PBB held to a Ransom….

Let’s get straight to the point. It does seem that PBB the mainstay of GPS coalition is being persuaded not to be overpowering and also disregarding the intentions of its smaller component parties in its alliances. The idiom PBB has surfaced and “PARTI BIG BROTHER” is now being widely heard across the length and breadth of Sarawak as it gears for PRN12.

Our earlier article https://audie61.wordpress.com/2020/01/11/we-dont-have-the-luxury/ was written on January 13th before the “Sheraton Move” which saw to the fall of PH ruling government of 22 months. According to a member of PBB he said this was a “divine intervention” for Sarawak.

Do you really think so?


Some component parties within GPS has looked upon this in a certain way to make their usual demands as they are backed by bigger brother in UMNO. It’s not a crisis but more of opportunities for them to stack their claims.

The little birds have been happily and politically chirping away and it seems that a “cuckoo” has finally made its intentions known. In recent days a component party leader has come out openly in an internet portal and created a stir of “traditional seats” and have definitely irked the more “illustrious” partner of PBB. The two parties PBB/SUPP has a long political association and in their glory days had 19 YBs in their fold.

If one was to read deeply into the political intonation we can safely say that the “we don’t have the luxury ” is now a thing of the past.

Why was there a sudden talk of “Seat Swapping”and also “Traditional seats”. One would be fool hardy to think otherwise. The real agenda for Abang Johari as the commander in chief and holding the “Watikah” for GPS is that it safely crosses the line of 42 seats and not to see a squabbling of sorts amongst the 4 allies in GPS.

Did someone conveniently forget that this PRN12, GPS will not have to answer to Barisan Nasional?

Its a new coalition and and there are strong support that the party in question and the leader has finally seen the “light of the day” of has he?

a} https://dayakdaily.com/pdp-seat-swapping-within-gps-to-ensure-winning/ In this article it says “traditional seats notion will bring trouble to GPS”

b} https://thenewsarawak.com/no-tengok-saja-candidates-in-coming-polls-says-supp/ Here a total rebutt from SUPP President where he said,” On SUPP’s decision to contest in all of its traditional seats, Dr Sim said that would remain the case, adding that all incumbent assemblymen would be put forward to stand in the upcoming state election.”

c} https://dayakdaily.com/gps-state-seat-allocation-must-consider-partys-winnability-asserts-tiong/  here lies the fish in the net for PDP. Quote”It will be useless for any party to cling to a seat if there are no chance of winning.”

GPS now has 68 seats an anything less than a 2/3rds majority will see that the coalition and its leaders and the commander in chief as weak. PBB will need to play the “big brother mentality and there is no two ways about it. A recap of our earlier posting which will draw more light to the political DYNAMICS :-

The Breakdown of Political Parties after PRN11


PBB-  47
PRS-  11
PDP –  3

DAP -7
PKR -3

Independent Party

PSB -4





A Political Emeritus Professor has even this to add in.”If the leaders of GPS maintain their stance and are like square pegs in a round hole they will END UP as History.

He further mentioned its  already the age of twitter,instagram, telegram, whatsapp and Facebook but some of our Politicians have not moved with the times but stuck in their so called ‘TRADITIONAL’ mindset when local elections are won not by internal bickerings nor “surat layang2”

It does seem that PDP with 3 seats at the moment has made the most vocal call and in doing so does not want to be left behind in the numbers game.

DCM Masing had over the years reminded most PRS members that “politics is a long haul” and he knows that this PRN12 his party will face one of its toughest fight in the rural enclave as many who were his so called his lieutenants and loyalists have crossed the political divide and ready to face PRS in a newly found home of PSB which is believed to be strongly supported by “big towkays”

The present DUN building and its offices setup was built to accommodate 108 assemblyman. Presently, there are 82 YBs comfortably being housed in and in future there will and might be some delineation exercises to increase the numbers.

This is just to inform the parties in GPS that all is not lost if you do not STAKE CLAIM going into PRN12.

They always say,”win and maintain your seats and politically bargain for it later” Whats the use of harping for 10 or 20 seats when the party is weak at the grassroots level.

Has the leaders within GPS forgotten that “divine intervention” can work both ways. 

