Najib”When You Say You Love Me”

Vincent Tan an astute businessman who sees the Football Betting World as a Lucrative goldmine has been hit hard with news from UMNO Supreme Council that the ‘Ascot Football Licence has been rejected.”

His close partner Najib could not do much as within UMNO itself there are so many warlords and they know that the party is under attack and both hands are not clapping in unison. On one hand the President Najib has indicated that the Football Licence will be approved and the other the party is welcoming 40 Ulama’s to its fold.

UMNO needs to show the Ulamas entry into the party was a ‘viable vehicle to uphold Islam and its values’. The choice was simple.Politics Won on the Day in Question. Ascot Football Licence will be put to the


Vincent Tan is at crossroads but knowing he will not be defeated so easily he will come out with another way of clinching the deal. Will he dare to…


He will be contend for now though to sing Josh Grobans Song to Najib.”Suddenly I am Falling, Lost in a Dream” You say those words and my heart stops beating. ( LICENCE REJECT………}How far we’ve come and I celebrate every moment.

Do you know how I love you..Najib?

Oooh- Aaah People Power.”

SNAP “Over-excited Reporting”

SNAP is definitely a VERY HOT ITEM in the political menu this week in Sarawak. Italy’s exit from the 2010 World Cup as defending champions did not even lift an eyelid. SNAP is indeed a surprise while Italy had it coming for them and the writings were already crystal clear on the football wall.  

Wow! This must be an over excited journalism GENUINE mistake or Is this the NEW SARAWAK ENGLISH. {too bad for Borneo posts says a reader} We on our part as audie61 do try our bests too to check out the dictionary and on line Wikipedia for spellings but sometimes our grammar does need to be corrected before posting.

We are not PURR FECT….hik hik

By the way before we make any comparisons/single out .. always remember what is a BLOG..?? Do we need to tell ourselves….hmmm

When posed with a question on the matter, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is state BN chairman, said: “A lot of waters ( water )have gone under the bridge. I have to discuss it with the other component parties because SNAP did not go out just like that.

{ Could CM have said WATERS..? PLURAL?} 

This is FRONT PAGE MATERIAL and if mistakes keeps appearing our children and the future of Malaysia will suffer. Correct us if we are wrong and we know that we use words like ” There has been a lot of water….”

Its Friday this is a way of easing our pain,” arrivedercci Italia

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“Gutsy”Cameroon” Out..!!”

No matter how we feel for Cameroon the fact remains that “THEY ARE THE FIRST TEAM TO BE ELIMINATED” in this 2010 World Cup. Cameroon has the distinction of being the first for the wrong reason unlike the winner of this competition in July.

All the first(1st)booking, red card,goal,penalty saved,headed goal etc will be in the annals of this years 2010 World Cup. Immediatedly after the game we tweeted,” Cameroon 1st team to be eliminated. Holland through. Denmark v Japan winner enters round 16th. Japan draw they go through goal differance. Congratulations to Holland for being the first team through to round 16th. 15 places left up for grabs .”

It’s sad but this world only remembers winners and achievers. Those who losts even by a whisker only share that moment of time while the Accolades will be showered on the Winners.

Cameroon gave us a “Gutsy” display and played their hearts out and we are proud to have witness a very entertaining fast flowing game of football unlike the previous games on offer. The country will mourn their exit from the world cup but they will hopefully come out stronger and better prepared in the years to come.

Who else will follow Cameroon. 15 others will suffer the same FATE.

“48 years …..??”

No one can write this script. One involves CM Taib and the other Switzerland. The Football commentor had all the cheek in the world to say,”Spain needs to teach Switzerland how to play Football” Ooops.. when it was goalless.THE LESSON FROM SPAIN..Its like this “Switzerland..This Round ” THING ” is what we call Football.Pass it around beautifully,you only need to put the ball in between the posts and  score and you win. Spain OMG…??

