DAP CEC Polls results..??

Who is in and Who is out? You make your own judgement! Truly Multi racial.??

DAP 15th National Congress, Kuala Lumpur
DAP CEC Election Results
Lim Kit Siang 624
Total Delegates 948
Delegates Present 739 (77.95%)
Ballots issued 721
Total Valid Votes 705
Spoiled Votes 16
Unreturned Ballots 0
Lim Guan Eng 620…
Tan Kok Wai 571
Fong Kui Lun 504
M. Kula Segaran 500
Teresa Kok 495
Tan Seng Giaw 492
Chong Chieng Jen 476
Karpal Singh 471
Ngeh Koo Ham 455
Anthony Loke Siew Fook 452
Ahmad bin Ton 448
Tony Pua Kiam Wee 446
Chong Eng 434
Teng Chang Khim 417
Nga Kor Ming 417
Chow Kon Yeow 410
P. Ramasamy 340
Boo Cheng Hau 332
Final Top 20
Liew Chin Tong – 1,438 votesLim Kit Siang – 1436 votes

Karpal Singh – 1,421 votes

Gobind Singh – 1,409 votes

Lim Guan Eng – 1,304 votes

Chong Cheng Jin – 1,294 votes

Loke Siew Fok Anthony – 1,263 votes

Chow Kon Yeow – 1,203 votes

Fong Kui Lin – 1,193 votes

Teng Chang Khim – 1,164 votes

Pua Kiam Wee Tony – 1,158 votes

Zairil khir Johari – 1,132 votes

Kok Suh Sim Teresa – 1,127 votes

Chong Eng – 1,111 votes

M Kula Segaran – 1,088 votes

Tan Kok Wai – 1,088 votes

Teo Nie Ching – 1,081 votes

Boo Cheng hau – 961 votes

Nga Kor Ming – 956 votes

Ngeh Koo Ham – 809 votes

DAP “Schoolboys Error In Tabulation or Otherwise..?”

lim-guan-engDAP, everyone once in a lifetime one have used the phrase” two wrongs don’t make a right “. Of course we are referring to your recent election of new-office bearers where ‘Malays’ let alone ‘Dayaks or Kadazans”were elected into the central committee.

Whatever happened to your election scrutineers in tabulation? Was it a genuine schoolboys mistake or otherwise? We cannot answer that but the damage has already been done and to correct the wrongdoing doesn’t make it ALL RIGHT..!!

DAP can also argue that according to its constitution they can do all acts or things specified elsewhere in that they can make adjustments or put things in order.

However, we ask “shouldn’t there be a Emergency Central Committee Meeting to look into this “fiasco” and deliberate it through?

Furthermore,”Shouldn’t the Secretary-General notify the Central Committee on this matter as it will affect the political wellbeing of the party especially with ‘oversights” on election results?

DAP members must bewildered and they need Answers.

This blog www://hantulautan.blogspot.com  played up this issue http://hantulautan.blogspot.com/2013/01/tony-puas-stupidity-umnos-blessing-in.html. However what caught our eyes were this which we extract:-

DAP’s recent party
election is another bellwether, where none of the the Malay candidates made it to the fore.

This may sound paradoxical to the pro-opposition
supporters,  but as Albert Einstein says “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.

Sometimes, truth can emerge in the strangest of

DAP for all their true intentions on trying to put it right have been under severe political attacks and criticisms from major political parties in UMNO, MCA,Gerakan and other BN parties.

This is a serious matter and it only takes a DAP member to file a complaint to the ROS the party will need to convene another election for office bearers.

Will there be any brave DAP Memeber to write officially to ROS and the party? That is their internal problem and its up to the party members to make their moves.


Also read:-http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/218128

DAP “Speechless….ATHEIST OK Bah.!!”

The country’s civil servants are now taking the brunt of politicians and general public at large from trying to push their message across in terms of scholarships,race and religion.

