Extreme Religious and Race relations

2106This writer is really colour-blind and respects every Religion in the world. Everyone have their own beliefs and their right to practise their own religion and be guided by their own set of rules and ethics in their faith.

Every weekend for the past 6 months this writer would use his twitter handle to upload this:- Thank U Malaysia 4 Religious Freedom Peace & Security  . There will be a number of tweets which are shared to those who are on his twitter lists.

Giving more encouragement  is the chief administrator of the state the CHIEF MINISTER audie61 calls him previously “Robotic” Nan but who since took office in February 28th 2014 have been very determined in his approach.

We salute him for the statements like:- “described the people of Sarawak as “very lucky” because they were not split by race, religion and tradition.

“We have been living in peace and harmony and we must keep it that way. Do not follow the attitude of some groups and individuals in West Malaysia who are quarrelling every day.

“They (West Malaysians) should emulate our example in Sarawak,” he said, reiterating his stand that as long as he was chief minister, he would not allow racists and extremists to come over to Sarawak.”

This statement too have stucked to mosts of the people who believe in Adenan the CM which reads,He believed everyone was a child of God regardless of race and religion.”

So where do we go from here? We are in no position to judge anyone and only God can judge us. We are posting not to shake the apple cart which have already been shaken and gone through worse turbulent times but to REMIND THOSE BIGOTS,EXTREMISTS AND TROUBLEMAKERS that you are being watched and tracked by all who LOVE PEACE and HARMONY in MALAYSIA.

Don’t use Race and religion to champion your POLITICAL CAUSE or OWN EXTREME AGENDA as this will not sell to the majority of people.  

The pictures that we have put in here will cause a stir no doubt and there are many comments in both of them. They both have got MANY LIKES AND SHARES IN THE FACEBOOK.

Asrul Samad have so far garnered  2813 Likes and 4893 shares and 10296 comments while Rakan Bestnye Sarawak (RBS) have 6556 Likes 2308 shares and 529665 people reached with 367 comments.

Yours sincerely alone cannot be seen fighting for a truly Multi racial and religious Malaysia and this needs all of us out there to put this people in their place and even CAGED THEM UP.

Sarawak certainly don’t want them and nor does Malaysia.


“PKR Sarawak Get Real…??”

sarawak election 010308A PKR member said to audie61 ,”How come very little coverage for us and your news now too focus on Allah issue and previously mostly SPDP..??” Another said do you know who is the new CEO of Sarawak Energy…OooH Man!! A Kwai Loh..Sarawakians Cannot kah..?? These are the two current  issues besides the over publicised”Controversial GOD ISSUE being bombarded to us when we the crew of audie61 had brunch.We honestly thought its going to be just ,”Another Monday..but our brain cells are SUDDENLY AWAKEN.”

These are the two contrasting statements

  • 1. Baharuddin Mohksen Sarawak PKR Political Bureau-“If we are given the mandate, we will uphold the rule and principles of democracy. We are prepared to be shown the exit by Sarawakians if we fail in the task,”
  • 2. TORSTEIN DALE SJOTVEIT =New Head of  Sarawak Energy Berhad Group-Hornbill Unleashed writer said,”As a Sarawakian, my view is: surely we can find a local CEO capable of running the show, especially in this area where energy capabilities are jealously guarded as national secrets.

Its not about being calling names of Kwai Loh but the salary bracket in which there are/must be capable Sarawakians or even Malaysian able to fill the posts. No wonder the Brains of the country are all being utilised by other countries. Their own country look down on them and only a Foreigner can do the Job. The in-built attitude is already cancerous,” THE KWAI LOH WILL PERFORM BETTER THAN A LOCAL..” Oh…Please..” Next we will have  voices whispering to us ,”Give him a chance…Too Familiar right……….

This goes back to PKR and judging from Baharuddin Mohksens statement he really is pleading and going down on his knees to Sarawakians on giving PKR/Pakatan a chance and to ensure that they are responsible and capable of administering the state. Politicians always say that before they come to power.

