“Maju Group 1987 Nearly…2011.Not Unless..??”

20 seats out of 48 seats in 1987 and the Maju group nearly did it. 15 seats were won by PBDS and 5 seats by Permas. If the CM has the “Inspiration” he might just call the early elections in 2010 just a year short of the full term. 23 years later after 1987 and the seats have increased to 71.

The major opposition players now are PKR,DAP,SNAP and PAS while BN are PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP. According to a political analyst the chances of the opposition toppling the State BN it will take a major shift from the electorate to stop supporting BN or NOT UNLESS there is an EXTRA ORDINARY MIRACLE OF DIVINE INTERVENTION.

The most obvious one we could envisage is CM being returned to the Almighty Creators Arms and there might be serious infighting within BN/PBB. This is truly a long shot.Don’t dream….hmmm

Even that with PKR having a new man at the helm his team needs to seriously look into the lineup which has been proposed before he takes office as the new Liason Chief of PKR Sarawak. Known as a no nonsence man Baru Bian according to few who knows him he needs to put his foot down and hopefully he plays his part as a politician and not a full blooded lawyer when he assesses the situation and groundswell of the names proposed by the so called lobbyists.

Of course if he can wrestle the State that will be an achievement but even to wrestle the Malay and Bidayuh seats will take some doing. A few days ago we wrote about Sarawak Advertisement N31 and we know we created more than a few ripples in the Bidayuh hinterland. There are some who told me that I hit the NAIL AT WHERE I WANT IT TO BE with this statement,There are a number of calibre people around but it seems that your PKR boys/Political scientists we call them here..haha are not doing enough or just plain SELFISH LOOKING AFTER THEIR OWN POSITIONS

As for the Iban areas many say its a forgone conclusion with too many Iban infighting and factions which has appeared and the seams are irrepairable and how many will give PKR Ibans a GHOSTS OF A CHANCE. It will be better served if SNAP is given a number of seats to contests in their predominantly strong areas. It must also be noted that SNAP has also losts its Invicibility of previous elections.

I was taken aback by some young Intelellectual Ibans who said to audie61 that if the remnants of the partyless PBDS were to revived the party it will be a different ball game. 1983 was when James Masing and his group started the revolution and till today he reminds himself of that with his car No as 1983. Were they trying to tell me something and they said the “Burning ambition of the Young and Dangerous might just light up another 1983 leader.” The whole group (band of brothers)was in that age group in their 30s and James Masing in 1987 was 38 years old.

Will 2010 or 2011 churn out another young group and bring their political ambitions forward. We know that History has a way of repeating itself BUT it seems that the dayaks are too divided and there is too much fighting amongst themselves that there is still TOO MUCH DARKNESS AHEAD FOR THEM.

DAP will certainly capture more Chinese seats and even wrestling 15 out of 18 seats on offer in the Chinese dominated constituency is not impossible. PAS will have difficulties but if they are given 2 seats to concntrate their full machinery on and it must be  predominantly malay, in the interior and coastal areas they might just surprise the BN/PBB candidates.

There are certainly a lot of work that still needs to be done and as a PKR Wanita Exco has previously said,’ This is our bests chance and if we dont grab it there will not be another . Baru Bian will have his hands full and he will need to exercise caution as there are NO MORE SECOND CHANCES FOR HIM IN THIS POLITICAL MINEFIELD. Every step he takes he must be mindful that he does his homework as its too easy to criticize others until you take the helm. Its very lonely on the top and he needs both hands to protect his throat from being SLIT. We wrote about him joining PKR about 1 and half years ago and to be pushed forward to helm the PKR machinery in Sarawak is no easy tasks.

There will be some who will say Baru is from a minority ethnic group . It doesnt matter though and Im sure his man surrounding him will know how to cover him or do they need to? Simple,CM Taib is a Melanau and do we need to explain further.

The next State elections will be interesting no doubt and given the BN machinery and stability especially in PBB it will still be a Herculean Tasks for the opposition to denyBN even a 2/3rd majority. 1987 it was very nearly and will 2010/2011 The GODS are on the oppositions favour. Something tells me they need to PRAY HARDER….