Malaysians have grown up no doubt and while we grow up they will be many obstacles which the country will faced.  Some good laws, some obsolete laws while some needs to be revised and looked into by our parliamentarians and state legislators. 50 years for a country to put everything in order is indeed a very short time.

Not all things will be fair to the naked eye but obviously the people who implement and deliver what the policy holders deliberate must also know that there are a lot of ‘sensitive issues which must be dealt with amicably”.

Malaysia is a multi racial,multi cultural and multi religious country where Malays,Chinese,Indians,Kedazans,Ibans and other ethnic races live together and surely they will be differences but we accept that we need to live peacefully in accordance with the Federal constitution. If we move slightly away from its origin


We are not about to lecture the DAP on this issue but we need to address this issue by angling it correctly instead of politiking on it.  Yea,DAP is a political party we know and without a doubt its like scoring points 1 Up to the gallery. We all know too you are doing your job by publicising it but one must remember this is a highly sensitive issue.

Lets take up my case and see whether I make sense or not. We all were young once,brash,radical rebellious and at times uncontrollable. I do come from a staunch Catholic background and when we were young we followed everything our parents threw at us in accordance to our faith and the many no no’s which are ‘blasphemy’ if we break them. I confessed my sins every month without failed. If I did not I imagined I will be attacked by the “devil and his followers

Religious festivals,prayers were all kept in checked. Sunday Masses were a must and all attempts were made not to miss them. When the boy grew up thats me coming from overseas the boy changed to a man and started questioning. I stopped going to church on Sundays and even had a good ‘three hours session being lectured” with my uncle who was parish priest  of St Josephs at that time in 1984. He is still a Priest but now the Parish priest of Blessed Sacrement BDC in Kuching Sarawak. (you have my permission to asks him) At the end of the blistering and hard counselling I was given a chance to speak.

I said to him in front of my dad. Why should I go to Church? It doesn’t make me any holier than thou.? I also said Why was I not given a choice of religion? Why was I baptise to the faith? Then I could see the anger and the astonishment from their eyes.

My dad replied,” Oh Yeah, when you are born if we know you are going to be like that we might as well save the money spent on milk for a better purpose(Want to know the exact words.We might just as well KILL YOU or starve you and leave you for DEAD. no need to waste the duit susu  ).See whether you could be like what you are today” Today I see it. Our parents wants the bests for us. They can give us a religion to follow but in the end its up to us to CONTINUE PRACTISING IT. We have our own choices but its up to us.

As for the DAP Komtar assemblyman he is trying to do the bests for his child but it could be a genuine mistake and it also could be put right by seeing the officer in charge. We also do not know what really transpire between him and the NRD clerk on duty. Do you know what actually happen..?? Was the CCTV on??

I must say when I changed my IC earlier this year I tested the NRD lady. Of course I was cheeky and naughty and she took it. She was putting the RACE in my IC I said,” Rojak.. she said,”cannot ..how come I said mixed blood so I put Sino/Melanau.  She changed to Chinese so I took it eventhough my name had an extra name behind( ….. curious dbl click here)

{The only reason why I changed my old IC was that the immigration officer in Sabah when I entered say this is the last time we allow you to use the old IC and now we have Mycard.

I have a tendency to love to go against the system to tests it fully and I was reminded by the former Home Minister who said,”we can still use the old IC until such time it outlived its usage and will be obsolete. I remember telling the officer I am after all a Malaysian with or without a Mycard. He accepted and after trying my luck in and out of Sabah a number of times it I might just run out of LUCK and I could be turned back to Sarawak for reasons like being a ‘ bad element/hat“. So I became a good boy again. Really…!!!  :p

Next it came to Religion I put ATHEIST . { One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods} She said sure or not and I said alright. She doubled checked everything before she put into the system and I asks her NICELY AND COURTEOUSLY boleh kah repeat?

