New Frontiers for Engaging Youths

We have often heard of the phrase,”The Youth is Our Hope for the Future” The State Government of Sarawak knows that too.

The youth vote bank remains the FOCUS of the opposition to turn the tide to their advantage as they embark to wrestle the State from the ruling government.

The battle of the heart and mind is very much in the rural enclave and since 2014 the then Minister of Social Development Tan Sri William Mawan said his ministry have noted that the ‘important assets of the nation’  rural youths needed to be exposed with skills and expertise so that they too could contribute to the country’s development and progress of nation.

He was quoted then in his budget winding up speech that various programmes initiated by the ministry in collaboration with agencies have been focusing on inculcating individual values in volunteerism, artistic talents, sports, entrepreneurship, association and education.

“These aspects are important in preparing our youths to face future challenges with intellectual, physical, emotion, social and spiritual strengths.

Today’s Youth are different from the days when he was at the helm of the ministry and with the digital technology and dissemination of information, the YOUTHS today want to know the reason WHY THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING and be Involved. 

When Datuk Karim was made the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry Tan Sri Mawan was very enthusiastic and knows that this Youthful Idealism would be further realised as Karim himself said,” These is a very interesting portfolio which is very close to my heart. I’m a person who loves sports, travelling and arts.

I’m thankful and consider myself lucky that I have been given a portfolio which is of interest to me because if you’re not passionate about things, doing it might not be to your contentment,”

Furthermore,Karim’s role is to make sure that the youth support Abang Johari’s vision in developing areas like digital industry, e-commerce and faster Internet connection in the state. This will be realised for the benefit of the URBAN YOUTH enclave. 

mawan1In an exclusive interview since he joined PBB as supreme council ex officio Tan Sri William Mawan with glitter in his eyes says that Sarawak together with the Youths will go all out to defend Sarawak Rights as the BEDROCK AND THE FOUNDATIONS have been laid earlier.

Sarawakians in Totality are also thankful to the present ruling government for embarking on the Rural Transformation Programme(RTP) which is also in line with the Youth transformation programmes focus on engaging more rural participants.

He knows the present leadership under CM Abang Johari and Abdul Karim as the Minister they will continue as this is a NEW FRONTIER when we engage with the youths.

We must  not lose sight of the youths who are very determine in their ideas.We must not only care for their well being. These are important prerequisites and touch points for the YOUTH.

We must also RENDER the necessary assistance for them to organise projects, programmes,activities and willing to put the TRUST that they must know how to manage themselves.
This will have a Far Reaching Effect and Solution for the Government of the Day.”

The People makes the country and the Leaders that are voted in will determine that the close knit relationship with each other will ensure Sarawak will be heading to a greater and beautiful future as we wind down the year 2018.

Sarawak will look towards 2019 with greater anticipation and the New Frontier for Youths will be further achieved and realised by this engagement.

Tan Sri Mawan as a former Minister of Social Development holds dear to his heart the Youth of Sarawak and he wishes all of them a very Happy New Year 2019 and he will continue to support their endeavours.

Cheers to the New Year, which will hopefully be full of good luck and happiness for all Sarawak too. 

Saya Punya,”Lu Jangan Kong Kali Kong”

He who strikes first wins but though this is not always the truth. It does depend on the circumstances and someone must have read it wrongly on the very fundamentals of the principles in politics to their party leader on this matter.  

Knowing his character and persona some within the party faithful will have egged him on to strike the first blow even though the “solidarity of the newly registered GPS coalition” will be jeopardised

The political gossips have reached fever pitch and they are concerns amongst experts that someone has just thrown a “spanner in the works”.One must remember that GPS was born after the BN coalition lost in the last GE14. Previously there were 13 Parties in the BN Federal coalition and after the lost the coalition collapsed.

GPS a Sarawak Coalition of PBB,SUPP,PRS and PDP was thus born. However there have been certain issues which are already aired out openly.

Will this help the Chief Minister who is also the head of GPS?

In times of political uncertainty GPS must consolidate and must not be left swimming in the drain too by pure dissatisfaction and distrust even before a formal consensus is reached. There must be solidarity and not of a SINGLE PARTY INTEREST which will throw out all equations.

aIt was reported in a local daily that PDP’s move for the coming 12th state election, including to reclaim the seats rightfully belonging to the party and to claim for two more seats.

This has not gone down well with those close to the incumbents who won the seats when a ‘”formula” was reached by the then Sarawak and Federal BN Coalition. There were direct BN candidates fielded in some ‘new’seats to ensure ‘winnability’ for the coalition which the Presidents of the Parties were involved too.

