chong taibIf its not them (RBA)then who is it?

Of course the calls have come from DAP Sarawak leaders who were heard calling for CM Taib to step down immediately after the 2 years grace was up.

DAP has taken literally what CM Taib has said that HE WILL STEP DOWN IN 2 YEARS TIME OR IN MID-TERM. Many ‘ceramahs” which audie61 squad attended during GE13 in Kuching the attacks were directed at Taib Mahmud.

We tweeted there and then. ( eg @audie61                28 Apr  Pls see the following which we extracted from the twitter

  • 1.DAP Julian has so much hate against CM Taib? DAP talking abt “promise” 2 years 2 WOO the votes
  • 2.DAP Julian Tan says our SWak BN Parliamentarian only go to SLEEP after they win.Hit out at Sulaiman Taib.
  • 3. BN SUPP candidates CLEAN n JUST shd hv CM face.Why u hitting at CM? Is DAP CLEAN? Julian Tan convince us n dun belasar CM Taib.

We ask DAP whether Taib needs to step down?

He can if he decides too but he has a perfect 35 to NIL mandate from his party PBB. Also BN won 55 out of 71 seats in 2011 Sarawak State Elections. I did speak to a number of  BN YBs a few days ago on this subject and asked why CMs loyalists have been so quiet? Are they under instructions to zip their mouths? Someone must take the lead I said to at least fight the intrusions from outside or worse from the inside.

Certainly someone must have heard our uneasiness and dissatisfaction and up came this. I say I must take my hat off for the Chief Political Secretary to CM, YB Abdullah Saidol who have come out with the strongest and possibly his hardest hitting statement to date and we quote,” “We reject any effort by any quarter to disunite us for their own political ambition and economic control”

Bravo! Bravo! to Chief Political Secretary and lets see now how many out there will start to fight for CM Taib.  

Extracted from STARONLINE:

MIRI: Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s loyalists believe “hidden hands” within the country are behind recent mounting pressure for their chief to relinquish his post with immediate effect.
They were eager to remove Taib as he was seen as a stumbling block to their agenda to make Sarawak “politically and economically a free for all state,” according to Parti Pesaka Bumuputera Bersatu (PBB) leaders, who declined to specify if the hidden hands came from Kuching or Kuala Lumpur.
Responding to reports that Taib might serve a full five-year term in office instead of mid-term, political secretary to the Chief Minister Abdullah Saidol told The Star Online that the accusations hurled at Taib recently were an integrated effort to tarnish the image of his boss.   “They are trying to smear Taib’s image and create a situation so that he will be forced to step down immediately although technically he can stay on until the end of his term in 2016,” said Abdullah, one of the younger group of PBB leaders fully supporting their party president.  

“Sometimes, I cannot help but think that there are people in the higher echelon within the country trying to force the chief minister to retire.
“If they succeed, I won’t be surprised if they immediately moved to strengthen their interest in Sarawak because they see the CM as a major stumbling block preventing them from grabbing the state’s rich resources.   “

It is not difficult to understand why now there is an integrated smear campaign against Taib,” added Abdullah.
He said that Taib had consistently maintained long term policies to safeguard the interest of the state for the benefit of Sarawakians.

“Take for example our effort to manage our forest resources with a sustainable ITTO certified management. Yet, ridiculous accusations are being made and weird enough, some ignorant people believe these critics,” he said.   Abdullah said even the state’s effort to develop palm oil plantation had become the target of critics.

“I believe they still think we are not capable of managing our state ourselves,” he said.   He also took a jibe at the opposition, saying that DAP representatives were disuniting Sarawakians and were often rude to Taib who was elected legitimately and won overwhelmingly in the last election.   “

We believe in maintaining peace and harmony in Sarawak so as to enable our development plans to be executed smoothly especially in rural areas.

“We reject any effort by any quarter to disunite us for their own political ambition and economic control,” said Abdullah.

4 thoughts on “RED BEAN ARMY BEHIND THIS..?

  1. RED ARMY says:

    What Red Bean Army behind asking Taib to step down? He should as he said so. Has he forgotten what he said?

  2. starksy n hutch says:

    Taib will stay on as he and Najib are buddies. Taib weilds so much influence now after GE13 that BN cannot make a false move.

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