Act 4 “Another Malaysian Minister Joins In..??”

kj1Bro.this is nothing its just UMNO Ministers getting in the act as they prepare for the UMNO elections and if they can score points by joining in the fray they will. Nothing for the PM to be worried so says a BN youth leader. “

Moreover, its going to be tight contest especially in the middle ground of UMNO and to be seen as a champion for a cause it will be something positive. Some of the deciding fence sitter votes will certainly reconsider and in their uppermost mind is,“A party leader who dares to champion and speak

Earlier we wrote:-

This is extracted from the internet portal in which Khairy jamaluddin Minister of Youth and Sports has this to say,’ I agree … If he wants to make baseless accusations and use inappropriate channels (to do so), then do it. But he does not need to be in the government,” the youth and sports minister said in a Sinar Harian report today.

it seems that P Waythamoorthy, a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is getting a “left,right and an uppercut” from 3 UMNO Ministers in PM Najibs cabinet.

Obviously, many will say that PM Najib is “losing it and it does not bode well” for his administration as the Seniors are taking out on the juniors in his cabinet. the sooner it STOPS the better it is but unfortunately with UMNO elections drawing near it will not cool down just yet says a veteran UMNO member.


“KJ 1st, Now Gan,Next..?”

KJ seems to have ruffled a few feathers with his statement just immediatedly after the BN coalition has received a fresh mandate in his tweet. It was enough to draw a direct reaction from Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief on how KJ should justs “handcuffed his fingers” as he is an MP and UMNO youth Chief”. He should have left his BB in his pocket. 

The result,”He has not taken into account the sensitiveness of stepping on SUPP’s shoes and maybe facing the wrath of the party as a whole.

We tweeted today against MCA Gan Ping Sieu Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports,”1st KJ made statement now MCA Gan parroting same tune on CM Taib.KEEP OUT AND STAY OUT. Pbb knows what to do.Both of you go help SUPP

Tweet you are only afforded 140 words but this is the actual perception of what we intended to deliver across..

“What we meant is that if both of you KJ and Gan sincerely meant well stay in Sarawak for 3 months or more temporarily and see how you can assist SUPP in their hour of need or whether SUPP needs your help. A big question mark (?) here.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon and harp on the single subject of “Taib is the cause of the loss of Chinese seats.” Well what happens if MCA losses badly again and UMNO wins more you call for Najib to step aside too?

The main problem is within the party itself and all arrows should be directed towards the party SUPP.Why Taib..?? 

The Chinese electorate has a way of passing the message across to their leaders and they must realise that all is not rosy and well.

The Dewan Undangan speaker Wan Junaid Tuianku Jaafar also called detractors of CM Taib to leave him alone. He was asked on KJ views and he said,” He believed the transition of power must be planned properly and that the process for a new leader to take over was ‘now in progress.” The process of grooming the new CM has to go through the party(PBB) itself because our members need to know if he is the favourite (leader)

Views from the grassroots are also important to ensure that the succession plan can run smoothly.”

Wan Junidi said KJ had no right to speak or to give suggestions on this matter for two reasons.Firstly,he was ‘just an outsider” and secondly he did not have in depth knowledge of politics in the state.” 

Now the political game gets murkier and there are rumblings on the ground that some BN YBs are working out a coup to detrone CM Taib as played out by a blogger rajahmas in his blog and also another alternative which some billionaires are working on are the 36 v 35 equation which  had written.

We do live in interesting times and Aziz Adenan the Youth Information has every right to issue this Press statement on the night it was tweeted,”We are dissappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011.”



KJ “Misquoted or Talking Fingers…”

Oh No… Khairy! You have tweeted 14951 times as of 19th April 2011 but your 14906 tweet on 16th April 2011 did not go down well with Abdul Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief. Your engagement with your twitter followers of  36325 ( increasing all the time) on the outcome of the 10th Sarawak State Election has opened up a barrage of criticisms and words which are unpublishable here.(hmmm..excuse me.)

Khairy Jamaluddin who is UMNO Youth Chief and also MP for Rembau tweeted.”In the cold light of the day although we won,we suffered our biggests losses ever in Sarawak.So,Putrajaya ,we have a problem. Face Facts.”

Lets think rationally and dissect the statement which was tweeted just immediatedly after knowing the result. Khairy is very quick and he moves too swiftly at times for his own good. His followers have trouble catching up with him but there are some who knows how to read between the lines. They are with him as UMNO Youth Chief but waiting for him to make the wrong move to slaughter him and in the process stopping him from climbing further up the UMNO ladder.

