PRS “Senatorship..”

Its another winnable strategy by PRS leaders in trying to solve the problems besetting SPDP and also allowing the Separatists 5 plus 3 to temporary park at PRS. Though the 5 plus 3  has not heeded the CM to “cool  it” they have on their part listened and were advised by the PM Najib not to start a new party but park at a current BN coalition partner.

PRS is in a win win situation and according to inform sources the PRS Wanita Chief Doris Brodie would be sworn in as Senator with effective from the 12th of March 2010. Of course this is another political message being handed down and its more than meets the eye. We offer our congratulations to her and as we answered our smses “VERY GOOD DESERVEDLY”-

Many congratulations to PRS and it seems the President has consented to her appointment with the blessings from the CM and approval from PM Najib.


6 thoughts on “PRS “Senatorship..”

  1. BN man says:

    Eventually ——at least an Iban lady is there as Senator. Good for the Dayaks, good for the Ibans, good for the State and of course good for PRS…hahahaha

  2. BN man says:

    I was told SPDP is having further cracks now, not with the 5 +3 + grass roots but NEW cracks….. what’s happening audie???

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