I said not Atheist but a Catholic. I have a choice to lie and should even have capitalised on the system if I wanted while the little girl had no choice.Parents up and down the country will no doubt look into this matter now more seriously and carefully.

To be Speechless I don’t think so. Stand up and be Corrected.Help and assists to put it right more like it YB. We have already told you that Malaysia is still very much a young country and we need to help our civil service at times too. The laws that govern the country can be put right through the proper channels and through the Legislative houses i.e in Parliament.  The laws might be outdated and thats why you are in position to asks your colleagues in Parliament to do something about it. We told Hannah Yeoh your Selangor DAP YB too and the same goes for you.


WE HEAR YOU…………..    

Below:-The internet portal article which has created a STIR  but the Bersih 2.0 rally on the 9th July 2011 seems to have overshadowed it all.

More cases of rejected attempts by parents to register their children with the National Registration Department as ‘Anak Malaysia’ have poured in.

NONEThe latest case is that of Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik (right), who was dealt the same fate as his counterpart in Kuala Lumpur Hannah Yeoh yesterday when he registered the birth of his second daughter Ng Caryn.

Caryn, born on June 11, was registered by her parents as “Anak Malaysia” for race and “Belum Ada (none yet)” for religion.

But when the official birth certificate was issued to Ng, the two sections were written as “Chinese” for race and “Buddha” for religion.

Ng, who is political secretary to the Penang chief minister, is “speechless” that the NRD, without consultation and without his approval, has chosen the race and religion of his own child.

Rather than blaming the officer, Ng targetted his complaint squarely at NRD’s rigid system, expressing disbelief that his child was “ordained” a Buddhist when he clearly stated that she does not yet have a religion.

He was equally upset that Chinese was chosen as the child’s race instead of Anak Malaysia.

“Why should she decide this for me? This is a serious matter…why we cannot have a choice for our own children, to register them as Anak Malaysia without a religion yet,” he said.

“This is the spirit of 1Malaysia and should be encouraged. Our future generation should have the liberty and freedom to decide their own race and religion,” he added.

Appealing against NRD’s ‘unethical act’

Responding to a Malaysiakini article yesterday highlighting that the NRD issued birth certificates without the ethnicity of the child between 1996 and 2000, Ng said it was not necessary to state those two elements.

The issue of ethnicity in birth certificate registration and other official forms was raised after Yeoh, Subang Jaya MP, failed to register her daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia’ earlier this month.

Like in Ng’s case, the NRD officer rejected the parents’ request and chose ‘Chinese’ as the race of their daughter Shay Adora Ram.

The NRD has clarified that the race of the child must stem from either parent in a mixed marriage and that no ‘mixed-race’ registration is allowed.

Though he recognizes that he is ethnically Chinese, Ng still thinks he should be given the choice to select his own race as Anak Malaysia.

He said he was appealing against the “unethical act” of the NRD officer who, when asked, told him that a child must be registered according to the father’s or mother’s race and religion.

“Our system is outdated and corrupt until there is no flexibility for us to decide our own faith and religion,” he said.

“I do not want to force my future generation to follow my race and religion…I do not want them to be like (those) who did not have a choice before” he added.

PKR”The Truth is out there..!!”

The Propaganda is very clear.Its a mathematical game and with huge numbers one will be able to stand tall and have a bigger say in the political field. PKR says it has 400,000 members in their lists.How come not even 10% came out to vote asks a real estate owner? Are the leaders in PKR going to just keep quiet on this issue? There must be a revamp of the membership system?

On the plus side however he commended PKR for their farsightedness of having the national polls but all the loose ends and discrepancies needs to be ironed out. I dont need to tell them how to do it. They have the brains and the resources to do it.

The real estate owner added  ,”Could they have got their membership from the electoral roles? It looks quite obvious with the very low turnout ? Don’t tell me the listed members have suddenly left PKR in the thousands?

 10% of 400,000 members something amiss.Actual figures doesn’t lie does it….?? 

