Saratok “Spirit of Acceptance and Tolerance”

aspiritIn all the Parliamentary seats there will be intensified lobbying by the respective party and the lobbyists for the right and the ticket to stand on behalf of the Barisan Nasional coalition. Its only natural as its democracy being practised but there must be certain rules to adhere and RESPECT must be shown at all times.

The BN Chairman has talked earnestly about Loyalty and Winnability for the candidates to be chosen for GE14. At the recent press conference after chairing the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council another important criteria which he said and must be added in was the”Peoples choice and the Peoples Will” should be the prevailing consideration.

Saratok Parliamentary seat has been a very hot topic as the incumbent is an Independant BN Parliamentarian and also an ADUN for Pakan.

Mawan was President of SPDP party which he represented on behalf of BN and stood as candidate in GE13 defeating the PKR’s “heavy weight and giant killer” YB N39 Krian in Ali Biju. Many were pessimistic in his prospects in 2013 when he took on Ali Biju as Mawan went to “uncharted territory” as a Parliamentarian Candidate even though he was a State Full Minister and won numerous state elections. Winning for Mawan doesn’t guarantee anything as SPDP has now reiterate that the seat belongs to them.

Does SPDP now (PDP) have a choice now with all the truth surfacing on their Lobbyists?

BN will quietly whisper sweet nothings in the ear of President Tiong and inform him in the ‘nicest possible way’ that Mawan still holds the key to retain Saratok for the ruling coalition.

Truth be told, until recently it was very much SPDP but now the party has since changed its stand from a Sarawak based party and now its a National party with its membership open to all “Malaysians’ and also now has taken “Sarawak” out from its name to be rebranded as Progressive Democratic Party (PDP)

With the upcoming GE14 there are 3 PDP individuals named by the party to carry the fight for the party to retain Saratok.


If they have there would certainly be “Silent Treatment” from all staunch BN supporters,the YB’s in the area of Saratok and the related ruling government agencies towards the MP205 William Mawan.

One might want to recall some earlier articles which was covered and certainly they will not only dampen the spirit of the lobbyists but also make the people on the ground having second thoughts on their intentions and selfish needs.


Will BN let the lobbyists continue their movements or put a stop to it ?

It is not our divine right for to divulge in details and morover it is also within their ‘democratic rights” to continue but they do need to know when they hit a road block. BN will not be easily deceived though and for them to gain sympathy through the party leaves a lot to be desired.

Mawan has been quoted in 2015 “There is a possibility for us to be reunited with SPDP.But there is a possibility for us to be united with PRS and PBB. There will be options.”

By the looks of it Mawan is fighting very much to consolidate all his efforts for BN to retain the Parliamentary seat of Saratok. He doesn’t even hide behind the cloak and even have mentioned,”if I am not around for some reason or another he sees that the 2 present YBs as much better prospect in YB Wahab Aziz or YB Mohamad Chee bin Kadir as more loyal and winnable than the 3 lobbyists.”

The 2 YBs have been seen in many official functions together with their Member of Parliament and its very healthy for the BN spirit of acceptance and tolerance.


Mawan has consistently been harping the same tune to the voters of Saratok and his momentum is being seen and applauded by the top BN hierarchy. He has always puts Barisan Nasional first and his fight is not for any political parties but for all. He knows and understand the consequences of BN seat falling in the hands of the opposition and the people of Saratok will inevitably suffer silently in the wilderness.

Mawan himself practises multi racialism and though his constituency has over 70 percent dayak voters he doesn’t leave any race behind. They voted me in and as voters of Saratok and he wants to ensure that everyone will ‘work together“.The spirit must be there he said and it surpasses all “RACIAL BOUNDARIES

Mawan has instill the BN Spirit and Unity at the grass root level and it has reflected well in the eyes of the local Saratok peole who will no doubt put their trust and confidence in him to carry on for another term in Parliament.


