Sarawak “Invisible Men”

Have we got something that will make heads turn? Have we unearthed a “declaration” which suits and sits nicely into the laps of the “Invisible Men”.

The undercurrents which has surrounded the present BN leadership is nothing short of being “a coup sounds to harsh, says an emeritus professor  but a plot to ensure the handover is smoothen” 

This time is for REAL says an opposition youth leader and there are also noises being made to ensure a certain particular party is further strengthened in order to see the plotting ticks like clockwork.

No one can dispute the fact that our two earlier articles 1. “Are we surprised?” and 2. ” Silent and Deadly revolt ” are beginning to lure the Invisible Men into the nets. They are so busy scheming with their almost perfect plans that they have forgotten their “real enemies”

The Pakatan strategic team are waiting to cash in when they are derailed and with the “chaos ” that they might have an even chance to create an upset of some sorts.  

A former PRS supreme council member said in a telephone conversation to audie61 at 10.36 am that he will go all out against the Baleh incumbent candidate. Tell him I will go all out against him as the minefields are already exploding in front of his face. Sudah meletup (already exploded) “BOOM,BOOM,BOOM

Ask yourself this question says a senior lecturer in poliitcal science,”Do you honestly think CM Taib as BN Chairman will not step in? He has one eye on the election and the other eye on the Invisible men movements. Shouldn’t he has both eyes fixed on the enemy?”

Unfortunatedly, the Invisible men are giving him a fresh headache. The schemers thought that they have just enough ‘ mandate ” to see a successful succession but the plot within is cracking up bit by bit.

 A close aide to the CM said,” The PBB boys are slowing down as they know the minefields are already stepped on.” Even the puppet master is withdrawing into his shell.

What happens to the Invisible men? Mosts of them will suffer the consequences for being “associated‘ with or “guilty by virtue of being related” and they will not be spared. It’s a dog eat dog world and even if they try to defend themselves or provide evidences that they are carrying their so called political masters work, it will be a little too late.   

They have already crossed the line as far as the CM’s inner circle are concerned. Even if they go down on their knees or with their heads in between their legs walking backwards they are virtually as good as scrapheap.   

Trying to admit their mistakes is one thing but creating a big blunder with making confidential “information virtual” is the absolute crime. CM Taib will use whatever in his powers when he still commands to crush the Invisible men to smithereens.

Mosts of them have even professed that “BN Ulih Nulong Kitai“{ BN will only help us} but only on a pretence that it suits them.   The invisible men are infact a headache for the adminstration when things are not working in their favour. { they are not like the hidden hands or puppet masters where they have the resources to live to fight another day}

The invisible men are already and have been handsomely rewarded and await another bounty if their scheme works. The political strategists within each component parties of whichever divide BN or Pakatan dread to deal with these sort of politicking.

They are not even the Trojan horses or Third force which many feels are beginning to emerge in our political system. It has already infiltrated in the system but the ruling powers know how to stem them out.

They will silently derail them and even let them step on the booby traps. To even classify them as “traitors” within their inner political circles will be even worse than a slap in their own faces . The Invisible men is for real and they are certainly useful and a powerful threat in Chaotic times.

Giving them recognition and double their rewards will calm them for a short while but in the long term a THIRD EYE Needs to be placed at the back of the head. The invisible men will not only bark but it will bite and most dynasties,kingdoms and regimes paid a heavy price for overlooking their usefulness.

The present State BN will have their machinery ready for any eventualities. Somehow CM Taib will not let his tenure {close to 30th years-26th March 2011} be losts like other leaders before him. He has worked it out to near perfection and the Invisible Men will be the ones bearing the BRUNT when the AXE FALLS.

The Invisible men knows nothing less than a perfect scheme can outwit and outmanouver the CM. Age is not on CMs side plus too many bad publicities on the family and himself will work against him.  

CM being a survivor and nearly 30years at the helm remains solid especially in times of adversities. Many have tried and have been beaten and disappeared politically. Could you see the Invisible Men successful in their plot in ousting the top man?


SPDP”Nansian Attends SC Meeting”

YB Peter Nansian N2 Tasik Biru one of the 5 who were seen as Separatists5 or 5Rebels in SPDP returned to attend the Supreme Council held in the Federal capital.

According to our source after attending the SC he said,”YB Nansian contributed positvely in the meeting and it was indeed very nice to see him seating together with all of us.”

It is a great step forward and we wait the return of the others in due course.

“Silent and Deadly Revolt..??”

