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Malaysiakini portal http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/87079  PM has ruled out emergency rule if street protests broke out in the event that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was arrested. So thats a no,no,no and it will be up to Anwar to get out of this “sodomy allegations”as the government will relentlessly pursue to the bottom of this case. But for now it’s Yes,yes,yes to Permatang Pauh a safe seat for PKR,Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar. Of course Dr Wan Azizah won the seat on March 8 with a thumping 13,388-vote majority. (47288 voters came out to vote with Dr Azizah garnering 30338 votes) The total voters in the area is 58449.

It’s not so much the safe seat but a good diversion tactic and strategy by PKR according to a former group editor of an English daily who is now a Public relations consultant. PM has also indicated that ‘Saiful deserves justice as much as any other Malaysian” This has made the PKR think tank to work overtime for a quick fix.

This new twist is absolutely vital and serious for PKR to stay in the “hunt'” as the strong rumours of Anwar being arrested soon gains momentum.The police have finalised their investigations pertaining to a fresh sodomy allegation and the report is being considered by the Solicitor-General Datuk Harun Idris.

Another question of No,no,no will be the date for the by-election. September 16th 2008 Yes,yes,yes is Anwars chosen date and Malaysia day for him to wrestle the federal government. How many days to Tuesday September 16th…? 47 days right. Beat this..The Election Commission is required under the law to call for a by-election within 60 days. If the Election Commission decides to call the by-election polling date to be anytime after 16th BN will score a major victory as than Anwars date would be irrelevant.

 This is what PM said,”hinted that Anwar was “bluffing” when the PKR de facto leader claimed that he would have enough defectors to form government in two months.”Whether he bluffs or not (it seems) he wants to keep his popularity afloat all the time like a stock market share,”  So its up to Anwar to justify first the delayed takeover as the chosen date would be a “BLUFF” and the Election Commission surely will choose either Saturday September 20th( 51 days) or even Saturday September 27th 2008( 58 days) as it is within the stipulated time. I’m not speculating as any ruling government would do the same to stop Anwars march to Parliament.

What we need to know is that Anwar has moved a step ahead of the BN stategists as this is very important,” Even if he was arrested and charged, Anwar can still run in the by-election as he would only be disqualified if he was found guilty and slapped with at least a two-year jail sentence and/or fined more than RM2,000.”

Is the court case going to be fast forward..? Not Mustahil..!! again but possible. This would really make a mockery of our Malaysian judicial system. The government needs to do something fast as they are really running out of options. When Home Minister Syed Hamid says”We are not worried … we will face it … he is not a threat. It is a democratic process, good luck to him,”…..This seems to be the script halfway into MALAYSIABOLEHLAND……..NO or YES.. 

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“58,449 Permatang Pauh”for Anwar to contest


The frantic calls the sms has barely died down when it was confirmed at Malaysiakini portal http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/87047  and other mainstream media that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has resigned as Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament to make way for her husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a by-election.

At a packed press conference at the party headquarters on Thursday, Dr Wan Azizah said the decision was made after deliberations with her family, the PKR leadership and its partners in the Pakatan Rakyat loose coalition of Opposition parties.

Only yesterday we had written a report:Mustahil! Anwar’s return to Parliament. A hour in politics is a long time but a day should be longer.The fluidity,events which are cropping up and circumstances Anwar finds  this is the only way to tell the Government  “Challenge me in my own backyard” Would BN use all its expertise to go all out or find other ways to derail Anwars machinery..? We said earlier,”Anwar wants to return to Parliament so he says through a by-election. Will those in power especially in the BN allow it? Surely and truthfully NO..NO..NO… Today Anwar says YES…YES…YES..

Dr.Azizah has handed her resignation to the House Speaker. She also thanked her supporters in Permatang Pauh who had stood by her in the most difficult of times. She said not because she is my husband but the consideration is that the seat has been under Anwar and recently Dr.Azizah since 1982. Also she said that Anwar Ibrahim has the experience and intelligence to reinvigorate our economy, and the charisma and integrity to unite Malaysian.

In an immediate reaction, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, speaking at a different press conference, said: “A loving wife would no nothing better”. So what comes next..?

The Election Commission is required under the law to call for a by-election within 60 days.Its chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said the Commission would start preparing for the by-election upon receiving notice from the Speaker. If there are no more conspiracy theories and no more distractions all of Malaysia would be focussing on the by-election dates and the candidates. We shall see as anything is possible as we say in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND……..

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” I. “Anwar Charged,Saiful Out of Hiding”- Malaysiakini

Andrew Ong writes for Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/87007 Saiful who has been keeping a low profile since accusing opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him, will come out of hiding soon.  Now we know why and when…Do You…?

