N10 DAP Lawyer vs BN Doctor…

Violet Yong a lawyer by profession dealt a bitter blow and a nail in the heart of SUPP in the 2006 Sarawak Elections. Her win by defeating the SG of SUPP and also an Assistant Minister by 4372 was indeed a devastating blow. Pending was considered one of the stronghold for SUPP and no one would give her a ghosts of a chance to defeat  Sim Kheng Hui in a predominantly Chinese area of 29503.  She was on top of the slide but since then has her win put her in a position of over confidence?

Will you still hear the words,”Boh Soo’ (no problem) from the opposition supporters as they try to protect their fort..?? SUPP will “chiong”(attack) DAP Pending Incumbent .

 Will she slide down and come down to earth and SUPP regains back Pending. We will know soon wouldn’t we..??

The voter turnout was 18986 and the DAP lawyer garnered 11632 while Sim managed 7260. The main issue during the 2006 campaign was the land rental premium plus some minor dissatisfaction led to SUPP paying the price and losing this bastion N10.

N10 Assemblywoman Incumbent Violet knows that she will face a tough opponent in Dr. Sim Kui Hian (the head of Sarawak General Hospital cardiac unit head) The PM has even endorsed his candidacy making it official for SUPP that “the people must not sacrifice this illustrious son,you must make him win.”

CM Taib aslo gave him his endorsement by saying,”He is a recognised specialist not only in Malaysia but also internationally.He is a good man to be your representative and you will not be ashamed of him.”

A political observer says that”Dr Sim comes with a clean slate and SUPP has given the Pending voters a highly promising and a candidate with excellent track record to win back the seat. DAP Yong the incumbent will feel the pinch and she will have a difficult time protecting her turf.

N10 BN component parties are all ready to assist the SUPP candidate and DAP will not know what hit her. She will be left licking her wounds and the good doctor will provide enough medicine for her to ease her pain. It’s pay back time…… 


100 thoughts on “N10 DAP Lawyer vs BN Doctor…

  1. Roger roger says:

    PR ada polisi kah?
    setahu saya PR stand for Pakatan Runtuh
    Sepatutnya bukan pakatan rakyat tapi pakatan HARAM
    Sebab sampai sekarang mereka tak berani nak register sebagai pakatan rakyat.
    What Tranparent? Apa jadi dengan pemilihan dalam parti PKR? Semua dikontrol oleh Anwar.
    Soalan Bonus – Kenapa Anwar tak berani bagi darah dia untuk ujian DNA bagi memastikan siapa lelaki ‘Y’ itu? Anwar takuttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! dia sendiri dia lah lelaki Y tu huhu

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    A good doctor with gifted skill should be put to good use and should not be paid or made to lie for the corrupted regime of Taib Mahmud and on behalf of Sarawak Useless People’s Party. George Chan and his proxies have been living on the patronage of the thief minister and chief mobster and at the expense of SUPP ordinary party members for the last 30 years.

    Bluntly, we do not want another “Ya Botol” representative in SUPP.

    • =87- says:

      A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses. Proverbs 27:19

      The good doctor may not have much choice in this matter. I pray that he will remain faithful to his calling. What is lacking in our beloved country, Sarawak, is men and women of high integrity. I hope the good doctor can prove me wrong.

  3. beritamu says:

    Public and ground sentiments in Kuching showed it is much better for Dr.Sim to concentrate and be more committed in his profession as a heart specialist to save more lives for the poor in Sarawak.
    Being a good doctor doesn’t mean to make him a good politician cos of the vast differences between these 2 professions
    Yesterday Taib’s announcement of BN offering a piece of land in Kapit to the Chinese community for Chinese Independent school in Kenyalang ,Kuching is the greatest insult and hypocrisy as CM.
    He said there is no more land here in Kuching but we have identified a piece in Kapit and will give them as soon as possible when they come out with proper planning.
    Ask you Heartless Taib, whether is it logical or rational to build a Chinese independent school in Kapit with a population of 90 % of natives.Isn’t it a” Fool and Childish Game with Chinese Community by Taib ?. Chinese in Kuching demand SUPP and Gorge Chan to come out with better explanation.
    Proof of Taib lying: Two years ago,he told the local community in Kapit that there is no suitable land for a new secondary.
    ” Find the land first then i will request for the new school for you “.His contradict statements make ones wonder what type leader he is ?.
    It’s really true in saying that Politician is the most untrustworthy group of profession as surveyed by experts on level of trustworthy in profession in most countries.

    • Farmer Joe says:

      CM gave the Chinese schools 2000 acres in Kapit, not to build schools. He is giving the chinese schools means to be self sustaining for the furture. The chinese schools need not be like a beggar, forever asking for donations. There are already several proposals submitted to the school committees to do a JV with some large oil palm companies. This will generate sufficient funds for the schools for their operations without totally relying on donations. ” GIVE A MAN FISH, YOU WILL FEED HIM FOR A DAY, TEACH HIM HOW TO FISH, YOU FEED HIM FOREVER”. Use your brain a bit, why are the opposition supporters so shallow with such low IQ, I suppose these are the people the DAP leadership want to attract, so they can eat all their shit to without them questioning it. Build schools in the middle of the jungles of Kapit….stupid or what…

      • Lee Hui says:

        So the government of BN led by the most corrupted kleptocrat in south east asia makes us beg for 47 years and then when pressured by Pakatan and with many police reports lodged against him , only then he decided to offer just 2,000 acres of land for Chinese school to self sustain itself? Only fools like SUPP cyber troppers will be rejoicing!

