GE14 -“Battle Lines Drawn”

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One can win Popular Votes but to win GE14 in Malaysia its all about first passing the magical number of 111 seats.

Thats the Political Reality and its not about to Change.

apas1222 seats is all there for the taking to form the Federal Government of Malaysia. Politics is taking centre stage as the country gears up for General Elections. Both sides of the political divide in theory are saying they have the ‘upper hand” as the voters are already in their pockets. Is that so?

One thing for sure though the theory should be backed by empirical evidence rather than speculation or hearsay. The ruling BN coalition in Sarawak and Sabah are not going to give up their safe bastionson a platter to the newly formed Pakatan alliances. The 56 seats are “Crystallized Gold Nuggets“and BN will not want Pakatan to make any further inroads. (Pakatan…

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DAP v SUPP “Attack..Attack..I Will Follow You”

There are both calibre leaders in their own right one of them is born in 1971 and the other 1965. One is a lawyer while the other is a doctor. When Ricky Nelson sung this song in 1963 one would not expect that the verses could be used for this showdown.

Nothing can keep you from me
You are my destiny

aaserangWhen Pemanca Ko Wai Neng said,Leaders of both parties( UPP & SUPP) should keep an open mind when it comes to recommending the most winnable to contest for BN. Do not contest for the sake of contesting. The bottom line should still be serving the community with a sincere heart rather than focusing on ‘putting my own men there.” he pointed out.

How very true this is and he must have felt the Pulse of the Chinese community. Would he just say for the sake of getting brownie points and get some rewards? No way, as we also have also gone on the ground and checked with parliamentary voters in Bandar Kuching and Stampin.

The Dust have not settled down on the much awaited battle between the two leaders in which they both avoided each other during the last State elections. However, one must realise though at that particular juncture both needed to win to have a platform to serve and ensure that they are both relevant to their respective parties.

Now there isn’t much excuse as a voter said and it will stick to them like a STIGMA which will go down as a battle best avoided for plain survival interest.

Word has it though that the State administration still needs Sim as a State Minister instead of going to win a Parliament seat and going for a Federal posting. That is one reason holding him back but being the person who loves the challenge he needs to weigh the options. 

The party SUPP, himself against the party DAP, and his nemesis in Chong. The feel good factor is back with SUPP Sarawak and Sim knows that there is no better time than to wrestle some lost seats back for the party. 6 out of 7 seats were lost in 2013 and it was a very bitter blow for the party and former President Peter Chin and Sim as Secretary General then.

DAP and Chong were over the moon with the results and also started the programme “GOING RURAL” to chart more wins for the party.  Special Assistant to DAP Sarawak Chairman Chong Chieng Jen even reckons DAP Sarawak will win 24 seats in the Sarawak Assembly.

Wow! Guessed what happened…..

They were surprisingly nearly knocked out by the late CM Adenan’s ,”Team Adenan” and the defining war cry for SUPP “a win for SUPP is a win for me” which still reverberates throughout the present ruling administration  

Today a new CM have taken over from the late “Tok Nan”and CM Abang Jo has his own strenght too. However Sim knows that he too has to muster some sort of equation to lead the charge against DAP.

Do they SERANG,SERANG the KUBU KUAT of DAP which of course is their DAP Chairmans Parliamentary seat of P195.??

SUPP will field a candidate no doubt in Bandar Kuching and likewise DAP in Stampin. They will go into battle in the predominantly Chinese seats.

However,on everyone’s lips is of course , “WHO WILL FOLLOW WHO?  

The scenario is not as simple as one would want it to happen but there is much to be sacrificed for both DAP and SUPP. The Chinese community and the voters would want to see it happen and it will very much chart the future directions of both parties being RELEVANT TO THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE.

Who knows if the gauntlet thrown an Independent or a new party surfacing might win in future elections. This is for future reference though as you saw it here first.

The scenario for now though would happen if and only “THE BIGGER PICTURE” must be addressed.

Scenario 1.

Sim going for the Stampin will have Chong rubbing his hands in delight as he being the “Smiling Chubby Face” politician loves the challenge and to do a giant killing act in seeing off the SUPP President. Also the area of contest falls within their STATE SEATS and both supporters. No doubt,DAP has named Dr.Kelvin as candidate for the area but any last minute change is still possible and its a Political strategy.

