Adenan Are We Missing Something?

asupppCM Adenan have already called both parties to sort out their differences?Who and Which party is now trying to play the “good guy” and the “bad guy”?Truth be told says a political analyst the Rakyat will still turn their backs on them as both are still at each other throat’s and its a”Never Ending Battle”.

The Rakyat have taken to Adenan’s style and approach in terms of his way of governance and no nonsense approach on state matters. He have won many fence sitters to believe in his ways but it does seem for his popularity to turn to votes for both the parties it will still be a herculean tasks.

As a blogger Bugi Wijaya puts it.”We are the New Media truthtellers” We are not for the money but we have what it takes to full blown the story or facts just for everyone to see. Believe it or not and if its good enough it will sell.”

Adenan, we know we are not missing anything but the two rival factions within the BN stable are. You don’t need a Harvard or an Oxford Political Scientist to tell you ,Sir…!!! The Truth hurts…

Bible Seizure..I don’t want to hear about it anymore

T03398Tan Sri Dr James Masing doesn’t want to hear of another Bible-seizing incident.

“I don’t want to see or even hear of another incident involving the seizure of our Bibles. Don’t let it happen again,” the outspoken Land Development Minister from Sarawak told theantdaily.

He was commenting on the return of the seized Bibles today to the Association of Churches in Sarawak which signalled an end to the religious saga that hogged the nation since January this year.

The release of 321 copies of the holy book, however, came with two conditions; one, that they are not to be distributed in Selangor, especially among Muslims, and two, they are only for Christians in Sarawak.

Nevertheless, for Christians throughout the country, news of the release of the Malay and Iban-language Bibles was a welcome relief.

Arguing that the seizure was illegal in the first place as it went against the Federal Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of worship, Masing felt that some overzealous officials had gone overboard.

“It’s illegal in the first place…even the AG has ordered the Bibles to be returned. They should not have detained the holy book until now,” he said.

The minister appeared upset with the conditions that the Iban-language Bibles should not be distributed in Selangor and could only be used in Sarawak.

His concern is understandable as there is a sizable Sarawak population in Selangor who are Christians. And this group has been using the Malay and Iban-language Bibles.

So what happens to the thousands of Sarawak Christians residing in Selangor who have all along been using the Iban-language Bibles?

Says Masing: “There should be no restriction for Sarawak Christians in Selangor as long as these Bibles are only for them. Of course it would be wrong if they are given to non-Christians.”

The controversy began in January this year when Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officials seized the Bibles from the Bible of Society of Malaysia (BSM) on grounds that the Bibles violated a 1988 Selangor enactment which prohibited non-Muslims from using the word “Allah”.

The Bibles were handed to the chairman of the Association of Churches in Sarawak, Rev Archbishop Datuk Bolly Lapok, in a simple ceremony at the Istana Alam Shah in Klang witnessed by Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and Menteri Besar Azmin Ali.

After the ceremony, Azmin had twitted that an “amicable solution” had been reached.

Unlike his predecessor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Azmin had taken a tougher stand and stood up for the Christian community, arguing that the Bibles did not belong to the Muslims and therefore should be returned to the Christians.

“Islam has never asked its followers to disrupt the harmony of other faiths. It is our duty to respect the practice of the other religions in the country. This is a multi-religious society. This is not Saudi Arabia or Sudan. This is Malaysia. This is Selangor.”

His remarks were welcomed by the Christian community.

The MCA, meanwhile, in urging Azmin to ensure there is no repeat of the fiasco, regrets the condition which prohibits the distribution of the Iban-language Bibles in Selangor.


The party’s Syariah Law and Policy Implementation Special Task Force chairman Gan Ping Siew questioned how Sarawak and Sabah Bumiputeras working in the armed forces, police force, civil service or studying on the peninsular alongside with Orang Asli Christians whose first language is Bahasa Malaysia would refer to their scriptures.

He called on state governments to look into the relevant provisions in the state enactments to enable Malay-speaking Christian Bumiputeras and Orang Aslis to have access to Bahasa Malaysia or native-language versions of the Bible in their homes and places of worship in the peninsula.