MCA-“No more Dirty Linens..++”Sarawak Updates”


Joey of audie61 received an sms that says ,” Seems the end is nigh for MCA tussle of leadership.PM has thrashed it out with the major two players and plainly its“NO MORE DIRTY LINENS”

Its quite similar to an sms which we received yesterday which states,”I know I am not affected by forthcoming reshuffle as boss has bisik to me and how relieve I am with the news

It must be a relieve to Ong in particular as he is under grave attack not only from Chua’s faction but now also his “supposedly soldiers” are also attacking him in the open. The case  involving Health Minister Liow’s wife  must be the final straw that is affecting the BN leadership. The  full report is available from an internet portal.

As with the case of MCA the BN Sarawak State leadership is trying to end all the speculations of the impending reshuffle and some really SHARP DAGGERS and BETRAYALS     are already in place.


( Two Assistant Ministers together…??”)

It seems that our privelege source has informed us through this smsLATEST IF SNOWDON IS IN D LINE UP,TEDEWIN AND GANG WILL RESIGN.”

The  CM being the CEO of the State has already signalled his intentions but alas  it seems that there are so many trojan horses/whisperers who are barking up the wrong tree. 

The state is calm and the devolopment plans are in place but some who are not getting a bite of the cherry in terms of being in the right place at the right time are creating a ruckus/dissatisfaction of some sort.

Even a former PRS Appointed Supreme Council member told audie61,”Don’t you believe that BN will fall in the next State elections..? My smile was enough to send his B/P shooting up the scales and he must have got the signal. Are they signs like the X files….hmmmm?

So for goodness sake..Wake up to the political realities in that if you dont work hard and get your machinery going you will end up missing the boat. you cant wait for the people to vote you in just like that but you need to walk that extra mile.

BN Sarawak is complacent no doubt and they are dissenting voices from the people that all is not well BUT the people of Sarawak knows what is bests for them and they will VOTE with a clear intention on the candidate that will represent their constituency. Say what you like BN or ” Pakatan ” if in place in Sarawak will have done their homework before unleashing the candidate out in the open to be their CHOSEN ONE

If and when MCA problems are already solved the PM will want to have a fresh mandate for Sarawak and CM Taib will know that the  ground favours BN Sarawak  and he will say as usual use this phrase ,” I have got the Inspiration.Its TIME…”  

For now though BN cannot afford anymore dirty linens in public and they need to clean up their act or else the people/voters will turn around and BETRAY THEM.

Its up to the opposition to capitalise on the issues but they need to seriously look at their CANDIDATES FOR THE RESPECTIVE CONSTITUENCIES. This not only means the profiles but the realistic grassroot support and ground work that that has been done.

There is no need for us to tell you how its done but this might help from a former YB who has seen it all in his time,”Its a privelege to work with the bests and the bests will never let you down and will ensure you that the desired result is achieved and you will not have any sleepless night. Thank GOD I have this people

“Major Reshuffle…Any Logic..??”


May 2010 It will be 4 years when the present State Government will be in power. Correct me if I’m a bit naive or must have read the CM’s signal wrong….Those walking in the corridors of power are using all their might and lobbyists tactics of trying to put their”manuk sabong” { fighting cock in Iban} to be considered as an Assistant Minister or Minister. 

Surely, the CM is diverting all the attention away as he puts his development plans for the State in place as he prepares his soldiers and army for the next state elections. If the BN soldiers or Generals are so involved in the pursuit of posts its going straight into the enemies Trap.

 The trojan horses/whisperers in BN are the causes of too many infighting especially so with SUPP involved in power struggle and legality issues of Special Delegates Conference(SDC) ,PBB,SPDP calm but undercurrents looks very choppy.PRS wounded but picking up to be a stable partner with new faces as YB. Or is it..??

Is the CM going to write his own DEATH WARRANT..? So audie61 asks is there any logic for a major reshuffle. It might just be a cosmetic changes with some additions towards filling up the empty available constituencies which the former Assistant Ministers or Ministers held previously. CM would not for once rock a stable boat but will ensure that it cruises through leisurely.

So my friends out there its definedly food for thought and drink to the brilliance of the man himself and his aides surrounding him. Did I not tell you all that the CM goes through his lists thoroughly at least 7 times before he finalises it.  Someone knows better than the CM does I presume or could he be the holding on to the “FOOLS GOLD”

“50/50 Status Quo.??”

Lets keep it simple our informed source said to Natasha of audie 61. The reshuffle of the State cabinet especially with the assistant Ministers might be put to a hold BUT which is a strong possibility he might just add on to the 2 which he has revealed to the press earlier.

