3 Orang Ulu Lawyers joins PKR Sarawak.Anwar Arrives..

anwar sarawak visit 250408 speech

 State PKR Chairperson YB Dominique Ng has confirmed  that the 3 are Paul Raja, a Kelabit from Bario,
Harrison Ngau , a Kayan from Baram and Baru Bian a Lun Bawang from Lawas. This will strengthened the composition of its multi-racial membership base and the trio are expected to be fielded in the three Orang Ulu majority State seats of TelangUsan,Ba’kelalan and Belaga respectively.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) arrived at 3.30pm this afternoon and headed directly to to close a one-day seminar which was an “Induction for the New Leaders” amongst them were 7 Lawyers 3 Professors,2 Phd Holders and 3 Accountants.  Tonight he will be a guests of honour at a dinner at Lok Thian Restaurant Kuching which will be attended by PKR members,supporters and friends.

Tomorrow the 24th of May 2008 Anwar will head to Lubok Antu which is in Sri Aman to launch the party’s new Lubok Antu division. According to our sources a huge crowd of 2000 is expected where Nicholas Bawin Anggat (former MDC protem President ) will be named to head the New Division.Last month he was in Kuching where he launched the Mambong division(picture).

With this addition of No.15 Lubok Antu Division  PKR has expressed confidence given the mood swing in Sarawak  that they will provide an alternative to the ruling BN coalition in the rural areas. The voters in Sarawak will have their voices heard in the Ballot boxes in the Sarawak State elections due in 2011. The sideshow has just begun…..Hmmm..Do you agree?

6 thoughts on “3 Orang Ulu Lawyers joins PKR Sarawak.Anwar Arrives..

  1. anak dayak says:

    When it comes to the opposition parties un Malaysia now, it is the main show, no longer side shows. Why, even our dear CM had to postpone the cabinet reshuffle because it is “not the right atmosphere’ now.

  2. Yahya R says:

    The next big showdown will be in Sarawak, where a state general election is due in 2011.With an ailing chief minister there in a state where the chief minister himself is the number one issue in state politics, there are many ways in which the Pakatan Rakyat coalition can play their card.

  3. Sarawakian says:

    Come 2011 election will be no different. The natives will still vote for BN no matter what.

    All these hooohaaaa hooohaaaa will not be of any use. Just ask Baru Bian, what have he gained by helping the natives when it comes to NCR land. However when it comes to voting, these very same natives will vote for BN.

    All smile now……………..

  4. George says:

    my recent visit to Kuching, Sarawak month ago was indeed a very disappointed trip. Prior my departure from KL and for my 1st ever visit to Sarawak, I was so eager and exciting to see something that can eye-opening for me.

    What I have withnessed so far during my stay at surrounding of Kuching, this city was very badly managed. The streets and drains were messy and dirty. Road signages were not in place for direction showing.

    Worst, the entrance fee to Cultural Village at Santubong was another big price hike of RM60 for tourists, not even local Malaysian tourist can have a better rate. Inside was another mess and shame on us.

    On my next day trip to kaum Midayuk long house near Semanggok and I have interviewed with some elderly men and women and to my shock that their standard of living were so poor and pathetic but simple. Living alone and never have chance to go Kuching, never to mention KL. All their life were at the village until their demise. So sad.

    Pls someone from PR Sarawak to do something if PR become the next government… dun be like current BN government…useless beruks…only care about lands and monies.

    Time to proof PR to change. I will join & vote u.

  5. audie61 says:

    Dear george thanks for your comments. I will try to pass it to the Ministry of Tourism and the Local council to the “newly appointed Mayor!!to see that these issues are addressed. It takes someone from outside to see the inside and we are indeed grateful to you sir. Tks again.

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