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“Lan Berambeh Anak Sarawak 2014”

rt1Make a date 31st October to 2nd November 2014:-

Have you mark the date or added it in your INKPAD.? If not we are disappointed in you. Don’t miss this chance !!! We will tantalise your taste buds,mesmerize you with our culture and Showcase SARAWAK as a destination where the people comes first and politics takes a backseat. (politics lets do it another day shall we..? much too write about but its not TIME YET…

PKR”Jangan Lawan Towkay”

It seems that everyway you go at the moment the favourite phrase uttered amongst politicians is,”Remember Jangan Lawan Towkay” It has caught fire in the local political circle in sofar as describing Senior Minister and President of PRS James Masing’s “warning or blemish”

Some people never learn says PKR YB See Chee How as he posted something similar to my wall in FB and in it he said,” Bro,BN can be defeated just by their leaders opening their mouths.”

I was curious and telephoned ADUN Batu Lintang up and what he meant was that it referred to a posting by SUPP Youth SG Wilfred Yap. Its not dissimilar to Masings he said.

He should have just zapped it and try to avoid a backlash plus condemnation,says YB See. But what actually sparked the flurry of activities which left a distasteful feeling in the mouths of some.

Wilfred posted in his personal Facebook,’ The people still don’t understand the power they have in their hands. So vote the BN Government to ensure continuity towards stability and a high income economy.’

So finally SUPP got the opposition to come out fighting but it was only PKR we thought. But looking at the comments which we copied for all to see it has irked many. Be ready SUPP for more gunfire, artillery and mortars thrown at your direction. Wilfred has justs “pissed” of  one too many.

SUPP Cyber troopers be ready to lend a hand..Where are you..??


    • Michael LingThe power in our-peoples hand is to vote and crash BN 6 ft under in coming GE.

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    • Nicholas RstThere is NO necessity for anyone to instruct others who to vote.The voters themselves have the very power to do so.After seeing and experiencing ‘so much’ all this while they surely know who to vote without being instructed to do so.Good luck.

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    • SyJen Simon SiahSec-Gen of SUPP Youth said that to ensure continuity towards stability and a high income economy, we have to vote the BN Government? What crap is this? Wawasan 2020 for a high income nation is only 8 years away and according to Idris Jala we are going bankrupt by 2019. As a matter of fact most Malaysians especially Sarawakians are still living below poverty line. BN has cheated us for over 50 years, give them another chance to cheat us for another 50 years? NO WAY. BN Must Go.

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    • SyJen Simon SiahThis is the BN people mentality. First they say “Jalan Lawan Tauke” and now this Wilfred Yap is saying that the people don’t understand the power they have in their hand. What power is he referring to? Power to choose a Tauke?

      11 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    • Nicholas RstPower to topple the government of the day?

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    • See Chee HowFrom “Jangan Lawan Towkay” to this “the people don’t understand the power in their hands”, the BN leaders’ arrogance and their belittling of the people is a shared BN culture?

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    • Derrick LeeThat’s not for him to say at all. He is a Partner at a law firm owned and operated by the Deputy Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament and only God knows how he got there. Perhaps he’s work his way up to today’s position or the government may have helped him in some way in his conquest. Either way, Malaysians not linked to the BN government in general have worked their arses off to make a living with costs rising. The State BN government and Federal BN government doesn’t even see eye to eye. Najib says Malaysia to be wealthy nation by 2020 whereas Taib said Sarawak to be wealthy state by 2030. Is Sarawak not part of Malaysia? His mind-set, is disappointing and it shows that he is completely out of touch with the people. Bottomline is they still consider Malaysians to be stupid, it’s either them or the other way round.

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    • Leon LeeAnother one of these kind of character. Plenty of these in BN. Just like the Mong Dagang fellow, the ppl within the corridors of power in BN has been ruling the nation for far too long. So much so, they have long forgotten the true spirit of democracy and that the saying “A government by the people, of the people and for the people” is not mere rhetoric. Instead, it is a reminder that the Gov of the day is there to serve us, the common Rakyat.. and not the other way around.

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    • Melton Kaisleave them alone and let them savour the final moments of their habitual self gratification because the end of the road for them is just around the corner.we know what we want and its not for them to tell or advice us…they can save the advice and devilish plan for themselves.

      11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3
    • Mika’il ChenWhat I do understand is the power of my ONE vote. Please carry on with your condescending tone, if not, just to entertain, inspire and infuriate THE PEOPLE further. Thank you.

      10 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1
    • Wilfred YapAgree with you perfectly but don’t you all think that the people deserve to hear the truth and not half-truths in Pakatan’s ceramahs.

