PRS all out for Nogeh too in P192 MAS GADING.??

1BNPBB leaders in Mas Gading Parliamentary Constituency rolled the dice out first in full support of Nogeh as the chosen candidate. The branches are Tasik Biru and Opar. This is very much in line with the 1BN spirit which Dr.Stephan Rundi BN Sarawak SG said on July 25 2012,”BN is strong because all component parties can work as one. When one of us is  threatened, we will stay together and face that challenge

He also said BN will be weakened if our machineries don’t work together as one. The opposition would take advantage and capitalise on this. It does appear that the message has slowly filtered down to the ground and the MAS Gading constituency is now awaiting only PRS to declare their full support to the candidacy of Anthony Nogeh.

Yesterday SUPP Bau leaders declared their full support to Nogeh as the SPDP candidate{see below full article}

The 1BN spirit should be fully capitalised in not only the 31 Sarawak constituencies but in the remaining 191 Parliamentary seats. If most of the “saboteurs’ or “traitors” are removed  BN would not have too much of a problem in being returned as the ruling coalition to govern the country from 2013-2018.

The BN Supreme Council have already put the motion in order and it’s now up to the divisions and branches to follow through to show the true spirit of 1BN.


The full article which appeared in todays main stream media

BAU: The SPDP recommended candidate for Mas Gading, Anthony Nogeh Gumbek,  received another morale booster after SUPP Bau branch announced the formation of  an election campaign committee to assist him in winning the constituency.

SUPP Bau branch chief Chong Bui Ling said the branch will only throw its  support behind Nogeh despite talks the incumbent MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe was  interested to contest as a BN direct candidate.

“We will only support the candidate from SPDP. We will not support any other  person, organisation or club who want to contest here,” he told reporters after  the branch’s Chap Goh Meh gathering at a restaurant here Tuesday night.

The pledge of support by SUPP Bau came just a few days after another BN component, PBB branches of Tasik Biru and Opar, announced their full support for Nogeh and formed their respective election operation centres to assist SPDP.

Nogeh, who has hit the trail in the constituency since his name was revealed,  was also present at the gathering where he was warmly received by members of  SUPP Bau branch.

On a related matter, Chong said SUPP Bau believed that a new member of  parliament for Mas Gading would bring the much needed economic boost to Bau  town.

He claimed that Dr Tiki, in his 15 years as the MP, had not been effective  enough in implementing programmes which could spur the local economy and this  had been a concern among the business community here.

“Our stand is very strong. Even though we appreciate the services and  contributions made by Dr Tiki, we strongly think it is time for change.

“We want a new face, and we have full confidence in Anthony Nogeh as the best  person to represent the constituency,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the business community here, he said they hoped Nogeh  would assist them in realising the setting up of CIQ facilities at the border  post of Serikin to facilitate cross-border trade with neighbouring  Indonesia.

He said this has been the aspiration of the business community here as they  want to forge better trade relations with their counterparts in the Indonesian  towns of Bengkayang, Singkawang, Sambas and Pontianak.

“The towns of Bengkayang and Singkawang are closest to Bau. Imagine if there  are proper facilities at Serikin, there will be bigger volume of business and  this will benefit everyone.

The people from Indonesia will also come to Bau to shop and visit places of  interests, and this will boost the local economy and tourism.

“For us the business community in Bau, the present CIQ complex in Biawak is  too far for us because we have to drive about two hours just to get there,” he  said.

Meanwhile, Nogeh in his remarks said he appreciated the pledge of support and  assistance rendered by other BN components in Mas Gading.

“This is in line with the BN spirit of comradeship and solidarity, which is  vital towards achieving victory,” he said.

He also thanked the community leaders who have been supporting him, and he  pledged to do his best and work with all the communities in Mas Gading if  elected as the MP.

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123 to 135 seats to BN

Extracted :- In Sarawak, Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud will deliver 100 percent of his PBB seats to the BN and hence secure the majority of Sarawak seats. However, the PRS and SPDP may lose a couple of Dayak seats to PKR. The SUPP will come under a strong challenge from DAP and could lose all its Chinese majority.

What the extracted statement meant a political watcher said “In totality Sarawak BN will secure at least 22 to 24 out of the 31 PARLIAMENTARY SEATS it contest.”

SPDP seats he said under threat are Baram and Mas Gading. Saratok will see some resistance. However the good work and “personal touch” by the Puteri’s led by Puteri Chief Barbara Mawan plus some of the Putera’s have made inroads in the Malay area of Kabong and Paoloh.They have spent countless hours in their time and devotion to the party to ensure it remains a BN seat. Bintulu will have some little ‘hiccups” in the Chinese areas but overall it remains a BN  stronghold.