CM Taibs endorsement on BN direct candidates has more or less open the floodgates from a silent deadly revolt to a more open and vocal politiking from some politicians from BN Sarawak. Our earlier article “are we surprised.?” has all the makings of  a coup from within. Afterall BN is make up of alliances from political parties and why not the winning candidates after the STATE ELECTIONS 2011

It is not getting any better in fact it has got worse with his own Minister giving a 50 minutes interview to an underground radio station.  The ‘mushrooming of “underground activities” seems to be welcomed by the Minister. He said in a paragraph from the article,”Masing endorsed the radio station saying that “other (Sarawak) ministers would be happy to talk (to the station because) it is very nice”. 

An sms was received from a BN State assemblyman and the full text reads,”Personally I believe we should not entertain any interviews or requests or comments by underground radio stations that are activated purely to run us down.Why should we be ‘tools” of this Stations to promote themselves? Radio or TV stations or channels or papers rely on number of ‘hits’,readers or listeners to acclaim success.So why should we be a party to assist them in their unholy mission?if its oppositon leaders thats responding to this channels, I fully understand but not BN leaders.This channels will not be impartial to BN n and the Malaysian and State Government as it was formed with the primary objective of creating discontentment towards the BN,Malaysian or State Government.

What will happen to CATS RADIO Sarawak or Radio Malaysia..

Don’t tell me this is Masing testing and opening the ears and eyes of the electorate in Sarawak? Is he looking at his KM3 project again? He says he is BN man. Could PRS go the same way as the defunct PBDS(Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak) BN Federal opposition in the state? 

A veteran political analyst even went further to say this might happen for he sees himself as the next KM3 with the support of at least 18 dayak YBs and MPs. He has been somewhat elevated eversince the SPDP5 crisis and the ongoing incessant attacks with details and reports on CM Taib provides an opportunity not to be missed.

He was quoted as saying,”that he alone could not pressure Chief Minister Taib Mahmud into stepping down and that was not for lack of trying.

“I cannot pressure (him). 1987, I tried, 1991, I tried. This coming election we’ll see. Those who do not want him, whether majority or minority, this election will decide. I cannot do it on my own,” he said but was quick to add that he is still a BN man.

A former assemblyman said that Masing is indeed a master politician or a great anthropologists as he has seen off many before him and still maintains his position. The time is now ripe for him to start moving higher. He has seen off the likes of Moggie,Tajem and Sng Chee Hua and still stand tall.”Memang dia boleh”{ He really can..!}

So what makes Masing a student ready to take over from the master Taib. One must know that that Masing is especially well mannered and he knows how to put on a front.{Like many good polticians before him he uses on the surface he is harmless but he could be deadly from behind. }He masters it well as he was and still practises what he has learnt and graduated with.

Learning from the backroom all these years since 1983 one must have the ambition too to at least go for it the third time. KM 3 is within reach and in CM’s advancing years Taib (75 in 2011)has losts some grip on his reign.Afterall Taib has mentioned to Masing once”Swallow your pride and you will achieve your Aim”


Is James really practising what he he has spent learning from this subject.Anthropology is the scientific and humanistic study of humankind. It looks at the human experience from a holistic, cross-cultural perspective that considers culture as well as biology, the past as well as the present, and both small and large societies.

The obvious needs not be explained but many of us still thinks that Masing is a lightweight. We might just be fooled by his open remarks of supporting the CM Taib openly. He is building up his resources and his army will be ready for the final assault and this time it will not only be a Silent revolt but an Open one with casualties on both sides of the BN team. His strategists will also look at the opportune time to move before or just after the elections.

Meanwhile CM Taib will just have to look at his student more carefully. He will not chance it as any wrong move now will see a serious split in the coalition.

The report that sparked a hoo-hah:-

“Are we surprised..??”

Friends can be enemies,enemies can be friends says our SPDP privilege source to audie61. He was giving us examples on how in politics Moggie (PBDS) went against Taib and also Salleh Jafaruddin (Permas)went against his own cousin Taib.

There is a bigger picture to all this he says and a veteran political analyst nodded in agreement,” Honestly could they be an engineered coup from within PBB just after the elections.? It can happen and Taib is very aware of all this.


Why should one be as CM has stayed in the chair for far too long says a political analysts. Day by day the pressure builds and every little movement is closely watched like the war drums and gongs being sounded. Its those little unhappiness which is giving the CM ‘headaches” as they are not within his control.   

Nothing is far from the truth as mosts people are looking at groupings of YBs in the formation of ousting the present CM” It has already started and within the coalition partners the groupings stands out like a ‘sore thumb”

This was all started apparently pointing the fingers at ” some ” who have an agenda in PBB. Though during the height of the SPDP Separatists 5 it had the hallmarks of the CM Taib having affixed his signatures to make it more enticing and to see how,” Mawan comes out of it” { Mawan has come out of it with flying colours and CM Taib is very pleased with his whole showing in handling the situation. }

Without doubt, a few disgruntled and opportunistic politicians are masterminding to get into the ‘ inner circles’ and also to capitalise and profit if it materialises. Noises and whisperings to those who are interested seems to be the order of the day and recently it has even made it to some internet portals.