A  senior assemblyman who was involved in the last elections said,”Let us not talk about which seat is ours and focus on winning only for GPS. Don’t talk about traditional seats or history.

Don’t bring the dead and buried to HUNT the living. It should be about members of GPS first instead and anything less than that will spell disaster for GPS. 

Could the seats diversion be also used to quell the internal bickering within PDP?

If it was it would be disastrous for GPS as even now another coalition partner is already questioning the statement,”

The Party President of PRS said the,” party will find out exactly which two seats the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) is lobbying for.

“We (PRS) will find out which seats they are lobbying for, and why.”

“Why are they eyeing them, what are the reasons behind it, and do those seats belong to them and were they there before?”

Don’t jump the gun first even before the formula’s are agreed upon in the first meeting scheduled next year. Aiyo,Itu GPS punya, bukan lu punya

Tolong lah jangan KONG KALI KONG



Sarawak “Down with the Enemy”

Word has it from the corridors of power that the Federal Pakatan Harapan (PH) will go all out to dethrone the present Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) Ruling Government at the next 12th State elections due in 2021. 

Is it real? Can they do it? 

After only winning 10 seats at the 11th State elections in 2016 they are now focusing on overturning the 72 seats held by GPS. Of course, they have taken over the Federal Government in May 2018 and this has sent shivers down the spines of many associated with the present ruling GPS government.

Their social and political status are at risk and they know any wrong move on their part will mean “dark ages with little flickering light plus pressure of losing the elitist mentality and lifestyle”

Its a thought no doubt and its open to interpretations and after much sought political evaluation the ‘threat” is real but measures and strategies are already in place by GPS.

The ground movements and sentiments are very much back to normalcy as far as GPS is concerned. The PH jigsaw for Sarawak though completed but the coming of Bersatu in November 2018 has open up more options and given the GPS government more firepower to counter the incoming threat it poses. 

aenemyLiterally what Mahathir said”The Federal Government is still helping Sarawak a lot but the development funds have not been fairly distributed.” The PM has chosen his words very carefully but his words ‘is still helping Sarawak” does not augur well with many Sarawak civil societies plus well read educated Sarawakians.

What does he mean by that?

One does not want to be taken out of context but there is slight hint of cynicism with intonation of sarcasm on the part of the PM as Chairman to a political party in Bersatu.

He was also quoted in NST “He said the size of the state caused some elected representatives to neglect their constituents as they were unable to visit them often.

Fair enough with the statement. However, having said that the Sarawak elected representatives of GPS will not take it laying down. They are not reporting to him but to Sarawak Chief Minister and the hearsay,accusations,false rumours are made up by those who have “VESTED INTEREST”for their selfish political needs.

In all honest truth, they just want to be candidates in the next State elections representing PH or Bersatu. The GPS assemblyman are ready to face the might of the Federal Machinery and those who have serviced and look after their constituency will not have too much to worry.

Most of them if not all of them have already identified their areas of weaknesses and are positively working to overturn it.

The GPS assemblyman are already fined tuned to the pressures from the constituents,the mind games been played between Federal and State and also the cyber savvy games being used by the social media exponents. (Well versed in Sun Tzu Art of War hehehe but not INVOKES methods of strategy which greatly benefits GE13)

The Sarawak Political terrain is different as compared to Malaya as here we have at least 80 different ethnicity and in Malaya it is mainly made up of Malays,Chinese, Indians and a sprinkle of Orang Asli.

Invoke might have already started their homework but could they move from one area to another within weeks or days. Absolutely not, as the lack of infrastructure and difficult terrain plus Sarawak vast country does not permit that.

Invoke though have 2 years but the GPS assemblyman already have the information at their palms of their hands.

The Sarawak sentiments are at this present moment very entrenched with the Sarawak State GPS Government. The saying,”Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know” plays a very huge significance in the mindset of Sarawakians.

One can stir up the cooking pot but the opposition local leaders in PH knows that they face a ‘herculean task” ahead.They cannot fall back on GST,tolls,high oil prices and others which ‘worked for them” They will manifest and evolve something out we are pretty sure of that.

Can GPS lie on their laurels?

No, even though one can argue that the Sarawak sentiments are very much with the local based parties within GPS. It goes back to the drawing board and the winnable seats. Those GPS assemblyman who have under performed will face the wrath of the people and bear the consequences and these seats will be capitalised by PH.