  4. Asri Rahman says:

    Make no mistake, PAS is the beacon of hope for this country for religious tolerance and goodwill. Umno has been consistently causing troubles for Malaysians of non Muslim faith Cow heads incident, demolition of Hindu temples, unconstitutional ban on the use of “Allah” in BM by Christians and now defacing the BM bibles with the ministry of home warning stamp.

    MCA and SUPP had both stood very low in its political quest to stay alive within the corrupted and repressive BN dominated by UMNO by spinning that PAS has no tolerance for anything and everything non Islamic. Sarawakians who coexisted peacefully with all races and religious faithfuls are not living on trees and we know who are the real and persistent trouble makers who wanted to stay in power at all cost and who are bent in dividing us and rule forever.

    Sarawakians must vote for change and vote for the parties that safeguard every Malaysian’s rights and religious freedom as enshrined in Malaysia’s constitution.

      • China Man says:

        If Dr Sim doesnt win Pending, we Chinese are all finished. This is because BN will still form government in Sarawak, the day after election day. Expect Violet Yong to help us? how? when you are not government, you are nothing. We are seeing so many complaints in the media from the rakyat that DAP YBs are not performing. That is nonsense, DAP YBs are working very hard, but they just will not be able to get the necessary results, because, they do not have the powrer. Again they will not form government in the April state election, Chong, Kit Siang and even Anwar have admitted it. so again for the next 5 years they will get nothing done. All their election promises will be JANJI KOSONG yet again. Look at the Kenyalang Refund, DAP make so much noise, if it were not for the quiet achiever, Dr Sim working in the back ground, the refund would not have been given. Wait for DAP, tolong lah, never in a million years.

      • BHLOY says:

        SUPP is the only representation that the chinese has in Sarawak……think about it seriously. If DAP win Pending and still cannot form the state Govt. which PR leaders agreed anyway, wats the use?? They can all bark and make alot of noice but still the rakyat continue to suffer bcos of DAP. While ensuring a win for Dr Sim, the voice of the chinese can still be heard in the BN camp! Say wat U like, V hv to face reality, the one who is in power hv the $$$!!

  5. Alan Sim says:

    This election is not about SKH, it’s about corruption etc. CM tries to deflect the focus of rakyat but we are not stupid. I am sure Violet will still be voted in on PR platform. Rakyat knows SKH is just a dog to CM and PM. Go back to be a doc, not a dog.

      • Pegundi Sg Apong says:

        Tetap Prof Dr Sim akan jadi wakil Rakyat Pending N10. Kami pengundi dari Kawasan Bintawa dan Sg Apong akan menyokong Dr Sim sepenuhnya. DAP sudah 5 tahun di kawasan kami, apa pun tiada buat. DAP adalah parti yang tidak berguna. Tolong jangan undi parti penipu ini.

  6. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    “We can’t change the government overnight, we change within the government. We will keep on improving on the weakness and that is the way we change the government, within the government,” quote Stephen Rundi

    The thief minister has been unrelenting and getting hungrier and greedier by the days although all BN lawmakers had been allowing this tyrant to rob Sarawakians, especially the rural poor for the past 30 years. And now this idiotic secretary general of Parti Bohong Bumiputras has the gut to preach to us that change is taking place with and within BN government when the Nagypt administration has not responded to all corruption,abuse of power and money laundering reports been lodged against Taib Mahmud?

    Does BN government seriously think it can continue to bribe the rural poor with its RM580.00 grant per household when it is imminent that BN is losing its power and the rakyat are withdrawing their mandates? SPR and MACC which have been a component of BN might close their eyes but the rakyat are no fools. Whatever grants or bribes been given out now belong to the rakyat and its not BN money. The money belong to the people and we shall gladly take what BN has retuned to us and vote you out because we are voting out an incompetent, corrupted, abusive, oppressive and arrogant BN government.

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: WTF!!! Nagypt chickidee pox + MoO syaitan@hantu n ‘pek moh’ thief MISSnister LAND GRAB DATA ( LANUN LANUN LANUN) :arrow: http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/from-around-the-blogs/38921-we-release-the-land-grab-data :roll:


    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

        :lol: Not 2 worry Bro :idea: loose 74 :idea: bcoz some eyes are still not open up bcoz of those B-eNd money politics $$$$$$ BUT MAJORITY ‘RAKYAT’ in whole M’sia are conscious of what is actually happen now!! ……. :idea: Pakatan Rakyat :idea: still will be the best CHOICE for all good ‘RAKYAT’….in future :lol: bcoz we SEE NO EVIL n we will prevail………soon :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

        :idea: ;) Sorry Bro :idea: looes74 :idea: for wrongly spell your name n anyway this show that we PAKATAN RAKYAT people will always apologize for the mistake n our EYES are always conscious wide open hahahahahahaha :idea:

        Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

      • looes74 says:

        Ho Ho Ho,
        Guess what Audie61 would propose the election theme for SUPP…..Guarantee win one….hahaha….heck that fella is a doctor……Besides tommorrow belongs to me…….Good old Dr love

    • looes74 says:

      Ho Ho Ho,
      Again! Besides the YMCA by comedy court for Taib & co. We should send this Spitting Image Go Now message to Taib Mahmud & George Chan

  8. beritamu says:

    It’s pointless to have extensive and aggressive campaigning in Chinese majority constituencies cos their mentalities and mindsets are different from those voters in rural areas. Urban Chinese electorates demand more for an equal,fairer and transparent govt rather materialistic wish.
    Most of the long overdue and current Pro-Bumis Policies had shy them away and rejected BN in total except those who are relatives and business connected.
    By-election in Sibu had greatly shown their trend of voting.
    Most of them have long decided who to vote in mind ever since 2006 till now.In general they are not that credulous and naive in the development of modern democracy nowadays.
    It will be a total waste of funds,time and energy from both political divides to persuade and change their stands though with tonnes of goodies and promises like stars and moon.
    A less educated ordinary Chinese on the street will ask why is it his or her children not given scholarships though obtaining outstanding results compared to those under performed bumi friends.Why is it foundation and diploma program in local universities ONLY FOR BUMI ?.
    He or she will question why are they not given discounts for purchasing houses like their bumi friends.
    Why is it so difficult to get a govt job and many others.Finally they will ask ” Is 1 Malaysia Real or Empty ?” If you are being discriminated and treated unfairly like me “Which Box Will You Cross?” he asks.

  9. KK Lau says:

    Taib says there is no more land in Kuching to be allocated for Chinese schools or education. However , he is very happy to give a parcel of land located in Kapit for Chinese schools. Perhaps, George Chan or Wong Soon Koh should look for a modern day Wong Nai Siong to lead the Chinese to migrate to Kapit and start a new life there.

    This is the last straw and all right think SUPP members should resign en bloc to protest against their leaders for bowing to the stupidity and arrogance of this white moron and paramount thief minister.

    Quit this Sarawak Useless People’s Party now before you are contaminated!

  10. BN Tsunami says:

    Pending need a good politician not a surgeon doctor. SKH & SHK families are best known for YA and BETOL in their political run. Same will be the same. People in Pending must think on a bigger view for the future of Sarawak under Gadafi Taib…..

    Ground SUPP in the Sarawak River !!!!

    • beritamu says:

      Najib says Taib will listen to Dr Sim also if he wins the election,can you believe what he say ” I help you,you help me.

  11. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: PAKATAN RAKYAT control states scores the HIGHEST FDI n ‘RAKYAT’ must give PAKATAN RAKYAT a CHANCE to CHANGE for better ……for all MALAYSIANS :lol: REJECT RACISM + REJECT CORRUPTED regime n vote wisely for our children future n PLEASE VOTES WITH ‘DIGNITY’ & ‘TRUTH’ with your sincere pure HEART to kick out those very,very,very,very,very CORRUPTED b-end regime………… http://t.co/Rx9FAjC :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  12. Lee Hui says:

    George Chan and SUPP leaders are bankrupt of ideas and only know how to defend their poor and lame leadership by asking the people to reject “Outsiders” when referring to PKR, DAP and PAS. Unfortunately the lame leadership of SUPP has greatly contributed to the thief minister plundering Sarawak and grabbing people’s land, NCR and state lands included and controlled all mega projects and resources almost exclusively. Had it not been for the caring “Outsiders” that George Chan wanted to get rid, our land premium would not have been reduced , Bako and other lands which Taib wanted to grab would not have been “temporarily “returned.

    It is the greatest insult to Chinese School management and the community that Taib could only allocate land in the far away Kapit for building more Chinese Schools. This clearly show SUPP is a useless party and its selfish and self serving leaders are so lame and they has no say in the administration of Sarawak affairsi n the last 30 years which is controlled by the thief minister exclusively.

  13. Lee Hui says:

    China Man says:
    March 20, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    If Dr Sim doesnt win Pending, we Chinese are all finished. This is because BN will still form government in Sarawak, the day after election day.

    First world countries like America, Britain, Australia, Japan South Korea and the European counties change their ineffective, incompetent and corrupted government every 5 to 15 years and are still progressing and staying properuous. Only people with the dog mentality of CHINA MAN are still sleeping and so ignorant of the positive effect of political reforms.

    No wonder you are still a SUPP member !

    • Ronnie says:

      China man, I think if Dr Sim lost his election deposit many Chinese in SUPP including yourself will commit suicide too. So sad indeed. Dont worry lah, many more caring and loving Chinese will offer you food, paper money, paper Rolls Royce, paper ATM machine and whatever you wish okay?

      • looes74 says:

        These goons never understood the irony that I am bringing across in the Spitting Image message. Some voters are SO DAMN STUPID that even their house on fire, they voted BN……Indeed stupid beyond repair

  14. I know who is good or no good says:

    Reading thru, I hear many voices: Changes is definitely something we want, and we need THE candidate to do the job, 1 that is GOOD at heart who is able to jump start.

