She is “Fed Up”

Francis Siah in Malaysiakini TV uncensored talk show clearly asks a “personal” question to Nurul Izzah Anwar (MP)Lembah Pantai on her father and she declared what happened 10 years ago were trumped-up charges to plot the downfall of her father. Nuruls anger at all these events is only normal as she had to bear with the slanderous accusations. The full report .

Meanwhile Dr M has now come out and accused Anwar of staging this very high profile political drama. It is not unusual for Anwar not to take revenge as he was sacked as deputy prime minister in 1998 from Dr. Mahathir’s cabinet over allegations of corruption and sodomy. He served six years in jail but the sodomy charges were later overturned.

If you are the daughter of Anwar you would obviously be waiting for the day when your dad ascends to the throne even though its 10 years later. Much has been speculated, and a former english daily group editor is leaning heavily on the spindoctors version of the “tag team” 

Badawi/Anwar versus Mahathir/Najib. Anwars fight is all out against Mahathir while Mahathir needs to get Najib on the throne to protect his good name and cover his wrongs in 26 years in office. Badawi who saw the release of Anwar needs Anwar to go all out to clear all Mahathirs man and also to look after his son in law KJ. Would Nurul believe this might be the scenario that paints out for his father? 

Malaysians are all faced with uncertainties as the plotting of the throne gains momentum and Nurul together with us will have to withstand the gale force wind. No one is happy as long as long as there are unfinished business to attend to. September 16th and December 21st are penned in as two very significant and important dates for Malaysia’s politics……….

No decision on”YB Larry Sng”

In Miri,Sarawak it was a near full attendance for PRS led James Masings Supreme council meeting today. The only notable absentee was Dublin who is still bedridden in Normah Specialist Hospital recovering from a stroke.  

It was highly anticipated that the membership of Larry Sng (Assistant Minister in Chief Ministers office was to be discussed. However it was not even in the agenda as one of the Supreme Council members confirmed. Amongst the things discussed and touched on were:-

  1. Property of Old PBDS building
  2. Merger of SPDP/PRS
  3. NCR Land
  4. Membership drive
  5. Pakatan’s Movements in Sarawak.

All the anticipation but nothing came out of it, just goes to show that Larry is still part of PRS. He has 19 Divisions out of a possible 28 Divisions. The ROS has yet to give a definite answer on the real set-up of the Supreme Council which many amongst the law fraternity is at status quo.

Tonight a dinner “Ngiling Tikai’ is being held at the Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club to mark the culmination of Gawai Dayak.   


“DPM knows nothing”

In actual fact the script could not have been written better. In the report carried in Malaysiakini portal Najib said “I have no knowledge of anything. I know nothing about him,” he told reporters. The full report can be read in .I wanted to comment further and do an analytical report on it but Najib just knocked the wind out of me. Whoooosh.!

By the way, how timely can you get ‘Pak Lah is in Penang while Najib is in Pekan“this weekend. Both going to their “home”states..hmmm?

For the benefit of all I copied it all for you,just this time though:-

Najib Abdul Razak has denied speculations that he was behind the retraction of private investigator P Balasubramaniam’s first statutory declaration (SD) which had linked him with a murdered Mongolian woman.

“I have no knowledge of anything. I know nothing about him,” he told reporters when asked on the matter in Pekan today.    

In the first SD made public on Thursday, Balasubramaniam claimed he was told that Najib had a sexual relationship with the woman and that the DPM had introduced the Mongolian to his aide, Abdul Razak Baginda.

However, the private eye retracted all parts linking Najib to the woman in his second SD made the following day.

As at 4pm today, Malaysiakini learns that Bala and his family had ‘gone missing’ and that his cousin was contemplating filing a ‘missing person’ report with the police.

At the Pahang event, Najib also said that Malaysian politics was degenerating to a level of being dirty with the opposition using slander and statutory declaration to achieve their political objectives.