SUPP will see DAP making inroads in Miri,Sarikei,Stampin,Lanang and SUPP has an uphill tasks in Bandar Kuching but pulling a surprise win here is not impossible while Sibu will be 50:50 and Serian the Bidayuh’s still have a soft spot for Richard Riot and he has looked after his constituency well enough to be voted back in.

PRS as of now will see at least three- cornered fight in all their allocated 6 seats with PKR and SWP joining in. PRS under threat seat would be Hulu Rejang where the infighting can and will escalate if Billy is renominated and PKR would use this to wrestle the seat away. Sources on the ground are also anticipating a bitter fight in the area where the SWP President will be standing and PRS will not relinquish their seat so easily.

Localised flavoured issues will still be the ‘main dish” on the menu eventhough the electorates are going for the General Elections. The pick of a ‘winnable and popularist” elected representative will still swing the votes for many Sarawakians.

Please find below the whole extracted article :-

The upcoming 13th general elections will be a much-anticipated, most exciting and nail-biting election in the country’s history.
Speculation on the election date has gone on for almost one year. The options for the election timing is getting shorter. It is expected that the GE will be held on April 14 or 21.
There are three possible outcomes for the coming election:
Scenario 1: The present status quo remains Scenario 2: A reduced majority for BN Scenario 3: BN regains two-thirds majority
There are 222 parliamentary seats in the country, of which about 150 are Malay/bumiputera seats, 30 mixed seats and 42 Chinese-majority seats.

2008 elections who got what parliament seatIn the 2008 elections, BN won 140 seats and the opposition won 82 seats. A further breakdown shows that Umno won 79 seats, MCA 15 seats, MIC 3 and Gerakan 2, PKR won 31 seats, DAP 28 seats and PAS 23 seats.
From our analysis, it is becoming quite clear that the rural population has largely returned to BN, in particular rural Malays has largely shifted back to Umno.
In this regard, Umno is expected to win more seats than in 2008. It is likely that Umno may win 85 to 90 parliamentary seats, up from their existing 79 seats. There is also a clear trend that Indian voters in rural and semi urban areas have also shifted back to BN. However, the urban voters are largely still with Pakatan Rakyat.
NONEEven though urban Malay voters may support Pakatan and even if more urban Malays were to support Pakatan in the urban seats, it will not increase seats for Pakatan as these urban seats are already held by DAP.
However, the urban voters are still very much with the opposition in particular. The urban Chinese are very strongly supporting the DAP.
As high as 85 percent of urban Chinese may vote for the DAP. This will increase the DAP’s numbers of seats won to 35-40 seats, up from the 28 seats DAP won in 2008, making DAP the biggest opposition party in Pakatan. Chinese voters still pro-opposition
The prime minister’s hope is that his various outreach programmes to the Chinese community can win over some of the undecided Chinese voters but that is still a difficult challenge. Most of the Chinese seems to have made up their mind.
dong zong cny open door 170213 05Some older Chinese and the Chinese business community may want to give Najib a chance. They value peace, stability and prosperity and like Najib‘s engaging style, like his presence at the Dong Zong Chinese New Year Open House.
In a recent roundtable and study on the main concerns of the Chinese community organised by Asli’s Centre for Public Policy Studies, it was determined that the main issues of concern to the Chinese community are crime and corruption, education, cost of living, fairness and justice, cultural and religious issues, lack of civil service participation and lack of meritocracy.
These have caused frustrations among the Chinese voters.
However, if the Malay and Indian swing back to Umno-BN is strong, it will help MCA and Gerakan in the mixed seats where Malay voters account for higher than 40 percent and Indian voters are between 10-15 percent of the constituencies, such as Padang Serai and Gopeng.
NONEMany of the undecided voters will want to see who are the candidates being put up by the parties and how the campaign unfolds. A gaffe or a mistake can be very costly during the campaign period.
The campaign can be a dirty campaign with a lot of personal attacks and accusations thrown by both sides. Surprises can be revealed during the campaign.
Najib will campaign from a position of strength. His popularity and personality and his hard work and tenacity can win him a lot of support. Obviously, he is more popular than his party.
Najib’s proven track record in the transformation programmes and economic performance with the 6.4 percent GDP growth in the 4th quarter of 2012 stands him and the BN government in good stead.
On the other hand, there is some urban dissatisfaction on the abuses of power, human rights violations, crime and corruption. BN should win Kedah and Perak
In Sarawak, Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud will deliver 100 percent of his PBB seats to the BN and hence secure the majority of Sarawak seats. However, the PRS and SPDP may lose a couple of Dayak seats to PKR.
NONEThe SUPP will come under a strong challenge from DAP and could lose all its Chinese majority seats to DAP but win back Sibu with a new strong candidate and retain the Dayak majority seat of its deputy president Richard Riot, hence winning two out of its six parliamentary seats.
In Sabah, Sabah Umno should be able to do well, leading the BN to regain control of the state government. Again DAP will win in several more Chinese-majority seats.
In Peninsular Malaysia, the MCA seats that will hard fought are Gelang Patah, Kulai and Tanjung Piai in Johor and Lumut in Perak. These seats can be vulnerable.
NONEOn the other hand, MCA has a good chance of winning back Padang Serai, Gopeng and Selayang should there be a strong Malay and Indian swing back to BN.
In the state contests, Pakatan should retain Kelantan and Penang but will face a strong challenge from BN.
In Penang, if the Malay swing is strong, Umno may win 17 Malay seats and if MCA and Gerakan can win just four more seats, BN will narrowly regain Penang.
The fight for Selangor will be the toughest and it is 50:50 for either side. BN should win Kedah and Perak where the Malay swing back to Umno could help Umno win back PKR and PAS state seats in Perak although the DAP will still likely hold on to all its Chinese-majority seats in Perak.
Margin of BN’s victory uncertain In the final analysis, the BN will win the 13th general election. The only uncertainty remains in the size of the majority.
From our analysis, BN is expected to win between 123 to 135 seats. This is the most likely outcome. However, if the Malay and Indian swing back to BN is very strong and Najib is able to bring back more undecided Chinese, BN can win up to 150 seats, which will restore the BN’s two-thirds majority. This outcome will be a difficult challenge.
NONEThe third scenario is the BN retains about the same number of seats around 140, which it won in 2008.
Nevertheless what can be certain is that the two big winners in the coming elections will be Umno and DAP.
What is also important to consider is the shape of the post-GE13 government.
Will there be a new political realignment? Will Umno seeks a new alliance with PAS for Malay and Muslim unity? How will this impact on the non-Malays and non-Muslims?
Will the two big expected election winners Umno and DAP seek a new political realignment?
Nothing is impossible after the general election. After all, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics. These are the sort of post-election scenarios that need to be also considered.

