanau and do we need to explain further.

The next State elections will be interesting no doubt and given the BN machinery and stability especially in PBB it will still be a Herculean Tasks for the opposition to denyBN even a 2/3rd majority. 1987 it was very nearly and will 2010/2011 The GODS are on the oppositions favour. Something tells me they need to PRAY HARDER….

MCA-“No more Dirty Linens..++”Sarawak Updates”


Joey of audie61 received an sms that says ,” Seems the end is nigh for MCA tussle of leadership.PM has thrashed it out with the major two players and plainly its“NO MORE DIRTY LINENS”

Its quite similar to an sms which we received yesterday which states,”I know I am not affected by forthcoming reshuffle as boss has bisik to me and how relieve I am with the news

It must be a relieve to Ong in particular as he is under grave attack not only from Chua’s faction but now also his “supposedly soldiers” are also attacking him in the open. The case  involving Health Minister Liow’s wife  must be the final straw that is affecting the BN leadership. The  full report is available from an internet portal.

As with the case of MCA the BN Sarawak State leadership is trying to end all the speculations of the impending reshuffle and some really SHARP DAGGERS and BETRAYALS     are already in place.


( Two Assistant Ministers together…??”)

It seems that our privelege source has informed us through this smsLATEST IF SNOWDON IS IN D LINE UP,TEDEWIN AND GANG WILL RESIGN.”

The  CM being the CEO of the State has already signalled his intentions but alas  it seems that there are so many trojan horses/whisperers who are barking up the wrong tree. 

The state is calm and the devolopment plans are in place but some who are not getting a bite of the cherry in terms of being in the right place at the right time are creating a ruckus/dissatisfaction of some sort.

Even a former PRS Appointed Supreme Council member told audie61,”Don’t you believe that BN will fall in the next State elections..? My smile was enough to send his B/P shooting up the scales and he must have got the signal. Are they signs like the X files….hmmmm?

So for goodness sake..Wake up to the political realities in that if you dont work hard and get your machinery going you will end up missing the boat. you cant wait for the people to vote you in just like that but you need to walk that extra mile.

BN Sarawak is complacent no doubt and they are dissenting voices from the people that all is not well BUT the people of Sarawak knows what is bests for them and they will VOTE with a clear intention on the candidate that will represent their constituency. Say what you like BN or ” Pakatan ” if in place in Sarawak will have done their homework before unleashing the candidate out in the open to be their CHOSEN ONE

If and when MCA problems are already solved the PM will want to have a fresh mandate for Sarawak and CM Taib will know that the  ground favours BN Sarawak  and he will say as usual use this phrase ,” I have got the Inspiration.Its TIME…”  

For now though BN cannot afford anymore dirty linens in public and they need to clean up their act or else the people/voters will turn around and BETRAY THEM.

Its up to the opposition to capitalise on the issues but they need to seriously look at their CANDIDATES FOR THE RESPECTIVE CONSTITUENCIES. This not only means the profiles but the realistic grassroot support and ground work that that has been done.

There is no need for us to tell you how its done but this might help from a former YB who has seen it all in his time,”Its a privelege to work with the bests and the bests will never let you down and will ensure you that the desired result is achieved and you will not have any sleepless night. Thank GOD I have this people

“Major Reshuffle…Any Logic..??”


May 2010 It will be 4 years when the present State Government will be in power. Correct me if I’m a bit naive or must have read the CM’s signal wrong….Those walking in the corridors of power are using all their might and lobbyists tactics of trying to put their”manuk sabong” { fighting cock in Iban} to be considered as an Assistant Minister or Minister. 

Surely, the CM is diverting all the attention away as he puts his development plans for the State in place as he prepares his soldiers and army for the next state elections. If the BN soldiers or Generals are so involved in the pursuit of posts its going straight into the enemies Trap.

 The trojan horses/whisperers in BN are the causes of too many infighting especially so with SUPP involved in power struggle and legality issues of Special Delegates Conference(SDC) ,PBB,SPDP calm but undercurrents looks very choppy.PRS wounded but picking up to be a stable partner with new faces as YB. Or is it..??

Is the CM going to write his own DEATH WARRANT..? So audie61 asks is there any logic for a major reshuffle. It might just be a cosmetic changes with some additions towards filling up the empty available constituencies which the former Assistant Ministers or Ministers held previously. CM would not for once rock a stable boat but will ensure that it cruises through leisurely.

So my friends out there its definedly food for thought and drink to the brilliance of the man himself and his aides surrounding him. Did I not tell you all that the CM goes through his lists thoroughly at least 7 times before he finalises it.  Someone knows better than the CM does I presume or could he be the holding on to the “FOOLS GOLD”