“New Yardstick”-BN Zahid Hamidi

The Message is Clear and Precise. No Hidden Agenda.

AyardstickWas it an “Inspired and a Motivational call“? Many, though will conveniently termed it as a “War Cry” by Zahid who is (acting)Deputy President of UMNO to his party. It is however very clear in the BN organisational structure he automatically takes the helm as the Deputy Barisan Nasional Chairman. As such, Zahid is now Echoing and Standing Firm behind his President on the above subject.

What is significantly of utmost important to Barisan Nasional Chairman Najib and his Deputy Zahid are the seats that are Winnable and Secured are not being destroyed by personal and party selfishness which will cause more harm than good to the overall margin of BN seats.

In the last Parliamentary elections Sarawak garnered 25 out of 31 seats. PBB,PRS and SPDP all scored 100% wins and SUPP paid the price for their “infighting” and the voters turned against the party in the urban areas. They lost miserably garnering only 1  seat out of a possible 7.

Its now a game changer for Sarawak BN.

SUPP and UPP are still  very much seen “publicly” as feuding even though their top leaders are trying their political best to be embracing each other for the better good of BN. The strong message by Zahid has started to trickle down and the Deputy BN Chairman will want to ensure that BN Sarawak remains a fortress. BN/SUPP and BN friendly UPP need to work out a formula or else it would be up to the hierarchy of BN to put their foot down and resolve this issue. audie61 does not want to dwell too much on this matter as there will be calls of “outside interference”    

However, we are well informed on the subject matter of SPDP. There has been too many   niggling disagreements and petty mistrust which has seen the party veered and broken up into a number of disjointed groups. The Party President Tiong is doing his best to lead the charge but he is sometimes and still very “misinformed” by the ground swell.

Tiong P217 (Bintulu) himself is kept well aware of the many programmes being held in the other 3 Parliamentary seats of P192( Mas Gading) P205 (Saratok) and P220 (Baram). Lately,there have been very clear noises of the incumbents being dropped which has literally hurt many of the supporters who worked hard for SPDP during GE13. The incumbents have been working the ground and are relentless to maintain the stranglehold for Barisan Nasional and not to fulfill their selfish ends.

The moral of the party is important and Najib and Zahid are trying their level best to ensure that the spirit of BN will be intact when GE14 is called.  Both Najib and Zahid will not want to see a dysfunctional party where ‘infighting” will go overboard and cause BN the seats. Likewise the New CM Abang Johari  in his maiden parliamentary election charge for BN Sarawak will also want a comfortable win.

We have written earlier ( )  that the 4 incumbents are a formidable and winnable quartet and we have not wavered from our assessment.anajibjo

The words by two incumbents below are as solid for Tiong to digress and not even stop to consider “Who else can be better than them?

Mawan’s words ,” I am fully Entrenched in Servicing Saratok and I am not taking a step backward. I have moved so far and therefore it is almost impossible to make a RETREAT.”

Anyi’s words,”called on his supporters to be patient and wait for the announcement on whether he would get to defend the Baram seat for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the coming 14th general election. He said it is necessary that they should wait for the ‘green light’ from the prime minister, who is the national BN chairman.

Of course there will be a number of aspirants and also ‘backed up lobbyists” for the 3 seats which Tiong as President himself knows too well. This is “fully expected” in the run up to any elections but for GE14 the BN top leaders would want ‘minimum damage” to the coalition within BN.

The words written down,extracted and posted here by a contributor in FB James Joshua also have defining meaning to winning an election.

“Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom execute his desktop planning well and the other lobbyists needs to do a lot of catching up to determine the most winnable and likeable candidate for Saratok.

Pre-election head count is crucial for all the lobbyists including the incumbent, to determine their winnability; because head count is one of the yardstick to the number of votes that the candidate will get on polling day.

Tiong as President will want the BN to win the 4 seats which Najib, Zahid,Abang Jo has entrusted him to oversee and politically he will DEFINITELY STAND TALL if he agrees to the name list of maintaining the 4 Winnable and Formidable Quartet.