Natasha’s cousin who was with us at brunch said,”PKR is hungry and they are capable of doing anything when they wrest power.Are we willing to give them that chance? Fair enough the first term in power they might/will give us a different way of governance but will they not be Corrupt with Absolute Power later on. Who do we trusts and Which is the lesser devil..?”

 Don’t get me wrong she said but I believe that Pakatan or BN has to change their ways of picking the Peoples Representative -MPs or YBs. Having tons of degree/papers doesnt make someone a good politician but someone who will see to the needs of the constituents and has the right mental political attitude. The person must be well groomed and the criteria has to be vetted in so much that those with extra baggages/outlived their usages must be dropped or replaced for the better good of their respective parties.


Go down to the ground and check up carefully with the villages/headman/tua kampung and get the right signals from the people who matter mosts.

So, PKR will you employ a Foreigner to fill the shoes in which a Sarawakian/Malaysian can do at half the price..?? Whats REAL than…??

Oooh Malaysia,”Is this Good..??”

Joey’s  brother in law forwarded an sms and asked her to refer to busineess week com and also reposts in audie61 . It does spell unhealthy but not yet all gloom and doom for Malaysia’s economy.The CEO and Prime Minister Najib is trying to woo foreign investors into the country but it seems these negative media reports are definedly hurting Malaysia’s image as a a safe investment.

Malaysia Seeks to Contain Church Attacks, Investor Concerns

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) — Malaysia sought to contain attacks on Christian churches and allay international concerns amid fears the violence could polarize the country’s multiracial society and deter overseas investors.

Police are investigating at least 10 acts of violence in the past four days, including several arson attacks, all believed to be prompted by a Dec. 31 court ruling allowing a Catholic newspaper to use the Arabic word “Allah” to refer to God in its Malay-language section.

Malaysia has been largely free of the violence by Islamist groups that has fuelled insurgencies in the Philippines and Thailand, and attacks on Western targets in Indonesia. Some fear stability may be threatened by the politicization of religion as political parties vie for the votes of majority Muslim Malays.

“Perhaps for the first time in Malaysian history a religious place of worship has been firebombed,” said Steven Gan, editor-in-chief of Malaysiakini.com, an independent online news service in Kuala Lumpur. The attacks are a sign of “creeping Islamization over the past 10 or 20 years.”

This morning, scorch marks were found on the main entrance door of the Sidang Injil Borneo church in Seremban, Negri Sembilan stake, the Star reported today, citing police.

Molotov cocktails hit a church and convent without causing significant damage in separate incidents in Perak state yesterday. Glass panels of Sekolah Menengah Convent’s guard house were broken when a firebomb was thrown into the school’s compound and windows at a church in Sarawak state were shattered by bricks, black paint was splashed on a church in Malacca, and a pastor’s car was daubed with pain, also yesterday

No Arrests
No arrests have yet been made, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar said. The weekend incidents follow three attacks and one threat on Jan. 8, when the office of a Pentecostal church in Kuala Lumpur was torched.

“These outrageous incidents are acts of extremism and designed to weaken our diverse communities’ shared commitment to strengthen racial unity,” Home Ministry Secretary General Mahmood Adam told reporters after briefing foreign diplomats in Putrajaya, near Kuala Lumpur.

Though the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index shrugged off the news, rising as much as 0.3 percent, the attacks are bound to color foreign perceptions of Malaysia, said Stephen Hagger, managing director of Equities for Credit Suisse Group AG in the capital. “This is not helping Malaysia’s efforts to attract long-term investments,” he said.

Government officials expressed concerns tourists may stay away if the violence continues.

“Tourists will choose not to visit a country faced with conflicts, especially religious conflicts,” Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen was cited by the official Bernama news agency as saying.

Court Ruling


Malaysia’s High Court on Dec. 31 ruled that the Herald newspaper, a Catholic weekly, was correct in using “Allah” in its Malay-language section, as it is aimed at only Christians.

Muslim protesters contend the word should be exclusive to Islam, and the government is appealing the decision.

The Home Ministry banned non-Muslim publications from printing the word in 1986 on the grounds it could threaten national security and confuse Muslims, who comprise more than 60 percent of Malaysia’s 27 million people.

