” WHO AM I..??”

At the Euro-Football the countdown before the kickoff at Ukraine and Poland starts from 10,9,8,7 to 1. But here we give you only 57 seconds to answer us which means you don’t even have a minute to play with before you answer the following three simple words…

“WHO AM I..?”

OH! U are really thinking about the Jackie Chan’s movie..No,no. For those who are wondering who this Jackie Chan is lets give you a brief introduction( Chan is one of the best-known names in kung fu and action films worldwide, known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts).

Well.some of you might be scratching your heads again.What”s the game plan with this blog? If we know, we would not be asking the questions but we will be providing the answers. Could it justs be one of those days when its the beginning of the week. Monday..remember the Boomtown Rats single….(I DONT LIKE MONDAYS) which was Number 1 for four (4)weeks in 1979.

Hold On ! Surely, by the time you have read so far you musts have 20 seconds left to answer “Who am I.?” Shall we give you further clues?

One of my FB friends even wrote “sometimes I feel I’m a men and at da same time I’m a lady…hmmm....Wow! there were many comments and one in particular answered the writer of the posts..{ Am not worried but u shud coz u had the statement hahahaaaaa}

Or could you be this?

My body looks decreasing I don’t know who am I? My foot is black,But I dont know who am I. I am in a big hand.But I don’t know who am I. Oh. I know I am a Pencil. I am just being used.

TIMES UP..Thats 60 seconds and a minute is up. Have you made up your mind who you are.?

Gosh! Don’t be worried you are who you are, you are here on this earth for a purpose. Did we answer you ? You still scratching your head..Don’t bother, as the MIRROR IN WHICH  you are facing is giving you all the answers you need to know.



WHO AM I..? 


“From Caning Son to Father’s Issue..??”

An old schoolmate from overseas called me and said,”What is really happening in Malaysia now? In our younger schooldays we used to eat together from different religious backgrounds in school canteens and there are no segregation. Are we going backwards or what? Next they will be HALAL Canteen Certificates  i presume for schools? Is it because of politics and the little napoleans that our children are now suffering the religious and disharmony that is in our schools? Its rather unfortunate and this has got to stop.

Do something was his final message. Can we..??

We have covered it in detail and there was also an apology from the senior assistant of St. Thomas’ Primary School, Iskander Fadeli. The full article can be read here .

Our earlier article :-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/caninga-public-outcry/. However that is not the question now. It is getting political and the can of worms might just start creeping out.

Now Independent MP Zulkifli Noordin wants the Home Ministry to investigate Beginda Minda @ Noor Azman, whose 10-year-old son was caned for bringing pork to a school in Sarawak, whom he now claims has dual identities – that of a Muslim and a non-Muslim. The full article can be read HERE…

audie61 called up Beginda Minda at 9.31am this morning and we needed him to clear a few grey areas. He said that the documents are with him and a certain Datuk Misnu from Majlis Islam Sarawak was the signatory in his letter. He even sms later at 10.01am ,”Yes 100 PERCENT BRO

We honestly thought that events have overtaken us and did not want to pursue this matter until my schoolmate called 19.49 pm. This is something which each and everyone of us can play a part by telling the person next to us that we live in a multiracial,multiethnic,multi religious country and we must not compromise the PEACE and SECURITY of our country.

We are born here and we must TAKE CARE OF MALAYSIA. Religious extremism and fanatism must not rear its uglyhead or else this country will go to the DUMPS.


Caning”A Public Outcry…!!”

An innocent 10 year old is now in the centre of a storm which will and might affect the balance of multiracial,multiethnic and multi religious society in Sarawak.

What has he done to deserve the caning?

Its all written splash all over the main stream media,internet protals and blogs and mosts of it people in Sarawak which is made up of 39 or more ethnic races are beginning to take notice and are somewhat BOILING BEHIND THEIR NECKS.

I happened to be caned by our Principal Brother Columba in St.Joseph’s School Kuching.when I was in Form 1 in 1973 . REASONS:

  • 1.Fighting against other Form students.{Painful but Deserving.Kept quiet from Parents Of course..Sssshh}
  • 2. Putting AXE BRAND(minyak kapak) on a teachers chair( Canned both hands by Principal again in front of all classmates-desrving for being naughty and mischevious)

Both instances I was wrong and deserved to be canned twice only Oooh.. so painful and still could feel it today.Of course not 10 times….That’s too much for (a 10 year old on a crime he does not deserved) …Those days already got a lot of WHISTLEBLOWERS.