It goes without saying that the lobblying factor has already created unnecessary tension within the State BN component parties. Our source also has mentioned that the good office of Najib has advised that the FEEL GOOD FACTOR should also not be compromised but be maintained at all costs. Sources close to Najib is also pushing the state to have an earlier than expected State elections as the State opposition parties are yet to “gelled” as a unit. The oppostion might just be “CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN.”

The setting up of (ARBS) Parti Agenda Rakyat Bumiputera Sarawak by UMNO Sarawak  protem chairman is also a wake up call to the coalition partners that they need to be on guard against the seriousness of the opposition assault on the state. The protem Chairman also mentioned to audie61 that ,” Najib has said privately to certain quarters that he does not intend to be the shortest Prime Minister of Malaysia and he has taken a serious overview of the threat present.

Affendi even says that ,’Its the silencers that are killing the BN government and we know the rating is now 50/50. We are also helping to keep the state BN in its position with our eyes and ears on ground zero and they should not think we are for one moment trying to create tension within the BN family. Obviously,Affendi said many will say he “ONLY KACAU DAUN but BN needs all the assistance and not more enemies.

Already he said PKR YB Dominique has mentioned that “ARBS and PBB are the “same cut from the same cloth” It can only confuse and not contribute to the betterment of the political situation in Sarawak. So…at least he said with a laughter in his voice ,” that means PKR is worried as they do not need another group of BN members to contain with.”

So the lobbyists of the Assistant Ministers in the cabinet might just have aggravated the fragile situation in the state and the CM according to the innsiders are taking a 50/50 chance if he does tilt the balance of power. Its his prerogative for the appointments and the CM will not want to go into the next state elections with something he might just live to regret.

A Status quo will see him not using his JOKER and why does he need to change when the mechanism is well oiled and very much functional says his closest aide. The guessing game will keep everyone on edge to face the common enemy and prevent unnecessary sparks and political tensions. Its the CM’s call anyhow…..

“Sarawak Politics Breaking News..”

Two main events are happening in Kuching Sarawak. One involves a State Coalition pary SUPP who are holding a dialogue with 26 Branches and are holding it at It H’ng Restauarnt. Its a close door meeting with the main agenda,” Why the SDC was cancelled and a more serious resolution according to the source is,”The whole CWC of SUPP should resign..?”

Its a closed door affair and at the moment of writing it is still going on with represntatives of branches making their feeelings known. Seems two(2) assistant Ministers David Teng and Dr.Soon Choon Teck are the masterminds behind the purported resolution taken by the CWC.fAre they taking a leaf from MCA..?? hmmm

The other involves the arrival of Zaid Ibrahim who was invited by the State Central PKR committee for a discussion on certain matters.According to our source  he has also a personal invitation from  former PBDS Prseident Daniel Tajem. (the rumoured PBDS Baru) spin which has captivated and many have their adrenalin pumped up in “ANTICIPATION  OF A REVIVALSarawak update also carries the story HERE.

This has got the phones ringing and a number of bloggers and main stream journalists are making a beeline to have the BREAKING NEWS.. Stay tuned for more……

SPDP”A Lemon Twists”

A reliable source telephoned audie61 with these news,”Latest Bro. SPDP will see a fight for the Presidency.” Obviously the first question would be ,’Is it Nyarok against Mawan.? No,no,no its going to be the present SG Assistant Minister YB Slyvester Entri challenging Mawan. Also Nyarok will be maintained in the team with Entri as the No.2. This is breaking news as 6 SPDP Nothern divisions met in Miri (AIDA WAS THE PERSON WHO ORGANISED THE DINNER) and THEY HAVE given undivided support to the SG in his fight against the President.

( Latest updated:- Mawan has left to KL to attend the UMNO conference and also to inform Tiong of the latest development according to our source. Meanwhile an SC member told  audie61 on the phone there are a 1001 things which is happening in SPDP which we are not happy with. Seems the battles are beginning and might just  escalate.…)

Immediatedly audie61 swung into action to get feedbacks from the Political Secretaries and Supreme Council members and most of them would not be dragged into this fight and still remains divided in their opinions. A former Pol.Sec however told audie61 that ,”Wait till Friday and it will be more concrete.”

Could the PKFZ scandal be used as a leverage to turn the tables.It seems that  unknown hands are meddling in the affairs of SPDP. Whats more in the local dailies Mawan sounded very firm when he said,”SPDP will discipline any of its members who did or said things that could destabilise the party in the run up to its Triennial Delegates Assembly in December.