The spread of more strident Islam across a swath of Southeast Asia is testing the ability of policymakers to appeal to devout Muslims while simultaneously protecting the rights of Buddhist, Christian and Hindu minorities.

Public Caning


In July, a Malaysian woman, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was sentenced in July to six strokes of a cane for drinking beer by a Shariah court in eastern Pahang state. While caning is used to punish at least 40 crimes in the country, this was a first for a religious offense. She is still awaiting punishment.

Malaysia has a dual legal system. Shariah law covers Islamic affairs and deals broadly with issues of moral and religious issues applied to Muslims.

It’s not only Christian churches that have been targeted by Muslims in Malaysia. In September six people were charged with sedition after trampling a cow’s head, which is considered sacred among Hindus, to protest the building of a Hindu temple.

In October, Beyonce Knowles cancelled a concert in Kuala Lumpur after opposition to her immodest stage costumes voiced by Malaysia’s opposition Pan Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS.

Muslim and ethnic Malays leaders have criticized the attacks, saying they run contrary to the teachings of Islam.

“Even when Muslim lands were invaded, churches were protected,” said Hadi Awang, president of the opposition Pan- Malaysian Islamic Party in a speech in Shah Alam yesterday. “The culprits are ignorant of Islam.”

The word “Allah” was first introduced into Southeast Asia by Muslim traders around the 12th century, when locals didn’t have a word describing a single deity. The government’s ban applies only to print and not to non-Muslim rituals, meaning the word “Allah” is still used in Malay-language church services.

Around 130 Muslim non-governmental organizations and volunteer policemen have come forward to help keep watch on Christian churches, Bernama reported yesterday.

In Indonesia, Muslim organizations reminded followers not to make copycat attacks, the Jakarta Post reported yesterday.

–With assistance from Barry Porter in Kuala Lumpur. Editors: Mark Williams, Ben Richardson.

To contact the reporters responsible for this story: Manirajan Ramasamy in Kuala Lumpur at +60-3-2302-7858 or rmanirajan@bloomberg.net; Frederik Balfour in Hong Kong at +852-2977-6618 or fbalfour@bloomberg.net.

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Chris Collins in Hong Kong at +852-2977-6475 or collinsc@bloomberg.net.

“Print Herald in East Malaysia…???”

gobind suspended from parliament 160309 nazriImagine receiving an sms,”Sarawak mosque under attacked.Comment..??” Can you tell me how..? I was fuming mad and really aggitated and then cooled down and thought rationally with our audie61 crew. So here goes..

 Think outside the Box..We have heard so many views from all religious scholars, political divides,Muslim and christian NGOs and it seems everyone is sensitive and only are putting their foot further in to aggravate the already fragile  situation. To us in Sarawak after interviewing many Christians and Muslim Brothers and also after Nazri’s statement we thought O.K. a solution…. is at hand.

  • However judging from this article in Malaysiakini and picking up the points it seems the tension has risen up to another notch.
  •  PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar -He said that not only is there now two sets of rules, the minister should not be making pronouncements since the court process which sparked the controversy is still pending.
  •  Herald Editor Lawrence Andrew he said the matter is currently being dealt with in court and all parties should wait for the outcome and Nazri recent pronouncements may confuse the public.
  •  DAP veteran lawmaker Lim Kit Siang- criticised Nazri’s pronouncement because it showed that cabinet had already decided on the matter, while at the same time, calling for inter-faith dialogues to seek a solution. He adds that the ‘two rules’ for the use of the term ‘Allah’ makes a “total mockery” of the government’s 1Malaysia campaign.

Lets get a grip of the whole situation and all sides please call a TRUCE  Enough of using religion to score poltical points or mileage. audie61 says,” GOD for one does not want the human kind to quarrel over how he wants to be called. We as  Malaysians are better of than that and we do not want to be looked down by the World community.”


WE in Sarawak do business alongside and eat together with our Muslim Brothers  and we do not have religious, racial,skin,colour  tensions. WE IN SARAWAK INTEND TO KEEP IT THAT WAY as I cant speak for my Sabah friends.