CM Taib after 48 years at the helm informed everyone that.” The State elections will be held on a Saturday” It seems most political observers will be counting how many ‘Saturdays” to come. Could it be the first Saturday of the English Premier League which will be the 14th of August. Hari Raya will be on September 10th 2010. However Feng Shui Experts seems to say that 10/10/10 a Sunday is an auspicious day. Whatever it is 48 years of being in politics he knows more than a thing or two and he will choose the day and no one else. “SATURDAY…hik hik hik”

Switzerland (150-1) after 48 years taught Spain( 7/2) how to put the ball in the net. Spain was a delight to watch but especially frustrating where it matters mosts . Switzerland created the headlines and will present a paper to Spain,” How not to underestimate your opponents..?”

CM Taib has not underestimated the opposition all this while and he knows any wrong move and overcomplacency will see an end to his reign of 48 years. BN has a number of sticky issues to overcome and the window is closing fasts to call the State elections before May 2011.  

The differance between 48 years Experience in politics and football are goalposts apart. CM Taib is still the main player while the Switzerland Team is new,young and fresh faced. What has worked for Switzerland as it shocked Spain 1-0 will not work in determining the end result of Sarawak Elections. That was just one game while the Sarawak elections there are 71 games.

These 71 State seats will hold the finals and the PEOPLE will determine the result. Now the aspiring 71 candidates from both political divide needs to impress that they are capable and not be shamed and shocked when the votes are counted.

48 years in Politics is a mean achievement…..

DAP Sarawak “Bola-Land..??”

The FIFA World Cup has got everyone involved every inch of the way. Even the news of “Malim Nawar state assemblyman Keshvinder Singh resignation from DAP Perak to become a Barisan Nasional-friendly independent has not caught the imagination of the public in Sarawak. ”

 He KENA BOLA LAH..We have heard and seen too many political stories to lasts us a lifetime says a political watcher. But FIFA World Cup is once every four years and when it happens it reminds us that we have aged ( 4 ) four years.”

Even DAP Sarawak MP Chong Chieng Jin is finding it difficult to sell his ‘SEMINAR” on the landcode this weekend at the DAP headquarters at 7.30pm. He even went further by saying,” Please attend, it will only be Holldand vs. Japan at that time, so not much to miss.” Please MP “HOLLAND “also cannot spell kah..? {Done DELIBERATELY..Hmmm please dont sue me. }Someone out there will be very angry as it could be their favourite team.


The talk of the town is obviously how well,”The German team has played and the way they carve out the poor Aussies” DAP Chong obvioulsy knows that the fever has certainly hit mosts Kuchingnites and there must be a contingency plan by even shifting the seminar to an earlier time.Has he dont {done}that..??

Maybe this { these }remarks from the two teams which was posted in the FACEBOOK could sway his mind.The people are the ones who put him there in the first place and he can remove himself after elected as and when he pleases like the Perak DAP assemblyman. 

These two statements one from a lady and the other an ardent Football fan sits in nicely especially when Holland takes on Japan. Just coincidental that audie61 crew came across and here we have it.

On Japan-Japan is already World Champion with this first 11 : Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mitsuoka, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Mazda, Nissan, Daihatsu and Isuzu. {comments Must be, hence the performance }

 On Holland-Will Holland bring us to “holland”? { comments “holland” so many time by them get used to it already..what is one more time” }

Even PKR Stampin has got into the act in BOLA=LAND { BOLA-LAND }with this headlines Sarawakians”lets support Bafana-Bafana-


{ Amended accordingly our spelling and grammar:-Oops sorry }

The “Howler the Bookies Loved”

The end result is what matters in football matches. True,everyone in the football fraternity sympathises with Rob Green for his”Howler” which also cursed former England keepers in David Seaman, Paul Robinson and Scott Carson. They have lived to tell their tales but the mistake by Rob Green in the England versus USA World Cup Game the Bookies certainly loved him. Why..??

The Handicap Odds England 1 ball accorded to USA. 

During lunch yesterday we met a football punter who told audie61 minus the crew,”  All earlier 1st round games today receive the handicap. How very true..!! However there were some patrons in the coffeeshop who opposed and said ,

“Eat and Run Away Later”

My friend he was right yesterday and he must have made some $$$$$$. Lunch coming soon on him. The fact though at every World Cup or Big tournaments like the European championship we will hear of two or more familiar names packing their bags and leaving their home towns/cities. A lot of England fans were unhappy with the result but a lot of England punters must have

 CURSED so Loudly that “BIG BEN” Rang



“PM Najib BOLA K.O. by Best Friend…??”