The article:-

The Taib /Tiong Bests Friends Forever(BFF) seems to have made the movement more wary that the topman (Taib) is in the know. The plotters of this scheme are now looking over their shoulders and phone calls made have answers like,”No way,it is very close to election time and we have nothing to do with it.All using boss names only.” 

When all it is dusted down many will be very surprised. If its speculations and rumour mongering the CM would not have asked his close aides to weed out the ” detractors and opportunists” from within.

It is a foregone conclusion and without question that the CM was and still very much so angered with the “kitchen issue” in London and his trusted officers are gathering all information to corner the main players. The people involved meanwhile are using other sources to “cover and create chaos” so that the CM would have to much to contain and thus just let it fizzle out.

The internet portals even mentioned that the rift between Mawan and Nansian is beyond repair. However our source in a telephone conversation at 11.55am begs to differ as the both the SPDP leaders were having a very cordial relationship and were chatting away like “before”when they were together in KL yesterday. The perception is all being played up and the bigger picture is that the political scheming by ‘some“has not stopped.

SPDP knows bests what it can do and the grassroots will not let the ‘Instigators” from trying to create “chaos” so that their “MASTERPLAN” will take shape. CM is not too worried about the opposition Pakatan camp but more from the forces within. He has full confidence to win the State elections for the BN but needs to be extra careful immediatedly just after the ” MAIN EVENT ”  

What comes next is more a pressing matter for him and he certainly is losing some sleep over it. He has the inspiration to call for the State Elections and this is just an overture to ensure the schemers will fall for it.


PKR/BN “Selangor Weekend Pow-Wow”

It is touted to be the biggest show of strength from BN coalition partners and Parti Keadilan Rakyat as they make their way towards the Federal Capital. It’s all happening during this weekend from 26th to 28th November 2010. 

BN Secretary General in a media conference has indicated,”All component parties, friends of BN, as well as NGOs have been invited, so we are looking at maybe 2,500 representatives.”PKR too will have their numbers in Shah Alam as the party will be holding their 7th National Congress. Official figures put the numbers of delegates at 2460 members.

This will be a field day for all the press/media and they will all be looking for articles to write and what really comes out from both these conventions. A BN component member said,”This Convention will mark the first time that it will be held in Wisma MCA, and it is also the first time that the Convention will be held outside of its normal hosting place, the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

PKR through its media advisory has also informed the Editors, Reporters/Journalists, Photographers/Cameramen and Bloggers that ,”there will be a media conference at 12:45 pm onsite during the lunch break on Saturday, and another media conference will be held after the conclusion of the said Congress at 5:00 pm on Sunday.”

It seems that both parties are just waiting for the POW-WOW to commence as all details concerning food,accomodation,travelling arrangements have been sorted out accordingly.


“Pakatan/BN People Power..Elections after March..!!”

It could just be that these two dates would be very significant for GE13th and Sarawak State Elections.

  • 1.March 8th 2011- MPs especially those first timers must serve at least three years before they are entitled for pensions.
  • 2.March 26th 2011-CM Taib will have served his 30th year as CM of Sarawak.

Rubbish and just Mere Speculations to Some right..The truth though { If SNAP polls is called there is however a provision for the MPs to be given pensions}

It seems the feel good factor is beginning to show for the BN and also the internal problems of the Pakatan coalition gives the strategists in BN more confidence rather than the hopefulness of the People coming back towards the BN coalition.

Former PM Mahathir has even said that the Najib administration might just wrestle back one or two states but will still find getting back the 2/3rds majority in Parliament a daunting tasks. He could be proven just right as two wins in a byelections doesn’t mean that the People are back with the BN. There are still one too many wrongs which needs to be put right.

BN and Pakatan states knows where they have gone wrong and even if the elections are called now it will still not be so clearcut on who will form the majority government. BN does have the East Malaysian States of Sabah/Sarawak to ensure that they will remain in power.

Unless there is a major shift in the Peoples Mindset or have given up on the BN government.Pakatan will still need to play second fiddle to BN.

Peoples Power cannot be taken forgranted.Their patience might run out with seeing familiar faces at the helm overstaying themselves. The over overcomplacency by the government thinking that all is well at the groundzero.

 The People have sent the warning signs during 308 and BN and Pakatan propaganda machinery needs to send the right message. Overzealous misconception on any of the coalition part will be more detrimental than they can imagine.

To quote a government retiree ,”The People will not be FOOLS ALL THE TIME.In the end the FOOL might just surprise you. Too many uncalled political statements from both houses will give the mandate to the FOOL.”


