Equation:”140+23-54=109 ; 82-23+54=113″

Malaysiakini correspondent Athi Veeranggan has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86507 headlines Pakatan Leaders unperturbed by PAS-UMNO talks. Its not a cause for concern but more inclined to believe the crossover speculations were part of an elaborate plan to destabilise Pakatan and conceal Umno’s own internal problems so says DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Panic..? Quick responses..? Spin miesters at work again.. Suddenly Malaysia is Up forSummer Salesand the products are the Peoples Representatives. Anwar started with 30 will be crossing over and last weekend at Malacca he said that he will shortly be ready to announce the 4BN MPs who will join Pakatan Rakyat. It gets tastier as Anwar short of telling the government the equation he said that polls would be soon.

“The government knows that if not for these sodomy allegations, I would be on my way into parliament by now,” he told a crowd of more than 5,000 conservative Muslim supporters in Jasin, a village near the tourist town of Malacca.

“I tell you now that I will be contesting in a by-election,” That’s the first step and if there are no by- elections the equations might crop up. “How could PAS jump ship to BN and collaborate with Umno?
Obviously to you and me we say “Impossible” or “Mustahil” in Bahasa Malaysia.

Is anything impossible in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND..? M$1 Billion in development funds promised by BN to the states of Sarawak and Sabah. Pledges of support by BN MPS to PM infront of their Chief Ministers. What has Anwar got to give? Is there a deal cut for the governments of Sarawak and Sabah and their defecting MPs? Anymore explanations as the riddle gets better and the people are coming out in droves to listen to Anwar at his ceramahs and the “Fun is Not knowing”. BN is kept wondering and Anwar wants to keep to the timetable of September 16th 2008.

  1. 140+23(PAS)-54(Sabah 24  and Sarawak 30 )= 109
  2. 82-23(PAS)+54(Sabah 24 and Sarawak 30 )=113
  3. 109 to 113=Snap Polls

What is so significant about the date? The constitution clearly mentions that ‘Merdeka Day is Aug 31, 1957, while Sept 16, 1963 is ‘Malaysia Day’. Everything is moving so fast and Anwar is gaining too much ground. PAS were members of BN in the 1970s before an acrimonious fall-out in 1978. So is it unthinkable if Sarawak and Sabah join forces in the Pakatan Rakyat Government minus PAS? Never say Never and any equation is worth considering. Anwar keeps on hoping and hope that it doesn’t run out of him………

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Malaysiakini portal carried this report: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86464 Anwar muses need for Malaysian Zola. Look no further,” You thank them once after the March 8th GE.” The Bloggers are your answer. Nothing beats Information technology. Also, I have always suspected another thing.

Correct me if I’m wrong. “September 16th.?,” Could it be the reinstatement of Anwar as Deputy Prime Minister” or “elevation to Prime Minister”- All the accusations against Dreyfus were eventually found to be baseless.Dreyfus was exonerated  and reinstated as a major in the French Army in 1906. Why all the court cases and processes going on and is it a way to get the legal fraternity on Anwar’s side. Anwar used this “Words are the most puissant of weapons, so this is the time for a polemic in ink that will submerge this lot in shame.”

I’m caught in “No Mans Land” and also trying to connect the Dots. Something to think about on a busy Monday afternoon?  Only Anwar and he himself and the “Lioness” knows. “So BN what say you..?” Malaysiabolehland also now is looking for a Malaysian Zola…..Did you bring your CV..?

Bakun”PMP”-“Pagar Makan Padi”-“ANAK SARAWAK”

Malaysiakini Correspondent Tony Thien has a detailed report filed last weekend which can be read in full at http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86432. An interim injunction to set aside an eviction order to vacate the land was obtained pending hearing in three weeks time.The Counsel Paul Rajah who is representing 41 Kayan families said that his clients had filed a writ of summons against the authorities in November last year, claiming native customary rights (NCR) over the land which they have settled on for more than century.

 A special meeting was held last weekend in the presence of the Land Development Minister Dr.James Masing and PKR State Chairman Dominique Ng together with a few hundred natives, mainly from the ethnic Kayan and Kenyah tribes.

 In a telephone interview “Anak Sarawak“(see below) worded it vey strongly,logically ( Anwars prodigy) but constructively that the Land Development Minister,” should find out from the ground “Real Situation” before he comes up with the statement which are quite untrue and totally against the people whom he is supposed to defend and represent”. There is such a thing as a Goverment “Helicopter” and he should have come down immediately. The helicopter should not be issue here please.Why so late…? 

Dominique used the idiom ” Pagar Makan Padi” which is very meaningful and must have scored “political mileage” in the eyes of the affected villages.He continued that as the “peoples representative” the legislators in the area( tsk tsk tsk) should be looking after the interests of the people and this could have been avoided if all the affected “NEEDS” are well and really looked into.

We say there is such a thing as negotiation and diplomacy. A debacle like this can be sorted out if the authorities concerned meet up instead of “Politicizing the Issues“. An informed source said that the demolition and eviction was supposed to be carried out before the GE but the Land Minister advised against otherwise.(see also local daily)  ‘Why now…..? “It is learnt that the land is now required by the government for the construction of the overhead transmission cables for Bakun dam as well as part of the leased lands granted to two plantation companies – Shin Yang and Ekran Plantation. Do I need to say more.I’m lost for words…..you be the judge.

There are always solution to a problem. Dominique who many are now calling him”ANAK SARAWAK” as he is a peoples representative who is true to his words by fighting for ‘Every Race in Sarawak” no matter what religion,race,colour,rich,poor be it in the city or in the rural areas. Like him or hate him,he has created an impression and is a thorn for the ruling government for being always there at the RIGHT TIME.  Of course,some say as he is the Sarawak State PKR Chairman and that is his duty. 

Though he says he is not a dayak, but he has many friends who are and they use to see many of their “dayak” leaders championing their rights. Sadly,this has diminished but we need to alleviate the economic aspects of our people in Sarawak. This is our time and there will be new and upcoming leaders where the fortunes of Sarawaks future lies.

Words used by KJ in Parliament came out again,”Power corrupts,Absolute Power corrupts absolutely” One of the lawyers for the affected villages See Chee How said they are “exploring” charges also on the “demolition” process by the authorities.Meanwhile the question of compensation for the number of houses and farms demolished would be raised in court for the villagers. We shall have our “Hawks Eyes” on this Bakun issue. 

‘Anak Sarawak” your words “Pagar Makan Padi” will surely ruffle many feathers and we hope that it will “wake” some of them up. The chair which the voters have voted you in will be contested again in 2011 or will it be earlier depending on “HIS MOOD”.