It seems word has got to his lawyer that the “sodomy” investigation papers are now passed to the Solicitor-General Datuk Harun Idris for a thorough study before he proceeds with any actions. Will he put his foot down..? It is realiably learnt that investigators say that they have sufficient evidence to make a prima facie case against Anwar and the final say has got to rests upon him.

The tussle goes on and we feel that this case should be handled professionally as not only Malaysians are looking closely at it but also the eyes of the international and foreign media and politicians. we shall be following up closely BUT for now Saiful has just got to wait……..

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Mustahil!’ Means “Impossible” for those who do not know our National Language. Malaysiakini portal has this report  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/87005 that :PKR leader says he will be charged for Sodomy. Anwar wants to return to Parliament so he says through a by-election. Will those in power especially in the BN allow it? Surely and truthfully NO..NO..NO..

“Why..?” Yeap,Anwar has also thought about it and he is drumming up support towards Kulim. A high court in Kedah will hear a challenge on Aug 19, asking it to invalidate the result in a seat that was won by his PKR party in March 8 general elections. You know the script.Please READ IT OUT LOUD.”THROWN OUT NO CASE” Who is in power now..? It will be a boost for PKR BUT for Anwar he will have to channel to his original idea of September 16th again. How many days left then..? Count please…

It’s not that I do not want to see Anwar in Parliament but those in power are so afraid of him. They will find all ways and methods to stop his charge don’t you think? Funnily enough an academician is saying to me Malaysia “Koyak” “destroyed in this sense” if this goes on.

Why “Koyak.?”The current political climate in Malaysia leaves a lot to be desired.( Too many cases within 4 months) The optimism of many after the political tsunami of March 8 has quickly degenerated into pessimistic disappointment. Perhaps our only hope is for the Yang Di Pertuan Agong to state his lack of confidence in the current federal government and exercise his constitutional right to call for fresh elections.The world is watching developments in the police investigation. The negative impact of what is now going on “sodomy and suiing cases” will be counter productive to Malaysia’s image in the eyes of the international world.

You remember what KJ said in Parliament like what Lord Acton said more than a hundred years ago,”Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Great Rhetorics too and well said at the right time at the right platform. Don’t Anwar want this..? Of course,he does and he craves for this very moment but will he be given this chance..? What will Parliament be like.? (suppose if he is still in the opposition). Anwar has never been there as an opposition in Parliament as the last time he was Deputy Prime Minister. The roles are reverse but what happens if the inevitable happens? 

Mustahil…! Are we going to say that. The chances of Anwar taking his place in Parliament seems slimmer as the days are counted down on him. Did he just bragged and shouted himself hoarse again,”September 16th audie61 I told you so..tell the world now…

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“Arresting ANWAR..?”

This report from Malaysiakini  portal http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/86957 in which Anwar has made the first move ever since the Hospital Puswari report has been made public in the blogsphere. The allegations made by his accuser Saiful had no merit, as proven by a leaked medical report that there was no evidence of sodomy on his accuser where he told a few thousand at a ceramah in at a Pas Service centre in Jempol,Negri Sembilan.

Will the Police just move to arrest Anwar? Why don’t they just say to Anwar with a bit of “diplomacy” drop in the station and let’s “minum kopi”. Saudara Anwar we have completed our investigations and found evidences and we want to charge you for “sodomy 1998” no,no, better still “BUGGERY” as this is 2008.( haha what did Dr.M say). The journalists and paparazzi( Anwar very much a political celebrity ) are just waiting for the police to make their moves.

In the ceramah Anwar told the crowd,”the police asked me whether I did it or not (sodomy), and I said, no, no, no, I didn’t do it,” he said, recalling the five-hour questioning by the police on the day he was arrested.” The message delivered by Anwar has strong intonations and If the police act now,they better have a strong case or else they will incur the wrath of the people.

Yeap, the people are angry,dissatisfied with the economy,unsure of the stability of the country’s politics BUT the Police must use discreation above all. We do not want to tell the Police what to do.They know better and they should “Consult and Listen” to their “PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT” on how to handle this very fragile case.

It is very difficult to mend the damages of the police force if the image and public relations are tarnished. Even if you hire the bests “Consultancy firm”to uplift the reputation of the “ROYAL MALAYSIAN POLICE FORCE” it will takes years to repair as you and I know that ANWAR in Malaysiabolehland is what ‘Brad Pitt” is to Hollywood. Anwar is riding on the mood and popularity momentum he has and it will take some breaking down for now…..Are you with him..?