“Separatists 5..HAMI PUN ASAI…??”

“Hami Pun Asai”{ ANYTHING CAN } says a registered voter and says that the 5 YBS are really putting the whole Sarawak BN equilibrium into a right fixed and jeopardy. The allocation of Seats which has been meticulously put together by the State BN Chairman and his team is in a total disarray. 

Is it really…?? The BN SPDP will be needing 5 new faces for the next State elections and anyone who wishes to be considered are to join in the queue. It appears that the Separatists 5 has not heeded the CMs call for “COOL IT” and they have crossed the line and the price is too heavy to consider coming back.

In the broken shield blog this was written and it was pointed out to audie61,”They have told the Press that they would never come back to SPDP and are seeking a “merger” with PRS in order to remain in the Barisan Nasional

They have use some of the options and now they are finding ways to wriggle out of it.

  •  SG appointment walkout.
  •  Merger SPDP/PRS derailed 
  •  Joining/Parking at  PRS
  •  Attending PRS SC.

Its a road block everywhere and now they are telling the whole politcal world that they are attending a PRS LOGO LAUNCHING AND THEY ARE INVITED. Are they trying to hold Taib Mahmud to a RANSOM…???

 Of course they are using the kind words of Mawan to try to come back. Will they or will they not? Swallowing their pride is the next bests thing and CM will certainly tell them that.

THe BN Stand is clear and precise and does not want to be held with a knife at their necks. There is no room for sentimentality and BN cannot afford to be caught in a battle just before they go to war against the Pakatan.

SO HAMI PUN ASAI justs does not work for the SPDP Separatists and they need to chart a way back HOME.

PBB-A Heavyweight Clash for Youth Chief..Wanita Chief Uncontested

Our earlier article:-  It seems that at this present period barring any withdrawals the PBB Youth posts would see a straight fight between Incumbent MP YB Fadillah Yusof (Deputy Federal Minister Science, Technology and Innovation ) against ADUN YB Karim Hamzah ( Sarawak Backbenchers Chairman and Former Deputy Youth Chief).

Our PBB informed source says that the Official announcement  will be on Monday at 3pm. The Election scrutineers will double check all candidates to avoid overlooking bankruptcies,police records and other  miscellaneous wrongsdoings which will jeorpadise PBB.

Latest from Wanita PBB:- Datin Sri Empiang won uncontested and will still head the Wanita Wing and Datin Fatimah remains as No.2  also uncontested.PBB Wanita will have very few changes to its lineup

Reposts with kind permission from Sarawak update:-

Those who do not understand, welcome to Sarawak – ask your Sarawakian friends.

KP –
Konpom Karim lwn Fadilah. 21hb cabut undi utk semua jwtn.

Sik tanding.Timbalan. Daniel Jubang

Vice Pesaka1 Sinsaring Suel

Vice Pesaka 2 Simon sindang.

Semua menang tanpa bertanding.

Tanding VP –
Pandi dpt 24 percalonan
Kamal 4
Aziz denan 3

Tanding Exco Bumiputera

Abd Baderi Shamat
Raymon Tanin
Raduan Ahmad
Morkhsien Affendi
Junaidi Sambang
Wan Hamzah Wan Paiee
Tinggal Abd Hamid
Awg Najit Awg Sohor
Haidil haili
Abg abd aziz abg draup
Zainal Abidin Abu Seman
M Yusnar Mantali
Hamzah Brahim
Norudin Sidi
Yahya Salim
Suhardyantono Abd Kadir
Raden kederi
Shamsuddin unai
Abd Rahman hj Jawawi
Azahari osman

Tanding Exco Pesaka

Ajis Japar
Ambrose Jemut
Bell Bernard
Christopher Romeo
Ruggery Antony
Peter Sigie
Jampi Tutong
Henry Killah
Denis Ngau
Joe Faizal Abdullah.
Stanley Sila
Bagi exco pesaka.

