Sarawak”The Target Group”

After the successful historic launching of the GPS Logo and the Convoy Rally across Sarawak covering  the full distance from the Northern tip of Sarawak to the South criss-crossing divisions the message is clear.

The Hard work begins now if not it already has begun. 

The Reality has Set in and that Sarawak GPS is on its own. 

A political analyst added this comment,”We must be conscious on our effort what is happening now rather than constantly compare it with the past. Sarawak Parties were massively spoilt at that time under the BN umbrella

It’s a GOOD THING that they have removed themselves from the clutches of a Federal Coalition.  They will be FEARS but its a good sign as we all know.”FEAR COMES FROM THE PURSUIT OF SURVIVAL.”

During times of political uncertainties GPS needs to be aware of the challengers ahead and pin point areas of concerns in weaknesses and also to capitalise on their strength of a ruling Sarawak Government. Doing so they will be triumphant and victorious when the next State elections are called.

It’s not easy but the leaders within the coalition will know how,what and when to use these strategies.

The 82 Seats on offer will have their own sets of problems and to a attain winnability will very much so depends on the respective coalitions and also fielding the right political candidates involved for the people to represent them for the next 5 YEARS in the State Assembly..

Senior PBB Vice President of PBB Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof who was a former PBB Youth leader praised the organisers for a job well done but echoed that ,”GPS would go to all villagers across the state in the hope of making sure the people of Sarawak are and will be with GPS.” 

A PBB assemblyman chipped in and said most of the GPS YBs if not all ,”they have not stop working and the State Authorities are the ones now who needs to ensure that their works are delivered and executed.

He has also identified his own areas of weakness and knows that there will be tremendous onslaught from the PH side. He is working on the ground,engaging and ensuring that his constituency and constituents will remain with GPS.

Past Data’s going into PRN12 he said are guidelines for figures and facts but Political Perception will have a major and determining factor.

We must walk our talk.

The Question on the Ground would be,” 

If GPS delivers the people will not want to change just for change?

He uses the analogy,” To govern a country,enrich the people first. A country where people are happy and able to live together is easy to govern. A country where there is political chaos it is difficult to govern. 

How do we know it’s true?

Sarawakians love their country and they respect the government which has looked after their needs and wants and do not want political uncertainties to govern their daily life.

CM Sarawak Abang Jo reiterate during his speech at the launching,” Today under the Leadership of GPS we are going to lead Sarawak the Sarawakians way only by Sarawakians, and most importantly to continue fighting and safeguarding Sarawak rights.

He was very BOLD AND CLEAR to also say this,” We are now a Partner to MALAYA we can still work with them including the Federal Government but as long as our rights are protected.

The FEEL GOOD Statement by the CM and the celebrity launching is all good and well but there remains areas of concerns.

A journalist at the PBB Wanita Press conference did not mince her words when she asked the PBB Wanita Chief Fatimah,’Increase membership. Is there any target? Is this for WOMEN only?

The Wanita Chief did not answer her question on the real membership strength of the wing but instead quoted the full membership of PBB.

Journalists we all know are hell bent to get the answers to fill the pages for their tabloids and to please their editors and sensing a killing some are persistent to ensure they get what they want which is also their TARGET.

The PBB Wanita Chief however was quick witted and her political acumen came into play when she immediately replied and deflected the TARGET question,” Mesyuarat ini we discussed on the game change in the  political scenario. The Focus activities from now until election  time and our strength is to make sure that the CONFIDENCE..SEMANGAT yang ada,harus sentiasa berkorba-korba tidak ada runtuh, sehingga Pilihan Raya yang akan datang.

There will be many challengers and concerns for GPS as the PH Coalition targets mostly on political questions to try to derail and create shoddiness for the ruling GPS assemblyman/women.

PH  knows Sarawakians are highly intellect and are not ‘fools to just be entrapped” but they will do their utmost to try to create political perception and propaganda to sway the target group to their advantage. 

917ff26c-b956-4489-9939-3d8791dfc8ffA former Minister in Charge of Social development for a good 12 years and currently still an assemblyman in Pakan was asked to comment on this subject matter.