MICHAEL YEOH OON KHENG is chief executive officer, Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli) and deputy chairperson of the Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS)

PBB “All for BN/SPDP Nogeh”

PBB-SPDP-300x202Tiki’s days are numbered. Of course, he is still the incumbent MP but he has been sacked from the party SPDP. 

By virtue of the Sarawak BN coalition understanding the party SPDP will lay claim to the seat. The MP/YB can leave or be sacked by the party but the seat remains the party’s. This was reemphasised to me by a strong supporter of BN/SPDP whose family are mostly voters for the constituency.

Moreover, he said Tiki is still going round telling everyone practically he will still be the BN Chosen candidate. This voter even said this,” The newspapers should limit his coverage/publication of Tiki’s news and by doing so his wings will be clipped.”

This morning’s article where PBB branches in MAS GADING are throwing their weight behind Nogeh and headlines”Shot in the arm for Nogeh”is sending the CLEAREST SIGNAL to Tiki. (see below the article). Earlier articles written on Anthony Nogeh P192 :-

Extracted Article:-

BAU: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB)  branches in Mas Gading have cast doubts over the winning chances of incumbent  member of parliament Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe if he were to defend his seat in the  coming general election.

The chairmen of the party’s Opar and Tasik Biru branches Datuk Peter Minos  and John Nyigor respectively said Dr Tiki would find it very difficult to win  again following political events affecting him.

They believed the new face recommended by Sarawak Progressive Democratic  Party (SPDP) namely Anthony Nogeh Gumbek was the best person to represent  Barisan Nasional (BN) to defend the Mas Gading seat in the coming general  election.

They stated their stand in response to the reluctance by Prime Minister and  BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to rule out the possibility of fielding  direct BN candidates in the general election when asked by reporters during his  recent visit to the state.

Minos, who is also PBB deputy information chief, said there is no doubt that  Nogeh would be the BN candidate if the BN principle and constitution are adhered  to.

To our BN friends in Mas Gading, do not worry about PBB. We will help each  other to ensure victory,” he said, adding both PBB Opar and PBB Tasik Biru have  set up operations rooms at Kampung Stuum Muda and Bau town respectively to  assist SPDP.

Minos added that the chances of Dr Tiki winning was dented after being  dropped from the federal deputy minister’s post in 2008 and his sacking from  SPDP in 2011.

“He has been going around saying he is still winnable candidate. That is just  his propaganda.