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    • Mika’il ChenAfter 50 years, BN cannot even sort out minimum wages and you intend to impress the lot here with economics on achieving high income? Chuck it.

      9 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1
    • Leon LeeWilfred Yap: a very serious allegation, that PR does not speak the truth in Ceramahs .. have you any evidence of wrongdoings? If you do, I’d gladly invite you to publish it out… Or else, your empty rhetoric and slander will no longer hold much water. The political arena has changed much since your honeymoon days … Today the Rakyat is smarter, better informed and is more objective in their evaluations. Show proof, or apologize.

      9 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3
    • Irene ChuaWhile the leaders and their cronies fete on people’s taxes and nation’s resources, they pour scorn on masses for whinging about raising cost and asked them to live within their means. Go on Wilfred, what truth are you up to?

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    • Melton Kaisi am deeply dissapointed by the incessant misbehaviour of bn politicians who thinks they are smarter and indispensable and your friends in bn have lied enough mr.wilfred , we will believe no more.

      9 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    • Leon LeeBankrupt of ideas, blind to the wrongdoings of Taib, powerless to speak up. What’s left? Continue the lies, slander & dirty politics? It did not work on 2011, it will not work in GE13 either. Wake up.

      8 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    • Leon LeeWilfred: I had the unfortunate chance to engage your youth counterparts in Gerakan & MCA on a daily basis here. They are singing the same old tune as you… You think it’s gonna work? Think again.

      8 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1
    • Melton Kaistheir ignorance, arrogance and stubborness will be a blessing indisguise for us.

      8 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2
    • E.t. OngIt is time for us   to vote the BIG BULLY AND CORRUPTED POLITICIANS OUT.They did not appreciated that we vote them in the first place. now in return, they treat us like beggar Mr.Wilfred, Sabah and Sarawak have Oil, Pepper and Timbers and other resources whereas Penang only has Sea Water and Air, yet they able to give incentives in Cash and Kind to his peoples but Sabah and Sarawak could not give even 100 Ringgit to OKU. WHAT A SHAME TO YOU POLITICIANS CONTROL SABAH AND SARAWAK. IT TIME FOR YOU TO GO. VOTE FOR CHANGES, FOR BETTER LIVING CONDITION AND MORE CARING GOVERNMENT ONLY PR OR PENANG DAP HAD DONE IT.We want a government, who cares for its people not a Politician who think he is a Napoleon .

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    • Idwar Bakarudin Well Mr Yap, the public do not need a nuclear physicist like me to tell them that you ( and your BN cronies) are talking a lot of crab. FYI, i had been working in Malaysia for more that 30 years…..the high income economy you are talking about is pure imagination…..With BN government, the ordinary honest working citizens are only able to eat “dirt”, but you and the BN cronies are having your own castles and mansions, ..and at the same time , destroying the  environment and the livelihood of ordinary poor rural citizens of this country with your huge dams and smelting plants, etc…. TO all my fellow citizens out there, .. Please vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT !! After about 50 years, please vote for a CHANGE !! GIVE CHANGE a CHANCE.  I rest my case.TQ. Dr Idwar Bakarudin

      8 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 4
    • Wilfred YapWhy don’t you guys read the comment in Malaysia Insider on minimum wage? It should enlighten you guys.

      8 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    • Melton Kaisthe whole story is about the “half truth”as alleged by yourself….meaning there is some truth in it.any kind of truth no matter how minute would be most welcome in this federation which has been bombarded with propaganda full of lies for the past 48 is not just about minimum wage.

      8 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    • Voon Shiak NiOmg ! Don know there is a fire here ! – haha … Vote BN ? We have been voting for 50 years but  in kuching town we still have kpg kudei … High income ? Rich get richer , yes ! Poor gets poorer n the poor  never has the avenue  to get out of  the dire state they are in … Kpg kudei is an example of a failed BN govt …

      7 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3
    • Tat Limwilfred yap> turth. half-truth or no truth, the people will judge. u buy what ur pak moh chief said that ` HE & HIS FAMILY DO NO BUSINESS IN SARAWAK’?  power in the hands of the people under BN > MY FOOT!

      5 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2

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    • Alvin GodSpeed all pakatan supporters kindly watch this video. without BN there will be no development? LMAO…..

