New Frontiers for Engaging Youths

We have often heard of the phrase,”The Youth is Our Hope for the Future” The State Government of Sarawak knows that too.

The youth vote bank remains the FOCUS of the opposition to turn the tide to their advantage as they embark to wrestle the State from the ruling government.

The battle of the heart and mind is very much in the rural enclave and since 2014 the then Minister of Social Development Tan Sri William Mawan said his ministry have noted that the ‘important assets of the nation’  rural youths needed to be exposed with skills and expertise so that they too could contribute to the country’s development and progress of nation.

He was quoted then in his budget winding up speech that various programmes initiated by the ministry in collaboration with agencies have been focusing on inculcating individual values in volunteerism, artistic talents, sports, entrepreneurship, association and education.

“These aspects are important in preparing our youths to face future challenges with intellectual, physical, emotion, social and spiritual strengths.

Today’s Youth are different from the days when he was at the helm of the ministry and with the digital technology and dissemination of information, the YOUTHS today want to know the reason WHY THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING and be Involved. 

When Datuk Karim was made the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry Tan Sri Mawan was very enthusiastic and knows that this Youthful Idealism would be further realised as Karim himself said,” These is a very interesting portfolio which is very close to my heart. I’m a person who loves sports, travelling and arts.

I’m thankful and consider myself lucky that I have been given a portfolio which is of interest to me because if you’re not passionate about things, doing it might not be to your contentment,”

Furthermore,Karim’s role is to make sure that the youth support Abang Johari’s vision in developing areas like digital industry, e-commerce and faster Internet connection in the state. This will be realised for the benefit of the URBAN YOUTH enclave. 

mawan1In an exclusive interview since he joined PBB as supreme council ex officio Tan Sri William Mawan with glitter in his eyes says that Sarawak together with the Youths will go all out to defend Sarawak Rights as the BEDROCK AND THE FOUNDATIONS have been laid earlier.

Sarawakians in Totality are also thankful to the present ruling government for embarking on the Rural Transformation Programme(RTP) which is also in line with the Youth transformation programmes focus on engaging more rural participants.

He knows the present leadership under CM Abang Johari and Abdul Karim as the Minister they will continue as this is a NEW FRONTIER when we engage with the youths.

We must  not lose sight of the youths who are very determine in their ideas.We must not only care for their well being. These are important prerequisites and touch points for the YOUTH.

We must also RENDER the necessary assistance for them to organise projects, programmes,activities and willing to put the TRUST that they must know how to manage themselves.
This will have a Far Reaching Effect and Solution for the Government of the Day.”

The People makes the country and the Leaders that are voted in will determine that the close knit relationship with each other will ensure Sarawak will be heading to a greater and beautiful future as we wind down the year 2018.

Sarawak will look towards 2019 with greater anticipation and the New Frontier for Youths will be further achieved and realised by this engagement.

Tan Sri Mawan as a former Minister of Social Development holds dear to his heart the Youth of Sarawak and he wishes all of them a very Happy New Year 2019 and he will continue to support their endeavours.

Cheers to the New Year, which will hopefully be full of good luck and happiness for all Sarawak too. 

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