“Just think of the reasons why he was dropped from the federal cabinet and  why he was sacked from his own party. Do you still think he is winnable? He is  not,” he told a gathering at the house of SPDP Tasik Biru vice chairman Majen  Minos at Kampung Grogo near here, last Saturday night.

‘Dr Tiki not appreciative, reciprocal to support given’

John who also spoke disputed Dr Tiki’s claim that he is winnable candidate,  pointing out that the candidate representing BN must have support of all the  four BN components in Mas Gading.

He claimed that Dr Tiki had not been appreciative and reciprocal to the  support rendered by PBB in assisting him in the past three elections.

“If he thinks he is winnable, why not stand as independent to prove it? As  far as PBB Tasik Biru is concerned, we respect SPDP’s decision to field Anthony  Nogeh as the candidate and we will help him to win by big majority,” he  said.

Also present at the gathering were SPDP vice president Rayan Narong, SPDP  supreme council member Michael Sitien and Nogeh himself.

Nogeh, who is the Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority  (Salcra) deputy general manager, thanked those who assisted him in the past one  year covering the ground and pledged to do his best for the constituency.

Wanita BN “Is it Wrong to Lobby?”

wanita bnA group of Wanita YB’s and MPs at the entrance of a dinner function spoke to audie61 and said to us,”Is it wrong for the Wanita BN to lobby for seats?” Obviously our answer was no,no.{ trying to be diplomatic ….)

However, when the next question came it was more straight forward,”Your party SPDP fielding Barbara Mawan what do you think?” Aduh! Hai,Eee how do we get out of this situation?

My braincells went into overdrive and said,” if the grassroots and people in Saratok is for her,she has made her presence and intentions known there is no reason why the State BN,Federal BN Chairman would not consider her if the party submits her name.”
Furthermore we also know that 18 out of the 31 Parliamentary Seats the women voters exceeds the male voters.Great !!  we got it right there when we answered the YBs and MPs. They reminded us to please check up the statistics.

These are the statistics from SPR which we checked,” 1,069,654 voters in Sarawak 534,516 which makes up 49.97% are women voters.

Are we going to be drawn in a gender warfare but being party members in SPDP we too need to protect our party’s interest and not to let the opposition have a field day.

If anything PKR and Pakatan have already penned in their candidate Assemblyman Ali Biju to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections. A source cloes to the selection committee in PKR said they were also toying with Puan Nurhanim Datuk Mokhsen Ketua Wanita Sarawak to be fielded in Saratok but decided otherwise.

Only during nomination day we will know and before the names are on the nomination papers there will still be lobbying done. Even if you have printed your posters it doesn’t necessarily mean you are chosen as there might still be some political twists and turns.

What actually started this conversation? It had something to do with William Mawan President of SPDP rumours which have put him in the forefront to be a candidate. We also wrote on February 5th “Mawan Whitens Saratok” It did turn to Barbara as they all know her well enough to say a thing or two about her. Of course for a cup of coffee we would tell you but not here in cyberspace.

Could this statement which appeared in a local daily too had the wanita legislators throwing their weight on Barbara,”  “We, representing the BN components in Saratok, agree and propose that the BN  candidate for Saratok is picked from our women members.”
It does seem Saratok P205 is now very much in the radar and we can’t deny the fact as this statement appears in the local daily today. (see below)

audie61 is not going to run from the fact that there are other names involved clue..starts with P ends in  E..besides the ones we already  know but its up to to the BN hierarchy to consider the mosts winnable candidate to take on Pakatan :-


SIBU: Speculations on the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the  Saratok parliamentary seat should cease and the focus channelled towards  ensuring it remains with the party.

Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) supreme council member Chambai  Lindong said on Friday that in the true spirit of BN, any differences should be  put aside to prevent the opposition from exploiting issues to their  advantage.

“Now is not the time to speculate. Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun  Razak has been moving around to ensure everything is in place and this shows  that the election is very near.

“What is of utmost importance is for all members and leaders from grassroots  level upwards to work in a concerted manner, reinforced by strong support from  other BN component parties to retain the BN’s stronghold this impending  election,” Chambai told thesundaypost.

He was responding to a news report which claimed members of BN component  parties in Saratok wanted the ruling coalition to field more women candidates in  the coming election.

It quoted Nasir Manap – Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Hossin  Sulaiman and Lim Kieng Huat – SPDP, Roland Angking – Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS)  as well as Lau Pun Hui and Wee Lee Gua – Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) as  saying they wanted a woman candidate to be fielded in Saratok.

They claimed this was in response to Najib and Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul  Taib Mahmud’s call for a big victory for BN this election.

