BN Slagging Time…”The Gloves are coming off..”

‘Kalau tiada angin,pokok takkan bergoyang’…Really Let’s go”

aacca1Political Slagging and the upcoming “Storm” will certainly get worse and hit the epicentre and cause substantial damages before it will subside. It will take its natural course eventhough many are trying to diffuse it.

SUPP President have also sounded the bugle publicly,”19 seats belong to SUPP” SPDP President “those 8 are our seats.’ PRS President ‘U touch one you touch all” PBB they { TERAS & UPP} are very much BN YBs and Ministers. CM Adenan naming winnable candidates has open up the pandora box and stirred the “hornets nest”. Where are the CM’s executioners? We will get to that later.

Poltical friends today will be enemies tomorrow. No two buts about it. But remember there is a saying” True Friends are hard to come by, but Political ‘Friends or Alliances” can be put together to serve the bests interests of both parties.

Decisions taken by certain parties depends on who helms the Supreme Council at the time with little disregard for grass root decisions. It hasn’t change in Sarawak’s Politcal climate and it will not be any sooner. The Supreme Council decisions are final and any party members who goes against will certainly feel the heat.

When Taib Mahmud was the Commander in Chief he had a number of able ‘hatchet men” in ,Adenan.Asfia and Abdul Karim who would be able to signal Taib Mahmud even when he closes his eyes for a ‘power nap”. They can smell the enemy a mile away and today both are still serving but in a different manner as to their mentor Taib. Adenan was an Taib’s executor but today he helms the  state and his decisions will affect how and where the State goes in time to come. Could Asfia and Abdul Karim be the new executors?

Asfia even though how hard he tries to camouflage he cannot hide from his allegiance to Tengah  Karim very much Taibs able student is now seen aligned to Abang Johari. How will they be able to execute fully the demands asked by CM Adenan.

The BN coalition is in for a “BIG FIGHT’ says our sources from the various BN Parties. DAP Chong has even put the sword in the chests of Adenan and said that they are aiming to deny the BN coalition 2/3rds in the state assembly.

  • Is this Chongs way of trying to blindfold the rakyat?
  • Could DAP and their new found Alliances be able to achieve that?
  • 1987 the BN won 28 out of 48 seats and 2016 with 82 seats how will it turn out?

The gloves would certainly come off if all the seats are being challenged and in politics they say anything can happen in the 11th hour. The FEAR factor of being left aside is now very evident and all parties are claiming what is rightfully theirs. The social media age has taken over and any single wrong move would be blown out of proportion. Adenan might say ‘ we believe in consensus in BN” but remember those being dealt a bad card will leave it to the public to judge”

We know we have gone from a vertical society to a horizontal society where everybody has an opinion about any decision a leader makes. It’s readily available and all opinions are shared which means the gloves will be off and the clash will not only be a small matter but will escalate into from an easy win seat to scrapping through. Basically the RESPECT will be gone and every decision has to be carefully evaluated and understood by all.

Asfia and Abdul Karim needs to execute what ever is being laid for them to solve for CM Adenan . Populists agendas are only to hoodwinked positive vibes but its the right policies plus capable and corrent winnable candidates which will turn into votes.

We know sandiwara comes in many forms and Politicians are very good at it. The “‘merger of minds “coalition needs to be addressed carefully as they too will give a big jolt to PBB and the main beneficiary would be the opposition pact. This is nothing new in the political annals and most veteran polticians knows it but many still IGNORE the threat it brings.

Adenan cannot look behind his back and he needs the two executors to move and address the problems. PBB could have met for 3 hours and spent half the time strategizing and trying to find a solution to the problems but they know this will not just go away.

The storm is coming no matter Adenan likes it or not. He said he has been telling the ‘parties involved” to solve the differences but it has lingered on and the wounds are now so deep it needs not an executor but an executioner to address it. The slagging has got so bad in the eyes of the public that the voters are turning their backs from the parties.

Adenan still charms his way across the state with his populists agendas and his ooo ha’s and U U but the fact is the problem still remains intact. Adenan needs to clamp down on the slagging  matches openly amongst the BN3 against the BN plus  and will need his two executors to sit them down and find a political solution.

All these winnable candidates will be of no use if the solution still displeases someone. The disease has already spread and its hardly unlikely it will just go away. Even DAP Chong knows that BN will win in first past the posts but DAP or the opposition pact is to deny the 2/3rs to BN Sarawak. Don’t say they wouldn’t as its been proven it happened in 2008 in Peninsular Malaysia.

Let us reiterate here ,”the literacy rate of the voters have gone up and many are well informed and what is happening in Peninsular Malaysia will also affect the mind-set of the voters in Sarawak. The currency has slumped,the business climate is not exactly thriving and basically costs of living has escalated.

BN Sarawak needs to addressed the “internal bickering”  sooner rather than later. A component party leader said,” its getting messier but our calls to CM are being ignored” Is this a sign of things to come?

Until the next time….

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