Saya Punya,”Lu Jangan Kong Kali Kong”

He who strikes first wins but though this is not always the truth. It does depend on the circumstances and someone must have read it wrongly on the very fundamentals of the principles in politics to their party leader on this matter.  

Knowing his character and persona some within the party faithful will have egged him on to strike the first blow even though the “solidarity of the newly registered GPS coalition” will be jeopardised

The political gossips have reached fever pitch and they are concerns amongst experts that someone has just thrown a “spanner in the works”.One must remember that GPS was born after the BN coalition lost in the last GE14. Previously there were 13 Parties in the BN Federal coalition and after the lost the coalition collapsed.

GPS a Sarawak Coalition of PBB,SUPP,PRS and PDP was thus born. However there have been certain issues which are already aired out openly.

Will this help the Chief Minister who is also the head of GPS?

In times of political uncertainty GPS must consolidate and must not be left swimming in the drain too by pure dissatisfaction and distrust even before a formal consensus is reached. There must be solidarity and not of a SINGLE PARTY INTEREST which will throw out all equations.

aIt was reported in a local daily that PDP’s move for the coming 12th state election, including to reclaim the seats rightfully belonging to the party and to claim for two more seats.

This has not gone down well with those close to the incumbents who won the seats when a ‘”formula” was reached by the then Sarawak and Federal BN Coalition. There were direct BN candidates fielded in some ‘new’seats to ensure ‘winnability’ for the coalition which the Presidents of the Parties were involved too.

A  senior assemblyman who was involved in the last elections said,”Let us not talk about which seat is ours and focus on winning only for GPS. Don’t talk about traditional seats or history.

Don’t bring the dead and buried to HUNT the living. It should be about members of GPS first instead and anything less than that will spell disaster for GPS. 

Could the seats diversion be also used to quell the internal bickering within PDP?

If it was it would be disastrous for GPS as even now another coalition partner is already questioning the statement,”

The Party President of PRS said the,” party will find out exactly which two seats the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) is lobbying for.

“We (PRS) will find out which seats they are lobbying for, and why.”

“Why are they eyeing them, what are the reasons behind it, and do those seats belong to them and were they there before?”

Don’t jump the gun first even before the formula’s are agreed upon in the first meeting scheduled next year. Aiyo,Itu GPS punya, bukan lu punya

Tolong lah jangan KONG KALI KONG



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