“That statement purportedly came from certain people, comprising certain  councillors and certain individuals, and that is about all. To say that certain  people would like to see a woman candidate for BN in Saratok is a valid  expression of choice of preference,” said Chambai.

“There is no distinction among genders and anyone can offer himself or  herself or push for his or her preference in the media.”

However, he said the statement was rather vague and should have been backed  up with details from the party divisions concerned.

“I believe this is an individual’s impression rather than party’s opinions. I  am not saying that they are wrong as they expressed their view on their  preference.

“But at the end of the day, what counts is that whoever is being picked by  the top BN leadership, the candidate will be able to win for BN. It is best to  leave everything to the PM’s wisdom.”

On speculation that he was among the several names said to replace incumbent  member of parliament Jelaing Mersat, who is Deputy Transport Minister, Chambai  laughed.

“In all honesty, I do not know how my name came about but I guess with  speculation you will always have more than one name,” he replied.

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Anwar’s “Numbers Game for Putrajaya”

416On 14 th September 2008 we wrote,”916 was a cleverly thought out “POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT” like COCA COLA’S  1969 slogan inplanted in ones brain “IT’S THE REAL THING”. The full article ended with this”Anwar will just have to lick his wounds and soldier on to the next battle that is”GE13

5 years on and just on the eve of GE13 the new propaganda machine from Pakatan is playing with numbers and driving fear into the hearts and minds of BN.

  1. To proof it this is what has been churned out:-Maklumat dari Bukit Aman and Mindef ,UMNO BN akan hilang Putrajaya with 145 seats. we wrote
  2. In Sarawak next they are saying they will win by 11 to maybe 13 seats.

Today this appears PKR leader Wong Chen talking to Malaysia chronicles ,”Pakatan as having a better than even chance of securing the federal government. PKR insiders believe that as many as 107 seats of out the 222 in Parliament are in the bag for the Pakatan, which also consists of the DAP and PAS.

“We rather be cautious than over-optimistic. We are working very hard to win another 7 seats at least so that we can form a simple majority. Once that is done, we expect a huge crossover of BN Members of Parliament.

Wonder what Pakatan will call this Propaganda next. Is there a similarity or is it just pure coincidental?

Think outside the box for now

  •  In 2008 they said :- 916 when you add 9+1+6=16 and 1+6=7.
  •  In 2013 they now say  they are working very hard on 7 seats. }

Isn’t this another Propaganda Tool. ? The Golden opportunity will be 7 seats only next.

Anwar did we manage to derail yet another of your Propaganda of wrestling Putrajaya? Anwar knows that it is important to deceive the people as the people will put Pakatan into Putrajaya. Anwar has the story lines but he did not write the book.

BN has authorised it to be published and yet another “switching sides” by BN Legislators will only be another failure as BN is on top of the game and is in charge of their own destiny.

Anwar remember also its not Abdullah you are facing now but Najib.


7 is it..?

psst…You forgot my number Anwar…it starts with ….Call me as will be subjected for political strategic offers after GE14…Oh yeah !! pls remember mine is only in USD..

P201 BN Safe Seat…

rohani-abd-karimThe arrival of PM Najib and CM Taib at this constituency of Rohani Karim, Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism is a morale-booster for this 5 term MP. She has been under intense attack and scrutiny from saboteurs who have been lobbying to replace her.

We wrote earlier:-PBB ,”ABU9 is for real and today with the PM’s Visit and CM’s address this would be a welcome relief and knowing Rohani Karim she will go all out and leave nothing to chance as “complacency is not in her dictionary

One should also look back at this article which was written just before CHAP GOH MEI 6th February 2012 and its now 1 Year plus and still there are those trying to outmanouver Rohani. The article reads as :-

Rohani Karim has the ears and support when it comes from her President and Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud. Her track record is exemplary. The only time she did suffered a scare was in 1999 where she was closely matched.

Going into GE13 P201 will be a safe seat for BN and rest assured PM and CM will know that they have a credible candidate in Rohani who always delivers what she promises.

Election results

Parliament of Malaysia: Santubong, Sarawak[3]
Year Barisan Nasional Votes Pct Opposition Votes Pct
1990 Rohani Abdul Karim (PBB) 10,200 77% Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Sanusi (PERMAS) 2,832 21%
1995 Rohani Abdul Karim (PBB) 11,702 83% Paruwadi Musa (IND) 1,791 13%
1999 Rohani Abdul Karim (PBB) 7,955 56% Hussaini Hamdan (PKR) 6,060 43%
Parliament of Malaysia: Batang Lupar, Sarawak[3]
Year Barisan Nasional Votes Pct Opposition Votes Pct
2004 Rohani Abdul Karim (PBB) Unopposed
2008 Rohani Abdul Karim (PBB) 11,015 77% Abang Eddy Allyanni (PAS) 2,923 20%

Below are the extracted speech from bernama.