In Politics nothing is impossible and all disagreements can be solved with political tact and negotiations.

There are some disgruntled BN members who have crossed the red line and are now fighting BN from the opposite side. The Yardstick portrayed  by the BN leaders in Najib,Zahid and Abang Jo is now is stick to the principles of winnability and to venture too far adrift it will have serious consequences.

Mawan does put it nicely at times to budding politicians who called upon him for advise,’whether in good or bad times,our support for the BN must remain unwavering and our loyalty to the BN leadership solidly entrenched.”

Tiong will want to make the right effective decision and will not want to waver too far from the BN leaders yardstick or he might just live to regret the actions he took.

PAS Hadi “Fighting for Political Survival”

Oh No, PAS President is at it again. What will happen to PAS in GE14 is anyone’s guess.acawat1

It does seem that he is at his best when his back is at the wall as he makes this political statement to try to coax Barisan Nasional leaders to accept him and the party into the BN fold.

Will Sarawak leaders accept him and the party with open arms? He has yet to make amends on his “CAWAT” INSINUATION way back in 2009.

Even MP Salang and PRS Secretary General said this,””He pointed out that Sarawakian   MPs objected to the bill because it is an opposition bill tabled by Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who has few fans in the state.

“During the Batang Ai by-election in 2009, he said we were still wearing cawat. Later, he accused Christians of converting Muslims. Things like that do not speak well of him as a person and a leader. So when he tabled a bill like this, how can I be certain that he meant well?” said Salang.

This is extracted from Rakan Best Nye Page: “Apologise first PAS President Hadi. We in Sarawak always live in peace,harmony, eat,shop, no segregation and enjoy together. 

We dont want PAS in Sarawak.
Don’t try to say this for your convenience. “PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang says Malaysians can learn from Sabah and Sarawak, where the two states’ diverse peoples have lived in harmony for so long.”

Is Hadi making the right calls or is he trying to get back the sympathy from the opposition front ,making PAS relevant while backstabbing the Barisan Nasional Coalition at the last minute?He has something up his sleeves and political parties within the BN are watching closely with hawks eye and waiting to  pounce.

BN Sarawak can do without PAS assistance as it goes to win the seats in Sarawak for GE14

Bible Seizure..I don’t want to hear about it anymore

T03398Tan Sri Dr James Masing doesn’t want to hear of another Bible-seizing incident.

“I don’t want to see or even hear of another incident involving the seizure of our Bibles. Don’t let it happen again,” the outspoken Land Development Minister from Sarawak told theantdaily.

He was commenting on the return of the seized Bibles today to the Association of Churches in Sarawak which signalled an end to the religious saga that hogged the nation since January this year.

The release of 321 copies of the holy book, however, came with two conditions; one, that they are not to be distributed in Selangor, especially among Muslims, and two, they are only for Christians in Sarawak.

Nevertheless, for Christians throughout the country, news of the release of the Malay and Iban-language Bibles was a welcome relief.

Arguing that the seizure was illegal in the first place as it went against the Federal Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of worship, Masing felt that some overzealous officials had gone overboard.

“It’s illegal in the first place…even the AG has ordered the Bibles to be returned. They should not have detained the holy book until now,” he said.

The minister appeared upset with the conditions that the Iban-language Bibles should not be distributed in Selangor and could only be used in Sarawak.

His concern is understandable as there is a sizable Sarawak population in Selangor who are Christians. And this group has been using the Malay and Iban-language Bibles.

So what happens to the thousands of Sarawak Christians residing in Selangor who have all along been using the Iban-language Bibles?

Says Masing: “There should be no restriction for Sarawak Christians in Selangor as long as these Bibles are only for them. Of course it would be wrong if they are given to non-Christians.”

