Political “History Does Repeat Itself…..??”

Natasha of audie 61 received an sms from a former staunch SNAP supporter,” James Wong the former President of SNAP( Sarawak National Party) is still alive and he would be clapping his hands and clenching his fists and saying..Yes about time and Thank God History Does Repeat Itself. William led a walkout in SNAP 8 years ago and now he is swallowing his own medicine and its all his own doing. He has been trapped and he should have listened. Thank you.Comments please…

Slyvester Entri’s walkout was not staged nor angered or dissatisfied with the party. He was HUMANLY HUMILIATED infront of his own colleagues and those who followed suit are Principally Correct. Who wants to be treated this way? Would you.? The immediate concern of course will be the BN government who has seen a fair of power struggles in PRS and SUPP. PRS has survived the infighting and has grown stronger as a result while SUPP is still bothered with factional disagreements.

The next  question which will be asked by the BN poltical strategists would be,” What affects SPDP will have direct relevance and impact on the BN4 coalition.”

 Is they a need for an EGM.? There are already voices of discontentment of irregularities and versions too of Constitution being disregared and overuled.ROS does need to check it out.There are also calls for Mawan to resign gracefully.Also there are indicators of PBB interferences.In this regard SPDP leaders at all levels must learn to accept and indulge in interactive negotiation to solve the problems besetting the party now.The dirty linens are now being hung in the public which are totally scrutinised and giving pointers to the opposition Pakatan Sarawak to attack the coalition.

Is there a way out for Mawan.? That he has to answer himself together with his closest leiutenants. However there is light at the end of the tunnel for Slyvester Entri.There are already FEELERS being sent to Entri and his aspiring group to join forces with PRS. An aide said to audie61,”At the height of the infighting of PRS Mawan did say for the better good of BN and to strengthen the BN we will accept whichever faction be it Larrys or Masings.Now its Masings turn to recipocate and find a home or parking for those who have walkout and with additions of 5 ADUNS and 1 MP this will put PRS in a very strong and commanding partner in Barisan National. PRS itself has  8 ADUNS and 6 MPS.

Will it work..? Im sure CM Taib will use this to his advantage and if the need arises he will not hesitate to tell PRS to accomodate the legislators for the time being (parking)in preparation for the State elections which might be called sooner rather than later.Even Larry would be accomodated to stand in PRS if it is necessary according to the aide. Who stands to lose will be SPDP and Mawans “status quo” might come back to haunt him and the party. One will not discount this happening as its for the greater good of the coalition.The right political message needs to be handed down by the leaders in SPDP and addressed. There is little time to quarrel let alone fighting for individual egos.

The line has been drawn and if no one extends an olive branch the scenario might just be ripe for the MERGER which has been advocated by the Chief Minister for some nearly three and half years already. There has always been a stumbling block by someone but as we know History does have a hand in Politics.

It is better that they join hands with friends in the other BN component especially if PRS makes the offer to make Sarawak what it ought to be a place where multi racial  understanding at its best, and where goodwill and tolerance  continue to motivate people to work together and learn from each other. Sarawak has enjoyed politcal stabilty and socio-economic development and the shift in the partners in the coaltion might just be the right tonic for BN to go to the people to asks for a new mandate.

SPDP leaders must also look at themselves as agents of change and if History has her own way Entri and his team would be absorbed into Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS). A BN supporter aligned to SPDP said,”Let the elephants fight until they are exhausted.Meantime the mousedeer can only watch.”  The inclusion of the YBs does strenthen the BN and he is all for it.How very wise……….

72 thoughts on “Political “History Does Repeat Itself…..??”

  1. Peace says:

    Good article.Anything and any equation possible in politics and we can never write this one out too. Impressive undestanding of the whole scenario.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho :D Good People Will Be Bless With Good Karma but Bad People Will Be Fine With Bad Karma :? Ho Ho Ho
    TIME WILL TELL ALL :P :D :x :o :? :) ;) :( 8)

  3. kpt99 says:

    It will be another pathetic SUPP-SARAWAK USELESS PEOPLE PARTY losing miserably during this coming election.Might be the saying of AN EYE FOR AN EYE,A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH is their rewards for what they done before and has to pay dearly.

