Sarawak it’s Calm “Signals are Good for State BN”


Updated:- Privilege source said 13 supreme council members including deputy president Peter Nyarok were absent at yesterday’s meet.Do you honestly think that all is well in SPDP..he begs todiffer hmmm A crack in the seams and whee will the New Assistant Minister Nansian be supporting ??

Updated:- 5.15 Pm New Assistant Ministers- PBB- Wahab Aziz,Dr.Rundi and Talib Zulphilip SPDP-Peter Nansian PRS-Mong Dagang and john Sikie. ( Larry Sng retained despite all the speculations of him being dropped)

Larry sng 

I would like to see Sng (picture) retained because we do not have enough young Chinese leaders. Things like that can be sorted out before the election,” Taib said when referring to the position of the Sarawak cabinet’s youngest member as a result of the PRS internal leadership crisis

Chief Minister Taib is truely a master tactician and a strategist when it comes to administering the State of Sarawak. There was much hype in the reshuffle of Ministers/Assistant Ministers,SPDP tussling of positins for the AGM on December 28th and 29th and the PRS Dinner where words from disgruntled members said that CM was not bothered and will not attend.

Alas,doesn’t this remind us of the Hug of the Uncle and the nephew in Hilton? Today he will announce the names of his new colleagues in the state Administration at 4 pm at wisma Bapa Malaysia and believe me there are already a bee line of reporters waiting at the site of the announcement. Speculations are a plenty and CM has already capitalise on this and enhance further his credibility of staying in power for another term.

SPDP is just a phone call away and now he needs a strong coalition to ensure the State would remain a strong BN bastion. Mawan summed it up nicely with these words,‘Any member challenging any determined post in the line up without the consent of the President is tantamount to working against the interests of the party,and I shall vigorously endeavour to stop such move,and not to allow it to succeed to undermine the party.” This was used by CM to his innsider especially at the height of the PRS crisis. The weak has fallen down the wayside and his troops in PRS are now those who will bow directly to him and his ways of administering the State.

An informed source and a close ally of Larry Sng has informed various persons that CM will not attend PRS dinner. Unknown to him the ripples that he created backfired and there was a very Big splash which resulted in CM’s allies working overtime. Let’s put it very simply,”Who are the deputy Federal ministers in PRS-Salang and Entulu and the Prime ministers son and an UMNO elder is also making an appearance. CM has always said to us,”Swallow your pride and you will see that the road is clearer. ”

Its (HOK BIN-Hockien) Show face (English) and the signals are even better now that we have heard that close allies of Affendi Jeman has lost faith in him with UMNO protem committee and they are leaving him. PBB will be even more stable with all these news and there are no alternatives to the State BN as very soon more we dare say will “leap back to the state BN after looking for greener pastures”

SUPP he has put his trusts on his in law George Chan and they will do well not to lose further seats in the coming State elections. SUPP need a boost of some sort and in time it will be given a new  “NUCLEAR ENERGY” to fight against the determined and  solid Sarawak DAP. The Dudong issue will be used to wash away the detractors in the SUPP circles and very soon all will be found out.

His State administration in place and his political parties are solid behind him the CM will signal it as a very nice inspiration and signal to call for a State Election. Those who aspire to be included in his new team and did not make it, needs to wait till 2012.Thats not too long to wait is it? CM know what his peoples pride is and he will use it to challenge those who undermine him.

Any trojan horses in the opposition..hmmm? seems SKY has his sights on blogging on Lazy Sunday.For some its a holy and blessed Sunday while others will celebrate and thank God for their new found positions in the State cabinet….

4 thoughts on “Sarawak it’s Calm “Signals are Good for State BN”

  1. zainuddin says:

    Spot on and the CM does know where the archilles heels of all his ministers are. The opposirion will find it very hard to unseat him.Start dreaming !!

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Who wants to bet that PKR will not even secure 5 seats? DAP will increase its majority maybe 10. You are correct audie61 in saying CM is the master tactician and strategy.He has served under so many PM and everytime someone say he is going to get torched but still he is there.

  3. yeomen says:

    Larry’s in shows the total disregard of PRS n Masing leadership . Its shows that its ok to defy ur own Boss coz in Sarawak BN , you only have to please Taib and the rest doesn’t count !! Absolute power ??

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