BN/SPDP ‘Your Choice of Peoples Representative”

BN/SPDP candidates needs a new mandate from you.  Make them your Peoples Representative in this Sarawak State Elections 2011. They will all be up against PKR,SNAP,PCM and Bebas candidates.Vote for them to Transform Sarawak. Secure your FUTURE with BN.  Jaminkan Masa Hadapan anda dengan BN.  Advertisements

“DAP Pamphlet Troopers On The Move.SUPP Wake Up.!!”

  Having a morning breakfast surrounded by DAP pamphlet troopers is one thing. They are using very able and friendly,young and pretty canvassers to attract the people to receive. Wow! they can’t even wait for nomination day on the 6th April 2011 to start distributing. Any election rules broken may i ask the election commission.?? Are they…