The people of Sarawak should give the highest mandate to the Barisan Nasional BN government under the leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Razak in the coming 13th general election Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said that by doing so they were showing their appreciation and gratitude to the prime minister for coming up with various development programmes and assistance for their benefit.

He said this in his speech to welcome Najib when he arrived in Beladin a rural fishing and farming town about 60km from here for a brief visit today.

Abdul Taib said Najib’s transformation programmes were examples of his sterling leadership which benefitted the country and the people “His rural transformation programme is specifically to raise the living standard of the rural people “This can be seen through the building of more basic infrastructure like roads bringing in water and power supplies and giving the best education to the children ” he added

He said the people would only be spoiling a good opportunity for a better life if they allowed the opposition to take over the government in the coming general election The chief minister said for instance in Beladin a national opposition leader had teamed up with a foreign non-governmental organisation to instigate the people to reject oil palm cultivation on peat soil.

He said this would prevent the people from having income from their land as Beladin was located in a peat soil area

Earlier in her speech Batang Lupar Member of Parliament Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim who is also domestic trade co-operative and consumerism deputy minister said Najib’s visit had ushered in a new phase of development for the small rural town

She said the government had for instance implemented two water desalination treatment plants in the town and in Kampung Maro which cost RM1 5million each to solve their freshwater supply woes “The government has also allocated RM1 million to buy and distribute 500 units of Jerrycan a portable water filtering tank and RM500 000 under its Nadi Kasih programme to repair houses of the poor while about 1 600 people here would receive the BR1M 2 financial aid as well ” she added

Rohani expressed confidence the people would reciprocate by again returning Batang Lupar to the BN at the polls

11 to 13 Pakatan Sarawak To Win…

My personal observation is that we (Pakatan Rakyat) can win 11  seats, or even up to 13 seats if the message goes to the ground.  Anything beyond that is a bonus,” Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian told a  press conference today. 

This is the full article which we extract:- (click to see-

On February16th 2013 we posted up this:- in the figures shown PR Sarawak would win 16 out of 15.

Many political observers are putting it conservatively at 8 seats losts for BN out of 31 and they have marked SUPP as the biggest losers with 5 out of 7, SPDP 1 PRS 1 and PBB 1. Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak have been spelling doom to BN eversince they won 15 out of 71 seats contested in the last state elections. Their confidence are sky high as PR have targetted Sarawak,Sabah and Johor as the deciding factor to wrestle Putrajaya from BN.

BN Sarawak knows now that the PR is targetting 11 to 16 and it certainly will be a fiercely fought battle at some of the greyish/black areas for BN.

Below are the current parliamentarians from Sarawak.


[edit] By Seat

No. Parliament Constituency Elected Wakil Rakyat (Member of Parliament) Elected Party
BN 29 | DAP 2 | PKR 0 | PAS 0
P192 Mas Gading Tiki Lafe BN
P193 Santubong Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar BN
P194 Petra Jaya Fadillah Yusof BN
P195 Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen DAP– PR
P196 Stampin Yong Khoon Seng BN
P197 Kota Samarahan Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib BN
P198 Mambong James Dawos Mamit BN
P199 Serian Richard Riot Jaem BN
P200 Batang Sadong Nancy Shukri BN
P201 Batang Lupar Rohani Abdul Karim BN
P202 Sri Aman Masir Kujat BN
P203 Lubok Antu William Nyallau Badak BN
P204 Betong Douglas Uggah Embas BN
P205 Saratok Jelaing Mersat BN
P206 Tanjong Manis Norah Abdul Rahman BN
P207 Igan Wahab Dolah BN
P208 Sarikei Ding Kuong Hiing BN
P209 Julau Joseph Salang Gandum BN
P210 Kanowit Aaron Ago Dagang BN
P211 Lanang Tiong Thai King BN
P212 Sibu Wong Ho Leng[N 13] DAP– PR
P213 Mukah Leo Michael Toyad BN
P214 Selangau Joseph Entulu Belaun BN
P215 Kapit Alexander Nanta Linggi BN
P216 Hulu Rajang Billy Abit Joo BN
P217 Bintulu Tiong King Sing BN
P218 Sibuti Ahmad Lai Bujang BN
P219 Miri Dato’ Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui BN
P220 Baram Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan BN
P221 Limbang Hasbi Habibollah BN
P222 Lawas Henry Sum Agong BN

Trusts Your Abilities…..

influencerWhen you get it right no-one can dislodge you. No one now can bully you. No one ever gave you hope. Like a shining beacon your name is amongst the 222 Members of Malaysia’s New Parliament 2013.