It is a known fact that Mawan is very close, infact inseparable from MP Tiong King Sing who is in the centre of the storm and this has greatly affected the reputation of SPDP as Tiong is the Youth Chief/Treasurer and also Chief Financier of SPDP. Mawan also did not mince his words when he said ,”he will come down hard on those challenging the status quo of top leaders come the TGA,and labeeled them as potential troublemakers tot he party.” So who is the trouble maker from within and from outside. There is a LEMON TWISTS EFFECT to all this happening in SPDP.

What is a Lemon twists? Lemon twists are most often used to garnish dry vodka martinis or accompanying espresso, but they can be used with many other drinks. They are used for both flavor and decoration. Some people attempt to cut a twist directly from the lemon. Nyarok was supposed to be challenged by Tiong and now it seems Nyarok has found a new ally in Entri.

The espresso effect has found new friends and whats more with DPM Muhyddin coming out with this statement ,’ He stressed that it is not only Umno which must transform, but also BN component parties.”We must be prepared to carry out an in-depth transformation to reach new heights in understanding.”

 The writing is clearly on the wall for those who fail to see the changes and cracks which are appearing in the BN family. From March 8th 2008 BN has been under attack for being too complacent and at times too arrogant for the people to accept  and thus the Voters turned their backs on the BN administration.

 SPDP needs to put their house in order as Sarawak State elections is around the corner and there are already indications that new faces are fast appearing to be the new BN candidates in order to ensure BN stays in power in Sarawak. Though the opposition parties are under wraps with too much infighting BN Sarawak will be under no illusion that all is vey well. Though the CM says 60 seats are assured the BN administration will be on their toes as when its TOO CALM an EXTRA-ORDINARY TSUNAMI might just happen.

The PKFZ scandal has in fact put SPDP in the limelight and with these turn of events LEMON TWISTSand HIDDEN HANDS being involved it seems we are in for some interesting political changes in Sarawak in the coming months.

“Will it be Snowdon or Mong In Sarawak Cabinet Reshuffle…???”

April 8th 2008 and now to November 15th 2009.Long Wait……!!  It seems that PRS President  has made his intentions known on who he has selected to replace the Late YB Dublin Unting as Assistant Minister. The innsider information points to the preferred YB for Bukit Begunan Mong Dagang while the other it seems that the speculations of Snowdon Lawan YB from Balai Ringgin would not materialise.

There is another name being pushed forward if the CM decides to replace Larry Sng as he is partyless. Snowdon is very much a junior in the party and sources say that YB Joseph Mauh looks a more likely candidate. Another political weightage of not picking the candidacy of Snowdon is to tests the resolve of his true allegiance to the CM if he is not picked as Assistant Minister this time around. CM’s own political inner circle has already made their intentions known and CM will weigh all the options and will certainly arrive at right decision.

Snowdon might just have to BITE HIS FINGERNAILS A LITTLE LONGER and not only that he has forgotten/pushed aside too many people in too short a time and ELEVATED himself too far up says a political innsider. He has also since become an ISLAND. 

Remember what Singapore former Premier Lee Kuan Yew said ,” No Man is an Island and you must never forget where you come from and who are the people who put you there. It will come back and haunt you.”

 CM has always got it right and he would not be pushed to make a mistake in the tail end of his Chief ministership. That is his prerogative and we know its all a calculated move where no one will know until the very last minute. Of course the lobbyists would put in their preffered candidate.

We wrote this on May 15th 2008

One particular date the 30th of May 2008 is being penned as an Important date when  the 24 State Legislative Council Members will know whether they have kept their respective portfolios as Ministers and Assistant Ministers. When the CM was asked on the 8th of April when he  would reshuffle the Cabinet, he said it would be after the state legislative assembly sitting which just ended yesterday the 14th of May. Will the Chief Minister who has the prerogrative on the final list add on to the present 24 member cabinet or make just minor adjustments to bring in new blood?

The 30th of May 2008 will just be perfect says a BN Party Member who himself is a Dayak. It will be a timely present for the Dayak community as they will be celebrating the Gawai “Harvest Festival”.It’s a festival celebrated in Sarawak on 1 June every year and is both a religious and social occasion.It is also a thanksgiving day marking good harvest and a time to plan for the new farming season or activities ahead.