PKR”The Truth is out there..!!”

The Propaganda is very clear.Its a mathematical game and with huge numbers one will be able to stand tall and have a bigger say in the political field. PKR says it has 400,000 members in their lists.How come not even 10% came out to vote asks a real estate owner? Are the leaders in PKR going to just keep quiet on this issue? There must be a revamp of the membership system?

On the plus side however he commended PKR for their farsightedness of having the national polls but all the loose ends and discrepancies needs to be ironed out. I dont need to tell them how to do it. They have the brains and the resources to do it.

The real estate owner added  ,”Could they have got their membership from the electoral roles? It looks quite obvious with the very low turnout ? Don’t tell me the listed members have suddenly left PKR in the thousands?

 10% of 400,000 members something amiss.Actual figures doesn’t lie does it….?? 

Anwar and Zaid”Significant Announcements..?”

Natasha received a message from her former colleague telling her that “Tomorrow there might see some fireworks in PKR. Anwar will address a rally while Zaid will have a PC. Article will be up later.” 


We reposts the article for the benefit of all:-

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is scheduled to hold a rally at the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) auditorium tomorrow where he is expected to speak on the latest developments in the party.

NONEAccording to one of his aides, Anwar (right) is expected to touch on the need to close ranks, on the eve of the final round of voting by party divisions.

“The party has undergone a lot of criticism. I believe he will address this and the need for the party to strengthen itself,” said the aide.

Last week, PKR vice-president Azmin Ali announced that Anwar will be delivering a “special address” at tomorrow’s event to explain the latest developments within the party.

The party has been in a state of disquiet and assaulted by public criticism over the tussle for the party deputy presidency, involving Azmin, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub and Zaid Ibrahim.

Even before accepting nominations, Zaid has been accusing party leaders of conspiring against him and being a victim of their smear campaign.

After two weekends of polling Zaid was just a tad behind Azmin but declared his withdrawal from the contest because of widespread “malpractise and electoral fraud”, without formally writing in on the decision.

He also placed the blame for the situation on Anwar and Azmin and urged them to step down.

Zaid to explain resignation from PKR

Anwar had mostly stayed away from the fray until today, when he insinuated that Zaid had failed to serve the party despite the amount of special privileges heaped on him as a new member.

NONEZaid’s (left) theatrics have attracted strong criticism against the PKR which has repeatedly denied malpractices in the elections while urging detractors to back their allegations with proof.

Meanwhile, Zaid is scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow at 10.30am at his residence to explain his decision to quit PKR.

Over the next few weeks, he is expected to hold a series of private meetings with supporters across the country.

N43 Ngemah”Will BN outboxed Pakatan and PCM..??”

N43 will not only see three parties fighting it out to be the “Peoples Representative for the area’. The word on the ground is that there will also be a number of independants who will play the role of spoilers.

A voter from the Ngemah who requests anonymity said,” Gabriel Adit won as independant candidate during the last election and now as head of  PCM Sarawak he will much stronger.THIS WILL SURELY BE A GOOD TESTS FOR THE PARTIES INVOLVED.”

Love or Loathe Him Gabriel Adit knows how to position himself and must not be taken lightly.

 We have earlier wrote a comprehensive article and it received an overwhelming response from readers:- 

NGEMAH N43 will be a Very Interesting and Bitterly Contested Seat.

Pakatan Sarawak”NO MORE ONE WAY TRAFFIC..”

When in doubt the common basic instinct of a human being is TO ASK. It seems that BN Sarawak knows where its weakness lies and before they get trounced in this particular field they SEEK HELP AND ASSISTANCE.

So what have they come up with?

This is what they have to say to the Pakatan cybermachinery who clearly has led but recent efforts has seen BN catching up and gaining tremendously.


Umno Youth New Media Unit chairman Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz said the party, together with the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera (PBB) Youth New Media Unit, would work closely to come up with an aggressive strategy to counter baseless allegations which might be posted over the internet.

“Specifically, we will coordinate any information with the PBB Youth New Media Unit so that any national issue that has bearing with Sarawak could be handled and explained very quickly ,” he told reporters after a meeting chaired by PBB Youth Media Unit chief Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan here Sunday.

“For us, at national level, we must explain the real issue and disseminate it very quickly so that the people will not be easily influenced by baseless allegations,” he said, adding that apart from national issues, Umno would assist in disseminating information on issues affecting Sarawak, such as that of the Penan.

He said the March 2008 general election had given the Barisan Nasional component party a valueable lesson on the need to effectively tackle the cyber war campaign.

Abdul Aziz, who is also PBB Youth Information chief, said one of the strategies being adopted would involve answering or explaining any issue without resorting to personal attacks.