  4. SPDP insider says:

    Mawan is a master in the divide and rule games.While in SNAP, he asked Peter Ghani, his loyalist to stand for Senior Vice President. On one hand he asked Richard Wong to also stand for the same post. Guest what he backed Richard and Richard won. Fast 4ward: This time round He told his inner circle that Tiong has made a deal with Nyarok, where Nyarok will retire in return for RM5 million. He said RM700,000.00 had been paid as deposit. Meantime he told Nansian, that he don’t want tiong to be too strong, thus he ask Nansian to stand against Tiong. Meantime he told Entri to also stand for Deputy President. This happen before he mooted the idea of status quo. All the while Mawan was never the brain, it was the late Datuk Judson Tagal, Sylvester Entri, Nansian, Libat and a few others. What Mawan did was ACT iT OUT, project a pious, nice, likeable image but in reality lacked substance as a leader. Unfortunately 4 him he surrounded himself with brainless ball polishers, and deprived himself with the very people who help him up and who could have been his saviour in this defining moment. My dear friend Mawan my heart bleed for you, this THIS TIME YOUR LUCK HAD RUN OUT AND YOUR FALL SHALL BE GREAT. ADIOUS MY FRIEND.

  5. zainuddin says:

    Seriously Mawan should retire gracefully. What has been written is abnsolutely true and according to my friends in sarawak he is always drinking,golfing and u know all hunting…Pity for a president like that.

  6. chloe says:

    Wow .Aduh This is getting intetresting this SPDP news and everyday must make it a point to at least check up here at theis blog.Good article today LUV it…

  7. dayang says:

    Will PRS benefit ? Could it happen and we know in politics the impossible becomes possible. Will Mawan abandon Tiong too???

  8. empire doomed says:

    Goode times bye bye SPDP.Its ready to cave in with Mawan still hanging on to his Tiong and Nyarok. Agents of change they must be or else they would be changed by the people who vote them in. Remember Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon.

  9. shoo shoo says:

    real tasty the write up in the comments by SAPDP insider. he knows his facts and continueto give us more. The main stream media dont have these stories. reveal time SPDP…

  10. Hughes says:

    Its getting Xciting isnt it this crisis in SPDP? Any cry babies yet..???? Heard peter Gani and George Garai are going all out against Mawan and Paul Igai too.Wow PRS does stand to benefit and look no further than Aaron Dagang and Joseph Salang.Will Entri and group be force to abandon SPD and jump ship? It remains to be seen though .A rocky future awaits!!!!

  11. trojan says:

    Who is lying then and we know for a fact that the statements were fabricated against Entri. Someone has to pay the price and its getting even better with accusations being hurled left right and centre. PRS be ready to open your doors for merger.

  12. Ripper says:

    Where is the defeated Deputy President candidate. Haven’t hear from him? He made a lot of good statements and now the party is paying for not believing him in the first place.

  13. SPDP insider says:

    Sarawakiana, audie61 is very fair in his comments, therefore this web sites is given the exclusive rights to SPDP Insider- The Story Behind the Crisis and the beginning of the downfall of BN Sarawak…..

  14. sarawakiana says:

    Tq SPDP insider. My intel told me this last minute arrangement by Mawan. He received call and was bothered all through the meeting. Any comment also on that Paul Igai apple polisher for Mawan?

  15. chloe says:

    Is mawan paying the price for his undoing of SNAP? The ghosts of the past leaders are haunting him and he will soon be sent to a very far away place.hahahaha

  16. sarawakiana says:

    Anyone know of this guy called Henry? Seems that George G asks me not to trusts him especially he is working closely with Mawan. Entri please be warned and he is a double headed creature of some sort?

  17. Bryan says:

    Ripper, saya setuju. Dari kata2 dia dlm surat khabar dia macam tahu apa yang akan berlaku….saya tak pernah baca kata2 kasar dari dia walau pun dihentam habis oleh Datuk Nyarok, DS Tiong, Paul Igai, dan menteri spdp yang lain….rugi spdp dan negara tak guna orang macam dia tu….