He said ,”Firstly,he congratulated the youths in Rentap,Snowdon,Allen for taking the initiative and carrying out the rally road show. We must also not forget Michael Tiang from SUPP and Robert Ayu from PDP and also those in the wanita wing who was also very significant in the roles they played throughout the course of the rally. 

Secondly,this Tidal Wave Movement has a Rippling effect and he continued that we must be consistent and also reach out. Have we really reach out to the Youth which WE MUST. NEVER MISS OUT THE TARGET GROUP.

He cautions that if we miss out on the youth which covers young men and women who will be voting in the PRN12 there will be problems a plenty.

We often hear the people saying that it is tantamount to “SEMUA SYIOK SENDIRI SAHAJA” so the TARGET VOTING youth is still top priority for GPS and a membership drive and detailed breakdown is a necessity to remain relevant for the people to vote us back in.

If all the figures are correct and the GPS ruling government executes and delivers all its promises there is no reason whatsoever for the people to reject GPS.

The Rally which is a success and now the hard work plus engagements at all levels with the constituents must be ongoing . Coordination and communication remains very important elements for this PRN12.

The present assemblyman must be on the ground to deter any advantage whatsoever to the PH . In other words now,’It’s hands on and ensure the TARGET group remain safely as votes in the bag. 

CM Abang Jo says the assemblyman from Pakan hit the right note for Sarawakians to ponder on,’ Sarawak unlike Peninsular does not have extreme politicians and the state has been fair to all irrespective of race.

We respect and understand one another. We have to preserve such Sarawakian way of lifestyle.

Mawan himself is a true advocate of multi racial society living harmoniously together and he also praised the GPS Chairman and Chief Minister for this statement.

No doubt it will be hard work and testing time for all GPS assemblyman but getting the right mix and the TARGET GROUP will ensure that they will survive and continue to serve the people of their constituencies.


Is New Wine Better than Old?

A DAP Sarawak Youth leader was quoted to have said in an internet portal that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) was actually Barisan Nasional (BN) old wine in new bottle.

PBB Publicity Chief Datuk Idris Buang came out to rebuke this by saying to him that he should look into at Pakatan Harapan’s leaders and component parties before he comes out with this statement.

Sure enough, there was a lot criticisms and comments directed to the DAPSY leaders statement and in a way this is another way of diverting the truth that is happening within the country. 

There is even an explanation on a nice caricature image which we picked up from the ever reliable cyber world. Let’s take our front row seats and enjoy the popcorns while it last.

We know technology is a tool which must not be abused but sometimes it helps to explain certain situations in perspective.


An extracted statement below from an Internet portal will send some of our thoughts wondering into cyberspace and whether our MINDS have been misled.

Extracted fully:- 

After eight months of taking over federal power, a political analyst today noted that there has a general sense of disappointment with the performance of the Pakatan Harapan government.

Associate Profesor Bridget Welsh said with race relations continuing to be an underlying factor in the Malaysian political landscape, Harapan has indirectly sidelined some of its existing support base.

“Unlike US President Donald Trump who had responded to his political base and hold on to power, in Malaysia we don’t see that.

“So all sides are somewhat disappointed,” Welsh said at a forum organised as part of Help University’s Conversation on National Issues series themed “Building a New Malaysia: Agendas and Aspirations”.

Despite Harapan’s long list of promises, Welsh likened the country’s current state to the situation in Myanmar where expected democratic reforms have slowed down to almost a halt.

Welsh, who described the situation as being deeply worrying, attributed the general public disappointment to an overall fragmentation of the society and Harapan government’s perceived focus on attempts to increase Malay representation in Parliament.

In the ongoing nation-building process in a new Malaysia, Welsh noted that it is important to resolve the issue of leadership and move towards a peaceful transition of power from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, as has been reportedly planned.

“We have a power struggle going on for the succession between Mahathir and Anwar.

“This is one which has been going on and being fueled largely by people around them,” she said.

“It is a product of lack of trust between individuals within the system and this has actually been quite destabilising for the nation,” she noted.

Mahathir had repeatedly reassured that he would honour his “promise” to handover powers to Anwar.

The Port Dickson MP, meanwhile, had similarly called for an end to speculations of a rift between him and Mahathir.