He charged that the opposition was inclined to make fools of the rule of law and politicise cases currently being tried in court to change people’s perception towards government leaders.

“I mention this as a principle, meaning if we love our country we must realise that to build a country like Malaysia is not something easy. Don’t we do something that can destroy what we have done.

“Secondly, the rule of law is very important. Don’t we talk about law of the jungle and so on but we ourselves are not practising it,” he was quoted in a Bernama report.


Lots of assumptions

Najib said slander was not something new in politics but the information technology era had enabled slander to spread wider and quicker.

On the trend of making sworn declaration to run down leaders, Najib said: “They are undermining legal provisions because they are not afraid. Perhaps, they have certain motives and intentions. Perhaps also they get some rewards. Lots of assumptions we can make.”

najib rosmah and altantuya murder caseCommenting on the initial allegations against him in Balasubramaniam’s first SD, Najib said he was leaving it to the authorities whether to take action.

“This (the first statutory declaration) should not have happened. I regret this thing happened and it is because firstly a case is ongoing in court. Should the same happen in other countries, action would surely be taken against them because it is subjudice touching on a case still being tried in court.

“My regret was there were opposition leaders involved in the press conference touching on a case still ongoing in court. The case was serious involving the fate of three people facing a very serious charge. Why would we want to inject political elements and so on?” he said.

Asked whether Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration had tarnished his image, Najib said: “I have to face it. What can I do when they have such an intention.

“I have to accept that in Malaysian politics it is okay to play dirty, make fools of the law as long as their objectives are achieved,” he said.

Do we need Karpal to question”Duress Man”

DAP chairperson and lawyer Karpal Singh talking to Malaysiakini says that lying in a SD is wrong and he wants Balasubramaniam to be investigated under the Penal Code. The full report can be read at the malaysiakini portal

We said earlier the person who does about turn will be done for perjury and charged with the Penal code. Perjury is a crime (also called forswearing ) is the act of lying or making verifiably false statements on a material matter under oath or affirmation in a court of law or in any of various sworn statements in writing.

Karpal said,”“One cannot just make such a declaration and later withdraw it and such an act amounted to giving false evidence, an offence which carries a maximum of seven years’ jail”. He went on to say it was baffling that the private investigator was now claiming he made the declaration under duress.

Even Kuala Lumpur Bar criminal practice committee chairperson N Sivananthan also said Balasubramaniam has committed an offence for making conflicting SD in relation to the ongoing Altantuya murder trial. Bar Council President Ambiga Sreenevasan said the SD was made in accordance with the procedure and sealed by a commissioner of oaths and cannot be withdrawn but could be supplemented and corrected. There are many questions being asked amongst which are ,”whether Bala was going to be prosecuted.?”

The immediate reply from the Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar is that the police will continue to carry out their investigations as there might be hidden motives involved. But mind you when you read the Statutory declaration we were informed that Bala has been a police officer with the Royal Malaysian Police Force having joined as a constable in 1981. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of lance corporal and finally resigned from the Royal Malaysian Police Force in 1998. (17 years in the force he must know a thing or two). Is he trying to tests our intelligence…….?

In his first report (No 1)it ended with (when I was with the Special Branch) and in the second declaration (No.1) this was omitted(Special branch). Purposely or is it just another mistake? There are so many conspiracy claims,personal smears and allegations and there is even one which the spindoctors calls it a “tag team.”

Badawi/Anwar versus Mahathir/Najib. Anwars fight is all out against Mahathir while Mahathir needs to get Najib on the throne to protect his good name and cover his wrongs in 26 years in office. Badawi who saw the release of Anwar needs Anwar to go all out to clear all Mahathirs man and also to look after his son in law KJ. Najib seems to be checkmate by Badawi.Can this happen…? If we have not seen it, it is only because the day of reckoning has not arrived just yet. Afterall the plot is all about the national drama,Bala and Saiful please step aside this is the Number One Hit ” Malaysiaboleh“……………..