So much has been said and you can read it all here by clicking:-



3. http://sarawakupdate.com/home/10th-state-election/his-name-is-nur-azman-bin-abdullah-beginda-but/comment-page-1/#comment-3732

 4. http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=73170 


By the way audie61 would like also to recommend readers to look at the article written by Borneo Posts columnists”STOP THIS MADNESS” by Zaharom Nain where he strongly wrote,”the bottom line we don’t need sadists and child abusers looking after (huh!)our children.It is worse when they are also religious bigots and racists.These people should not be anywhere near the vicinity of any school,let alone head it

You can contact the writer at  email :- zaharom_nain@yahoo.co.uk

It is a very well written piece and we should all recommend it to our Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Education.


“When will they ever learn..??”

It just disgusts me when those so called Little Napoleans start to throw names about.  There is a time and a place for everything but somehow these people loved to be associated with the song which many will whistle now. One ,two,three together now,” …..Did you..??” again to the lyrics “Where have all the flowers gone…??” You managed did you.Give yourself a pat as you are not one of them…..

In the corporate field many will just use names and stay close like chewing gum to achieve the impossible. They know themselves that they are not capable of achieving great success but somehow or rather they will do their utmost bests to ensure that ‘the person” does not make it too. They will get and derive full satisfaction when they see the BIG ELEPHANTS meaning the ones in power tussling over certain issues which are not relevant but someone was made significant. Mountain out of a molehill.

Will they ever learn….??

In the political sphere there are many tussling for positions and with it comes power and the ability to command respect. In PKR now the power struggle has just begun with Azmin Ali (Vice President) throwing his name into the hat for the No.2 Position in the party against Zaid Ibrahim(Supreme Council). Will Christmas come too early in November for the supporters of either man? This battle will be closely watched by the  BN politcal strategists and spin doctors. 

The almost quiet waters within the ruling component BN Sarawak coalition of PBB ,SUPP and SPDP does not mean that their  Ninjas are not at work. There is a time to open ones mouth and most times it is more appropriate to just sit back and watch. Some will learn while others will still fall in the category of

“When will they ever learn..??”

If there is no wind obviously the tree will not sway and it will not take a learned man to point out  “Watch the AXE..” Of course most advises given during times of engagement will not be seriously taken notice of. It is only usual to hear from the defeated parties that “If Only….”

Mosts political watchers will just say point to the realities of the political game. if you do not want to be involved in the first place your hands will not get dirty and your name will still be intact. However with winning the power will be enhanced to another level where every command and instruction will certainly be followed. There might be some reluctancy but in mosts cases mosts will point to the stomach section. “NAK MAKAN hik hik hik

 You would wouldn’t you…??

The most stubborn person with principle too will also look at their own surroundings to ensure that their “sacrifice” will not be in vain. Of course,their families will stand behind them if the pointers are for GREATER GOOD. We will not just get ourselves knocked and hit by not looking at an oncoming car or lorry. But in most cases, time and time again we will still fall for similar tricks.

When will WE ever learn…?? 

It just goes to show that this song will have a place in our heart and we will whistle to it if we have made a genuine mistake.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself be in politics or in the corporate field and as we in audie61 love to instill in our staff,”MOVE ON…and lets whistle the bad away……..”


SNAP “Over-excited Reporting”

SNAP is definitely a VERY HOT ITEM in the political menu this week in Sarawak. Italy’s exit from the 2010 World Cup as defending champions did not even lift an eyelid. SNAP is indeed a surprise while Italy had it coming for them and the writings were already crystal clear on the football wall.  

Wow! This must be an over excited journalism GENUINE mistake or Is this the NEW SARAWAK ENGLISH. {too bad for Borneo posts says a reader} We on our part as audie61 do try our bests too to check out the dictionary and on line Wikipedia for spellings but sometimes our grammar does need to be corrected before posting.

We are not PURR FECT….hik hik

By the way before we make any comparisons/single out .. always remember what is a BLOG..?? Do we need to tell ourselves….hmmm

When posed with a question on the matter, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is state BN chairman, said: “A lot of waters ( water )have gone under the bridge. I have to discuss it with the other component parties because SNAP did not go out just like that.