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Challenge “THROWN” to RPK by Uncle Pet

Chan Kok Leong of Malaysiakini has the comprehensive report in which  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86911 Uncle pet said “Have you read what Petra wrote about me in his blog?” Man, would I love to attend the “fight” “Pilih apa gelangang yang you mahu (Choose wherever you want).

Waaa…Uncle Pet even said that to come and see him if RPK wants to know better. Oh! What a challenge as Uncle pet said that he was called an “Auntie”by RPK. I don’t know but I do feel there is a little “auntie’ in Uncle Pet. That is just my personal opinion. For RPK to respond to such a minor distraction would be just a waste of time. But this is one fantasy which I would really pay “BIG BUCKS” to watch… hehehe

“FULL PRESS STATEMENT” from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Press Statement from PKR de facto Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The hospital report leaked yesterday confirms our contention that the allegations leveled against me are baseless and politically motivated and that the complainant is an outright liar working hand in glove with those in power to assassinate my character and attempt to derail the people’s aspirations for transformational change in government.
This report makes a mockery of the so-called “impartial police investigations” and clearly shows the dubious but persistent attempts to incriminate me by whatever means employable.
How else can we fathom why the police during the last four weeks of their “thorough and professional investigations” have overlooked such a critical piece of evidence? I condemn in the strongest terms their negligence, dishonesty and recklessness in humiliating the nation by dragging us all through this vile and filthy charade.

Our refusal to submit a DNA sample has been vindicated. The failure of the police to disclose this medical report all but confirms their intention to frame me. Although quite apparent even before yesterday, their desperate attempt to collect a new DNA sample is now even more clearly a last ditch effort to build a case where none exists.

The statement by Bar President Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan in response to this latest development bears repeating.

“The credibility of the Malaysian justice system as a whole is therefore atstake. The integrity of professionals, be they doctors or lawyers, must never be interfered with. The public must be left in no doubt that the criminaljustice system in this country will not be misused or abused.”

Several weeks ago I filed a police report implicating Musa Hassan and Gani Patail in the conspiracy to fabricate evidence in my 1998 case. The ACA subsequently opened an inquiry into the matter. Given their current involvement as heads of the police and Attorney General’s chambers, and their earlier attempts to discredit and defame me, I have consistently asserted that a fair investigation into this matter would be impossible, notwithstanding the dubious character of the complainant and his association with the Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife and, her staff, as well as key figures in the police department.

I reiterate earlier calls to ensure the safety and security of the doctor who authored this medical report. Reports that he and his family may be in danger must not be taken lightly given earlier instances when key witnesses in high-profile cases in Malaysia have been threatened, coerced or gone missing.

My family and I have endured a great deal during the last month. Our fears of arepeat of the trauma and abuse inflicted upon us in 1998 were bearable only with the tremendous outpouring of support from our friends in Malaysia and throughout the world. We breathed a deep sigh of relief upon hearing of the report and after seeing it with our own eyes felt a great burden lifted from our shoulders. We remain eternally grateful to them for their belief in us and their commitment to the cause of freedom and justice in Malaysia.

I have willingly cooperated in the police investigations; careless and vindictive though it has turned out to be. But I have decided that nation is in a grave situation economically and socially and I can no longer be distracted by such nuisances. I am now determined to move ahead with the reform agenda, which the Malaysian people endorse in the last elections, and i do not intend to address this scurrilous accusations anymore.

At a time when the world economy is spiraling into recession and Malaysia has struggled to remain competitive with its neighbors, this scandal was raised at the worst possible moment. The problems of inflation, unemployment, and investor confidence grow more serious by the day The authorities, aided by senior Ministers in the government, appear to be willfully dragging the nation’s stature down in their last ditch efforts to retain power. The international community has expressed its disdain for what is happening and that will translate to less foreign investment, less tourism and an even weaker economy.

I call upon the government to rise above petty vindictiveness and maneuvering for power, and to be sincere, honest and hence effective in its actions. The national good that, for the moment now reposes in their hands, demands nothing less.





ANWAR.”Mockery” Get to the truth..Who..?”

Haha..Many spin doctors will soon be out of a job. Guess what..? Wonder who will be the unfortunate employers…? At a press conference this morning http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86894 flanked by his wife and PKR President Dr.Azizah and Anwar’s lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah he confirmed that sodomy allegations made against him was baseless and politically motivated and the medical report has substantiated it.

The hospital report, posted on a news portal, claimed that a private doctor found no evidence of Anwar’s aide being sodomised.Anwar said today the ongoing investigation was nothing by a dubious and persistent attempt to incriminate him. Anwar the game has not even reach the crucial midway point and the police will surely get to the bottom of this. Bet my last $.!!