Scenario 2.

Likewise, if Chong sticks to his fortress of P195 Sim would be in a commanding position as he will be attacking at full force with his troops. He will be seen as a warrior that doesn’t run away from challenges and if its his destiny”as per the song.…I WILL FOLLOW YOU” does happen and he wins BANDAR KUCHING the State administration would see him as a “Leader who has all the attributes to serve Sarawak well in the Federal Administration.”

We are not about to be accused of “stirring the hornets nest” for both camps in SUPP and DAP.

We all know that in any political battles there will be winners and losers . The winner will go on and rule while the loser will need to pick up the pieces and soldier on towards the next battle field.

The Chinese Community knows what is best for them and they as always ‘love a good battle on the cards.” Whoever steps up and shows the way will be considered a “HERO‘ in their eyes. The community basically in most cases knows how to survive in any environment and they always look after their own needs.

The Chinese community in Sarawak correct me if am wrong, are not too greedy for Ultimate power and the Chief Minister’s Post  but only they require a stable economy for commerce, safe environment from crime activities, free from religious persecutions and good education network for their children.

The words in the 1963 song still makes much sense in this context and the ‘can which was open by ….. 

will not be quieten down by the Chinese Voters in P195 and P196 for the moment till the votes and results are known.

Where you go, I’ll go
Where you stay, I’ll stay
When you move, I’ll move
I will follow you…………

P195 Bandar Kuching,”Battle of the Heavyweights”

Potentially, it could be a reality and this according to many political observers and also arm chair critics would put an END to the argument of the allegiance of the Chinese community in this constituency of Bandar Kuching P195.

d9178b3f-d583-4a60-baff-6ef209e42ac4Of course,we would not want to add more pepper and spice but we will try to add some Preferred sauce. The report by an internet portal have given the Bandar Kuching a DAP stronghold something to think about. (  )

It’s rather interesting to say the least especially on this statement from a community leader Dr Chou Chii Ming

“Instead of contesting in Stampin, the SUPP president should challenge Chong in Bandar Kuching. This daring move may even win back Chinese support and confidence in the party.

“If he wins, it will be historic. But if he loses, he can still walk with his head held high, knowing that he has taken the fight to the DAP chief in his own ‘hor siew’ (Chinese for tiger’s lair, meaning stronghold),” says Chou.

Most of the party faithful  and resources would be concentrated in P195 Bandar Kuching and it would be seen as a By- election of some sort. The heat for GE14 on the other seats would be in the back burner . Nothing would be bigger than this especially for all the Chinese Newspaper Editors to salivate. This would make the sales for the papers in question to a record high.

Professor Sim who is engaged in the unification of former party colleagues from UPP would be seen as a LEADER who DARES and have a backbone of his own and he will win much respect and adorance from all sectors. Chong who is the opposition leader knows that with SIm coming into the Lions den it would derail his election campaign on helping his other colleagues and the opposition front.

Chong does best in his ways as opposition by being a “barker” while Sim is a “selfless worker” who wants his party SUPP to be back to former glory as the only party the Chinese would turn to for assistance and services. 19 seats SUPP held during its glory days and it was because of constant infighting which the public have turned their backs on the party.

The challenge for Sim is not as simple as putting brown mushroom sauce on the steak and chips but he needs to look at the overall picture. He lost the Pending seat in 2011 to the Incumbent and lady lawyer Violet Yong who received 14,375 votes and won with a majority of 7,595 votes. A very successful and professional doctor was beaten by a lawyer.

Not to be disheartened, he continued his political struggle by trying to put SUPP in order He went to stand in 2016 in Batu Kawah. He won by 2085 votes against Christina Chiew Wang See. Sims personal values and passion in public service won over the constituents to put him as their representative and now as State Minister for Local Government and Housing.

Chong MP 195 Bandar Kuching has many nicknames bestowed by his political friends and foes. The favourite one would be “Smiling Baby face” but of course there are others like”Anak Sabong DAP” “The Cheerful DAP Assassin” and others which are too vulgar to be written. He is now held very high and mighty in the eyes of the Chinese community especially in Bandar Kuching.