Aziz Adenan is not too dissimilar and he knows a thing or two more than those who are around him. He helps those who are not good at this subject and learns quickly to cop up with his own weaknesses.He was brought up by learning and looking at how his parents work their magic in the press/media and political circles. Aziz is more media savvy with the press unlike Khairy who must realise that the bottomless pit is staring at him if he continues making unnecessary statements in his tweets. 

We are not trying to play the peacemaker here but as political leaders we have a right to come out with the right statement and not justs blasting out as and when we feel we must do. Politicians are the peoples voice but when they simply blah blah blah they will in time be even labelled and given the honour of being ” TOO EGOISTIC AND POWER HUNGRY ” 

We dont know Khairy too well but know enough to paint a picture of him. Those who are closely associated with him knows that he is a man in a hurry and he will stop at nothing to overcome those who put a barrier infrontof him.

It is not wrong for Aziz to issue this statement to the press,”We are disappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011” Aziz is doing what any good politician knows what is bests for his country.

Aziz continued,”his lack of knowledge of history or sensitivity towards Sarawak Barisan national component parties. Aziz also said that Khairy’s comment has an element of inciting division between Putrajaya and Sarawak

Khairy you need to EXPLAIN FURTHER ……

Khairy you need to Say Sorry to SUPP……

Khairy you need to ask WHY YOU SAID THAT….

There are many who are baying for your blood Khairy and unless you put it right this 2011 Sarawak State elections will come back and haunt you. We are not psychic but…

We at audie61 squad are always available and we know justs a little thing or two more when you approach the local territories ,terrain and not forgetting local customs plus traditions . A KL advertisng firm in Kuching for a candidate found it a little too late when they took no notice of us. Its the candidates loss and he cant explain it to his bosses.

On another note we remember one particular blogger who even said,”I was the person who brought KJ down” Did he tell you in the face KJ..??

Big No and please dont get offended. Khairy as UMNO Youth Chief you need to put the wrong perceptions about you right and learn from one master in the person of CM Taib,”Swallow your pride and you will be a better person in time to come.” It is proven right in Sarawak and 35 PBB seats intact in the 2011 elections is no mean feat.

Khairy or KJ your call now….. 

PM Najib,CM Taib”Similarities-Prerogative..Hmmm..”

In politics when one sits at the helm there will come a time when decisions made are for the bests of interests for the whole TEAM. Najib is clearly in that mold when he masterly used the art of “DIVIDE AND RULE CONCEPT” for the PPP crisis. He was officating at the 56th PPP annual general assemblyand the phrase he used sounds too familiar.

CM Taib and Najib are all using the word PREROGATIVE which no one would surely question. This is the extract from Malaysiakini portal,”In an apparent move to appear neutral in the PPP dispute, Najib said the appointment of deputy ministers are his sole prerogative and that Murugiah was someone supportive of BN.

“He is not somebody who is against BN. He is very supportive of BN, its policies and leadership,” he said.

The question on most Sarawak political analysts lips is that now,” Will Larry Sng (Assistant Minister In CM Taibs cabinet be saved by the PM’s very words of Prerogative.?” This remains to be answered as speculations are that of an imminent Sarawak cabinet reshuffle. Seems Larry is very much a BN Man. Dont you agree..??

We will not know just yet what is in the mind of CM Taib and Larry will be hoping that he is still maintained. PRS and James Masing will surely look at this development very closely.

We say as always,”PM and CM obviously knows what is bests. We need not question should we..??”

We’ve said”Khairy Not So Easily written off”


On October 18th 2008 I wrote  “Khairy’s days are numbered”. Today against all odds when many within UMNO “Khairy,Oooh No way and also NOooo chance.. ” he proved them all wrong. First of all we congratulate those who always proves otherwise.

This we wrote thenon 18/10/08,”A veteran politician said to me over coffee at the MCA assembly,” He is being pushed to the wall and he will come out fighting.Believe me.” I smiled and said to myself and Khairy himself an Oxford graduate will have learnt the ‘British Bulldog spirit” and learnt from Sir Winston Churchill,”Victory at all costs,victory however long and hard the road maybe,for without victory there is no survival.”  So do you think Khairy’s days are NUMBERED..?  