We ask this as this has made a made a mockery of the police report in which there is even a leak of such an evidence. How could this has happened? Surely, not another “rat” story that will be “cooked” up. But this time please ensure that its properly fried up plus a bit of “tomato and chilli sauce’. Of course we will say do not always test the intelligence of the Malaysian public.

Home Minister Syed Hamid has this “You cannot have a trial before a trial and a trial in the media and the Internet. I think that is not a very healthy position.” Do I need to say more…? I can’t, and you make your own judgements…………..

“Malaysia’s Party Alliances”

Nobody lies..!  Mahfuz Omar the information chief of PAS apologised for not telling the truth about the party’s meeting with Umno. The full report  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86870. In politics its the art of possibilities. Strange bedfellows usually end up together especially if you look at each party’s “aims,objectives,slogan or motto” But there may be a clause which may include,”to co-operate with any political organisations of party in any part of Malaysia having similar views,principles,policies and objects for the benefit and interest of the people and country.”

Of course at this particular time where the national political climate is so “fluid” various controversies or equations will be exposed and are the main “focal” point in conversations amongst party members. We now have headlines after the Selangor PAS/UMNO secret talks that Perak now is under attack from BN. Wrestling back another BN state is one of the main objectives after the GE in March. The headlines of

  1. Merger Push in Perak
  2. PKR Members in Perak getting restless
  3. Pakatan leaders try to reassure their members. 

Whats more even Kedah Pas yesterday warned the DAP against interfering in the former’s affairs, stressing that it had the right to discuss with anyone including Umno.The party would not follow the instructions of anyone in its struggle and as such, the DAP, which was its ally in the Pakatan Rakyat, had no right to stop or determine Pas’s actions. DAP,PASand Parti Keadilan Rakyat only cooperated as Pakatan Rakyat to face the Barisan Nasional in the general election. It (is) not an alliance like the BN,” he said.

Like I mention above there must be a clause in the party’s constitution that allows, if not the PAS boys will be feeling the wrath of the party members and supporters and for that matter UMNO. Nearer home SUPP was an opposition party and later they became part of the BN family and merged into an alliance in Sarawak as BN3.(PBB,SNAP and SUPP). Today it’s BN4 (PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP) .SNAP is now an opposition party. Stranger things happen in politics and “Nothing is Impossible.” 

What is really happening is the uneasiness that the whole country is going through with so much politiking. In the pasts 4 months and leading to a cut-off date of September 16th 2008 (49 days to go) there has been so many controversies that even the foreign investors are wondering what’s next..? Azizan said Karpal had no right to question any of Pas’s actions. Karpal had even said that it would be over his dead body if the PR would talk to Umno. Pas has done so. Now it is up to him (to take further action),” Azizan said.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Well anyway, PAS top leadership will gather for a special meeting this Thursday July 31st to finalise their stand on links with Umno following the secret Malay and Islam unity talks that sparked controversy among its allies including DAP’s call to review its membership in the Pakatan Rakyat. Sources said the special meeting was organised due to confusion and different statements and opinions by Pas leaders about the unity talks. So Karpal are you happy now…..?

The following would stir it up even more. What happens if the Malay Sultans in the country flex their muscles?  Analysts and constitutional lawyers are beginning to believe that the Conference of Rulers could yet determine the outcome of Malaysia’s deepening political crisis,which to many has September 16th as the cut off period to determine once and for all,”SNAP ELECTIONS” or a state of emergency if the political climate is very unfavourable.

Of course the choice of all the political parties will be to return to the  people and get a fresh mandate. Are they really that afraid…? The country’s political unstabilty has seen Abdullah’s administration lurching from one political crisis to another. Whatever diversions that has been conjured up to put the country back in the favourable economical climate, it has not worked out. It is”Political stability” that serves up the “‘economic soup” and is the number one factor for any country to move forward. Good governance,changes and favourable economic climate will ensure that Malaysia does not fall into the doldrums. Many “prophets of doom” have forecasted that it will get worse, if this carries on before it starts to shine again for Malaysia. 

Anwar has really “harped” on that he has support from enough Barisan Nasional MPs to form the federal government by September 16. So where does this leave all the party alliances? I like this  82+24(Sabah)+30(Sarawak) + 13 UMNO BN MPs =149 (2/3rds achieved-Stability). Get on with the work of getting the country back to its previous footing. September 16th…Whoever forms the government enough of all this alliances,mistrustsand equations………….All i want is my (rice) on my table…