      4 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    • Leon LeeVoon Shiak Ni: fire? there’s no fire. There’s a lot of mud slinging, slander and typical BN rhetoric here though …

      4 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    • Bakhtiar Abdul RahmanGeorge Chan lost to young man. I love to see Peter Chin lose to a young lady. Wilfred Yap’s mouth shut forever.

      4 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1
    • Leon LeeIt’s amazing how after the voters told SUPP in a voice both loud and clear that their politics no longer apply, they keep coming back with the same old tune…

      3 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3
    • Melton Kaistheir political culture was moulded by their master, tuan umno and the white haired emperor of sarawak.

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    • Lynn Cheang Let Wilfred Yap walk his crab talk,  stand in GE13 and lose his deposit.   Higher income? Yes for BN cronies lah! SUPP is history.  We don’t need Chinese representation; we just need honest, god fearing Sarawakians to implement just and fair governance and give help to those  who are marginalised or less priviledged.

Me,Myself and I..”Blogging… “

I was trying to pinch myself when I heard from a fellow blogger who told me,’Bro,now besides some egoistic politicians it has caught on to the bloggers fraternity. There are a select few who prides themselves way above everyone else. The last few weeks we have seen some elite bloggers having their own brotherly guns turned on them.

Naming names or rather their blogs would be a Cardinal Sin as their noses would grow a few more centimetres.

I choose to use this rather powerful statement which might sound sacrilegous to some,”They are above Heaven and Below Hell

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they there?
  • What make them there?
  • Which platform did they use to get there?
  • Whose work is it that got them there?
  • Whom did they ask to get them there?
  • How did they get there?

You got any answers.We would just look at you wouldn’t we?

It musts be Me,Myself and I.

Me the blogger or journalists. what is the difference one might justs asks? Journalism is all about reporting while Blogging is about telling short tales or on the spot news where no one will check you unless you unknowingly *cough cough* go on the wrong side of the law.

Me the person who justs gets into cyberspace and ensure that that particular blogger gets all the attention and create a tsunami type of wave to stay relevant. Me to get the cyberwarriors,cybertroopers,cyberhells angels whatever names we have for them to be the BESTS. It’s you and not me as you are reading this. Carry on and my mind today must have been screwed or some parts are not gelling. Unfortunately you guessed wrong as I am still very focussed. Justs tap you head gently now with your right hand and say Ooooh.!! O.K.

You jumped the gun bro. and we are still at me. Last week we attended a Press Conference and we heard these very words from a politician to another,”Be Wary of One’s EGO it might burn you” Me the ghostswriter,scriptwriter and pumping more accolades where the ‘me’ can go above all and look down with a smirk plus a finger pointing in the direction of I.

Don’t justs stand there go and help your”me”blogger to move higher. He needs the numbers to convince someone with the cash register Ka-ching Ka-ching he deserves the little more extras into his banking account which reads and starts with 6 and finishes with 6. Musts not be less than 600K as that will only get him as far as in HELL The me blogger wants to show that he is cut right to blog.

No worries everyone is entitle to their own opinions within reasons to write in the blogsphere. Everyone will need an outlet somehow to get their thoughts somewhere. You are right.!! We have been going about me and next lets get to Myself.

Myself ..blogging no way and it was a far fetched idea as my life before 8th March 2008 was busy,busy and busy. I was chasing time and days were very short as everything was a matter of getting it spot on. The decisions that was made during that period were vital and looking back ‘Glad that it Happened then”

My firsts posts was May 1st 2008 ( Tun Mahathir  also blogged same day.).he followed me hik hik hik.which was surprisingly “The Birth of Multi Racialism in East Malaysia. “

Cold sweat for sure as my political career took a battering. It was like looking at blank walls hoping that they would be inscriptions to tell you what to do. Even the people who I looked up as my so called political masters deserted us and left us to rot.

Those and that sort of feelings cannot be described unless I put it all in a book. Should I justs put it up soon ? Hmmm,that would have a lot of political repercussions and justs maybe the Timing has to be Perfect or PURRFECT.Somehow,lucky not to be living in one of the dreaded Chinese dynasties.I would be hauled up and maybe you might not even be reading this worthless tale. Chopped! Chopped!

Agree? You would wouldn’t you? But why are you still reading on.Are you depressed or have too much time on your hands. Get your itching fingers moving and write something useful instead of reading this garbage. However,you are justs about to embark on a journey where there are no borders. Who cares whether nobody reads or give you heaps of praises.