    A world class heart surgon sacrifies himself for the masses of people in Sarawak, without him, do we have a wprld class heart center? without him, the “hospital” in Samarahan will be idling to rote. Of course the THINGS done before Dr Sim revives the hospital in a short months, we all condamn, and that is why and more reason we should have a righteous person to lead Sarawakian to a change in the forth-coming political arena.

    Dr. Sim has a lot other choices, and he choose to fight for us, we should give him the chance.

    as for Voilet Yong, i am sure you are a people’s person, perhaps you should change course and fight along us to expediate the change in the right direction, well you are entitled to your permanent retirement pension now, so take it upon yourself to change course to fight for the people constructively. I am sure your are damn tired by nowm for not making a significant difference to the Pending People.

    Thank you Dr. Sim for the Drains clearing in our area. Voilet, that was your job!!! and you didn’t deliver.

    Vote for change, vote for Dr. SIm.

    • looes74 says:

      If that good doctor not elected, he can continue to be a good doctor. However, if Violet not elected, Taib would continue to rule….Perhaps, TAIB WOULD CALL HIMSELF ALLAH VERY SOON

      • Stay Focus says:

        Subjective or Objective is the question

        Subjective is to increase the people on the other side of the fence, and we ended up guarantee his/her guaranteed retirement fund, while our initial intention for them to deliver to meet our basic fundamental needs (for the masses) are not met. Then we simply fail in our good faith intention, are we not?

        Unless, we can deliver the majority shift, and get the constitution amended to ONLY allow ALL ELECTED in POWER to say 2 terms max. Else, we will be in the catch 22 and in the same mercy of those we PUT in-Power and succumbed to the inevitable human greed eventually. To quote The GOD Father’s statement “I want to quit, but I can’t because I am being sucked in the system”.

        Objective is “If we can’t reject them with majority shift, then we could only implant some Genuine Good Blood, to assist the process of eventual retirement of the aged and xxxxxxxx.

        Against All odds, we should thank GOD for Dr. Sim’s eventual candidacy. His candidacy was enroute to be blocked (just think). Take a hint from the Great Almighty.

    • BN Tsunami says:

      Why the Dr. not choose other PR party, such as team up with Baru Bian to fight for the rights of the oppressed people. This good meat once dipped in the spoiled soup SUPP, it is going to be another Ya & BETOL lah

  15. BHLOY says:

    Its easy to make comments about change. Need guts, courage and ability to do so. Change is easier within than shouting from outside. To do so, the rakyat need a right candidate like Dr Sim who is from SUPP. His exposure being a Govt servant over the years for e.g. setting up the Cardiology and Cardio-Thoracic Unit of SGH speaks volume of his ability. He is the man with the big picture and base on past track records, he will deliver more than just being a humble Dr! I would vote for him for sure..

    • looes74 says:

      In a private sector, if you can’t perform in 3 months YOU ARE FIRED. Ask you one question…..How many more chance we have given to SUPP……Enough lah

    • KK Lau says:

      BYLOY, are you one of the 300 newly recruited SUPP super members as according to Georgie Boy? Pity you guys work so hard to lie for a corrupted regime. Good luck to you. I am sure at least a few of you will graduated as incorrigible liars like your Useless party leaders.

      • BHLOY says:

        KK Lau, S a matter of fact, i’m not a member of any political party! In my opinion, I dun think there is a need to be wif a political party to show support to a particular candidate in any election. I’m being rational in supporting Dr Sim base on his achievement and his willingness to work for the rakyat which he clearly hv demonstrated while under the employment of MOH, Malaysia.

        There is no need to link him with others whom U believe R corrupt . . . Vote for the man & not the party!

  16. Bakrie says:

    This is part of a repost and for ALL SARAWAKIANS to vote for CHANGE.

    Can Sarawak secede from the federation to form an independent nation? Unfortunately not, if you read Point Seven of the agreement: “There should be no right to secede from the federation.”

    Yet in looking at the heart of the whole agreement, one can surmise that Sarawak can act independently of the federal government.

    On the issue of the federal government’s allocation for the state, one wonders why Point 11 of the agreement is not followed: “Borneo (Sarawak and Sabah) should retain control of its own finance, development and tariff, and should have the right to work up its own taxation and to raise loans on its own credit.”

    Fundamental right

    Instead of the federation allocating money to Sarawak, the state should be the one giving pocket money to the federation. Thus, the BN government should not use the development-funding-blackmail route to woo voters every time a general election comes around. Sarawak can claim the right to be financially independent and it is provided for in the 18-Point Agreement.

    This fundamental right to self-govern and to act independently of the federation has been diluted or ignored by the BN government and kept hidden from the public eye.

    BN in effect has stripped Sarawakians of their dignity to stand on their own accord, while masking a rebranding exercise that seeks to mould the Sarawak government in the image of the federal government, which in fact goes against Point Eight of the agreement: “Borneanisation of the public service should proceed as quickly as possible.”

    The BN government has blatantly ignored the 18-Point Agreement in formulating national policies. It is even sickening that the subjugation of Sarawak is assisted by the local BN state representatives who are ignorant altogether of the agreement.

