Challenge “THROWN” to RPK by Uncle Pet

Chan Kok Leong of Malaysiakini has the comprehensive report in which Uncle pet said “Have you read what Petra wrote about me in his blog?” Man, would I love to attend the “fight” “Pilih apa gelangang yang you mahu (Choose wherever you want).

Waaa…Uncle Pet even said that to come and see him if RPK wants to know better. Oh! What a challenge as Uncle pet said that he was called an “Auntie”by RPK. I don’t know but I do feel there is a little “auntie’ in Uncle Pet. That is just my personal opinion. For RPK to respond to such a minor distraction would be just a waste of time. But this is one fantasy which I would really pay “BIG BUCKS” to watch… hehehe


19 thoughts on “Challenge “THROWN” to RPK by Uncle Pet

  1. din says:


  2. bexe says:

    The IGP was quoted in Bernama to have said that the RPK allegations “…was intended solely to skew public perception and undermine the police.”
    Can you believe this gook? Faced with hard evidence he can even try to bend it? The Police’s credibility suffers from their own misdeeds. No one undermines them more than themselves.
    Additionally I thought AAB ordered him and the AG to be removed from this case. Why is he not removed?

    The more they squirm the more they get sucked into this quicksand that they have put themselves in.

  3. cinta Malaysia says:

    RPK, don’t waste on this fella.He has a brain the size of a peanut. He is just good as a pet for Najib!

  4. cinta Malaysia says:

    what would Syed Hamid Albar say to uncle Pet tomorrow:
    ‘Unkol Pet,tolooong lah ,jangan lagi banyak cakap, saya sudah banyak bingung ne,rambut pun sudah habis botak.
    Unkol Pet , apa lagi cerita pasal Quaran ne,itu doktor Pursrawi sudah cakap tiada liwat apa lagi cerita.
    Bilang itu doktor Pusrawi tidak pandai, saya dan banyak lagi YB UMNO pergi sana check, diorang lebih pakar daripada doktor hospital,kita sudah banyak malu ne,toloong la unkol Pet, diam .
    Ini Najib punya pasal sama Saiful budak kau tu,semua jahanam,tolooong lah unkol Pet,diaaaaaam!!’

  5. Hahaha says:

    Why do we need to waste our time on a un-credible
    pondan. Who the blooming hell he thinks he is….talking like a qualified physician. Why has he to get so involved, in a case that he has no part….perhaps, he received a handsome kick back from Saiful! Just ignore ‘Untie Pete’ very suspicious character.

  6. ForeSee says:

    Actually, Saiful was sodomised by Uncle Pet.
    And Saiful feel he was not satisfactory, than he blaim Najis. And Najis has a plan .. . . few day later Saiful make a polis report.

  7. Eng Nwe Lee Waat says:

    I think Raja Petai are more good from Raja Petra..cause when we eat the Raja Petai make our health healthy..and when we blown the aircond from our back side..all people arround us can smell the lovely perfume..but not as Raja Petra..when he blown the aircond from his back side..nobody smell..cause no prove,no evidences,no eating Raja Petai..just simply-simply take notes from no where(Kota SODOM)..then claims sodomize is not true..I think Raja Beruk will laughing until not enough place.. when seing Raja Petra.. SAME FACES..

  8. Alex says:

    this so called uncle pet look more like a “makcik” to me. Nowadays nothing is impossible in this world as instant gratification is what he and his nephew is looking for, RPK statement stated that he was the one who actually did that “thing” to his nephew might actually be true.

  9. Mark says:

    ”Pet” in our local dialect represent female private parts, or in short PUKEK. When a friend say PET mu, mean pukek mu ( your cunt ). No wonder he/she is call Uncle PET, and saiful have been loving Uncle PET for reasin known to himself, to satisfy his lust. TENGOK MUKA DAH TAHU LAH.

  10. Isa X says:

    Aunti Pet RP did not meant to pass at you he most probably will hook you up with the Transvestite party lock up in Kelantan. Aunty Pet taking this thing harder than Sly Fool she must be jealous after all Sly Fool claimed it was plastic and not the real thing something anybody can use- lian diri Petty! self service.

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