Azmin Ali presently the PKR Deputy President and Minister in Mahathirs cabinet  has already hinted long ago in a speech at Grand Continental Hotel Kuching Sarawak,”infighting will ruin all chances of winning and its been proven in GE14.

Everyone knows that elections are won by the right perceptions ,strategies plus other relevant factors which are key elements but it is not our bread and butter to reveal it to the political stakeholders.

They have their teams in place in their 82 Sarawak seats and they will need to walk the extra mile as the upcoming political battle will not be a”WALK IN THE PARK “

Its very much an election between Sarawak State Government local based parties versus the Federal backed Opposition Parties.

Down with the enemy is about the SWING IN POLITICAL POWERS and not about SECESSION and getting back our rights and maintaining for Sarawak under Malaysian Agreement 1963.

Sarawak also wants to be independent in its financial acumen besides having more autonomy over health and education matters. Both hands needs to clap and not slander each other though from both different political platforms.

PM Mahathir had even rightfully said that Sarawak and Sabah were not asking for independence,but were seeking greater autonomy. This has been the line of order taken by the late CM Tok Nan and the present CM Abang Jo

Taking a segment in the page from an author who wrote in his book 1995 he pointed out,”Federalism is perceived as the mode of political organisation that unites several policies within an overarching political system, and is done in such a way as to allow each to maintain its own fundamental integrity.

The Federal system, as in the case of Malaysia, does this by requiring that basic policies be made and implemented through negotiation in some form, so that all members will have a share in making and executing decisions.

The term “federalism” therefore denotes the unification of separate states into a federal policy and also the permanent diffusion of authority and power within a nation among several state governments.”

The GPS Government and its current assemblyman knows that they have to get it right and spot on or the PH will spin everything to their advantage to woo the voters to their side.

Those who enter politics knows that this profession is not one of glamour or of fame and the words below are anything more than a guideline

Aristotle –
“Political society exists for the sake of noble actions, and not of mere companionship. Hence, they who contribute most to such a society have a greater share in it than those who have the same or a greater freedom or nobility of birth but are inferior to them in political virtue; or than those who exceed them in wealth but are surpassed by them in virtue”.

The enemy is within sight and we can take them out but the greatest ingredient  to stay relevant and continuity in which a former CM said is the process of leadership development.

The words,”we’ve to learn and keep learning how to be humble to serve our people,especially when we continue to face changes and challenges with the tide of time.

The threat is real with the new realignments of political changes in the Federal level but above all Sarawakians will want the preservation of the rights of Sarawak.

The people of Sarawak will justify their voices with a vote for religious freedom,free from racial abuses, free from security threats and above all living harmoniously and peacefully together by leaders that knows their needs and wants.

The defining word is already leaked out……..

Sarawak,”Today we friend-friend,tomorrow we no friend.”

2019 to 2020 will be interesting times ahead for Sarawak Politics. Even before we embark on the new year the war of words has begun with both sides of the political divide “trading punches’ which has already blemish and tainted the word “FRIENDLY”

Is there such a word as “FRIENDLY” in the political world?

Usually one would associate politics with alliances and more so as “Common Interest” to serve the purpose.

Sarawak’s relationship with the Federal Government through the years from 1963 till now has been “cordial” to ensure that whatever should be accorded or agreed upon must be executed as per MA63. 

The Late “Tok Nan” was very instrumental in fighting for Sarawak’s rights and he never minces his words and the statement(below) in June 2015 paints the right picture the relationship the State had with the Federal Government.

He also used to remind us about knowing our “History” be it about Sarawak or Politics.

I hope we choose people we know, not people who take orders from peninsular and elsewhere; people who don’t know us. It’s not that we don’t support peninsular. We support, but according to our own ways.    

I keep on reminding Petronas, if it’s gas or oil from Terengganu or Kelantan, whatever, I do not care. But if it is from Sarawak, then I do care. Not successful yet, our talks on oil royalty, but I will not stop,

Former CM and the Late Abdul Rahman Yakup in December 1972 said,”politics and political systems grow and develop with time and experiences so too must politicians.

e118a.jpgThis pictured caricature which we came across best describes the politics that Malaysia and Sarawak would be going through. There will be all sorts of accusations plus dirty linens being hurled at each other not from the TOP LEADERS though but the from under-linings of the political divides.

It will engulf into bitterness flame even though there is a truce in Federal and State “friendliness”

Lately, a Sarawak MP and former Minister in PM Department Nancy Shukri was even addressed down by Minister of Communications and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo as she queried on “media covering events organised by the Sarawak government in Sarawak.”

