Sarawak,”Today we friend-friend,tomorrow we no friend.”

2019 to 2020 will be interesting times ahead for Sarawak Politics. Even before we embark on the new year the war of words has begun with both sides of the political divide “trading punches’ which has already blemish and tainted the word “FRIENDLY”

Is there such a word as “FRIENDLY” in the political world?

Usually one would associate politics with alliances and more so as “Common Interest” to serve the purpose.

Sarawak’s relationship with the Federal Government through the years from 1963 till now has been “cordial” to ensure that whatever should be accorded or agreed upon must be executed as per MA63. 

The Late “Tok Nan” was very instrumental in fighting for Sarawak’s rights and he never minces his words and the statement(below) in June 2015 paints the right picture the relationship the State had with the Federal Government.

He also used to remind us about knowing our “History” be it about Sarawak or Politics.

I hope we choose people we know, not people who take orders from peninsular and elsewhere; people who don’t know us. It’s not that we don’t support peninsular. We support, but according to our own ways.    

I keep on reminding Petronas, if it’s gas or oil from Terengganu or Kelantan, whatever, I do not care. But if it is from Sarawak, then I do care. Not successful yet, our talks on oil royalty, but I will not stop,

Former CM and the Late Abdul Rahman Yakup in December 1972 said,”politics and political systems grow and develop with time and experiences so too must politicians.

e118a.jpgThis pictured caricature which we came across best describes the politics that Malaysia and Sarawak would be going through. There will be all sorts of accusations plus dirty linens being hurled at each other not from the TOP LEADERS though but the from under-linings of the political divides.

It will engulf into bitterness flame even though there is a truce in Federal and State “friendliness”

Lately, a Sarawak MP and former Minister in PM Department Nancy Shukri was even addressed down by Minister of Communications and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo as she queried on “media covering events organised by the Sarawak government in Sarawak.”

Instead she received this ““You say you are Pakatan-friendly but at the same time you don’t allow leaders to attend the state functions.”

To further proof our point the title,””Today we friend-friend,tomorrow we no friend.” is anything but cordial for the second or third echelon leaders is when the Sarawak Pakatan leaders are anything but unifying in their approach to fight for Sarawak’s rights on autonomy.

We must best be reminded that this fight is for autonomy and not about a “referendum of pulling out from Malaysia” 

Sarawak Pakatan leaders have their own take on this matter as Chong Chieng Jen in June 2018 in the edge financial daily ,”

Chong, the member of parliament for Stampin in Sarawak, said Pakatan had in its manifesto stated that if the coalition took over Putrajaya, it would offer Sarawak 20% of gross value from oil extracted within the state as royalties, plus 50% of taxes collected in the state.

“In return, the state government will take up the responsibility and financial burden of the state ministry of health and ministry of education in Sarawak. This has been our proposal in our manifesto, meaning we pay for our own teachers, doctors and nurses, and medicine that we procure,” he said.

“So it is a whole package, it is in line with the pursuit for more autonomy for the state government,”

That was in June and a few days ago after the PKR elections the PKR former Information Chief and presently Division Chief of Betong said in his opening statement ,”I am amused that just this week, three PBB strongmen have seen fit to focus their attention on me; Dato Sri Fadillah Yusof, Dato Abdullah Saidol and Dato Idris Buang. I must be saying something right for them to single me out on my comments and opinions.

The Pribumi Parti Bersatu Malaysia Launching in Bintulu on December 1st which some PH members touched on PBB was also a cyber ‘time bomb” which many from either political divide saw it as opportunity coming out to attack or to defend their turf. 

It gets even more juicier as DAP YB Violet Yong defended Deputy Minister Chong as he was brought to the cleaners by Assistant Minister Hasidah,”Grow up .Don’t be boyish complaining all the time. We don’t have time for all this. We want to build the country and Sarawak.”

GPS Government under Abang Johari has also been taken to task by another DAP leader in its Youth Publicity Secretary to stop playing “ping pong” in blaming Pakatan Harapan for its failure in restoring Sarawak and Sabah status.

However, GPS government being a state party must thanked CM Sabah for his timely statement which will be a good right hook up the chins of PH leaders in Sarawak.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said on Sunday that the federal government could not afford to fulfil its obligation to return 40% of revenue it derived from Sabah, citing the government’s financial situation

If they are sick, we will be worse off. We want to have a closer relationship with the federal government and at the same time, we want to develop Sabah and prosper the people,” he said.

A former Senior Sarawak State Minister added his version on this matter,” It’s about unity and coming to terms on agreement which will benefit the people. Look at yourself in the mirror. Doing is not as easy as Rhetoric.

The State Government of Sarawak under The Chief Minister Abang Johari has embarked on delivering its promises to the people through its people centric and rural biased budget. CM Abang Johari is carrying out the work which the late Tok Nan in the run up to the 2016 elections had promised to the people.

PH leaders must now come to terms that they too a running a Federal government and there should not be too much politiking but executing all the promises and policies to the people.  In this instance the people of Sarawak comes first and that is their fundamental right as they have voted for the government of the day he added. 

An emeritus professor further clarified,”GPS has just received its registration and it is not all wine in new bottle. Oh..!! by the way and do remember PH has some of their ‘top leaders who fall in that category. ( *wink*)

Furthermore GPS coalition is now not answerable to its masters formerly BN in the Peninsular. PH leaders in Sarawak are still very much answerable and they are only ‘chapters’ or ‘divisions” in the whole central/federal party setup. “

The State governments of Sarawak under GPS or Warisan under Sabah can be friends or political allies to ensure a ‘common goal or interest” for the benefit of the State and its people.

Ultimately, this rift between PH Sarawak and GPS will not be solved by just patting each other on the shoulder or holding hands. There will still be animosity and there will still be many “Heroes” Championing for the people.

Many issues will be extra ordinarily sensitive to the people of Sarawak and any counter productive measures will jeopardise the “friendliness” of a Federal State relationship.

The reality on the ground in Sarawak is that the majority of the population will want to protect and safeguard Sarawak’s rights. The people of  Sarawak will also not want to be  perceived as a “fixed deposit” for any coalition in their quest for selfish political ambition.

The Sarawak Members of Parliament and Assemblyman has entered a new chapter in their political journey ever since May 2018 and many will need to remember that Friends in Politics are very much an alliance for a “common interest”




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