    The dream is not far-fetched to install a Pakatan Rakyat government. All it takes is to say “No” to BN and a strong “Yes” to Pakatan.

    Yet, this should only happen if a Pakatan government can assure Sarawak that the spirit of the 18-Point Agreement would be safeguarded for future generations to come.

  17. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Holy COW!!! Don’t play-play ah :!: You Hantu@Syaitan think that DSAI is SUPERMAN kok kah :?: Ai yo yoyoyo he is already 63years++ old n can be a GRANDpapa already la….old bird already liow…..that’s not DSAI la but another ????? http://bit.ly/gUQGEb :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

        :mrgreen: Hahahahahaha….maybe our Respected DSAI might tell them ( PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY :mrgreen: YOU DON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY :!: WoOOOOOOOoooOOOOOO phuck oFF SHITfool,DNA+FATmama…..Oleee oleee COW hehehehehehehehe DESPERADO DESPERATE MAN!!!!! ok ok where am I now……………… :mrgreen:

        Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  18. Mata Kuching says:

    This is the moment to reflect on our country’s future under the UMNO controlled BN government. I am inspired and convinced that UMNO controlled BN will make a very effective Opposition because they have MACC, PDRM, AG on their sides and that will help Pakatan government to be competence, accountable and transparent at all times. To illustrate a point, here is an example ; DAP received a certain percentage from payment of Selangor government projects, revealed a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) senior official today.

    Whether the allegation is proven or not is another matter but MACC is super efficient when attending to complaints or allegations reported by UMNO controlled BN. It even keeps the public updated and informed because of its good relationship with UMNO. Hence, I am convinced that Malaysians must vote UMNO controlled BN to be our Opposition for a corrupt free government.

  19. Bintang Kenyalang says:

    Mind you Prof Dr Sim is not just a world class cardiologist, he has good leadership qualities and management skills, which most of us are not aware of. Otherwise how could he transformed the Cardiac Dept of the GHS Kuching into a respectable medical centre of such commendable high standards in this region? This is what we call teamwork. Only a good leader can produce a good team.

    For the past 11 years Prof Sim has trained 33 cardiologists who are now working in both the Govt and private sectors in various parts of Malaysia. He has made human capital development as one of the most important initiatives in further raising the medical standards, besides applying state-of-the-art medical equipment for better medical and health-care facilities.

    Prof Dr Sim is also a visionary and initiator of change with courage. He is instrumental in mooting the idea of relocating the Heart Centre GHS to the new site at Kota Smarahan.

    If Prof Dr Sim were to remain in the Heart Centre GHS, he can only serve those who have heart problems.

    Now that he has been endorsed to be the incoming candidate for N10, we should give him a chance to prove his worth.

    If he were made a YB, surely he can still help the heart patients indirectly and contribute his services to the rakyat in a much wider scope.

  20. Mata Kuching says:

    I don’t mind to vote Dr Sim actually but after the thief minister has stepped down and be accountable for his ill gotten wealth. Common we are not so selfish to want to get rid of all the useless candidates of Sarawak Useless people’s Party. Surely out of 19 candidates, Dr Sim stands out as acceptable and the best but the problem is wrong timing brother! Dr Sim should only offer himself after Sarawkians get rid of the thief minister Taib Mahmud. Like that so susah to vote someone like Dr Sim who doesnt know head or tail and might turn out to be another Blind, Deaf and Dumb politician or worse another ” Ya Botol” . Talk to us in in the 11th election and if Taib Mahmud has been eliminated by then.

    • BHLOY says:

      Pls do not waste yr vote. In this election for kawasan N10, U must vote for the man NOT the party! This is the man with the big picture!

  21. Bartholomew says:

    Ya Botol, if only Dr Sim has offered himself as a candidate in a clean and competent government in Singapore, he will win even when he is busy operating Taib Mahmud’s heart on polling day.

  22. Huaren says:

    Before Dr Sim is being made a YB he has already got the ball rolling by addressing the problems of the people.

    He managed to get the Jalan Serangan Batu (also called Peace Road South) tar sealed for the convenience of the people, just to name one of his projects.

    This road was paved with pebbles some 20 years ago under the directive of his late father as a YB then.

    Dr Sim believes Action Speaks Louder Than Words!

    • BHLOY says:

      Huaren, wat U mentioned is true and fair. I believe if the rakyat in N10 support and vote for Dr Sim, DAP presence is no longer required!
      Dr Sim’s famous quote while working with MOH – “Speak less, do more. Prove your sincerity by action” for these, he has done alot!

  23. L K Y says:

    I just want to wish Dr Sim all the best as i know he is now jobless.

    My family and i will vote Dr Sim because he is more friendly and sincere to us .

    Friendly speaking in the past five years YB violet never serve N10 voters well, we only saw her pointing here and there for the hole in the newspaper…ha..ha…ha…hole…hole…hole..hole.

    N10 don’t need a Hole Hole Hole pointer.

  24. lily says:

    Is not easy to b a YB Yah?

