Sedition “Who is going to be Charged Then.??”

Nobody is above the law. if there has been overzealous reporting or “usually they say misquoted statement” there must be a FOLLOW-UP Press release. In this case the Acting Police Chief has come out strongly to defend himself.

After reading the extracted article below netcitizens and bloggers would have a clearer picture.


Extracted from Malaysiakini


Selangor acting police chief A Thaiveegan has denied stating that the police would use the Sedition Act against those who spread photographs with regard to the shower room canteen imbroglio.

Selangor deputy police chief A ThaiveeganIn a Sin Chew Daily report, Thaiveegan (right) claimed that he was misquoted by a “certain newspaper”.

According to the police chief, he had not said anything to the effect of using the Sedition Act.

Yesterday, Utusan Online (below) reported that Thaiveegaan in stating that those who spread the photos could be investigated under the Sedition Act, warned that such images could result in provocation and racial conflict.

“Police would not hesitate to take action against those found spreading seditious information about the school over the social network,” he was quoted as saying.

A check on Utusan Online today revealed that while the URL for the online article still carried the original headline regarding Thaiveegan’s threat, the content has however been replaced with an unrelated story.

The pictures of non-Muslim children of SK Seri Pristana having their meals in the shower room during the current fasting month have been posted on various social networks over the past three days, and have angered netizens.
NONEImages uploaded on Facebook on Monday show the pupils sitting around tables set up in their school’s shower room.
The school authorities have been accused of forcing the children to eat in the makeshift dining room, located next to the toilets.
However, it was later reported that the school canteen has been closed for renovation while Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan denied that the matter was related to race or religion.