The New Blood as a former group editor puts it will benefit the Bidayuh community mosts as they were not included in the Federal Cabinet set-up. Amongst them are two Assemblymen from 2 different BN Component parties. The frontrunner will be Tasik Biru Assemblymen Peter Nansian who is a Senior Vice-President of SPDP while the other hopeful would be Bengoh Assemblymen Dr Belek Jerip  ak.Susil a SUPP Supreme Council Member. YB Frederick Bayoi (Kedup) was quick to point out that the stories that has been circulating that they staged a “silent protests” IN the DUN session was unfounded and uncalled for.

It looks almost certain that the following from PBB as one PBB party stalwart puts it to 4 names in the CM’s preferred lists as Assistant Ministers and is also a very good mix of Malay,Iban and Melanau YBs .  Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (Asajaya)  Dr Stephen Rundi (Kemena) Aidan Wing (Lambir) and YB Puan Sharifah Hasidah(Semariang). The Asajaya YB who is presently the ADUN Backbenchers Chairman is also the Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister.

 Dr.Stephen Rundi the Sarawak Riverboards Chairman is also a strong candidate as he is the Secretary-General  of PBB. Hornbill Skyways Chairman Aidan Wing will replace the void for the Head of the Christian Melanau community. There has been strong requests for women representation and YB Puan Sharifah Hasidah stands a very good chance to carry on the footsteps left by her mother YB.Datuk Hajah Sharifah Mordiah Bt.Tuanku Haji Fauzi who served as the  Assistant Minister of Social Welfare and Women Affairs.

Another name widely speculated to be given a Ministerial position is Datuk Seri Adenan Satem (Former Federal Environment and Natural Resources Minister) He has been very quiet of late and do not rule him out as the Chief Minister does have a soft spot for him. He was after all the Chief Minister’s trusted General before and Pehin Sri would find the best way and the right time  to bring Adenan back into the cabinet. Would you dare rule this scenario out?

SUPP will fight for at least  1 Chinese representation to replace the two Assistant Ministers  who lost in the Kuching area. YBhg Datuk Sim Kheng Hui (Secretary General) losts in Pending and YBhg Datuk Alfred Yap Chin Loi(Publicity and Information Secretary) in Kota Sentosa. The possible candidate in the party’s mind would be the present Padawan Council Chairman Tan Joo Phoi who is also the Assemblymen for Batu Kawah. It will represent a right balance for SUPP Assistant Ministers in all the regions

There are strong indications that the Chief Minister would maintain the two PRS Assistant Ministers in Datuk Dublin Unting (Lubok Antu) and Larry Sng (Pelagus). This way the chess game would be complete for the Chief Minister as he will be able to checkmate the forces that are unhappy with his earlier decisions of replacing Jimmy Donald and Jawah Gerang as candidates in the last Parliamentary Elections.

YB Mong Dagang

PRS President Datuk Seri James Masing would however welcome the exclusion of YB Larry Sng as (Assistant Minister.)  Larry (ADUN Pelagus) has after all he led a group of loyalists to dethrone Datuk Seri James Masing as the President. He would push for the inclusion of Mong Dagang( ADUN Bukit Bangunan) who also holds an important posts in the party as PRS Youth Chief.

Some PRS insiders and members has said that ,’The President would sought a ”little help” from his friends in PBB most notably YB DATUK PATINGGI TAN SRI (DR) ALFRED JABU ANAK NUMPANG or YB DATO SRI HAJI AWANG TENGAH ALI HASAN” in this pursuit.  This is one way of thanking YB Mong for his loyalty towards him.
Who else will be dropped is the next question in asking? In the PBB circles the strong indications are that 1.YB Dr.Abang Hj.Abdul Rauf B.Abang Hj.Zen (Assistant Minister of Environment) 2.YB.Datuk Ambrose Blikau Ak.Enturan (Assistant Minister of infrastucture Development)  and  3.YB.Tuan Haji Bolhassan B.Haji Di ( Assistant Minister of Technology) are the names most likely to be dropped to make way for the new blood.

The Sarawak cabinet re-shuffle is indeed in the pipeline and the speculative date has been set.The Chief Minister holds the names of the Ministers and Assistant Ministers close to his chest and it will be a matter of time before he announces it. It could even be a few day’s time or one or two month’s time. However the  speculative date did start from the 8th of April 2008.

A former personal aide of the CM mentioned to me once that the CM will go through the lists at least 7 times and will only disclose the names on the day of announcement. It is pointless to speculate on “CM’s Team” in the cabinet re-shuffle.

After all it’s the Chief Minister’s exclusive privilege on the Cabinet lineup.