The controversy began in January this year when Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officials seized the Bibles from the Bible of Society of Malaysia (BSM) on grounds that the Bibles violated a 1988 Selangor enactment which prohibited non-Muslims from using the word “Allah”.

The Bibles were handed to the chairman of the Association of Churches in Sarawak, Rev Archbishop Datuk Bolly Lapok, in a simple ceremony at the Istana Alam Shah in Klang witnessed by Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and Menteri Besar Azmin Ali.

After the ceremony, Azmin had twitted that an “amicable solution” had been reached.

Unlike his predecessor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Azmin had taken a tougher stand and stood up for the Christian community, arguing that the Bibles did not belong to the Muslims and therefore should be returned to the Christians.

“Islam has never asked its followers to disrupt the harmony of other faiths. It is our duty to respect the practice of the other religions in the country. This is a multi-religious society. This is not Saudi Arabia or Sudan. This is Malaysia. This is Selangor.”

His remarks were welcomed by the Christian community.

The MCA, meanwhile, in urging Azmin to ensure there is no repeat of the fiasco, regrets the condition which prohibits the distribution of the Iban-language Bibles in Selangor.


The party’s Syariah Law and Policy Implementation Special Task Force chairman Gan Ping Siew questioned how Sarawak and Sabah Bumiputeras working in the armed forces, police force, civil service or studying on the peninsular alongside with Orang Asli Christians whose first language is Bahasa Malaysia would refer to their scriptures.

He called on state governments to look into the relevant provisions in the state enactments to enable Malay-speaking Christian Bumiputeras and Orang Aslis to have access to Bahasa Malaysia or native-language versions of the Bible in their homes and places of worship in the peninsula.

– See more at:

Sarawak Report 2 “Foreign Intervention”


Too right it is! If we are to write in a portal especially so on negative issues or “truth be told” and call it”” and has wide readership what happens? We expose all the negative reports on the country Britain surely sooner or later they will be ‘agent’s at our offices or tracking us down” and also giving us some ‘friendly advices.” Bet you there would.

Seems though Claire Rewcastle Browns arrival to Sarawak was politically timed and motivated as it coincided with PM Najibs visit to Britain. She knows very well that CM Taib and some together in the administration who have been “EXPOSED UNNECESSARILY” are not exactly “very fond” of her and will do whatever to tarnish her credibility. Does she know she will be stopped?

Turned out she did and this article we extracted,‘BMF wants the British government to “formally protest” against the “unacceptable banishment” of Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown from Sarawak yesterday morning”

BMF(Bruno Manser Fund)?

Are they trying to use “public opinion” to move her case and by gosh Claire will capitalise on this to move the agenda to see an end to Taibs rule. Are we convinced that she is doing it for Sarawakians? She is a British subject and she will tell the world that a British subject is turned away from the country which was once a British colony. The arguments will also be its an outdated immigration law and it should be changed as its irrelevant now.

Moreover now Lim Guan Eng (CM Penang ) is also getting into the act. This is extracted,‘Lim said the barring was an abuse of immigration powers to prevent Brown from exposing alleged financial improprieties in the state. He said,”I have met Brown in London and she struck me as a conscientious defender of justice, right over wrong and freedom of choice. She has an abiding love for Sarawak because she was born and had lived in the state.

We are Sarawakians and we would like to remind that we see more foreign intervention on the state and as per the 20 points which is for everyone to see unedited which one can draw their own conclusions:-

Point 6: Immigration[edit]

Control over immigration into any part of Malaysia from outside should rest with the Central Government but entry into North Borneo should also require the approval of the State Government. The Federal Government should not be able to veto the entry of persons into North Borneo for State Government purposes except on strictly security grounds. North Borneo should have unfettered control over the movements of persons other than those in Federal Government employ from other parts of Malaysia into North Borneo.

From BMF to CM Penang and now even this another way of trying to tell the world how bad CM Taib and Sarawakians are suffering. By the way let me ask this to those who think Sarawakians are mistreated or dying with hunger? Are we homeless,dying on the streets from hunger or shooting at each other because of differences in political views?