    For the last five years , N10 rakyat just like “ 弃婴”, Many complaints the opposition YB “无能为力”, what more to say the “huaren 前途“ lah?

  25. Tua Tao says:

    As a personal friend of Dr Sim, I know he is a man of sincerity who believes in action not boasting.

    Why should Dr Sim sacrificed his lucrative multi-million Ringgit annual income as a cardiologist in Australia and chose to earn a mere monthly salary of RM3,130 when he returned to Malaysia some 13 years ago?

    He was earning a ceiling RM26,000-00 monthly as Head of Heart Centre GHS Kota Samarahan. If he wants further promotion, he has to be tranferred to West Malaysia.

    Now he is jobless.

    Why should he join politics at this moment of uncertainty and high risks.

    He came back to Sarawak with a big heart to serve the Sarawakians as a son of the soil. He feels it is his mission and duty to bring more developments to the State. He just wants to follow the foot steps of his late father, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Sim Kheng Hong, to serve the people. He wants the succession to continue… not because of money…but because he has a big H E A R T.

    He has the passion, compassion, talents and qualities to be a good YB.

    Why not give Dr Sim a chance… and see what he can do for the next 5 years?

    I am confident, he can deliver.

    Pilih lah Dr Sim, apa salahnya?

  26. tina says:

    Ha yah who is the N10 YB ???



    • lily says:

      对呀TINA。。。YB的工钱来自人民的税务。。。。拿了人民的钱后就躲在家里睡觉, 又那么会享受。。。


  27. Maan Songkui says:

    Dr Sim bukan meriam besar (chakap besar saja).

    Beliau sudah tolong beribu-ribu penyakit jantung di Negeri Sarawak.

    Sekarang beliu ngiat tolong lagi ramai orang di Negeri kita kalau beliau jadi YB.

    Bagilah CHANCE (peluang) kepada Dr Sim.

  28. Pending Aunty says:





  29. Marilyn says:

    We dont need to bother too much about what the opposition says because their duty is not to say good things about the Government.

    We have to be focussed and evaluate whether Dr Sim Kui Hian is suitable for N10 .

    Dr Sim starts with a clean slate. He really means what he says and says what he means. He doesnt say bad thing about the opposition. What he is busy with is to find time and opportunities to serve the people; as straightforward as that.

    So, all of us should support Dr Sim and give him a chance.

  30. lily says:

    i dont mind to vote Dr , because the opposition cant fulfill N10 rakyat request now and forever.

    Dr can easily make use of the people money for the people .

    CM is now 75 how may more year do you think he will remain in the BN Government?????

    CM, DCM are stepping down soon , if we dont have our YB to Stand by , the chinese in Kuching wont have

    a chinese minister to represent us in the government……….think twice b4 u Vote my dear freinds.

    • BN Tsunami says:

      All this while Kuching does not have a minster, is there any different to when you have a minister? Problem is not Kuching alone is important, the future of Sarawak and corruption problem are more important

      • lily says:

        For me kuching city is very important because my family is staying here for 3 generation, i dont care

        who is corrupted,if DAP become government of the day do you think they are clean?

        As long as what the chinese saying ” the sky falling down somebody help to carry it ” 天塌下来有人

        顶 for me that’s all.

  31. Marilyn says:

    I fully agree with Lily.

    If PKR were to win all the seats, what can they do?

    Might as well let Dr Sim take up the Pending seat and at least he can still do something for the Chinese and other races.

    So my dear friends,

    It’s now or never,
    come vote him now,
    give him a chance,
    he will do his best,

    For tomorrow… will be too late,
    It’s now or never,
    the time wont wait,

    It’s now or never,
    the time is short,

    It’s now or never…..
    we cannot wait,

    It’s now or never……
    please support him * * *

    • lily says:

      Dear friends …………………………..It’s now or never…………For tommorrow will be too late……..!





      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

        :mrgreen: Ai yo yoyoyo you ‘heow po’ lili boleh pi PULAU SONG-SONG sendiri la n jangan main main sama orang!!!! nanti itu ‘pek mo’@taib thief MISSnster robs sama lu until ‘pok kai + fulat’ baru tau ahhhhh!!!!! You sendiri guna otak fikir la…..itu ‘pek mo’ punya project untuk kroni dia dan bukan you punya la……itu pencuri banyak RICH tapi orang Sarawak yang paling MISKIN@POOR in this bolehland la……STOP your day dream n votes them pencuri OUT OUT OUT before they robs your children future + $$$$$ nanti you baru tau!!!!! hehehehehehehehe ai yo yoyoyo in na laaaaaa :mrgreen:

        Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      • lily says:

        As i say CM75 DCM 75 they are stepping down very soon.

        My childrens future are bright , because our government got it’s system to make sure every children

        going to school.

  32. lily says:











      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :roll: Ho :shock: Ho :oops:

        :mrgreen: 废话 …… this Pulau SONG-SONG lily sudah stim n talk the cangkerit@cacing hehehehehe :mrgreen: Majority Malaysians know what happen ….who is BAD + EVIL n no need this lily to kili-kelep bla bla bla …….IF THE LEADER ARE POISONOUS,CORRUPTED TO THE CORE ………THEN THE WHOLE BUNCH MUST BE REJECT ASAP LA……lily OH lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

        Ho :oops: Ho :shock: Ho :roll:

      • tina says:

        ha yah yah ……………………you cannot understand chinese kah ???????