IF the Editor of the catholic news wants to see me I do not mind and I will tell him in so many words…Retreat and you will all  be wiser because of it…Also dont ever think that we need the Herald to tell us about our FAITH..We are stronger than that and do not use us Sarawakians or Sabahans to push for your Bahasa Malaysia Version. Please………we are all up to our noses with all the politicsed views as this is a religious matter. Also dont think we are Apple Polishing Nazri. He can also call me …

Dont also tell me next that GOD will not forgive me as I have blaspheme or better still kick me out of the Catholic Church.


“God”as Debated on 101 East

It was shown on Al Jazeera English last night at 8.30 PM {Religious tensions are rising in Malaysia following a High Court ruling which declared non-Muslims could use the Arabic word ‘Allah’ when referring to God}

Latest:- “Allah’ allowed in East M’sia

(The word ‘Allah’ is allowed to be used by Christians in Sarawak and Sabah because the  government  accepts that the natives in these two states have traditionally  been using it in  their prayers and religious services and the Muslims there are accustomed to this practice-This was stated by Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department


NONEA catholic parishioner said to audie61,”OMG…OH MY GOD…Seems that the church is also targetted like the church owes money to the Ah Long’s or its desecrated by them. Its not a LAUGHING MATTER ANYMORE MY FRIENDS..The message could be worse than that said another,”the culprits want to see blood spill in order to achieve their aims. The authorities needs to nab someone fast or else it will go on and its just  like a “SERIAL KILLER” and many would copycat the actions. 

{ Red Paint usually used by Ah Long’s “Money Lenders in Malaysia” on their pursuit of those who owe them $$$$$$$ by throwing paint on the borrowers houses or establishments 

According to the report in Malaysiakini “azlanseven plastic bags filled with red paint were hurled at the church and it splattered on the back of the saint’s statue, flooring and fence.

It was also reported in Chinese-language daily Sin Chew Daily that the police found two emptied paint cans in a nearby drain and in front of the church gate.

This latest incident brings to 11 the recent attacks on places of worship, with 10 affecting churches.



























“Church Bombings 8 Now”

Copycat bombings or whatever it is going to be called has got to STOP.NO EXCUSES WHATSOEVER….  Business in Malaysia will soon be affected as negative International news will filter through the mass media and the internet blogs. If its not bad enough even our very Malaysian blogs are asking many questions.

This blog has really got my attention and the headlines reads as,”More churches bombed, where are the police!  This article has also a negative impact,Church Attacks In Malaysia Deepen Racial Tension.-EILEEN NG, Associated Press Writer

Its obviously a very bad perception for multi-racial,multi-cultural and multi-faith Malaysia and the interantional tourists and businesses will find ways to bypass Malaysia as a favoured tourist destination or even as Regional Business Base.

Seremban was the last attack and many phone calls were answered with questions,”Latest in Bombings..?? Which Church and which State..??. On a Monday its usually How is the market..?? Where is the money line coming from or where can we make Money..?? What a SHAME….!!!! This report copied from malaysiakini portal…

The Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) church in Negeri Sembilan was the latest target of an attempted arson, which left its front wooden doors charred.

This morning’s attack brings the total number of churches targeted since Friday to eight.

seremban church door burned 110110 02Contacted later, Pastor Eddy Marsonyasir, 34, said he discovered the incident when he arrived at the church this morning.

“A few church members and I left the church at 11.30pm last night but when I came in this morning, I found the wooden door destroyed,” he added.

Accompanied by DAP’s Rasah MP Anthony Loke, the pastor later filed a report with the Seremban II police station.

Loke told Malaysiakini that there was no evidence of molotov cocktails having been used.

He also pointed out that the church sits only 1km away from the Seremban district police headquarters.

“I strongly condemn the attack. This is part of a growing trend which is alarming.

“We urge the police to take stern action to safeguard churches and other houses of worship,” he said.

Founded in East Malaysia, the church is frequented by Sabah and Sarawakian students, with sermons conducted in Bahasa Malaysia.