Mind you it must be noted that mosts Sarawakians are peace loving people but unhappiness,dissatisfaction on certain issues are only HUMAN but we cannot have everything we crave for. Some are born rich,others scrapping for a living and the world is balance in such a way that one cannot run away from it.

Taib as leader has not given me anything whatsoever in “wealth,property or political positions” but I respect the MAN HIMSELF  in that he ruled the state giving Sarawakians the


To prove my point, he spoke freely at a Barisan National convention in 2010 in which when I went to the toilet two(2) Menteri Besars( Chief Ministers of their respective states) said Taib must be commended for what he has spoken and he keeps to his words. We must emulate him and he has given FREEDOM to the peoples faith.


Claire without a doubt is very persistent as per Rafizi who mentioned it in a Press Conference. True to her word she has many friends too in the press/printed media and internet portals as this under the heading:-ONLY IN MALAYSIA:lawyer under travel ban for supporting Suu Kyi even after she walks free.

See Chee How an lawyer,activist and PKR Vice Chairman cannot step out of Malaysia as he has his passport confiscated. Well, isn’t this a political message which Claire wants to tell the Sarawak Government and Malaysian Government that they cannot do that? Are they other “HIDDEN HANDS” involved in trying to see an end of Taib Mahmud and his administration?

Truth be told and its a fact. Taib can easily walk away from it all but he has indicated recently that he will leave midterm. They are some who are “impatiently” wanting to see a new leader to helm the State. There are a number of would be ‘Successors” which we have written earlier and ‘whispers are now heard some are PRESSURED to make it happen sooner rather than later.

CM Taib on the other hand need not be removed if he is defeated in a state elections in his constituency and this cannot be ruled out too. One time strong man former CM Tun Abdul Rahman was defeated by current MP Wahab Dolah in 1987. So why is Claire and Sarawak Report backers not using this method?( yeah History does repeat itself don’t you think Claire?)

  • Why is it so PRECISELY DONE like a surgeons incision in that Claire must come to Sarawak at a time when Najib meets Cameron?

We don’t want Sarawak to be scrutinised by Foreign Blogs nor Interferences and we cannot imagine what would happen to us if we were to pick only on British affairs. In recent times we have been bombarded with “WIKILEAKS AND NOW WE HAVE THE EDWARD SNOWDEN SAGA?


Read this too:-

916 “Round 2”

576823_473831939368250_959387771_nFormer Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi did say”BN will not crumble in 2008“as Anwar Propagandared September 16th 2008 as the day when they will be a change of Government. BN did not cave in to Pakatan but Badawi relinquished his Premiership to Najib. GE13 have just concluded barely past a month and there are now so many permutations even before the Parliament seating on 24th of June 2013.

916 was Anwars call in 2008 and the possibility of a “ROUND 2” is being toyed around. This time it involves Najib and no more Abdullah.

We wrote a number of articles on this in 2008 and amongst them were as follows

It does seem that PM Najib is being harrased by not those within the BN fraternity who were not given the rightful positions and recognitions for their wins in the GE13 but also by those within his party UMNO especially when an article like this hits the internet portals and are being played up by many blogs. Click to read:-

505 Black Rallies have drawn in thousands at each venues and states and those within the BN hierarchy are feeling a bit uneasy over all these matters. We have time and time again twittered that” It only takes a little spark for it to escalate and for the sake of peace and harmony in Malaysia we hope it will not happen” 

After every elections there will be disgruntled and unhappy politicians who feels that they have a “divine right to the seat”. Of course they will read this and say what do you know? They will tell us go and listen to what Anwar and his Pakatan team have to say in the 505 Rallies. We have and we know Anwar and his strategists are using all their know how to try to “incept into the minds of most Malaysians that they won.

They have the courts to submit their petitions and even then Rafizi their “No.1 strategists” says he cannot see how the courts will overturned their results. He even gave a full rundown on how it will be against them. So whats next after boycotting the parliamentary briefing?