The truth is all that matters. Relax,we saw many sides of the political situations which have happened in and around the country.There were many truimphs just as many as there were losers .That moment of truimph will always edge in their minds be it the first time or the umpteeth.

Mosts of the MP’s look right and in their element when they were elected as there were showered with congratulatory handshakes.messages and shouts of approval from their supporters.

Oh! There are so many of us who wished to be in their shoes but alas only the ones who have been chosen by the people will be able to enjoy these special privileges accorded to them. You have no idea, and it’s that moment when you take the seat amongst the 221 others at the Malaysian Parliament when you say to yourself ” I believe in my abilities to serve the people of Malaysia and in God I trusts.”

No one is a star amongst the 222 MP’s as they will be looking over their shoulders as their voters will be questioning their existence to bring the many promises to reality. It’s not a show anymore and every little movement is worth thousand words of gossips and every wrong turn will be subjected to queries and unbelievable politiking. Some say It’s a Circus out there. What do you think?

Thanks for being on my side, many politicians will tell their people and putting me here.The gift for all of us who have served, lobbied and fought out the elections rough and undulating terrain is to say”I have trusted my ability and done my utmost.”

Sure,there will be many who will cash in on our priceless catch but undoubtedly you will know that the many headaches and heartaches was all worth it. Lets unlock that Potential. Is someone watching and giving you the correct assessment on you candidate. Still, you have the time to correct the faults and see through their needs to ensure that this person is the one who has the right to touch the awesome chair  in Parliament.

Who has that divine right? Let’s take that step back to months before it all happened.

Many are lobbying feverish,some use all their positions to edge through while others are not even thought of as a Malaysian Legislator until “someone”shows them that the path is theirs. There are no limits to how one lobbies and of course it must be within the rules and laws governing the election acts.  Many go through their parties and do we really care how they got their nominations?

How many % do we know how they do it. Only you know and you are privy to that information. You could write a book by the time you finish but it will not be a bestseller as every elections campaign differs. No need for me to tell you as you will see it yourself.

Information is King and you have heard this once too often the pen is mightier than the sword.We are no creep as we have no access to your candidate but it does boil up to the same as the ultimate aim is to ensure your preferred choice makes it to smell the aura of the room and the coveted chair.

You are clear and you know how to do it. That’s good. Make sure you candidate makes it through the  corridors of power and into the room full of 222 Parliamentarians and watchful eyes of millions around the world.

How do you do it? Do you want it or are you the people’s choice?Is it your time or have you used up all your God Given abilites? You are afforded one guess and let’s make use of it. Are you with me now. Good… Follow through now….

Your candidate needs you and your abilities will put them there. Use it and do not close yourself in and whatever and however they see you doesn’t matter. You can move on to the next and there are no limits to what you can do. It’s not about churning out blog articles or as Raja Ptera Kamaruddin (RPK) emphasised it is 60 % truths and 40% spins. Well. the spins were not actually spins but more of an ability to let people see how the political picture will turn out to be.

Yeah we have written about Oh My English and also the many articles which have caused more than a ripple or two but its not and I say about me or you.Its about  your ability to turn heads and your secret of BEING USED TO THE MAXIMUM.

So what is being used but remember your lucky break will be soon and you will  be the most sought after campaigner.

 It’s not pretentious. It’s Real.

You’ve been there. Rewind and thank your lucky star that you have prepared yourself for this day. You are about to give your maiden speech in Parliament. Stretch your imagination now and do some inward breathing. Have you checked it out to find out what its all about.

I say, you now know your abilities and please trust your intuition and don’t be scared and crash as you know your god given gift have propelled another legislator into Malaysia’s Parliament.

Cut the crap on those politiking behind your back as you are too good for that. Get down to your potential candidate by the scruff of his neck and tell him. I want you to touch this coveted chair and focus on whether you want it or not. Did he/she call you? If not,don’t worry…you need to

Trust your own Ability?

Johor’s War Between “DAP V PKR”

This is what has been written and we extract the whole version from Malaysiakini for all readers 

The long-standing dispute over seat allocations between DAP and PKR in Johor has escalated into open warfare.