It seems that the saying,”Your best friend Knows bests.He will always be the person to bring you down.Nothing is too small to escape him”PM Najib now has his hands full. What can he not do not to issue the football licence to Berjaya Corporation.? However, whichever he has to betray his closest ally or else he will go the same way as previous top man in History.

Simple PM Najib Remember Ceasar….??

A PM if he is too nice he will suffer the consequences. “THE DOWNFALL….. This way even the English Premier Leagu(EPL) cannot save Berjaya. If PM Najib needs to say no he can say,”What happened to Cardiff City..? Didn’t they promise you PM Najib..??That’s all PM and we are all on your side and if you do that you will be still in power after GE13.

This report is very damaging PM to your Credibility..

Mega-conglomerate Berjaya Corporation has attempted to stitch the lips of its critics, insisting that it has approval from the government to conduct legalised sports betting.

In a statement issued to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, the company stood behind its May 12 announcement to the bourse containing their proposal to take over 70 percent of Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd – the company that holds the gambling licence – worth RM525 million in stakes.

azlan“We note that there had been many conflicting discussions about the actual status of the approval given to Ascot to operate sports betting in the country.

“In compliance with the directive from Bursa, we wish to reiterate certain parts of the (May 12) announcement…

“‘It was stated inter-alia that ‘the Minister of Finance has given its approval for the re-issuance to Ascot of the licence to carry out sports betting operations upon certain terms and conditions.

“’In paragraph 8 which listed out the Approvals Required, sub-paragraph (d) stated, ‘The Minister of Finance for the re-issuance of the sports betting licence and the changes in shareholders and directors in Ascot, if required.’”

“As such it is evident from the above statements that Ascot has approval from the finance minister to conduct sports betting operations and that the formal licence – which was first issued in 1987 – is pending re-issuance,” said the one-page statement.

Ivincent tan sports bettingncidentally, the 70 percent stake in Ascot Sports belongs to Berjaya Corp chairperson Vincent Tan.

Yesterday’s statement breaks a week-long silence on the part of both the government and Berjaya over the issue.

Government officials stonewalling questions on the controversy, along with the sudden cancellation of a press conference yesterday by Minister in charge of Islamic Affairs Jamil Khir Baharom, stirred up speculation that Prime Minister Najib Razak had issued a gag order to his cabinet not to discuss the matter in public.

At the same time, Berjaya officials have also been tight-lipped about the details of the approval, although it is understood that the government had issued the company a ‘letter of approval’ in January.

Ball back in government’s court

The latest move by Berjaya is seen as volleying the ball back into the government’s court, which has appeared to backtrack on its decision to award the licence in the wake of strident public opposition.

The announcement is also seen as quelling investors fears sparked by speculation over whether Berjaya had misled Bursa and the public in its initial announcement.

Industry insiders have, however, said it was highly unlikely that Berjaya would have done so, especially after Tan himself – a battle-hardened business tycoon – gave a rare press conference last Saturday to announce that he would donate the money from his stakes to his Better Malaysia Foundation.

The issue ignited a new round of controversy on Monday when Najib, who is also finance minister, said in a written reply to Batu MP Tian Chua in Parliament that the government had yet to issue the licence to Ascot Sports pending “feedback from the public”.

Ascot Sports was initially granted the licence in 1987, but it proved to be an unprofitable venture before the advent of satellite TV and the Internet in Malaysia.

It was revoked in 2004 under then premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, but it is now “pending re-issuance” as stated by Berjaya.

If issued, sports-betting will come alive in 220 selected Sports Toto – also part of Berjaya’s group of companies – outlets in West Malaysia come September in time for the highly popular English Premier League.

Berjaya also has in its sight plans to offer the service through the telephone, which they had estimated will make up 70 percent of total revenue, with betting on other popular sports apart from football.

The Pakatan Rakyat governments of Penang, Selangor and Kedah have thrown a spanner in the works for Berjaya by banning sports betting in their respective states.