This with facts of winnable margins cannot be discounted. In 2004 he won by 2041 votes. In 2008 he won by 9952 votes while in 2013 it was 19,642.

Are there enemies within the party trying to derail the SUPP President by egging him on to face Chong head on?

There are some within the party according to sources that they want Sim to finish Chong off once and for all and wipe out the “SMILES” off the DAP bandwagon.  There is not another opporune time than “ini kali la” to face Chong and sent a quiver down the spines of DAP and the opposition front.

The nicknames given to Sim would be wiped off the slate and what he request especially on the SUPP Bandar Kuching South Mayorship and Deputy Chief Ministership which his late father proudly held from 1974 to 1991 would become a reality.

It would not be easy to go against Chong but dont forget and we make an example by putting  Stampin Parliamentary seat in the equation. This seat was held by a Deputy Minister Yong Khoon Seng from 1990 to 2008 and was considered basically a safe seat for BN/SUPP.

In 2013 Julian Tan Kok Ping basically an unknown personality in Stampin won comprehensively winning 41663 against 22993. The Chinese community knows how to choose their representative and in 2013 they were so fed up with SUPP infighting amongst other factors too and they taught the party a very BITTER lesson. Now they will have to reaccess and look at the bigger picture.

Violet Yong has even sounded the bugle for his party and she even ‘cheekily” mentioned that Sim would be named for Stampin Seat. ( }

Has she managed to divert the attention away for her boss and Chairman of DAP Sarawak Chong?

DAP are also looking over their shoulders and as we have mentioned earlier the fight for Bandar Kuching between Chong and Sim would not benefit DAP. Their main spokesman would be targeted and they will need to hold on to their fortress.

There is also a new man in Chief Minister Abang Johari and the Chinese have also taken in by his ways of running the state administration and he is not far behind in popularity behind the late “Tok Nan”

Sim would have to weigh his options well as he knows that any others going into battle against Chong would be like a ‘sacrificial lamb” ready for slaughter. He might take it upon himself to win this seat and show that he does not run away from RESPONSIBILITY and WIN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE CHINESE COMMUNITY.

Whatever differences that the party has will be solved if he wins and banishes DAP Chong into the wilderness and the party to lick their wounds. We all know anything is possible in politics and no seat is safe until one is voted in.

The representative who takes care of his constituency,walks the talk and ensure that problems are solved to the best of their abilities will stand a better chance to be chosen as the Peoples Representative in the next elections.

This GE14 election would be a crossroad for Chong as he leads the battle for DAP taking the helm from the late Wong Ho Leng. The DAP Parliamentary seats will be hard fought battles as SUPP under Sim have regain some lost grounds. Their breakaway party in UPP  have also helped in maintaining and regaining previous seats held by SUPP.

Sim knows that if he goes to Stampin as a candidate it will be a WIN no doubt if he sees off DAP Dr.Kelvin but it would not be as SWEET as defeating Chong in his fortress.

Chong would want to defeat Sim in Stampin and it would be considered a win where both ADUNS are held by SUPP. It would benefit DAP more in this instance says a political observer.

The Battle of the Heavyweights would  definitely be a SOLD OUT ENCOUNTER and it would be on most peoples lips for many months to come.

PBB Membership Application in 2016 Confirmed says CM Sarawak

axaMIRI: Chief Minister and Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) president Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg has confirmed that Saratok MP Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom had applied to be a PBB member in 2016.

He said this when asked on the announcement by Mawan, who is also Pakan state assemblyman yesterday that that he was already a PBB member since 2016.

I was there with the late (Pehin Sri) Tok Nan (Adenan Satem),” he said when met after officiating the Miri Division Ummah Development Seminar 2018 at Civic Centre here today.

The chief minister was referring to the application submitted by six Barisan Nasional (BN) direct candidates to join PBB after winning in their respective seat during the last state election held in May 2016. Their application forms to join PBB was submitted to Adenan.

The six assembly persons were Mawan (Pakan), Datuk Gerawat Gala (Mulu), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu), Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau), John Ilus (Bukit Semuja) and Miro Simuh (Serembu).

Despite claiming that he is a PBB member since 2016, Mawan, who is former Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) (now renamed PDP) and Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak president, held back announcing his PBB party membership until yesterday.