{ Could CM have said WATERS..? PLURAL?} 

This is FRONT PAGE MATERIAL and if mistakes keeps appearing our children and the future of Malaysia will suffer. Correct us if we are wrong and we know that we use words like ” There has been a lot of water….”

Its Friday this is a way of easing our pain,” arrivedercci Italia

The full article please click http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=40665

MACC-“Catch,Catch,Catch-CHARGE THEM..!!”

Let no stones be left unturned and I will get you one day. The following words were uttered by a young investigative officer when he first joined the ICAC Hong Kong. He was taught  the very basics of being paid for a hard days work as a civil servant and today there is even a movie in honour of his legacy. At that time the corruption index of Hong Kong was amongst the highest in the world. Today it can proudly stand and be counted that they have managed to bring it downvery low.

In Malaysia  BN/Pakatan legislators or whoever crosses the line in white collar crime must be hauled up and there must be no distinction. Before even posting this breaking news I came across this article and it got my mind working overtime in Susan Loones blog  Journos, investigate this please

So this  news is timely says some analysts as there must be a start somewhere to clean up this corrupt practise which is hampering the progress of the country. Is it..? You will certainly have your own opinions and we posts this for all.

The Malaysiakini article:- 

Some 100 people, including Umno parliamentarians, have gathered outside the Shah Alam Sessions Court this morning as graft charges were about to be slapped on Sabak Bernam MP Abd Rahman Bakri and four others.
NONEApart from Abd Rahman (left), the others are a former aide to Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, a company director, the Rahman’s special aide and the special assistant to a Selangor executive councillor.

About 10 of Abd Rahman’s Umno colleagues from Parliament are in court to show support.

Among them are Halimah Mohd Sadique (Tenggara), Noraini Ahmad (Parit Sulong), Mohd Nor Othman (Hulu Terengganu), Mohamad Shahrum Osman (Lipis), Ahmad Hamzah (Jasin), and Hamim Samuri (Ledang) and Salleh Kalbi (Silam).

Halimah said that the MPs were representives of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club.

According to her, about 70 Umno supporters from Sabak Bernam are outside the court.

It is believed that the former aide to MB Khalid to be charged is Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri, whose lawyer is Yusmadi Yusoff, who is also PKR Balik Pulau MP.

Court proceedings have been held up due to the need to make multiple copies of the charge sheets, which is a requirement in Shah Alam courts.

Two charges against Wong

At 12 noon, Wong Chuan How, 50, the special assistant to Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu, was brought into court and charged with making a false claim to the Sepang Municipal Council amounting RM2,500 in the purchase of flags to be use for cars.

Wong is also charged with criminal breach of trust of RM5,000 for a cheque entrusted to him.

The MACC prosecutor has asked for bail to be set at RM16,000, but Sessions judge Syafeera Mohd Said fixed it at RM10,000.

Liu, who is in court, said MACC had launched investigations into 20 Selangor state representatives, where their files were seized.

“Wong is the first one, but he may not be the last,” he said.

Wong represented by four lawyers, to be led by Cha Kee Chin, who is also Bukit Kepayang state rep from Negri Sembilan.

“2+3=8”..Complications of Sarawak

The whole weekend Marina was the focal point of every conversation in all corners of Sarawak. However what is most puzzling is that according to a parent,”How come Federal Officers or Ministers are so quiet on this issue? Our Ministers can harp and shout their voices hoarse from the longhouses rooftops but it will be too no avail. There seems to be a deafening calm and silence.

The headlines by Minister Of Land Development James Masing in the local Borneo Posts should be commended. His children are also mixed and they cannot run away from it. The whole story can be read by HERE. Out of curiosity what has happen to the some of the other Sarawak Federal Members of Parliament who should be making their voices heard now in Parliament on this issue.Only a handful dares to make their presence felt. Do we need to tell them that 2+3 does not equal to 8 before they come out of their cocoon shells/caves to fight for their own people. Are they so afraid of stepping on the WRONG  TOES..??