The news of Tengku Razaleigh must have music to the ears of Anwar. Will he be using his “war room strategists” or be employing the same modus operandi to rattle Najib this time round. Surely he will not let Najib rest on his laurels and he will use this opportunity to cause more political damage to PM and distabilise UMNO further.

Remember what Anwar said after his failed attempt “I thought the Sept 16 episode, although it did not happen, created the impression that we have a credible force which can offer an alternative (to BN).”

pkr cny open house 270210  anwarBeing the incorrigible optimist that he once described himself, Anwar (left) views Sept 16 rather positively. “Yes, we did not succeed and some are disillusioned and disappointed. And some are wavering in their support because the process seems slightly delayed. But it will happen. Of course, it depends on MALAYSIANS

Call what you want but it seems Tengku will be either” The knight in shining armour for UMNO or the Fall guy” but Pakatan will see it more as a “realisation of a vision” and tactically it will benefit them eventhough Anwar will not be at the helm.

Tengku will be a “pawn” as many disgruntled politicians will push for this agenda. The article which have many tongues wagging:-

The possibility of Round 2 September 16th 2013 cannot be ruled out and the turn of events which will take place is very fluid. The political scenario has changed so much since 2008 and one cannot rule out anything. Its just how one stategise and implement the plan and they will be VICTORIOUS.







GE13 statistics figures & facts 1

WHO IS CALLING WHO A FRAUD? ANWAR HAS CALLED THE EC CHEATS and the lasts (elections) is the mother of all frauds. He told the crowd at Penang on 11/5/13.

Click here to read


Pakatan “Lain Kali Boleh Cuba Lagi..??”

terima kNo Matter which side of the political divide we would like to say”A VERY BIG THANK YOU MALAYSIANS FOR EXERCISING YOUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS




The words uttered by Assitant Minister and former Senior Vice President of SPDP should be commended on 14th April 2013″I am a Barisan man and I am a team player


We received an sms from MP192 BN candidate Anthony Nogeh spokesman” YB peter Nansian ada berucap di gereja Kpg Apar pagi tadi nyuruh org kpg ngundi calon yg udah molah kerja dgn rakyat bukan calon yg kita sik kenal,la statement Nansian, maksud nya undi TIKI.

If BN loses this seat Tiki and the Geng must be blamed. He is spliting BN votes and the actions are not helping BN retain the seat.



Below an extracted article from an internet portal 

Incumbent MP for Mas Gading Tiki Lafe may pay the price for contesting as an Independent against Anthony Nogeh from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) in the coming general election.

His chairmanship of the National Service Training Board (NSTB) is at stake as SPDP supporters and even the opposition candidate from State Reform Party (Star) Patrick Anek Uren demand he be sacked.

NONETiki (right) who has represented Mas Gading for three terms was sacked from SPDP, which is part of the BN coalition, in Nov 2011 following a leadership tussle.

Since then he and four other elected representatives also sacked from SPDP, formed what is known as ‘Kelab BN Sarawak’.

Paul Igai, SPDP deputy secretary general, said that Tiki should know what to do as he is no longer part of the party.

“He should step down if he is a principled man. Other than that we have nothing more to say,” said Igai.

Tasik Biru PBB chairperson John Nyigor also said that Tiki should step down or face being forced to resign.

“The possibility is there as people are going after him,” he said.

Uren is also asking why Tiki is still the chairperson of the National Service Training Board when he is an Independent candidate for Mas Gading where BN already has a candidate.

“The voters in Mas Gading deserve answers,” he added.

However Tiki said that he had done nothing that required him to resign from the chairpersonship of the National Service Training Board.

“However, I leave it to the prime minister,” he said.

BN chief Najib Abdul Razak has warned that anyone from the party contesting against BN candidates would be sacked from the party but that’s a separate issue from losing their posts