Anwar”Half-Truths,Allegations etc-All Politics”

When Anwar in Malysiakini report said this,”  “There are rumours of me going to the Istana, (but) not yet.”Anwar however conceded meeting BN parliamentarians lately and described the progress of his plan as “very good”. Is it Half-truth..? Has any one allege him of Bluffing..? When he does pull it of will anyone say,”What a masterstroke of a genius..?” If he fails,” I told you so.” The talk of the market is “916” and it has got many connected within the political field excited and also worried. Anwar said that his first tasks as opposition leader was to reconnect with BN MPs who had indicated their willingness to defect to his alliance.

It’s simple, in economics we talk about supply and demand. In Politics we know that “half-truths” are the ones which in the end will turn to reality as it will excite the people connected and they will push their own selfish agendas across. The “‘envelop with their proposals” will be pushed to the very edge and corner of the table and it will eventually be picked up. Why then,Shafie Apdal,Peter Chin,Maximus Ongkilli to name a few Ministers are so worried..? Why can’t they get on with moving the country forward instead of just being mixed up with 916 and looking over their shoulders..?

Aren’t they the Generals which can move the soldiers to their advantage when a common enemy approaches. Or have they too much “skeletons’ that they are afraid to be overrun. Please,I am not targetting these Ministers but those in the administration knows that if they do not have anything to hide, they will not be afraid. ‘FEAR will come looking for you if you think you are afraid.

A lot of YBs, I do mean it said to me,” Internet is a tool still irrelevant in rural areas” True, but do you know that when we “stretch our arms we can touch our target.” So it comes to the subject of blogs allege to have written this or that article. A few people who are too sensitive cannot take it when their names are put into the equations. Some don’t even know the meaning of “Allege” and blast people till kingdom come. Do not fall into their traps my friends and always remember that  Allege is:-

  • 1.To assert to be true
  • 2. To assert without or before proof
  • 3. To state (a plea or excuse, for example) in support or denial of a claim or accusation
  • 4. Archaic To bring forward as an authority.

What’s wrong with opinions? So those who coffeeshop talk,or good orators have to keep quiet is it.? Of course if the  articles,reports,statements are seditious or too racialistic it should not even be posted. Politics is a fine line and I would like to repost this and our legislators or “would be’s” take a leaf from this and progress and be matured enough to agree that…..  

“Times have changed and move on and from what we have gathered from the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien loong who said,”Don’t spread internet lies and fabricate stories” BUT use the internet to deliver a well meaning message. He himself has a great team who supports his vision though he says not all looks,”GOOD” but we are managing the situation and a proper control is needed. He is after all our neighbour and we need not copy him but pick up the finer details to better ourselves. Of course we need to THINK for ourselves but acquiring more Knowledge,knowhows,skills we better ourselves.”KNOWLEDGE is after all the KING.”

There are still some who wants to stay in their “TIME WARP” and do not want to progress. They will be left behind and when it’s too late no one will even blink an eye.Each and everyone of us has the “Potential” and “Capabilities” but we must know how to harness and use it to the fullest. This morning I was having my breakfast meeting with my divisional members and they said,”Boss remember James Masing PRS President said you are“very dangerous” infront of us in Kedups Dinner and installation 3 years ago.

I remembered that very well and I replied,” In politics we move on and we have to be loyal to the ones who recognises and has a NEED for us.” Don’t make promises that one cannot keep and like a flower that doesn’t have honey anymore even the bees will SHY AWAY from it.” Meaning I told them,you all have to RELEVANT or else nobody cares about you. I thank James Masing for those words as he has captured the imagination of his members of the party.The truth will always prevail. 

PRS has given us the platform to be where we are and we have to thank the party for allowing us that space. Members of DAP,Keadilan,PAS,UMNO,MCA,Gerakan,SAPP,SPDP,SUPP,LDP,MIC just to name a few are appreciative to their respective parties and this is the very reason why they pen their names on the dotted line and sign the application forms and be taken in as a “member“. Is it because of BN or Pakatan? No,no,no its the partys symbol,ideology,aims and objectives and the kind of politics they believe in. 

Politics has a way of coming to ” HAUNT “you and do not take it lightly. It’s those half-truths,allegations which will create a ripple in the calm waters.Politicians who have made it always forget their “roots” and their own “people”.

Leaders who stay long in the political limelight are always those who appreciates and have a kind gesture at the end of all the hard work . It’s not the monetary benefits but those words,” Well done”, “Good Job’, “Syabas” and ‘Thank You” which will endear more soldiers/followers/machais than those who are paid. Sometimes just a phonecall now with modern technology a handphone or email works wonders. Our political world now takes an approach more towards the corporate field and I would not be surprised in the next couple of years the standard of politiking and the approaches will take a different route.

We need to change ourselves first before we change others.If we are stucked where we are, we will be left behind. Implications,Allegations,Half-truths,Gossips,Rumours all are political tools but don’t be naive but remember “Time” waits for no one…………………


8 thoughts on “Anwar”Half-Truths,Allegations etc-All Politics”

  1. hostage88 says:

    The politicians are put there to serve.

    It should be the voters deciding and not them.

    65% of the country’s voters wants a change in government, including wanting Taib Mahmud out.

    It is plain as simple as the final straw is spending billions to built the 12 dams in a farsighted view spanning a few generations. Long after we are all dead.

    So Mr Payhim Taib, we need our bread a butter and not 12 dams that will benefit my great great great grand children.

    To all readers, IMO there is more to China Hydro than meet the eyes and is a vehicle for nepotism and corruption.

    Maybe ask Mr Cher (or something like that) who is Fat Anna at Jln Ang Cheng Ho. Why is there a need to get people to sign fictitious vouchers for 5% fee. What is the balance amounting to 95% for each fake invoice for or who is it for.

    So it is high time we all press for a change in government and I reiterate my earlier call, that Taib Mahmud have to go.

  2. arifabdull says:

    Buat semua rakyat Malaysia,
    Mulai hari ini sehingga menjelang 16 September, sempena Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-45 marilah beramai-ramai kibarkan bendera Malaysia.

    Jika sepanjang sambutan 51 tahun Malaya Merdeka yang lalu anda terlupa mengibarkan bendera, apa salahnya kita mulakan sekarang gerakan kempen kibarkan bendera menjelang Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-45 ini.

    Terima kasih

  3. Parameswara says:

    I’m glad to hear you all my friends in Sarawak. We have the same issues at hand to demand for. Keep up your campaign for change. Good luck.

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