Do we need to tell them what to do? Can’t they organise themselves to be heard in a Press Conference in Parliament or get a signed Memorandum to deliberate on this issue. There is a serious need to look into this matter as PM Najibs “slogan 1 Malaysia” is but another rhetoric and going astray. In Sarawak one can say if you throw a COIN IN THE AIR IT WILL BOUND TO HIT A PERSON OF MIXED PARENTAGE. It’s not funny though as this issue will singularly bring down the Government of the Day.

Sarawak is the Bastion of BN Government with 30 out of 31 Parlaiamentary seats and 62 out of 71 State seats. It’s already out in the open now and the can of worms are wriggling free. The opposition have been harping on NCR issues in Sarawak,corruption,cronyism,abuse of powers,Penan rape cases  “To me, all these reports are not true” and many others and BUT ULTIMATEDLY THIS IS THE BIGGEST SINGULAR THORN THAT WILL INFLICT THE CORE  DAMAGE TO THE INVICIBILITY OF THE BN.

BN strategists will say to their respective bosses no way ,no way,no way but when it happens that the results are not as expected and there is a sudden shift of voters attitude the amount of $$$$$$ to bring them back in terms of development it will be a little too late. Some opposition leaders are at their little corner of their constituencies giggling and rubbing their hands with delight.

According to a number of analysts  BN should not be HOLED UP with this issue as Marina is tantamount and likened to be God’s Gift to the opposition. There are hundreds and thousands who are not accorded this status but are now saying,”If only Marina had appeared earlier…her grades are so much better than ours and she has made the right noises. ”

A close aide to James Masing said that the boss sees no other choice available to him but to confront the ISSUE OF MARINA headon as the Bumiputras in Sarawak are looking beyond this statement which James said,” It’s not just education we are talking about here,”. Now its up to the Fedral authorities to stand up and get their hands dirty or else it will be sooner rather than later the people will turn against the BN Governance.

2+3 equals 5 but we do make it a little too complicated at times for this country to move forward.  A chinese friend who had dinner with me said in jests,” Now we CHINESE can call ourselves Cinaputra.We dont want any complications now do we…hik hik hik ????

Muhyddin..”What next on the Application Papers..??”

Marina Undau

My better halfs uncle who is English was very angry when he was told of Marina’s issue. His first words was ,”Didn’t I tell you that we finished our 100 meters race 100 years ago. Here in Malaysia there is still in mosts government application forms a column for RACE. No Need for all this nonsense. I am married to a Bidayuh and does my children need to fill in their race in forms when they enter the British universities. Oh yea..!! British /Bidayuh he said sarcastically.

On one hand its triggered a very big response in Sarawak in the mass media,internet blogs and mosts of all a very “HOT TOPIC” in the coffeeshops. Even this report from

Where and When will this stop? Do we blame our local ADUNS or MPS for not doing their required duties?If we continue to point fingers it will never ever end. There must be a solution and someone in the top hierarchy/corridors of power must put a stop to this. An Iban  friend of mine who is married to a Chinese said to me without even thinking,”Why we just emigrate and I dont think the government  cares .?

Two arguments here in that he is already fedup with the government policies or he has given up completely and being professionals their children will  have a better chance of a good education as their grades permit them to pursue their dreams of having quality life after they graduate.

Malaysia is half a century old(above 50 years) and we still have a RACE COLUMN IN MOST FORMS. This must be gotten rid as this will only hamper the progress of the country as it works itself towards a developed nation by 2020. With more outflow of brains to other countries like what my Iban friend has this would be very serious for the country. In time we will only have HALF BAKED/HALF COOKED BRAINS left in the country.

It’s time the system rids itself of priveleges/preference /priorities especially for education. There are no second chances if you cannot keep up. You only have to blame yourselves if you fail to make the grades. Our almighty creator gave us BRAINS AND IF WE ARE LAZY we pay for it. Race is not an issue here. No one is stupid by all counts and each of us has a GOD GIVEN  talent to ensure that our country MALAYSIA is not left behind in all aspects. Those who are smart are not necessarily good business man and vice versa. Well,do not need to give a lecture here.

So what is next Malaysia? Bumiputra is not a religion and it should never ever be used to differentiate the priveleges accorded to anyone who is Malaysian. There are so many wrongs that needs to be put right and mosts people in Sarawak have to thank Marina. There are always something or someone who sparks it off and thank God for Marina.