DAP “Schoolboys Error In Tabulation or Otherwise..?”

lim-guan-engDAP, everyone once in a lifetime one have used the phrase” two wrongs don’t make a right “. Of course we are referring to your recent election of new-office bearers where ‘Malays’ let alone ‘Dayaks or Kadazans”were elected into the central committee.

Whatever happened to your election scrutineers in tabulation? Was it a genuine schoolboys mistake or otherwise? We cannot answer that but the damage has already been done and to correct the wrongdoing doesn’t make it ALL RIGHT..!!

DAP can also argue that according to its constitution they can do all acts or things specified elsewhere in that they can make adjustments or put things in order.

However, we ask “shouldn’t there be a Emergency Central Committee Meeting to look into this “fiasco” and deliberate it through?

Furthermore,”Shouldn’t the Secretary-General notify the Central Committee on this matter as it will affect the political wellbeing of the party especially with ‘oversights” on election results?

DAP members must bewildered and they need Answers.

This blog www://hantulautan.blogspot.com  played up this issue http://hantulautan.blogspot.com/2013/01/tony-puas-stupidity-umnos-blessing-in.html. However what caught our eyes were this which we extract:-

DAP’s recent party
election is another bellwether, where none of the the Malay candidates made it to the fore.

This may sound paradoxical to the pro-opposition
supporters,  but as Albert Einstein says “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.

Sometimes, truth can emerge in the strangest of

DAP for all their true intentions on trying to put it right have been under severe political attacks and criticisms from major political parties in UMNO, MCA,Gerakan and other BN parties.

This is a serious matter and it only takes a DAP member to file a complaint to the ROS the party will need to convene another election for office bearers.

Will there be any brave DAP Memeber to write officially to ROS and the party? That is their internal problem and its up to the party members to make their moves.


Also read:-http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/218128

4 thoughts on “DAP “Schoolboys Error In Tabulation or Otherwise..?”

  1. matsarawak says:

    1+1= 3… hahahaha (OH MY MATH) :p.. how the hell can you miss 500 vote counts.. don’t be so arrogant and treat malaysian people as idiots!

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