PBB Main Body nominations will close on 21st February.

Political “History Does Repeat Itself…..??”

Natasha of audie 61 received an sms from a former staunch SNAP supporter,” James Wong the former President of SNAP( Sarawak National Party) is still alive and he would be clapping his hands and clenching his fists and saying..Yes about time and Thank God History Does Repeat Itself. William led a walkout in SNAP 8 years ago and now he is swallowing his own medicine and its all his own doing. He has been trapped and he should have listened. Thank you.Comments please…

Slyvester Entri’s walkout was not staged nor angered or dissatisfied with the party. He was HUMANLY HUMILIATED infront of his own colleagues and those who followed suit are Principally Correct. Who wants to be treated this way? Would you.? The immediate concern of course will be the BN government who has seen a fair of power struggles in PRS and SUPP. PRS has survived the infighting and has grown stronger as a result while SUPP is still bothered with factional disagreements.

The next  question which will be asked by the BN poltical strategists would be,” What affects SPDP will have direct relevance and impact on the BN4 coalition.”

 Is they a need for an EGM.? There are already voices of discontentment of irregularities and versions too of Constitution being disregared and overuled.ROS does need to check it out.There are also calls for Mawan to resign gracefully.Also there are indicators of PBB interferences.In this regard SPDP leaders at all levels must learn to accept and indulge in interactive negotiation to solve the problems besetting the party now.The dirty linens are now being hung in the public which are totally scrutinised and giving pointers to the opposition Pakatan Sarawak to attack the coalition.

Is there a way out for Mawan.? That he has to answer himself together with his closest leiutenants. However there is light at the end of the tunnel for Slyvester Entri.There are already FEELERS being sent to Entri and his aspiring group to join forces with PRS. An aide said to audie61,”At the height of the infighting of PRS Mawan did say for the better good of BN and to strengthen the BN we will accept whichever faction be it Larrys or Masings.Now its Masings turn to recipocate and find a home or parking for those who have walkout and with additions of 5 ADUNS and 1 MP this will put PRS in a very strong and commanding partner in Barisan National. PRS itself has  8 ADUNS and 6 MPS.

Will it work..? Im sure CM Taib will use this to his advantage and if the need arises he will not hesitate to tell PRS to accomodate the legislators for the time being (parking)in preparation for the State elections which might be called sooner rather than later.Even Larry would be accomodated to stand in PRS if it is necessary according to the aide. Who stands to lose will be SPDP and Mawans “status quo” might come back to haunt him and the party. One will not discount this happening as its for the greater good of the coalition.The right political message needs to be handed down by the leaders in SPDP and addressed. There is little time to quarrel let alone fighting for individual egos.

The line has been drawn and if no one extends an olive branch the scenario might just be ripe for the MERGER which has been advocated by the Chief Minister for some nearly three and half years already. There has always been a stumbling block by someone but as we know History does have a hand in Politics.

It is better that they join hands with friends in the other BN component especially if PRS makes the offer to make Sarawak what it ought to be a place where multi racial  understanding at its best, and where goodwill and tolerance  continue to motivate people to work together and learn from each other. Sarawak has enjoyed politcal stabilty and socio-economic development and the shift in the partners in the coaltion might just be the right tonic for BN to go to the people to asks for a new mandate.

SPDP leaders must also look at themselves as agents of change and if History has her own way Entri and his team would be absorbed into Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS). A BN supporter aligned to SPDP said,”Let the elephants fight until they are exhausted.Meantime the mousedeer can only watch.”  The inclusion of the YBs does strenthen the BN and he is all for it.How very wise……….

“Anwar..Even If You Love him??”

The word is out and if Anwar does not act against Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin he is putting the Pakatan coalition at risks of being divided in opinions. Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo has already said the Pakatan coalition will survive even though if Anwar is jailed for his sodomy case.