  18. chloe says:

    By the way my friends just call me and tell me he is very good at trading information. They also tell me he was working with the Sarawak securites before. We shall check him out tomorrow.

  19. zainuddin says:

    How come all of a sudden so much information required? Any thing serious coming up in SPDP? must be connected with PKFZ scandal..

  20. Ripper says:

    looks like William Mawan is in for a bumpy ride .The stars must have turned against him or his luck just about to vanish into thin air.

  21. Assasin says:

    Whats all this going on in SPDP? Need my help to slice it open further.Much obliged.No fee needed. Think my friend Alex would love this too.

  22. Fever says:

    His time is up it seems and this SPDP crisis sparked off by not keeping to his words of STATUS QUO. Too bad and he is paying the price and the whole party suffers.Sad and this always happens when there is too much power to one person.PRS be advised to keep out of this or you will get your hands dirty. Masing should be laughing as previously SPDP was knocking off PRS like being so immature and poltically childish.Who is geting it now??

  23. SPDP insider says:

    Part 2:
    SPDP was borned because the Dayak ybs in SNAP was fed up with James Wong and also to rescue another chinese tycoon name Tiong. the formation start in Late Datuk Judson house at Ong Keng Hui road.However the actual formation was at Juara Beetuah Office, Nansian Biz office.Bang!!!PKFZ!!! Tiong suddenly found himself in trouble…What to do? Need to make the party to go Nasional. In one of the SC mtg he was very jittery and shouted at everybody, Mawan just keep quiet…he said ” a new part has been registered, I have been approached to be it first President, let spdp merged with it, and let go NATIONAL. I can bring 50000 ppp members in, more from gerakan and MCA..” those who opposed the idea incl.Nansian and Entri.The New Party is Parti Cinta Malaysia.Prior to that Tiong bought 5 shophouses at Jln. Badruddin, get Mawan agreement and against plenty of objection from the others, hurriedly moves SPDP HQ from Batu Kawah to Tiong office at Jln. Badaruddin. Rental to the Party RM2 per month/year??? Meantime he demand for an urgent TGM. Majority proposed Feb 2010, Tiong demand before year end of 2009.Without regard and respect to the Christians, they fixed it during the christmas and new year seasons…One wonders Tiong should joined Gabriel Adit in PCM rather than creating havoc in SPDP..NO WAY HE NEED SPDP AS A SHIELD FROM PKFZ ..stay tune…….

  24. sarawakiana says:

    Phew! Is that the reasons why SPDP is in such a mess now SPDP insider.? So Tiong seems to be behind PCM? how come adit still refuse to acknowledh that part played by Tiong. Very informative here and is there still more to3come from you? Thanks I will get to inform those Goons who have supported Mawan.

  25. chloe says:

    thought of getting an early night but it seems that there is som uch dirty linens flying into cyberspace with SPDP. Good job SPDP insider.

  26. dayang says:

    Got part 1 and now part 2 from SPDP insider. Its very sad to hear of all this done to appease just oneman in Tiong. Wonder he will be hauled up by MACC..?? That remains to be seen and continue with your good comments SPDP insider

  27. kpt99 says:

    Disarrayed SPDP will gradually ended out like present SNAP.Dalam perjuangan politik,apa saja boleh terjadi.Mungkin itu lah balas dendam akibat pembuatan zalim mereka dalu.terimalah apa saja yang ditadirkan oleh Tuhan.After all you all are very rich already.dari USA.

  28. kpt99 says:

    Good and welcoming news for the oppositions.Hopefully,another walkouts will too happen in the coming BIG BROTHER MEETING-PBB-Parti Besar Berkuasa leaded by scary iron-fists gray hairs.Embroiled in leaderships rifts parties SUPP,PRS,SPDP and soon joining PBB.To all mindless and blind supporters,hope you can evaluate their main struggles,for you or for themselves ?????????????.KEPENTINGAN DIDAHULUKAN,RAKYAT DIKEBELAKANGKAN DAN DIKETEBINGSUNGAIKAN,PENCAPAIAN DIKEMUDIAKAN.BANYAK 1 MALAYSIA DIKEUTARAKAN.SARAWAK ULIH-ULIH.