DAP state chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau has urged PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim or president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to take over the state leadership from Chua Jui Meng.

pkr johor skudai dinner 150912 boo cheng hauDescribing Chua as an “overlord” in a statement in Chinese issued today, Boo (left) said he could no longer work with Chua, whose “arrogance” has damaged the strong collaboration built between Johor DAP and PKR before Chua took over the helm in 2010.
Chua defected from MCA to PKR in July 2009.     “I am anxious and worried about the collapsing relationship among Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties in Johor over the past two year,”  said Boo, who is the assemblyperson for Skudai.
“Most DAP and PKR leaders and those at the grassroots have no problem cooperating, but the arrogance of Chua, which has gone beyond the parties, is the main reason for the split in Johor Pakatan.”
He went on to demand that Anwar or Wan Azizah take over Chua’s post as state chief to coordinate ties among Pakatan parties in Johor, which is crucial if Pakatan is to capture Putrajaya in the coming general election.
Boo was unhappy that Chua, in an interview with Malaysiakini, had criticised DAP for recommending its Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong for the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat which PKR had contested in the past two general elections.
NONE“Chua (right) himself also repeatedly announced that he will represent PKR in Gelang Patah, although the Pakatan central leadership has not made any final decision,” said Boo.
“He also rejected many proposals of Johor DAP and PAS, as if he is the overlord of Johor.”
Boo claimed that discussion of seat allocations had been smooth from 1995 to 2008, and that DAP has been instrumental in balancing the interests of the three parties, citing these examples:
1. Although DAP had contested the Tangkak state seat in 1990, 1995 and 1999, it gave the seat to PKR in 2004.
In 2008, upon DAP’s request, PAS gave the Ledang parliamentary seat to DAP on condition that Tangkak was returned to DAP. All parties were satisfied with the arrangement.
2. DAP gave Gelang Patah to then Johor PKR head Abdul Razak Ahmad in 1995 and 2004 despite this being a Chinese-majority seat, as he was widely respected by the grassroots of both parties. In 1999, Abdul Razak agreed to let DAP contest Gelang Patah, saying the party could win in long run.
However, Abdul Razak died in 2007 without leaving any written agreement on the allocation of Gelang Patah. In 2008, PKR state chief Dr Zaleha Mustafa went against the agreement and contested the seat.
Boo claimed that a survey had then shown that the DAP has a better chance of wresting back Gelang Patah from MCA, but that the findings were not given attention.
“If DAP had contested in Gelang Patah, probably Pakatan would have won the seat in 2008.”
‘Proposals rejected’
In the latest attempt to conclude the seat negotiations, said Boo, the DAP has convinced PAS to give PKR the Tebrau parliamentary constituency, a seat held by MCA and where the majority of voters are non-Malays.
“In return, DAP will contest in Gelang Patah… the seat allocation will be the same as in 2008 – PKR will contest 11 parliamentary seats, DAP will contest seven and the remaining eight will be contested by PAS,” said Boo.
He said the DAP has also suggested that PAS gives more state seats to PKR for a balanced scenario.
azlanHowever, Boo claimed that Chua had arbitrarily rejected the proposal, as well as consensus reached by grassroots leaders of the three parties on seats in Johor Bahru.
They decided that the Johor Bahru parliamentary seat and the two state seats within it – Stulang and Tanjung Puteri – will be contested by PKR, DAP and PAS respectively.
“Chua is new in Pakatan but he does not respect the long history of close collaboration among the three parties, and has distorted history to claim that only PKR contested Gelang Patah in the past, dismissing the previous agreement between PKR and DAP.” Without mincing words, Boo accused Chua of “turning PKR into another MCA” that defames DAP and its leaders.
He also claimed that Chua has been pressuring him to give up the Bakri or Segamat parliamentary seats in exchange of Gelang Patah.
“The reason behind Chua’s selfish and unreasonable demand is to find himself a safe seat,” said Boo.
He pointed out that other parliamentary seats – Tebrau, Batu Pahat, Pasir Gudang, Muar and Ledang – are winnable constituencies for PKR if it works hard.

Malaysiakini is attempting to contact Chua for comment.

PAKATAN/BN Both at 145 “ONLY”..??

Election resultsElection fever is certainly high on everyone’s lips at most CNY open houses. The favourite subject is BN or PR and who will form the government after the elections.

This information is circulating via smses,WhatsApp and emails to many accounts.

The intensity which it is numbered up at 145 for Pakatan and 3 short of 148 which is the 2/3rd figure have many looking over their shoulders. You will have your own opinions and BN Supporters are saying,”16 out of 31 seats to PR- Name them and most agree this will only spur the coalition to work harder.

BN sources have up the ante and also playing mind games with Pakatan and they too have said they will win 145 . You can read it here:- Read more at:

145 Each to Pakatan/BN.. Let’s do more mathematics shall we..

Tell me More….!!