Mawan’s disclosure came a day after Abang Johari who is also state BN chairman commented that there will be no fielding of BN direct candidates in the 14th General Election.

PBB it is “Mawan Ends All Speculations”

There is no need to speculate anymore and Tan Sri William Mawan is a member of PBB and his membership number is 470000

aaamaThis is the two page statement to the Press/Media from Assemblyman for Pakan and MP205 Saratok. 

Date: 19.03.2018

Mawan confirms his PBB membership

KUCHING – I wish to affirm that I have been a member of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) since 2016. My party membership number is 470,000.

My admission into the party came in the wake of some uncertainty over the status of some BN- friendly canddates in the run-up to the 2016 State Election.

This declaration is a follow up to my earlier press statement in January 2018 in which I did indicate that I would disclose my BN component party membership status at an appropriate time.

I had to defer this announcement to today in view of the current political situation in Saratok.

I would like to reiterate that I have always been a true-blue Barisan Nasional (BN) member.

On my status as a prospective candidate in the GE14, the decision lies entirely with the BN and PBB leadership. I respect their decision.

As to the status of Pakan state constituency, which I represent, it will now be held by PBB, by consequence of implication.

I hope my affirmation and declaration will put to rest, henceforth, all speculations in regard to my status as MP and State Assemblyman.

Thank you.

Jangan Jadi “Jaguh Kampung” BN Wants to Win

The call by the Top Barisan Nasional Hierarchy is at the moment,”BN Wants to Win the General elections 2014.”(fullstop…)

There is no place for personal or party agendas. BN wants ONLY WINNABLE candidates and many seasoned and experience politicians fall into that category. There is no place also for infighting within the coalition and when the candidates have been named the coalition partners must abide.

aamawan68.jpgNewer and untested candidates will have to see their chance slip by them not because BN doesnt give chances to the newer fresh faced politicians but BN will want nothing less ,nothing more than to win the seats that their candidates are fielded.

A PBB Youth Exco when asked about their ‘new”candidates from their Youth wing to be chosen he was quick to point out that,”This is the mother of all elections and if any one from our wing are given the chance we will be grateful but we will have to work doubly hard.

The experience and seasoned politicians who have been through it before will deliver easily as they know what is expected of them. Only if the incumbent is bed ridden or have left us than it will be Fair to Replace them. BN must win and cannot afford any sort of complacency as this is a  Federal Election and its not a State Election says the youth exco..

On another note, many Penghulus and Tuai Rumahs when asked on the “RURAL ENCLAVED SEATS” said that they prefer the existing incumbents as most of them, if NOT ALL have worked well in their deliverance of government assisted projects and are ensuring that the rural developments projects reach them. The words uttered from them,” Orang lama ada banyak pengalaman dan sidak nya tahu apa tek kamek maok

The Incumbent MP for Saratok through a telephone call echoed these words to audie61,” “BN only wants to win the seats they contest. Nothing more,nothing less.

Every seat is crucial and each seat will have far reaching effect on the National count of BN seats in the final tally.

Hoping against Hope. The “Jaguh Kampung” concept and creating a fear factor for the coalition partners that if their candidates are not fielded support will be lost must not surface.

We need to subscribe in that it is a national mission for BN to win only and not “THIS IS MY SEAT AND ONE MUST NOT TOUCH IT.” This is especially true only to a POINT for the parties in question and if the opposition is not up to the mark.

The GE14 is not just another election for BN but they will need to win more or maintain the 25 seats which BN won in Sarawak and the 133 seats totality. The moral obligation for all parties is to adhere to the top hierarchy that their seats they traditionally owned would be given to those who will win the seats for BN.

In other words the candidates that stands a better chance to deliver for BN,says Mawan.

It has been reported in the news media that PDP have named their candidate Subeng Mula to stand as their party candidate. But on the ground it does seem he is playing catch up to the BN Incumbent.

Is it a little too late for him or the party to be working on the ground now? That Hope is slipping away.

He should have worked the ground ever since the incumbent “quit” the party to form TERAS and stake his claim there and then. The BN incumbent would certainly be in an uncomfortable position if the party had done it then don’t you think?