Commenting further, Welsh projected possible scenarios of how the succession could play out, including a “numbers game” situation where she said both Mahathir and Anwar are currently at a stalemate.

“They will have to work together as neither individuals have enough numbers on their own. They are dependent on each other.

“But unfortunately the situation is fluid, many people don’t see that,” she said.

“Efforts to win people to different sides is ongoing and a lot of ‘frogging’ is ongoing,” said Welsh in reference to a spike in post-GE14 crossovers, mostly from Umno to Bersatu.

Responding to rumours of alleged attempts to boost Bersatu’s strength against other Harapan parties, its’ deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir had previously stressed that the party will not open its doors to Umno lawmakers looking to cause a rift within Harapan.

On the role of Umno and PAS as part of the opposition front, Welsh said the former has been rendered unviable following its election loss, while the latter’s Islamist stand is untenable as a national party.

Former G25 member Tawfik Ismail, who was also on discussion panel, expressed similar concerns on the “shared Umno genes” within Bersatu and other Malay-based parties in Malaysia.

“By accepting Umno into Bersatu you get the ghosts of Umno haunting you,” said the former Umno Sungai Benut MP, who noted that it would be very difficult to break apart culture of political patronage long associated with the largest Malay-party in Malaysia.

The first session of its kind to be organised by Help University, the panel also featured former ambassador Redzuan Kushairi, G25 member Sheriff Mohd Kassim, HELP University deputy vice-chancellor Prof Dr Zakaria Ahmad and Price Water House Coopers Malaysia partner Patrick Tay.

“Lest We Forget, Tengok Belakang Sikit”


Even before the Grand Launching of Gabungan Parti Sarawak ( GPS) the stage has already been set for demands to be met to appease certain members of the coalition. 

It has been reported widely and commented also by political analysts in the news media, political blogs and it does seem to be cornering the dominant party in PBB.

The coalition partners in GPS are trying their utmost to arrest the shortcomings in the beginning even before ‘negotiations” are tabled to be discussed. In short according to this headlined:-



Didn’t we hear the this kind of statement being uttered previously by the President of PDP towards his coalition partner and its extracted fully from the print media dated October 26th 2018,”it is shocking that a leader of one of the component parties decided to rock the boat instead of consolidating the ruling coalition’s power.

Tiong, who is Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president, said this when asked for his reaction to the recent outburst by Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri James Masing when demanded for more even distribution of state seats among the GPS component parties.”

We refresh our readers further with this extracted statement

“Masing said there should not be a dominant party in GPS having more than half of the assemblymen in the State Legislative Assembly.

Masing pointed out that GPS must allow other parties to be involved and have their say.

In response, Abdul Karim, who is PBB vice-president, said: “If PRS feels that being a part of GPS would be too unbearable, they can always politely opt not to be a member

“You cannot call yourself a friend but at the same time tell your friend off. There are limits that PBB can take.”

Karim is spot on when he said this ,”These matters are supposed to be discussed in closed-door among ‘members’ who aspire to to be part of this coalition.

He meant it very well in a political sense as he does not want the dirty linens to be hung up for the opposition to capitalise. 

According to an Emeritus Professor he questioned the “operatives behind” the statements of the Party Presidents. They could be drilling into their minds by even having the audacity of equal distribution of seats amongst the 4 Parties.

Could this Happen,”82 seats divided equally amongst the 4 parties?”

Of course it will be far fetched and don’t rule this out as GPS is venturing into the unknown too.

Wan Junaidi, a former federal minister and former PBB supreme council member was also quoted to have said,”There is no point getting more allocation of seats but lose them to the opposition,” 

An aide to former MP Saratok even added in that PDP according to informed sources is none existent after the last GE14.

The party in Saratok area is as good as giving a free ride to PKR to win “tanpa bertanding in PRN12”

What has the party done to wrestle back Krian? What’s the Plan for the Saratok area in Totality?

They talk about the seats and trying to claim which are won by now the PBB incumbents in Bekenu, Batu Danau and Pakan. They have named SG Balan Rining to wrestle back Ba’kelalan from PKR Incumbent and Federal Works Minister in Baru Bian. 

I ask the party to “TENGOK BELAKANG SIKIT”

What happened in the last PRN11 and GE14?