        Itulah dia……………………Communication problem kan?

        The chinese must sent their representative to the government .

        The one we trust…………bukan actor.

  33. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Oh! what a shame lily!!!! Anyway sorry for being too harsh maybe :!: …..but you must know + UNDERSTAND that MAJORITY MALAYSIANS are conscious about what bn had done (damage) all these years n ‘RAKYAT’ are now not afraid of those evils :evil: no more n that include me,my family + all my frens that know what we are capable of n will use this ‘PEOPLES POWER’ in this coming GE to votes OUT this very :evil: + corrupted to the core B-eNd!!!!!
    You see lily….I aint no VIRGIN no more n I’ve break free from being control by those bn idiots like they own everything like a DICTATOR…….understand not!!!!!! NEVER EVER BE AFRAID OF :evil: EVIL@DEVIL :twisted:
    n :idea: GOD :idea: will bless us all to BRIGHTNESS :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  34. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Oh relax man…..we just need to BREAK FREE from those sickening goons that takes us for a long sick SHIT ride all these years …………

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

      :roll: DEAREST :idea: GOD :idea: thank you for everything you bless all human being…….NATURAL WAY IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN BY FORCE bcoz NATURAL way/beauty comes from pure HEART……NATURAL color will always be 100% better than whatever beautiful painting color from any famous artist !!!! Thank you my DEAREST :idea: GOD :idea: bcoz now n forever knowledge will be more PRECIOUS/ VALUE ABLE than $$$$ n I also understand n feel SYMPATHY for many many :cry: POOR + IGNORANCE :cry: peoples too bcoz everyone also need $$$$ to make a living…..It’s like FISH ….if without a WATER how can FISH survive…. :idea: GOD :idea: bless you Ms lily bcoz we Pakatan Rakyat peoples are full of LOVE n we are not RACIST n will always fight for the POOR n WEAK n will cleanse our BELOVE party from all :evil: in a matter of time ……with TRUE HEART RAKYAT support in years to come….
      :idea: GOD :idea: bless all…n we will PREVAIL ……..as a TRUE WINNER….. :idea:

      Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  35. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Pearl Of The Orient @ Penang Island SCORES the HIGHEST FDI with 36% from whole Malaysia overall under :idea: Pakatan Rakyat :idea: n Penang peoples are not living like ‘katak di-bawah tempurung’ no more n we have CM,CM1 n CM2 (Chinese, Malay & Indian ) n even though bumNO racist goons always try to SABOTAGE PR gomen……all Penangates know bn bumNO evil intentions n we will always ward off their very racist :evil: intention n all live in harmony..I sincerely RESPECT all Pakatan Rakyat leaders bcoz they RESPECT all Senior citizens n already contributed up to date RM13.6 millions to the poor n NEEDED one from all races http://on.fb.me/eP50io ….n I really hope that :idea: Respected Sarawak Sarawakians :idea: will follow Pakatan Rakyat good n fair policy n will have their own local good leaders from all their RACES as well :idea:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    • cheng yang says:

      I am sure Dr sim is a good representative of N10 rakyat .

      I am willing to give him a chance to transfrom kuching into a world cup city.

      good luck to you …….Dr Sim.

  36. Marilyn says:

    Dear Respected Friends

    You can see Dr Sim is really working very hard to help the people.

    He is a man of action not just lip service.

    He also adopts the ‘leadership by example’ style – getting the momentum in motion to make the difference.

    We all can see many people are showing their support to this humble man of sincerity, wisdom and foresight.

  37. Prof Doc says:

    If a medical specialist ‘s daily routine is confined to dianogsis, prescription, treatment, surgical operations etc, he/she is merely performing the duties at the “operations” level as the activities involve direct contacts with the customers (patients). Above that, there are functional, competitive and corporate (highest) levels.

    However, if the same doctor as a Dept Head takes bold steps to leapfrog and expand the operations of the Specialist Dept, develop more specialists, raise the standards of the medical & healthcare services, he is essentially performing the job at a much higher and strategic level.

    Under such circumstances, he has to be visionary, set the right direction of the Dept, utilise state-of-the art medical equipment, upgrade systems and processes, develop the people, formulate and execute the right strategies to be ahead of the competition.

    In essence, he is actually acting as a CEO bringing the Dept to the next level.

    And subsequently, the doctor managed to help set up a bigger scale Medical Centre to cater to the needs of a much greater spectrum of patients.

    Is the doctor in question not somebody who has good leadership qualities and management competencies to have propelled the Medical Centre to greater heights?

    Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian is one such person.

    He has vision; he has courage; he has will power; he has all it needs to make things happen. He is truly a good leader with proven track records.

    We all Chinese should not waste time anymore; but to give Prof Dr Sim a chance – the chance to make the difference for the benefits of the rakyat.

    Thank you all.

    • BHLOY says:

      we support wat U hv just said, Dr is the man who understands the big picture very well. Vote for transform, Vote for Dr..