According to a number of political analysts Anwar will be as good as like a  martyr to the Pakatan coalition and the people who supports him if he is again jailed. However there are those who will question whether he will be spoken in same breadth as Nelson Mandela of the ANC and Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese democarcy leader). That remains to be seen as and when the time comes.

But for now Anwar needs to sort out this thorn that has been pricking the backside of the Pakatan coalition. No one is indispensable and not even Zulkifli even if Anwar loves him so much.

 The Pakatan coalition will be at risk and drastic and immediate measures must be taken by PKR to stem the threat of a breakup. Of course PKR has ways to deal with this problems but when someone has grown to be too big for the party to handle the disciplinary committtee of PKR needs to swing into action.

This is the usual practise of all political parties in Malaysia but few dare to take that line….

The article which appeared in Malaysiakini portal:-

Pakatan Rakyat stalwart Zaid Ibrahim has called for the sacking of PKR’s outspoken Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin.

pkr egm bangi zaid ibrahim joins pkr event 130609 14According to him, Pakatan cannot afford to have MPs who go against reform.

“If you say the (amendment) of the law is wrong, that’s okay. But don’t lodge police reports as this is a form of intimidation,” he told a press conference.

abdul razak baginda altantuya mongolian case 040607 zulkifli nordinThe PKR supreme council member was responding to the police report filed by Zulkifli against PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad for calling for the amendment of a Selangor religious enactment.

Zaid also warned that Pakatan’s image as a champion of democracy would be affected, if the coalition did not act against Zulkifli (right).

“If not ‘Middle Malaysia’ will ask what we stand for and our party will become a laughing stock. We are not Umno or Barisan Nasional,” he said.

MCA “Liow,Wee.Chiew-Greener Pastures..???”

Updated: 3.50pm-

MCA Women’s wing chief Chew Mei Fun and Youth wing chief Wee Ka Siong made tearful appeals for delegates to turn up at the Nov 28 extraordinary general meeting to press for fresh party polls.

During a press conference shortly after being dropped from the party’s party presidential council, the duo, in between tears, said that a strong showing at the EGM was vital to restore democracy in the party.

NONEThe dramatic press conference began with vice-president Liow Tiong Lai stating that the group’s “heart bled” following the axing of nine individuals from the council.

“MCA is a family at war and is presently engaged in the politics of slash and burn… it has disowned the Youth and Women’s wing chiefs. This is a serious matter and it has broken the camel’s back,” said Liow.

He said party president Ong Tee Keat had replaced the dropped presidential council members with his own men.

He claimed that Ong had axed detractors in order to have “absolute power”.

He then urged party delegates to “rise up” and attend the EGM in full force to pass the resolutions.

Liow, looking stern but composed, did not cry during the press conference.

Earlier today the party’s central committee voted to object the EGM called by Liow’s faction.


Natasha of audie61 received an sms from a former colleague in Malaysiakini that-“MCA CC rejects EGM2” .Where does this road lead to for Liow and rebel group. Just then she remembered an SPDP SC member who said this,”PRS are trying to get rid of Chinese members while SPDP is welcoming them.”

 Also SPDP plans to go National and what an opportunity for the MCA rebels who will obviously sooner rather than later be sent to a very “FREEZING COLD ROOM” Is there any room for them in SPDP..?? This will erase another  headache from Najib and the cabinet.  

The full report we reposts for all:-

The MCA central committee headed by party president Ong Tee Keat today rejected the call made by a minority group in the CC for an extraordinary general meeting on Nov 28.

The central committee said the proposed EGM and its resolutions calling for a fresh party polls were defective and against the party constitution.

The decision to reject the EGM was made after the matter was put to a vote in which 23 voted against the EGM, 10 supported it and two abstained.

The EGM was mooted by a faction backing vice-president Liow Tiong Lai. They are opposed to the greater unity plan undertaken by Ong and his rival-turned-ally Dr Chui Soi Lek.