PDP knows that the Incumbent is an experienced,seasoned and a likeable politician and it will be very difficult to rule him out. Whispers are abound that a solution is forthcoming and we just need to keep our ears on the ground 

We too wonder, what it is and while you are reading this don’t forget to seek the answers below. 

These are some of the articles which shows the BN incumbent doing his work and winning the support of the majority of the people of the constituency.

The BN Incumbent knows how difficult it was to turn the tide around for BN in 2013 and he is still moving and meeting the people who elected him in as their Parliamentarian. The majority are supporting him to be retain as they see him as the most winnable and people/centric parliamentarian.

BN does not have much choice and for them to put an untested candidate for GE14 for Saratok if only the “Incumbent did not work and the people protested and are totally vocal and against the Incumbent”. (If that is the case, nothing else could be said and audie61 would not even want to dwell on this subject as netcitizens and mass media would termed us as BONKERS”)

The situation for BN is otherwise and the majority as shown by the pictures shown speaks volumes.

amawan889.jpgOf course the decision to field the BN candidates and for them to receive the blessings would depend very much on the PM and the top BN hierarchy.

Mawan knows he cannot stop working the ground as an incumbent his duty is to fulfill his obligations to the constituents who elected him in until Parliament is dissolved. 

The inevitable gets closer as GE14 is just round the corner and the Incumbent BN MP Mawan like most of his colleagues in the Parliament would need to be nominated and receive the certificate from BN to stand for GE14.  

Even MP Tiong the President of PDP knows its up to PM Najib and CM Sarawak to give him the stamp of approval to stand in Bintulu and likewise Mawan and all other BN candidates nationally.

Nothing More.Nothing Less is the call and BN wants to Win Only.


“RESPEK SIKIT” for a stronger and Broader BN Support

In the general elections in 2013 Barisan Nasional won 133 seats in the 222-seat to form the Federal Government with Sarawak BN winning 25 out of the 31 seats it contested. Sabah contributed 22 out of 25 seats. The combination of both East Malaysian States delivered to BN was 47 out of 133.

GE14 according to many in the political fields be it the mass media or the alternative media they all have termed it the “mother of all elections” The 222 candidates will need a new mandate from the people in their constituencies to be elected to Parliament. One vote winning margin is still a win and that is a fact.

Within the coalition of BN or Pakatan there are still many unresolved issues which needs to be addressed before they go into the battle. Sarawak with CM Abang Johari  who is an experience campaigner and a veteran politician at the helm will want to prove his mettle. He will not want the problems besetting many others in other states to influence his and PM’s choice for his candidates to be fielded.

He knows too that Pakatan Coalition members are still jostling not only for State seats but also Parliamentary seats. There are issues too in Selangor,Penang and also PKR have set aside political differences for Anwar and Mahathir to work together to end BN rule.

BN Sarawak in 2016 who won convincingly 72 out of 82 State Seats against Pakatan. Abang Johari now leading the charge for GE14 would want to achieve the same if not better than the 25 it achieved in 2013.

The 31 Parliamentary seats for BN Sarawak would also face many challengers and the BN hierarchy would want the figures to be better if not maintained.  Sabah BN faces a big challenge from the opposition in the newly formed “Warisan party” and if the opposition makes inroads Sarawak will hold the “Golden Key” for BN in the final count.

CM Sarawak and PM Najib does not want to ‘rock the boat’ too much and many incumbents who are loyal,winnable and able to deliver the BN seats would still be considered to be candidates.

The unhealthy spat in the news media for the SUPP/UPP will need to be addressed. The other lingering matter for BN which Pakatan have earmarked as seats that they will win is the Saratok,Baram and Mas Gading and this involves PDP and their former members who left to form TERAS.

aamawanCM Sarawak would be very please with the picture which shows current PDP SG Nogeh and former SPDP SG Sylvester entry hugging in public.

This is a step forward which is a very positive political perception for BN and PDP.

Mawan himself  a BN Incumbent MP for Saratok has always stressed the importance of  “Showing a bit of Respect for a Stronger and Broader support for BN“. Mawan with his political experience and having won many elections against the opposition knows that this election will not be a “ride through the park” for BN Sarawak.