  29. Nor says:

    Mawan now finding fault with everyone according to one of the SC who walked out as he told a friend. Also he was informed that mawan wants to reveal dirty linen . Where the heck is this Philip Ngo? he started the whole fight as he is closely aligned to Entri.Why he has not come out to suport S.Entri in his hour of need..This type of friend tak guna pun..

  30. SPDP insider says:

    Part 2: continue……
    Former MP and Vice President of Gerakan, Huang is Tiong buddy.He was seen at SPDP function many times before and after the PKFZ issue cropped out. Huang is now the National Deputy President of PCM.Prior to this he denied any link to PCM not until Gerakan discipline him.Adit denied tiong involvement, but with the involvement of Huang, tiong involvement in PCM is anybody quess???It is interesting to note the haste of moving SPDP HQ from Nansian office (the registered SPDP HQ) to Tiong office. If the new office belongs to the Party, perhaps it could be excused…why the rush…don’t they know that the party could be deregistered for moving without the approval of an AGM and ROS???….(part 3 to 10 will depend on the response to audie61- so far are only touching on pure political manouvering- charater issues could be 10 times juicier)….

  31. Nor says:

    sorry did they pass the moving of office. Maybe they did by manipulating the minutes. Im sure my kawan in PRS will tell u if you control ROS you control everything. Check with Sidi or that girl Rosanna i think they will tell u.SPDP insider do you have proof??Mawan not even worried about all your writeups according to my friend close to Mawan.

  32. Princess of Borneo says:

    Panas Panas Panas
    I have been reading this blog since December last year and as far as SPDP is concern,I tot this blog make the most sense out of what is happening. especially with SPDP Insider joining us giving us all these juicy inside info. I will not require SPDP insider to proof his facts… in a free info blog like this, I dont thing such info need to be tested. further more whatever that has been stated so far is Good. so, i am cheering SPDP insider to give us more… looking forward for 3 to 10.
    As for Mawan, what happen lately only sadly shows that he is incompetent as a leader…
    1. sekejap presidential list sekejap tidak
    2. No guts to tell his own former Sect-G before hand on his decision to replace him
    3. Does not have the courtesy to explain to the public why he decided so… asyik suruh orang lain jawab nih.. sendiri tak leh cakap ke..
    If this article start with History repeat it self, my thinking is HISTORY SHOWS THAT MAN NEVER LEARNT FROM HISTORY… ^_^

  33. jukulu bonsai says:

    someone told me that there is a lot of juicy stuff in audie61 from one SPDP insider and i am back.Great and what has Mawan got to say now. Now friends are telling me Peter Gani is now the target for Mawans group. Also Rosey and Nansian should just relinquish their posts .No Bottle!

  34. phyllis says:

    Am really intersted in what is happening the real stuff like SPDP insider writing and not the mass media where its covered up.audie61 is HOT now..

  35. Gone Inwards says:

    Seems SPDP is getting into a messy batle ahead with mud being thrwon about. SPDP insider here is giving us some good accounts of what is happening inside.Wonder who it is?

  36. Fanclub says:

    Nansian and Rosey not fit to be legislators.They have shown their true colours. Who is behind them changing their minds and story. Foolish and they should be taught a lesson by the voters.Hidup PKR

  37. sarawakiana says:

    Oh Ai! Sent an email to audie61. He replied me today flooded with calls and story getting tastier and ask to cool and slow down. Anyway where is SPDP insider? Luv the barrage of criticisms hurled at Mwan and audie61 is correct HUMANLY HUMILIATED..

  38. chloe says:

    Too right sarawakiana the Henry guy also was double crossing the Deputy President candidate Philip Ngo. Thats why he is licking his wounds and has not been heard since. The main stream paper now we cannot even hear him .He has disappeared from the RADAR screens. Work of a cruel man.Who behind him..???

