1BN Unity in Mas Gading P192

January 17th 2013 when DSG Paul Igai said this some are saying wait till the dissolution of Parliament and nomination day. The quote”

SPDP is BN and BN in Mas Gading is SPDP and any other claim is nonsensical. My advice to all the people spreading lies about dwindling support for SPDP and BN to immediately stop their act lest we give credence to our common opponent.

“Concentrate on defending the seat (Mas Gading) for BN.

Do we need further leverage than this with what PBB Deputy Information Chiefs statement today that he too is throwing his weight behind SPDP’s chosen candidate.

Isn’t this 1BN unity which BN Sarawak SG Dr.Rundi have been preaching.? 

Well done and SPDP and PBB are truly showing the spirit for 1BN for GE13.


Mas Gading SPDP&PBB