  38. Kita Jaya says:

    You all know there are three types of people:

    1. People who make things happen
    2. People who watch things happen
    3. People who ask “What happened?”

    However, I think there is nother type of people:

    4. People who promise things that never happen

    These people belong to the NATO (No Action Talk Only) category.

    To say something does not cost a sen. But to make things happen requires lots of commitment, strong will, perseverance and sacrifices.

    Just ask yourself frankly, what has the opposition contributed to N10 over the last five years? Maybe only pointing at the drains and potholes as KPIs. What a sad thing!

    Time is money. Please dont let another 5 year slip by without any concrete developments in N10. You will regret not only for yourself, but also your offsprings.

    Choose someone who has good track records and can deliver.

    Choose Dr Sim Kui Hian.

  39. Kuching Joe says:

    Have you ever wondered why is that for the last 30 years the political situation in Sarawak has been very stable?

    It’s simple. This is because we have a strong political leadership under Barisan Nasional. To-date the BN is still the stronghold in determining the political fate of Sarawak.

    We are not against having opposition parties. But for the last 50 years what have they achieved? Now that the PR have made inroads into the State, we need to face the head-on or frontal attacks by them.

    Even if the PR were able to wrestle all the seats from SUPP, which is quite unlikely, do you think they could form the State Govt of the day? Of course, not. The BN just needs 35 + 1 seat to form the Govt. So, what are PR’s chances? Very minute.

    We should not compare the political scenario of Sarawak with that of Peninsular. It’s no point comparing apples with oranges.

    Since independence, the different ethnic groups in Sarawak have been living harmoniously like a big family. Over the years, there has definitely been a lot of progress and developments taking place in Sarawak. If you are not convinced, just go back to look at the old photos in the sixties and compare with that of the current Sarawak. Many PhD theses could be produced with just topics on the various developments (social, economic, educational, infrastructural etc etc) which have taken place for the period.

    Dont forget Sarawak is slightly smaller than Peninsular where the population is about 20 million. In contrast, our population is merely 2+million. How to compare a heavy weight with a light weight?

    The kind of developments we need should be well-controlled and gradual. Rome is not built in one day. We dont need to live in cities with traffic congestions, air and noise pollutions, high stress levels etc. We dont need to build four- or five-lane highways if we dont have that many vehicles on the roads. We dont need to build so many condos or apartments if our people can have the luxury of living in landed properties with ample land space.

    Therefore, we cannot simply indulge in mega projects like Peninsular as we dont have the critical mass to support that kind of developments.

    The opposition has been shoutng from outside for decades and what have they achieved? Maybe sorethroat and voiceloss. The PR is comprised of three different political entities with differing visions, missions, ideologies and beliefs. Do you think they can work cohesively and speak with the same voice?

    The best option is not to reinvent the wheel; but to be in the BN to transform the Nation gradually for a win-win-win situation.

    Cheers to all.

  40. Community Leader says:

    We all know that in this fast-changing and flattened world of globalisation full of uncertainties, change is a constant. Based on the modern day concepts of Darwinian Management Theory, it’s a world of survival of the fittest. To survive and thrive, an organization must be able to anticipate and manage change effectively.

    As change affects people, culture, belief, behaviour, system, process, products and services, a lot of efforts are needed to manage change.

    However, manging change is not that simple as it involves the revolutionary and evolution aspects.

    We can accept outright and revolutionarily a good concept. A company can straightaway acquire the best technology to improve system and process.

    However, when it comes to people and culture, it is not that simple. Management may have to take a evolutionary approach. It takes time to change the culture and belief. It also takes time to reskill employees. Many senior-aged employees may find it hard and no longer keen to learn new tricks. They prefer to stay in the comfort zone and draw a good salary. They generally fear and are against change.

    In the contrary, the younger and upcoming staff may wish to learn new skills and move up the corporate ladder. To them change means new hope and opportunities.

    If a so-called Force Field Analysis is done, there will be people who resist change and others who support change. To get the best results, these two opposing forces must be balanced and properly managed.

    So, when we talk about initiating change in a political environment, the hurdles and resistance are much more greater, complicated and sensitive.

    A new party can take over the control of the Government. However, the deeprooted mentality of the people cannot be changed overnight. The goverment machinery, beuracracy, system and practices cannot be changed overnight, especially with our multi-cultural diversity.

    The conclusion is that, it is easier to change from within through mutual understanding, shared mindset, common goals and move towards the same direction, just like the concept of 1Malaysia.

    The change process should be implemented through proper balancing of the revolutionary and evolutinary approaches, as appropriate.

    If you think the opposition can so easily take over the Government and make a drastic change, please think thrice. It is easily said than done.

    As the PR itself has tons of their internal problems to tackle, do you think they can manage change effectively taking into consideration the impact of external factors which are beyong their control. Before they can do much, they would have exhausted from internal haemorrhage.

    So, dear voters, please wake up and vote smart!

  41. mika says:

    Some people sacrifice the future and the whole country for some immediate and local needs. Sarawak should be the richest state in the country but many people are living in poverty and have little infrastruture. Continue to support the people who steal from them. Sarawak, you get what you ask for. More will be stolen from you

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