Chemical substance used

Meanwhile, Seremban district police chief Saiful Azly said that a chemical substance was used in the attack.

“The fire and rescue services department is now trying the ascertain the kind of chemical that was used,” he added when contacted.

According to Saiful, the incident most probably occurred between 1.30am and 8.30am. No arrests have been made so far.

The attacks on churches followed the high court’s ruling on Dec 31 to allow a Catholic weekly, Herald, to use the word ‘Allah’ in its Malay-language edition.

However, the court granted the Home Ministry a stay of execution pending appeal a week later after the attorney-general intervened, citing national interest.

To defuse tension, the government announced today that it will hold inter-faith dialogues between various religious leaders to reach a common understanding.

Both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat politicians have condemned the attacks and appealed for calm.

We just hope the next phone call you receive will not be of anymore bombings… 

Church Bombings..Aftermath..

The “Allah” controversy in which we wrote earlier on January 4th finally happened with the mindless act of some who decided to act irrationally by “Hurling Firebombs at Church Buildings in Selangor” Some political analysts say there “SHOULD NOT BE ANY HIDDEN AGENDAS..?? “Let the culprits be hauled up by the law and proper punishment be meted out.   

Sarawak State leaders have come out with their own statements and these are some :-

  • DAP N11 Assemblyman- “I pray all Malaysians use ,good sense and not politics to solve the problems surrounding the Allah controversy.
  •  PBB N6 Tupong Assemblyman(Assistant Minister of Islamic Affairs)-Advised Muslims in Sarawak not to be influenced by those acts,stressing that any religious conflicts can be resolved in an amicable way.
  • PBB P194 Fadillah Yusof-Hopes that the Police would take stern action and keep an eye on anything that may cause disharmony between different ethnic and religious groups.
  • PBB P193Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar -There are proper channels to to voice out every problem or issue and the people must have trust in the system.
  • PKR Information Chief-See Chee How -Condemn the Act of violence .This is in excusable on those who have taken the law in their own hands.
  • PKR East Malaysia Advisor Jeffrey Kitingan- Thinks those pictures will have a devastating effect in the rural heartland of East Malaysia. Jeffrey is also convinced that Chinese voters, not just the Christians, and many God-fearing Muslims as well in East Malaysia will abandon Umno in the next general elections.

National leaders are also united in Condemnation:-

  • MCA President “Such a cowardly show of brute force and intimidation and there is neither excuse not justification for them.
  • Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim-The attack on the church was a heinous act that was condemned by the Al-Quran
  • PBS Marximus Ongkili-We call for level hededness and moderation.We gain nothing by going on the streets or inciting feelings by provoking or attacking religious properties.
  • Liberal Party President-called for calm and said the government should not hesitate to invoke ISA against those who treatened peace and security.
  • UPKO-Wilfred Bamburing-What has happened over the last 24 hours is constitutedto be the darkest chapter in Malaysian history and from now on Malaysia will never be the same again.
  • Gerakan President koh Tsu Koon- had instructednational unity and integration department and Rukun Tetangga officials to help police maintain calm.Such attacks are completedly indefensible,unaccpetable and is clearly against the peaceful spirit of Malaysians as a whole.
  • PAS Salahuddin Ayub-“Allah’as stated in the Al-Quran had strongly forbid Muslims from taking action on places of worship belonging to other religions.Prophet Muhammad had also reminded his friends wh went together with him during the war,to not harm or kill enemies who took refuge at places of worship let alone burn down a place of worship.
  • MIC President Sammy Vellu- This incident should not have happpened.It is a sad day for the country.We are an independant nation where we respect everyone’s religion and want peace among all religious groups.
  • PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has strongly condemned yesterday’s arson attacks on three churches in the Klang Valley as “un-Islamic”

audie61 and crew are saddened with THESE  MINDLESS AND COWARDLY ACTS and Hopes that the persons responsible are hauled up by the AUTHORITIES. 

Interesting Read:- http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Global-News/2010/0104/Malaysia-Catholics-allowed-to-call-God-Allah-again.-Why-the-fuss