This is in particular for his former party PDP if political differences are not put aside. This is for the better good of Sarawak BN and BN Malaysia as a whole.

Mahathir as Pakatan leader has even put aside his differences they say,” “lupakan sengketa lama buat sementara waktu” with Anwar,Mat Sabu,Lim Kit Siang. There are no sworn political enemies in this context for them.

Mawan and Tiong are very much friends outside of politics. This is especially so if one was to read this article.

We know very well that their political differences were very much due to surrounding forces who are all too eager to serve their own personal agendas instead of looking at the BIG PICTURE for BN in totality. Mawan has served previously as party President and he is in no hurry to replace Tiong and that should never be an issue whatsoever.

The recent joining of enemies for Pakatan has open up an avenue for all within the BN coalition to patch up and go as a United force in GE14 

Both of them however have very strong Barisan Bond and the phrase below will see them through these most challenging of times and it will be sooner rather than later where you will both see them together for the better good of the rakyat of Sarawak.

“We must not allow such sense of emotional attachment to get the better of us until we take a compromising stand on SOME POLITICAL MATTERS and fail to see the bigger picture that concerns the health,unity and stability of the State Barisan Nasional. There is no problem that is too big or small to be taken to the Barisan discussion table and be resolved in the true spirit of the Barisan Nasional.”

This will indeed  put a big smile in the faces of CM Abang Jo and PM Najib. SUPP and UPP will also need to settle their differences and their political alignment is very much BN as all their members are very much in the BN stable.

There are no “SWORN ENEMIES”as we have written earlier and BN Sarawak will know best how to address the issue at hand. 

BN Sarawak has looked after the needs of Sarawakians as a whole and in Barisan Nasional they have a ruling government who will not side step the State. This is clearly shown when the State won convincingly many Ministers and Deputy Ministers were chosen from the 25 Sarawak Parliamentarians who ensured the win and contributed for BN Malaysia.

The Respect and Broader Base Support as Mawan puts it will have a far reaching effect which ensures that BN Malaysia will go United as a Force to fight the battle in the “mother of all elections” against the opposition in GE14.




aaacccma11 MARCH , KUCHING:  Sebelum ini, setiap kali hujan lebat, Aminah Mohd Kancil serta dua anak perempuannya bergegas mencari bekas untuk menakung air kerana bumbung rumah mereka di Kampung Panglima Seman Ulu, di sini bocor, manakala dinding pula banyak yang berlubang.

Namun, kesulitan itu tidak lagi membelenggu Aminah, 53, apabila dia menerima sumbangan rumah menerusi Projek Rumah Ihsan Wan Junaidi (PRIWJ) yang siap dibina tahun lalu.

Ibu tunggal itu berkata, beliau serta dua anaknya yang masing-masing berusia 19 tahun dan 13 tahun sudah lama mendiami rumah usang dan beliau pernah beberapa kali memohon bantuan untuk mendapatkan kediaman yang lebih selesa.

“Syukurlah kesulitan saya mendapat perhatian Tok Wan (Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar) dan beliau menyumbangkan rumah ini untuk memastikan kami sekeluarga dapat mendiami kediaman yang lebih selesa,” katanya.

Rumah berkenaan adalah antara 18 kediaman yang dibina menerusi PRIWJ yang diperkenalkan Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar, Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar di kawasan Parlimen Santubong sejak 2015.

Ia adalah inisiatif peribadi Wan Junaidi yang juga Ahli Parlimen Santubong untuk membantu penduduk miskin di kawasan yang diwakilinya untuk tinggal di rumah sendiri yang lebih selesa dan selamat.

Setiap rumah yang dibina dengan kos RM70,000 dan dibekalkan dengan perabot. Pemohon yang layak harus memiliki tanah sendiri berstatus miskin dan mempunyai tanggungan yang besar.

Dalam tempoh dua tahun sejak 2015 hingga 2017, sebanyak 18 unit rumah telah berjaya disiapkan dan diserahkan kepada penerima yang layak dan tahun ini, sebanyak 18 unit lagi akan dibina.

Sementara itu, Wan Junaidi berkata, pembinaan rumah menerusi PRIWJ itu ditanggung sepenuhnya melalui dana koperat yang diperolehi dari syarikat syarikat swasta yg dipohon oleh pihak pengurusan Pusat Khidmat P.193 Santubong dan tidak melibatkan wang kerajaan.