Why had I so much FAITH  in the man Khairy..? Maybe its the British 4 seasons weather and education that has had an affect on our lives and as fighters we always come out fighting. I dislike  the word “AP” “Angkat P….” or “Apple Polishing” but when they are good and when the walls are caving in these qualities will shine. Khairy has shown it and many others too before him..Kuddos to those who believe in the “Perserverance the mother of All Successes

So Khairy Jamaluddin has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by winning the much-coveted Umno Youth chief. His 304 votes was  a majority 50 against Mohd Khir Toyo (254) and 72 over Mukhriz Mahathir (232).  Related article:-

We say as always,” Good man will always come out fighting no matter what obstacles are infront of them. You can’t keep a good man SILENT..Remember That.”GIVE CREDIT WHEN IT’s DUE…  

Khairy’s “Days are Numbered”

If this Malaysiakini report which has headlined “Arrest Khairy under ISA” was to be put up in cyber space before March 8 2008 there will only be one consequence. What will happen..? Do I need to elaborate.? Perak delegate Ting Tai Fook dared even to today called on the authorities to detain Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for making racist remarks. Believe it or not Khairy was one of the VIPs present. Has Ting been consistently following RPK blogs that he is putting himself as one who also subscribes to being”NO HOLDS BARRED”

Seems that he knows that Khairy is losing his invincibility as the two main reasons are Firstly,Khairy seems to be under attack from Tun Mahathir who seems to love to attack Khairy and his fourth floor boys.Secondly,even the UMNO youth divisions have summoned their courage and endorsed quickly Muhkriz Mahathir with 44 votes to Khairy’s 23 nominations presently.

Ting took Khairy, who is also the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, to task over his remarks concerning the ratio of the bumiputera and non-bumiputera quota on scholarships. He said such remarks were not only condoned by the Umno leadership but also paved the way for Ahmad to make similar offensive remarks. 

The pressure that is put on Khairys shoulders is immense and it will be a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT for him to overcome it. The view from many political pundits is that Khairy needs to show ,”What is his own LEADERSHIP QUALITIES.?” He needs to fight all the barrage of criticisms,all accusations which are being hurled,his overzealous ways in the Badawi administration and above all the Mahathir factor.

A veteran politician said to me over coffee at the MCA assembly,” He is being pushed to the wall and he will come out fighting.Believe me.” I smiled and said to myself and Khairy himself an Oxford graduate will have learnt the ‘British Bulldog spirit” and learnt from Sir Winston Churchill,”Victory at all costs,victory however long and hard the road maybe,for without victory there is no survival.”  So do you think Khairy’s days are NUMBERED..?  

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UMNO and BN Rejected,Don’t Worry,Mukhriz is here…

Speaking to Malaysiakini tv/video Mukhriz Mahathir seems to have sung the right tune and hit the right notes as he was given an assailable lead after the 1st round of nominations. His closest Khairy Jamaluddin will need to secure at least 19 more to be eligible to contest for the posts as UMNO youth Chief in March. The Malaysiakini report which can be read Tense weekend ahead for Khairy which he needs to find a cure plus an antidote for his abysmmal showing so far.

Mukhriz looks very laidback as compared to his father Tun Mahathir and he did mention to reporters that basically he has two differences with his father. Firstly, Tun Has resigned from UMNO but he is still inside while the other he supports Najib as future PM and Tuns choice is Tengku Razaleigh. Good positioning and correct call and this political alignment with the powers to be makes him acceptable to the divisional youths. 

His call is simple as he knows that UMNO in particular and BN in general is losing the momentum and if there are no reengineering or reinventions with close to a million new voters for the next General Elections it is a fact that BN will lose. He reiterated,”ITS A FACT THAT WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH.” 

As for his contributions to the Youth Wing he needs to restore the confidence of young people in UMNO and BN in general and there are lot of people who believes in his way forward. We know that the among some reasons why UMNO and BN  did badly in the last GE are the weaknesses within the coalition and there are steps to rectify all these weaknesses. It augurs well for the man who aspires to lead the UMNO Youth Wing and if he succeeds he has already spelt it out.

  1. Open Membership as wide as possible. Unfortunately although its quite simple to be a member there seem to be “RED TAPE” At this particular moment it s easy for a malay to join any party he likes. Of course,any opposition parties are wooing them over and there needs and he sees a need to REVAMP the membership drive in order to gain more members.
  2. After having them in as members there needs to given enough and adequate knowledge about UMNO’s history,the partys struggle so far and the independance struggle at this particular moment and where we are going from hereon. We must ensure that the members are not joining for the sake of just being members without having ‘EMPATHY and FEELING” for the struggle itself.
  3. He feels that UMNO as a political party needs to solve peoples problems. WHY BE A POLITICAL PARTY IF YOU ARE NOT DOING THAT..?? Young people particularly has tons of problems. We have to be seen to connect with them by way of coming up with adequate SOLUTIONS.

Khairy has offered himself as he says on his own strengths and the PMs decision does and will have little effect on UMNOs youth members decisions to choose their leaders for the next term. He said that in any contests he is mindful and any factors influencing their votes but he hopes that they will be able to assess his record in its own right without attaching any sentiments.  