Myself,during that period was so depressed that i was on the verge of ending yours truly life. By sheer luck or Gods way I toyed with www.wordpress,com and the many obstacles at that time with their system of posting but today its so simplified which has got me posting with over 1405 articles to date. Crazy right.?

During those wretched time when I turned left and I turned right there were just no voices or no direction. Everything was Sooooo Wrong. One might justs put it nicely to appease myself and I and not you and me that Blogging did really saved my life or the discovery of

Me included in this journey of self discovery have to thank the so many people who I have come across in good times and in bad. Some shower with accolades others with spite plus much hatred in their hearts. Blogging is a very good vehicle for therapy and for that matter writing is such a way of getting out our inner self distrusts to building confidence.

However,”me the elitists bloggers” musts know how to use the blogging world for a PURPOSE of getting your messages across without hatred,defamation nor cutting down a person to size. Blogging is such a god given gift and it should not be taken as a tool to spread lies but getting the correct and actual information across.

The world of blogs have been used for many purposes but recently up to date information tools of facebook and twitters have raced ahead in terms of spreading information fasts. Blogs are still very much in the game as YOU are still reading this.

Remember this YOU INCLUDED with the  ELITIST BLOGGERS “today you are above heaven and below hell” but dont be hookwinked that you will not be cut to size.


This powerful tool BLOG is here to stay and ,”Me,Myself and I” would ensure you take notice or pay the price for your ignorance.


“Facebook,Tweets,Blogs..No,No ..In China..?”

Gosh..!! My business partner told me last weekend now not only Facebook and twitter “ tweets” are not available in China “AT THIS MOMENT OF TIME” but also wordpress and blogspot. They have their own VERSIONS which are similar but controlled.

Could this aricle which is published be own of their reasons.

 Why are the Chinese authorities so concerned?

The Chinese Government is well aware of the implications and the power of the social media. They have strict laws and reservations on the internet and has a “HAWKEYE” on whoever are creating some sort of dissenting voices against the Government. They have seen the ARAB SPRING and the government has taken steps earlier to minimise the risks.

China’s economical and financial muscle is thriving at a speed which is Phenomenal but there is a clapdown on the usage of “outsider blogs” which many feels that they have a ‘divine right to do so”


Berjuang Bersama SNAP

Step No.1 – New Members /New Faces/New Uniforms  Step No.2-9 ( Not to be Revealed) Step No.10- Facebook New Media/Cyber Space/Twitter/Blogs.

Do we need to be reminded how important it is in this new political age of Perception and Public Opinion?

 As if we need to look further than this when the No.1 Man in the country on the 16th of January 2011 said at SUPP Rally in Kuching.

He said,”Capture cyberspace to get back young electors’-( So,you are dealing with a different society.Yes,we lost the cyberspace war in the last election 2008,but we can’t lose it again.The question is what are we going to do about it?

A Man of Action PM Najib said this today 18th February 2011 and this were his words,”Najib said he had been spending more time on Twitter – in the car and between appointments, before and after work – replying to Malaysians and engaging them in conversation.

“Yes, it is really me replying to your tweets,” he said in his latest posting on “Although my work schedule gets quite hectic, I assure you that these simple connections mean a great deal to me,” says Najib.

 Najib knows what is bests for BN and he knows losing the cyberspace means he has to lead and ensure that all those under the umbrella of BN follow suit or they will be left behind. All issues and u pto date information is being posted in cyberspace and now FACEBOOK is being widely used.Pictures /videos/propaganda are all uploaded and now Sarawak opposition party SNAP is also making use of the availability of this media besides the blogsphere.

Some parties are making use of both of these media to posts and engage with each other. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows that even many small business owners are using Facebook to drive web traffic resulting in sales gains. Many see a huge increase in traffic and sales.

Political parties are also making use of this as a tool to keep in touch with the grassroots and some political boys just can’t get enough of Facebook. It’s like an obsession and they spend countless hours just to interact with the thousands who are coming back for more. 

SNAP has taken advantage of this new media tool and PM Najib has indeed got many on board with his enthusiasm.

BN will need their cybertroopers to be all ready as the impending Sarawak State elections is right at our doorstep. It doesn’t need the PM Najib to tell Sarawak what they need to do as SNAP is already virtually on board the CYBERSHIP.