Instead she received this ““You say you are Pakatan-friendly but at the same time you don’t allow leaders to attend the state functions.”

To further proof our point the title,””Today we friend-friend,tomorrow we no friend.” is anything but cordial for the second or third echelon leaders is when the Sarawak Pakatan leaders are anything but unifying in their approach to fight for Sarawak’s rights on autonomy.

We must best be reminded that this fight is for autonomy and not about a “referendum of pulling out from Malaysia” 

Sarawak Pakatan leaders have their own take on this matter as Chong Chieng Jen in June 2018 in the edge financial daily ,”

Chong, the member of parliament for Stampin in Sarawak, said Pakatan had in its manifesto stated that if the coalition took over Putrajaya, it would offer Sarawak 20% of gross value from oil extracted within the state as royalties, plus 50% of taxes collected in the state.

“In return, the state government will take up the responsibility and financial burden of the state ministry of health and ministry of education in Sarawak. This has been our proposal in our manifesto, meaning we pay for our own teachers, doctors and nurses, and medicine that we procure,” he said.

“So it is a whole package, it is in line with the pursuit for more autonomy for the state government,”

That was in June and a few days ago after the PKR elections the PKR former Information Chief and presently Division Chief of Betong said in his opening statement ,”I am amused that just this week, three PBB strongmen have seen fit to focus their attention on me; Dato Sri Fadillah Yusof, Dato Abdullah Saidol and Dato Idris Buang. I must be saying something right for them to single me out on my comments and opinions.

The Pribumi Parti Bersatu Malaysia Launching in Bintulu on December 1st which some PH members touched on PBB was also a cyber ‘time bomb” which many from either political divide saw it as opportunity coming out to attack or to defend their turf. 

It gets even more juicier as DAP YB Violet Yong defended Deputy Minister Chong as he was brought to the cleaners by Assistant Minister Hasidah,”Grow up .Don’t be boyish complaining all the time. We don’t have time for all this. We want to build the country and Sarawak.”

GPS Government under Abang Johari has also been taken to task by another DAP leader in its Youth Publicity Secretary to stop playing “ping pong” in blaming Pakatan Harapan for its failure in restoring Sarawak and Sabah status.

However, GPS government being a state party must thanked CM Sabah for his timely statement which will be a good right hook up the chins of PH leaders in Sarawak.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said on Sunday that the federal government could not afford to fulfil its obligation to return 40% of revenue it derived from Sabah, citing the government’s financial situation

If they are sick, we will be worse off. We want to have a closer relationship with the federal government and at the same time, we want to develop Sabah and prosper the people,” he said.

A former Senior Sarawak State Minister added his version on this matter,” It’s about unity and coming to terms on agreement which will benefit the people. Look at yourself in the mirror. Doing is not as easy as Rhetoric.

The State Government of Sarawak under The Chief Minister Abang Johari has embarked on delivering its promises to the people through its people centric and rural biased budget. CM Abang Johari is carrying out the work which the late Tok Nan in the run up to the 2016 elections had promised to the people.

PH leaders must now come to terms that they too a running a Federal government and there should not be too much politiking but executing all the promises and policies to the people.  In this instance the people of Sarawak comes first and that is their fundamental right as they have voted for the government of the day he added. 

An emeritus professor further clarified,”GPS has just received its registration and it is not all wine in new bottle. Oh..!! by the way and do remember PH has some of their ‘top leaders who fall in that category. ( *wink*)

Furthermore GPS coalition is now not answerable to its masters formerly BN in the Peninsular. PH leaders in Sarawak are still very much answerable and they are only ‘chapters’ or ‘divisions” in the whole central/federal party setup. “

The State governments of Sarawak under GPS or Warisan under Sabah can be friends or political allies to ensure a ‘common goal or interest” for the benefit of the State and its people.

Ultimately, this rift between PH Sarawak and GPS will not be solved by just patting each other on the shoulder or holding hands. There will still be animosity and there will still be many “Heroes” Championing for the people.

Many issues will be extra ordinarily sensitive to the people of Sarawak and any counter productive measures will jeopardise the “friendliness” of a Federal State relationship.

The reality on the ground in Sarawak is that the majority of the population will want to protect and safeguard Sarawak’s rights. The people of  Sarawak will also not want to be  perceived as a “fixed deposit” for any coalition in their quest for selfish political ambition.

The Sarawak Members of Parliament and Assemblyman has entered a new chapter in their political journey ever since May 2018 and many will need to remember that Friends in Politics are very much an alliance for a “common interest”