So the politics of DEMONISATION is alive and kicking in Malaysia and we look forward to the healthy UMNO Youth battles between the aspiring candidates. Mukhriz and Kahiry needs to overcome all the obstacles and mud slinging which will surface in the following months. UMNO and BN stands to benefit if the right leader is chosen and Pakatan will be watching this developments with interests….Over to you youth boys.. Unfortunately,It’s not my CALL….

“What’s in the Name…?”

In politics who you are is of vital importance. Legacies are a yardstick to measure how far and what one can do in the ‘dog-eat dog” world of politics. Are we all surprised when we see this Malaysiakini report Jerlun MP Mukhriz Mahathir first checks in Mukhriz is afteall the son of ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad. Doesn’t the name Khairy Jamaluddin,Khir Toyo or Zahidi Zainul Abidin mean anything to the youth wing of UMNO? 

Surely not, at this present moment in time as Khairy Jamaludin has so far obtained only 20 nominations while Zahid has one and Khir has 11 nominations as compared to Mukhriz who has sufficiently crossed the line with 39 nominations. To qualify for election due to be held at the Umno annual general assembly next March, candidates for the Youth No 1 post need to secure a minimum of 38 nominations.

 So what does this tell us? Do we need to elaborate further? Are the 4th floor boys losing touch with their charm? Have they underestimated the influence of Dr. Mahathir? Was PM’s early handing over a wrong calculated move which has affected Khairy’s machinery?

Mahathir’s POT SHOTS  which he said Khairy would employ undemocratic methods to ensure his victory must have reached GROUND LEVEL. However, Khairy needs to fully concentrate and wholeheartedly give his all in his quest to be the Youth Chief of UMNO come March 2009. The name Mukhriz Mahathir means more than something but its up to Khairy to shake the impending dynasty down. The warlords in UMNO has set the traps and obstacles down for the son in law of outgoing PM Badawi. The challenge is thus thrown out in the open and its up to Khairy to put up a fight. If not he might as well kiss his political career GOODBYE AND SAYONARA………….

“DONT PUSH IT” ~ Malaysiakini

When Tun Mahathir said in this Malaysiakini report he keeps on taking a swipe at his appointed “successor’. He must already know that no two persons are of the same character,ability and have his own ways of dealing with and solving problems. I’m sure, if Tun just take a backseat and have a happy retirement and do not keep on knocking the youths this will not happen. I for one believe in “Unleashing the Potential of Youths” meaning making use of their God Given Intellectual minds to assist us in the “areas’ which we lack.

Management I studied, and passed with flying colours but in the Technological and Information fields I still need my team the younger group of Cindy,Natasha,Bugi Wijaya, Roslan, Khatijah and the rests in audie61. A football team has 11 players and PM has his on team and if one or two of his team falls out of line ‘changes” are needed to gell it back like “clockwork.” 

PM needs his team and if his team is attacked he also defends. Its only natural instincts as we are all “HUMAN” and not robots. This statement,””Everyone knows about the 4th Floor and the role of (Abdullah’s son-in-law and Umno Youth deputy chief) Khairy Jamaluddin’s cronies in determining policies and deciding on the business activities of the country.” “People consider these arrogant young people as contributing to the poor performance of the prime minister.

We have said in our earlier article on September 9th 2008 which reads,” What is this? The PM has already said STOP IT! STOP IT! What more does everyone want until he starts taking the necessary action like” ARRESTING AND PUTTING EVERYONE CONNECTED WITH RACISM INSIDE-MEANING IN JAIL” It’s Malaysia’s choice to “prolong” whereby the country will have to face the consequences or STOP IT !! 

Now even Muhyddin his senior Minister in the cabinet has openly said,”Im willing to face the consequences.” Anwar opposition political leader has constantly threatened to stage a political coup with Barisan MPs crossing over to the opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat. What does PM do..?  STAND AND JUST FACE THE FIRING SQUAD..I don’t think so and he as a human being has his limits and he has been pushed to the edge.

We are all “livid,angry,burning with emotions” but we all know that there is so much that a person can take. If PM is being attacked from all angles he just cannot sit and watch it fall to pieces. Obviously his team of political strategists and analysist are summoned to check and balance up the ATTACKS and quell it down. Even Zaid Ibrahim and NS Menteri Besar Mohamed Hassan who are very much team players in PMs football team have come up fighting together with their captain and tell their fellow team mates to respect the teams decision.

PM who has been under attack needs to solidify his support and he will know which buttons to push and which soldier to come out fighting for him. The 4th floor boys and the Generals and Liuetenants he has will keep him afloat and Im pretty sure of that…. Thats POLITICAL REALITY and do not push it………….You ask yourself first before you knock others,” IF you are push to the limit like PM what do you do..He is HUMAN TOO..Please..?”