It was also the “Last March for Barisan Nasional Coalition in Saratok, and in Malaysia” 

The party losts to PKR Ali Biju in the State Seat PRN11 and also the Federal Seat in PR14.

bn3The aide continued by quoting State Minister and also Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (BPP) vice president Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah,”

He said PDP president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing was trying to rock the boat when indicating that PDP would not only be reclaiming three seats – Pakan, Batu Danau and Bekenu – from PBB but also aiming to stake claim on two others held by other components of GPS.

“I fully agree (that Tiong is rocking GPS boat). I hope PDP and Tiong (also Bintulu MP) could think more towards winning for GPS than just for their own (PDP) only.

PDP now holds only three state seats – Tasik Biru, Marudi and Meluan and they should concentrate their resources on maintaining these seats instead of going all,”‘gungho” by the “operatives behind.”

We know that it is the parties right to request for its’ traditional and former seats but it must be done through closed door and consensus.


Many are using this technology to convey the message across first and create a ripple effect. 

SUPP too has come out openly to claim Opar,Mambong and Engkilil and Dr,Jerip who is Deputy President of Party Bersatu Bersatu (PSB) has said he left it to the wise decisions and full confidence of the Chief Minister for accommodating the GPS plus members.

GPS knows that it is a daunting task as it faces the next State elections as PH Sarawak has the full backing of the Federal government.

Every seat is now crucial for GPS and “lest we forget” about the lessons learnt in the last GE14.

When we wrote the article,”


we asked a Senior member of the GPS fold for his political insights and statement. He said for GPS to maintain relevance in Sarawak and especially to the rakyat,”There must not be Personal Feelings or Glory or even Individual Component Parties Pride going into PRN12.

There must also not be questions on how to run the coalition by openly fighting in and out and also within the parties involved and making terms to suit themselves.

This would be a clear cut for death.

Currently, the GPS ruling coalition controls 72 out of the 82 seat in the State legislative Assembly.

We certainly do not want a spilled over effect and if this happens it will be also a Last March for…..


Are we getting the Changes we Voted For?

Malaysians went to polls on May 9th 2018 and the Barisan Nasional Coalition was voted out of power. In an unprecedented victory, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, which had been the country’s federal Opposition prior to the election, won a simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

What has Happened Since ?


Extracted fully from an Internet Portal

We ushered in the new government with much pomp. Now I understand changing the government may be much easier than making the new government work.

I can see reactionary forces gradually taking centre stage. The ideals of Pakatan Harapan are either being sidelined or misinterpreted.

We think we are being democratic and tolerant by allowing racists and bigots to instigate and rant all day without considering the adverse consequences of such antics.

We have a politician advocating “winning by hook or by crook” and we think it is alright. The irony is this person is now entrusted to revamp our electoral system. Are we for real?

We have Cabinet ministers making statements on the succession plan for the prime minister, probably out of their own insecurity rather than for the stability and effectiveness of the PH government.

Why not urge Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim to work together instead of trying to pit them against each other?

Seriously, I think it is neither the place nor the occasion for any minister to make any comment when the prime minister himself has said he will relinquish the post to Anwar, probably within two years.

Any other comment probably implies bad faith and a personal agenda.

We respect the smokers’ right to protest and to take legal action against the government, but we are hesitant to right the wrong over the many protracted cases and issues inherited from the previous government, which include repressive laws, unsolved cases and unresolved grievances.

Every day we talk about insurmountable problems — scandals, debts, wastage, poor governance, etc, but have we even begun to harvest some of the low-hanging fruit?

Not only have we not solved the problems in the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN), we are even trying to create new ones.

The tolls are as expensive as petrol on a per kilometre basis in Malaysia. Yet, all we can do is to freeze the increase but with compensation from the national coffers paid to concessionaires.

We blamed the previous government for “bribing” and for feeding the vote bank, but do we not see the same antics being used now?

Every day, it is special payments here, special subsidies there. Hello, please don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Everybody must work and everybody must earn a living.

Previously, when the government did something wrong, there were many vocal critics. Now, we don’t even have vocal critics around anymore. All are too busy trying to join the bandwagon.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.