“Arm with Desire to be YB”

aaudie561Everyone no matter who they are, their intentions when they join politics in due course they all aspire to serve in a higher capacity as a YB be it a State Assemblyman or a Member of Parliament or in any other capacities. It’s a fact and they would be lying through their teeth if it is not so. 

Many though failed not through no fault of their own so they say or commitment but more so through their IMPATIENCE and also being OVERZEALOUS. Politics is a long haul and not a short journey says an Emeritus Professor to audie61.

When Hishammudin Hussein came out openly with the statement” Most careful selection of electoral candidates ever.” he is emphasising  the same message by PM Najib and DPM Zahid. They have years of experience and going into this GE14 they will vet through all the aspiring BN candidates very carefully.

Najib as the commander in chief and his able Assistant Zahid and all other Generals would not want to go to an election campaign and fail miserably. They know that the Pakatan Alliances would give it their best shot and thus they must be very well prepared.

The Saratok Parliamentary seat says the Emeritus Professor is a very unique seat and in 2013 Mawan coasted to a comfortable win against all odds instead of been a victim of PKR’s ‘giant kiiling act”. There were many within the same fold who turned against the BN coalition and his candidacy and assisted the opposition in more ways than one.

The BN Incumbent MP Mawan has done very well and he said if his memory does not fail him Saratok even managed to scoop the Special Affairs Department (or Jasa) Programme Membantu Rakyat (Membara) competition 2014 just barely a year after he took office as a NEW PARLIAMENTARIAN.

That’s a big achievement of some sort and Saratok is one among 14 parliamentary constituencies which won out of 222 Parliamentary constituencies in Malaysia. 

The  Emeritus Professor continued by using the words of  Pemanca Edward Gila Baul saying,”Mawan is instrumental in ensuring the implementation of development projects in the constituency runs systematically. If you do not have the energy to run around or the perseverance it would be hard to catch up with him (Mawan). He seems to be everywhere.

 The Emeritus Professor reiterated and said that,”Mawan is a proven political winnable entity and in politics there are no short cuts and he is very loyal to the BN Coalition and not only Saratok will benefit if he chosen as a candidate for GE14 but the country as a whole. Mawan is a True and loyal BN Blue and the BN hierarchy knows best.

The PDP lobbyists should have come out in 2016 and lobbied hard instead of only now which is the 11 (eleventh hour) showing that they deserve to be mentioned as a candidate for BN.

Emeritus Professor further questioned their political credentials,”There have No Capacity, Very little Resources, No Experience and Not enough Ability to unseat The Incumbent MP205″

Mawan’s commitment is unmatched and is not at LOGGERHEADS with the PDP lobbyists.
Mawan does not leave it to Chances. His efforts and intensity for BN shows he is working Day and Night to ensure BN remains a strong foothold in SARATOK.”

Mawan has prioritised BN interests above all personal agendas and as BN Incumbent he has shown EXEMPLARY example and his people/centric ways is being felt throughout the constituency.

This model which Mawan works on is also highlighted by Hishammuddin Hussein as far as personal interest is concerned.

audie61 called Mawan and he does not want to be drawn into the activities of the other 2 PDP lobbyists Subeng Mula and Dr.James Chella. They are moving around and its their democratic right he said but Basil Thomas have since closed ranks and moved together with him as he knows it very clearly that Mawan is representing BN and still the Member of Parliament.

Mawan was further asked on this statement by Mas Gading MP Anthony Nogeh “Well, the choice of candidate is the prerogative of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as national BN chairman and Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg as state Barisan Nasional chairman. 

Mawan said,“It’s a fair statement and my Parliamentary colleague is spot on as far as BN is concern.’

For now, Mawan continues to attend to his constituencies needs and wants and as far as he is concerned,”as long as my mind and body still remains steady and strong I will continue to serve and attend functions in the Saratok constituency. To be given the honour and chance for a second term it would mean that he has done his work as required in his first full term as BN Parliamentarian.”

Emeritus Professor concluded by giving us this phrase,” The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence.The greatest conquerorwins without struggle. The most successful leader is one who does not dictact.