  39. zainuddin says:

    Is SPDP insider watching the american idol and not giving us more news? Please give us more and we can enjoy. At least 1 or two more …Send a message to simon Cowell of american Idol to ask you if you give me your email…

  40. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho :D Yes Phyllis, Audie61 is ‘HOT’ now and we love him too and keep it up Audie61 :P :D :o :x :? :) ;) :( 8) Ho Ho Ho

  41. Modenas says:

    Finish and done.

    Hope you get your wish and see the beginning of PRS+SPDP+Hindraf for a new gomen to lead Malaysia into a new era.

  42. SPDP insider says:

    Part 3:

    Let back track a bit: SNAP President was already an old man, Justin Jinggut was than the Secretary General. James Wong and SNAP was not doing too well. Earlier James Wong stood in Bintulu and loss to DAP. Therefore he need an infusion of new blood, Tiong seem to fit the bills. The next election Tiong was nominated to be the candidate for Bintulu.At that time the Bintulu folks had been waiting to be able to receive TV3 transmission, the cost to built it wld be
    Rm3million.TV3 was not ready to foot the bills as the population is small. To win the voters heart Tiong and James Wong make a deal with Tv3 that they will foot the bill. Tiong won but the TV3 reception was not built. The voters jump up. Tiong and James Wong start blaming one another. From than on their relationship was strained which resulted in the crisis that give birth to SPDP.When tiong was expelled fronm the party it was Nyarok who first defended him..until tiong called Nyarok, the Head Hunter. However SPDP insider was informed that it was not the TV3 issue that is the problem, it has to do with something else relating also to RM….which only Tiong and James can verify….it interesting how things has progress, what is that amount compare to the RM10million that he gave to Ong Tee Keat that enhanced MCA crisis.Mmm…to be fair with Tiong, early in his political career he is not that bad, his performance because of his money was head and shoulder above rest of the YBs..every kampung in his kawasan had tar sealed feeder road, he boughts all kind of things for his voters, fire extinguishers, coffins, trucks of beers, he fought against crime.He even bought first a machine for Bintulu Hospital for RM2 million because the govt has no fund. However, wealth, power and fames gets the better of him. A noticeable change took place when he was appointed the back bencher club chairman, when he become more and more arrogant and irrational…..to be continue………

  43. sarawakiana says:

    holy mackeral! So thats why Tiong is so indepted to Nyarok.So you do know your stuff SPDP insider and tell us more.Sure that more people will come back to see your inputs.keep it up ya..

  44. chloe says:

    Absolutely.I just come back to see the updats and thanks SPDP insider for more indepth news from you.Could you elaborate more y Tiong did not just join forces with PCM and go National instead hang on to SPDP.(merge would be good for him right)PKFZ trial would be his end.

  45. shittu says:

    Heard so many stories of nansian and rosey walking out with video evidences. Is it true? What about the banyi sacking as there are also allegations of branches that croppe up overnight. Any truth? anyone out there????

  46. Alan chiew says:

    mawan is paying the price for believing in his own cliques. How to be President like that and he fears the worse now after what happened in PRS. His tactics and strategy all wrong. He should have brought Entri aside and told him in person. Correct Entri felt Embarassed and Hurt.Mawan will hav the same medicine thrown towards him oneday.Pretty sure of that!

  47. kpt99 says:

    1 Malaysia will remain as an empty heavy flowery SLOGAN to the rakyat,if the country leaders are not united themselves to show good examples to the rakyat.All those leaders embroiled in politics rifts are NOT qualify to utter 1 Malaysia.TEACH YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU CAN TEACH OTHERS.CONTOH MELALUI TELADAN as mentioned by TUN MAHATIR.Shame on SPDP,SUPP,PRS, are you all united as you used to advise the rakyat to live in peace,harmony and united.Touch your hearts and read your souls, are doing that?Soon the country will spoil by all these greedy and selfish leaders.PLs read this all YBS of SARAWAK.SIMPLE BUT IT COUNTS

