“Would you like a Cup of Cappucino…?”

It’s very British if you say,” Let’s have tea..” Suddenly it seems the shores of England Cappucino is the favoured drink in the afternoon. How times have changed and how the connections and flavours have taken off. Has the Serie A losts its sting to the English PremierLeague. Wow! It’s an influx of Who’s Who in Italian Football heading to the British Isles. 

Heading the lists of Italians landing the top football Management posts are Fabio Capello (England) Gianfranco Zola( West Ham) Carlo Ancelotti( Chelsea) and now Manchester City has added Roberto Mancini to the lists.

The recent upsurge of Italians to the Managers seat comes after the 1st revolution of Italian football superstars to play in the English Premier League.  Top Football Managers in EPL in the last twenty years has been dominated by Alex Ferguson (Scottish) Kenny Dalgish (Scottish) George Graham(Scottish) Aresen Wenger(French).

Now  it seems that Fabio Capello would have three of his countryman helping him to chart  Englands World Cup Dreams  in Next Years World Cup in South Africa. The English are ready to pick up this new trend of having a cup of cappucino plus having lasagna,pizza nd sphagetti to achieve their World Cup Dream.

Times have changed eversince the days when I was a first year student in the UK when the landlady said to me in the afternoons,”Lets have Tea..” Are you ready for the Change and Move  on to Cappucino…hmmm hik hik hik….??