“DAP Pamphlet Troopers On The Move.SUPP Wake Up.!!”


Having a morning breakfast surrounded by DAP pamphlet troopers is one thing. They are using very able and friendly,young and pretty canvassers to attract the people to receive. Wow! they can’t even wait for nomination day on the 6th April 2011 to start distributing. Any election rules broken may i ask the election commission.?? Are they afraid of SUPP?

What has SUPP got that they are worried of? Has SUPP reached out and called for the other component parties to assist in canvassing? Component parties are willing to help but it seems that SUPP is keeping operations “tightly knotted”

One component party member even said,”How can SUPP lose the chinese seats when their members already make up half the voting strength in the constituencies? They must be soemthing wrong with their “jentera” Maybe their director of operations have conveniently forgotten that within their midst they are three other parties within reach and has soldiers who are all ready to move for Barisan National.

Its not the right and appropriate time to make noise but they are 16 days for SUPP to put it right and wrestle the seats back with assistance from the other three remaining coalition partners in PRS,PBB and SPDP. The spirit of BN is ever willing to assist SUPP but if the respective constituencies feels that they can go it alone “its a fair game” Surely,one will not just be a “party pooper” and will also be given the “LOOKS.” You know what I mean..??

Some SUPP constituencies particularly the rural ones are using and maximising the coalitions party boys and girls to the full. Its about time SUPP wake up and know that in the urban areas they are the component parties to help you. In 2006 the machinery broke down and many within the coalition partners are still around 5 years on. They remember. “WOUNDS MIGHT HEAL SCAR REMAINS……..

http://www.confuseall.wordpress.com has all the photographs to prove what we mention will be an achilles heel for SUPP. Everyone is reading……grrrrrr.

Also please check this site : http://whizzekid.wordpress.com

So SUPP Please don’t repeat and make the same old mistakes. Open Up..

12 thoughts on ““DAP Pamphlet Troopers On The Move.SUPP Wake Up.!!”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Vote out the cheats and crooks and sort out your land titles after the state election. Punish these BN crooks again during the general election if they continue to cheat and grab NCR and private lands.Do not sell your vote just because the BN crooks promise to refund your overpaid land premium or giving out land titles. Take whatever money or grants BN give because the money belong to Sarawak and for Sarawkians.

    Sarawakians can only help themselves by helping Pakatan Rakyat to win to ensure among others :

    a) all NCR lands taken away by BN and cronies shall be returned to the people

    b) Our rights to freedom of worship as guaranteed in our constitution are protected.

    c) All proposed hydro dams shall be cancelled.

    d) A special trust fund of RM1 billion shall be set up for the natives of Sarawak living in the rural constituencies.

    e) All Chinese and vernacular schools shall be given a fixed and yearly allocation.

    f) All rural schools shall have the same facilities and standards as those in towns and cities.

    g) All government projects shall go through a proper tender process.

    h) All ministers including the post of chief minister shall be limited to only two terms.

    i) A special committee shall be appointed to access and trace all ill-gotten wealth of Taib, family and cronies and make them accountable.


  2. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    Whether you believe or not and whether you are aware or not, in the true spirit of BN component parties, many are hoping the other lost more seats and weakened. Do you trust that majority PBB, PRS and SPDP will hope that SUPP become strong so that George Chan will be back to have a loud voice in front of Taib and Najib? Certainly not

    I have heard many times from many Chinese friends that, one of the many reasons the Chinese get frustrated is the various Chinese newspapers which act totally as the throat and mouth of BN only….while the young generation can easily have access to internet , truth and facts, they certainly SPIT on these Chinese and local English newspapers. Gradually, dislike and hatred is built within and the consequnces are translated in their votes

    Despite the many secret weapons and tricks, SUPP is still heading to a heavier defeat. Do not expect many Dayaks living in city and towns are going to throw their supports to SUPP, and do not under estimate the RETIRED men and women who are ready to make the difference and vote majority

    There will be many emerging Dragon-Killers and Gaint-Killers this round and SUPP please get ready to be FLUSHED out

    • beritamu says:

      Tuai rumah are obedient and loyal to the govt.
      They have powerful influence on their anembiaks and were held under political ransoms.
      Nadai sokong Nadai Projects.
      Voting counting at polling centres to check their tend of voting in rural areas.

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Ai yo yoyoyo the person inside that SEXbumNO video is not DSAI laaaaaa !!!! B-eNd goons is toooo much now n ‘RAKYAT’ start to see their wolf true color in how they frame + sabotage Pakatan leaders one after another!!!! :roll: DSAI is full of FAMILY support + LOVE n now majority + even Tengku Razaleigh also getting angry at his own B-eNd dirty sex+porn :evil: politic!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

  4. ortem1 says:

    “Do not under estimate the RETIRED men and women who are ready to make the difference and vote majority”

    so true

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

      YOU ARE 100% CORRECT :idea: ortem 1 :idea:
      :lol: I RESPECT PAKATAN RAKYAT bcoz they RESPECT SENIOR + ALL RETIRED CITIZENS for their contribution to our BELOVED nation MALAYSIA n PAKATAN RAKYAT can give more if they are VOTED by majority ‘RAKYAT’ to power in coming future……………… :lol:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  5. beritamu says:

    SUPP knows that urban Chinese had abandoned them long time ago since 2006,thus putting no much efforts to campaign in these areas.
    Educated and rational urban voters wouldn’t be easily hoodwinked by any type of sweet promises.
    Their decisions are rigid and firm to vote against many long discriminated polices of govt mainly in education and business.

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

    :cry: Ai yo kesian this DSAI bcoz he always will be B-eNd najis + their bananas goons main target :arrow: http://greenboc.blogspot.com/2011/04/game-over-konspirator-umno-bernafas.html :cry:

    :mrgreen: THIS TIME WILL BE GAME OVER FOR B-END UMNO !!! :mrgreen:


    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry

  7. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    Dear bother and sister Chinese voters and supporters:

    Please use your votes in every hand to tell the exit door to SUPP (Sarawak Useless People Party) and pay the price for neglecting the welfare and rights of us Dayaks. After all these years, surely you have brushed clear your eyes to see what they always say about development where actually these SUPP & YBs have been developing their own pockets and bank accounts

    We will relay behind you to shame them (SUPP), also to tell opportunist politicians (SNAP and individuals) we LAKIA are no more tolerating a corrupt government and ministers

    Good luck and best wishes to those who are really committed to fight rich but corrupt BN to every inch of their standing

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