  48. SPDP insider says:

    Guys…look like there are indicatons the factions in SPDP are trying to make things works. Let give them a chance ok. Because once it goes to part 5, it could be the point of no return for them!!! Again read carefully what audie61 wrote he is one of those blogger that is fair and neutral. Audie61 congratulation, you are a peace maker. That why what I shared so far is exclusive for audie61.Sorry Guys…see you. Let hope that our leaders get back to their senses, stop being overly paranoid.When the members voted for you, they do so because you told them you want to be their servants,so start acting like one otherwise change the party name back to SNAP- Sarawak Non-democratic Authocratic Party…..You might think nobody know…we are watching :-) :-) :-)

  49. Princess of Borneo says:

    adoiiiiii….everybody is putting in effort in making things work in the end hah…. SPDP Insider loves his Party after all… I respect that.Alright than, lets hope Mawan worth the chance…. ‘Philip Ngo’, where would he fit in, in all this. One could say, his silence shows that he is proved noble by not taking advantage of the current situation to his benefit… others had said that he was just out to start the fire burning.. (antagonist) whatever it is, following the phoenix theory of audie61, would he finally choose the right time to make his entrance back..This time more as a reluctant hero..
    I shall wait and see ^_^

  50. sarawakiana says:

    Seems the guys name is Henry jerejek.ny one can confirm? He is palnted by Mawan to infiltrate into all the other political rivalries. He has also make inroads in PRS and was instrumental in defeat of Philip Ngo. Close source told me Sng also fell into his trap.

  51. chloe says:

    Read in main stream media that a peace forum is being looked into. Wonder who is behind all these? Could it be the Henry guy which sarawakiana mentioned earlier? SPDP insider you should know better on this issue.Let us know

  52. dayang says:

    sarawakiana you have received the name. So we will be wathcing closely and not to be fooled by him. Could he have double crossed others. Maybe Mawan might use him and later also send him to the FIRE. hope he rots!

  53. yusuf says:

    Told you so no way SPDP will get into a big fight.sure asks to stop fighting and now we haerd that Paul Igai Deputy SG)has issued a GAG order.

  54. kpt99 says:

    1 party sahaja sudah banyak malaysia.Apatah lagi dalam malaysia, bukankan lebih BANYAK MALAYSIA,apa ertinya 1 malaysia?.Tanyalah orang yang menyerukan 1 malaysia, kosong-kosong 1 malaysia tak ada manusia akan percaya.

  55. ujang says:

    Just read Borneo Post today. Look like the SPDP defeated deputy president candidate had finally appear? He was quoted as saying; “Iam my own man”..wow thought that was cool.

  56. yao siew lian says:

    ALL Chinese people for 7000 years have put paramount importance on the concept of ” HAVING FACE ” Even if they are dirt poor they would have a good red wedding for their children or a good white funeral for their dead ancestors.All their friends and relatives would give them red packet money or white packet money to maintain their FACE for the community.They would return the same favor to their benefactors in future.
    Let me compare the greatest modern politicians of modern day China.
    1) Sun Yat Seng give FACE to the Chinese People for his great work in taking China back from foreign devils.
    He gave FACE to the Chinese people.
    2)Mao Tze Tung give FACE to the Chinese People for his great work in making China a strong nation again.
    He gave FACE to the Chinese people.
    3)Deng Siew Ping give FACE to the Chinese People for his great work in making China the second largest economy in the world within ten years.
    He gave FACE to the Chinese people.
    Let me compare the infamous modern politicians of modern day Malaysia.
    1)Ong Tee Kiat was accused of taking 10 million ringgit corruption money.He did not give FACE to the Chinese people.
    2)Chua Soi Lek was accused of having oral sex with somebody’s wife.He did not give FACE to the Chinese people.
    3)Liow Tiong Lai was accused of taking a free RM 600,000 luxury car from a corrupted contractor.He did not give FACE to the Chinese people.

    A infamous Chinese politician called Tiong King Sing stole RM 12.5 billion from the people.
    If he did the same thing in China he would be dragged to the execution ground and be shot with a bullet at the back of his ear.Tiong King Sing used the law to cover himself.
    He is telling all the future nations that if you want to steal from the country..You must steal enough to buy off your persecutors.
    This country is a land of milk and honey for Chinese.

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