The CC meeting also decided to revamp the powerful presidential council, resulting in Liow loyalists Youth chief Wee Ka Siong and Women’s wing chief Chew Mei Fun being dropped.

They were replaced by Ong and Chua’s backers.


In an immediate reaction, Liow said that he was unhappy with the party’s decision to remove his supporters from the presidential council.

So SPDP be ready to open up your doors for these MCA Ministers plus Deputy Ministers and you will be a major player in the country too. It is something really worth considering as the political climate is so fluid at the moment.

NEW “Sarawak Party”-SARS

Its in the news again. Affendi Jeman protem chairman has sent the applications in for  registering Agenda Rakyat Bumiputera Sarawak(ARBS) He was quick to point out to audie61  on the phone that there are indeed certain quarters in Sarawak who opposed  the formation of the party.

There are voices who even said,”Ingin.ingin jadi YB tetapi Kacau Daun saja” and a close associate even said that he has heard from various sources that “Affendi is now very indecisive as he is seen wearing two caps now( protem chairman of JPUNS too-Jawatankuasa penaja UMNO Negeri Sarawak.)  

audie61 asks Affendi,”Why just Bumiputera only?” The reason being that there are a lot of Chinese mixed ethnic races who feels that they would be deprived of this new political platform.This is the rallying call of Sarawakians at the moment.  It was this statement ,”we ,as a “penaja”(promoters) of ARBS,believe only the rakyat of Sarawak have the right to analyse and decide the future of ARBS.

 He was tongue tied for a moment but as a politician he wriggled out of it and said that we will AMEND  THE CONSTITUTION  to suit the people/voters. Mixed parentage constitute to a very largepercentage of the total population of Sarawak and they will determine whether you are able to win the seat or not. 

If ARBS is given the legal rights to start a party by ROS they will go on the ground and inform the people of their vision,mission and struggle. Of course we would even try to coax Rayong and Adit if their intentions are similar to us. That was when the brainwaves worked overtime as we spoke on local politics involving SUPP and PRS for the time being. There are no clear cut solutions to problems besetting human beings or parties but it is in the bests interests of the whole TEAM if all is well and solved constructively.

Fancy this-Its just food for thought to the BN Sarawak government in putting together the YB rebels  into one camp and let them look after the 4 constituencies. (Dudong,Ngemah,Engkilili and Pelagus) Whats wrong with just one swing of the pen the ROS will register the party on the advice of the Chief Minister.

There has been too much bickering amongst the component parties and even now the Youth Chief of SUPP Sih Hua Tong is being dragged into the picture. It will get ugly as if this virus is not stopped it will escalate out of control.

Nothing concrete on the matter of SARS party being put together just yet. Larry on his part as a very accomodative YB and looking at the bigger picture then has met up with Adit and Johnicol Rayong during the PRS crisis period to lure them into BN/PRS. Stop of shortchanging anyone Dr.Soon would be an appropriate leader for this entity SARS as it will enable SUPP to stop all this nonsensical bickering and infighting between the leaders which has seen the Chinese support waning and SUPP might just be wiped out in the next State elections.

WHY SARS– initally the founding members will be the various YBS names which are Soon,Adit,Rayong and Sng. This is to prevent any arguments on who should lead the party as Dr.Soon will head the party with Adit as Deputy, Rayong as Senior Vice President and Larry as Secretary General. The other positions will be filled by each YB contributing  6 names each which will see a full Supreme Council be put in place when the ROS approves the registration of SARS-Party It will be appropriately be known as Sarawak Alliance Reforms Socialist  Party. 

The virus will have gone one full circle and now we are more attune to H1N1. It is indeed a solution which the cM might just be considering which we are not aware of. However audie61 have had the benefit of even talking about swapping seats earlier and also a Borneo Party. This might just turn out to be a reality and some smses sent out to various component party members have received very positive responses and they are looking forward to whether it will MATERIALISE.

Nothing is impossible  in politics and strange bedfellows  have emerged as sleeping under one roof.