We mentioned to a grassroots SUPP divisional head that it is imperative that  SUPP secures their 7 seats won in PRN11 and make gains in few other seats. At the height of SUPP Glory days it was 19 seats for them in the State administration.

Today, even with their proud history they are well below PRS who has 11 assemblyman. One has to scrap the barrel in order to reach greater heights and if we look at MCA there were lucky even to have 1 seat left after GE14.

A senior and veteran PBB leader put it very nicely.” We dont want to be seen to force our might on the other component parties but GPS is a new entity going into the elections and we have to stand behind our commander in chief Abang Johari to make the wise and strategic choice.


Nothing less than a convincing win as GPS still does not have the luxury as eventhough PH has crumbled the TERMITE in PSB remains a big threat to the rural seats held by GPS allies.

PBB will have its machinery well oiled going into PRN12 and would not want too much dirty laundry being hung up for the opposition to capitalise.

PBB as the mainstay of the GPS coalition will not want to be in a situation where it will be at the cliff edge and any dissatisfaction within its ranks must be solve amicably within the coalition.

Its like telling the allies,”Do not held us at Ransom or you will pay the price of politically crossing the comfort zone.”

Do you Agree?

PRN12 Sarawak

If you can’t Speak out loud you can write. If you find that what you write can cause a stir just show signs.

The signs are clear and precise but due to #Covid19 Pandemic and the various restrictions Sarawak State Elections which was “earmarked” for mid year was somewhat pushed back.

The groundswell was very much in favour of GPS maintaining their grip of Sarawak as PH Federal Government had collapsed after 22 months in power. The Federal Agencies which was a threat to Sarawak GPS was removed by the new Coalition in PN.

So the bugle has been sounded now by the Commander in Chief of GPS that anytime soon if and when the #covid19 is contained PRN12 would be called. The Commander made it known to his party and to the Assemblyman from the constituencies they represent. The press/media/social media subsequently have published and “informed clearly” all political parties from both political divides through their articles.

The signs are Crystal Clear and the dates of dissolution and if #covid19 is contained the CM and commander in chief of GPS will go for the jugular.

Its his call and of course its just waiting game and speculations for now that dissolution would be after September 16th 2020 or might be earlier together with the Federal Government if PM Muhyddin decides to call for SNAP polls.

Certainly, the wait would be over soon. The incumbents and aspiring candidates from all parties will need to be on the ground. The Sarawak voters will be the judge on who they want to represent them in the New State Assembly.

The voters will be the silent markers with the X. We are in for interesting times as many political articles would be churned out through the various platforms to Secure the upperhand for the simple sign of the X on the ballot paper.

We are pretty sure most of you as the voters are ready.

Lets just hope that #covid19 will not be a major stumbling block if the elections are held this year as most voters would not risk their lives just for an X.

It will be decision time and their call for the leaders of the country.

There will be many more signs ahead and for now #Covid19 threat is a much bigger issue as the government of the day might fall if wrong decisions are made.

Sarawak waits for the sign…..

We don’t have the “LUXURY”!!

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How Real is the Political Threat to the 4 Parties within Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) asks a registered voter especially from the Federal Run Pakatan Harapan (PH) and an independent local based party PSB plus the others who will join in the fray in PRN12.

Logically and Politically if GPS he says is really not even sensing a threat as the Ruling State Government the CM Sarawak Abang Jo{AJ) would just be receiving visitors, exchanging ideas with Business Entrepreneurs and Investors at the 22nd Floor or be on Trade Missions Overseas getting in Foreign Investments into Sarawak.

Why then is he criss crossing Sarawak at such a momentum? Moreover, he himself
has already mentioned to the press media that PRN12 would not be so soon.

Could he we ask that he is moving around to gauge for himself the TRUE PICTURE on the ground and not listen to just hear-says…

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The Surprising posting which made its rounds and is viral now in FACEBOOK has caught many netizens being aghast by its content.

Some social media influencers even posted this :-

(a very frustrated man.He forgot that Chinese and Dayaks are a lump sum race.)

{start dah…biasa game tok.game last minute ya..mun sik agama main kaum)

(OMG has this guy lost his marbles)

(out of order and hope the authorities concerned take the necessary action)

This posting is beyond comprehension and we as Sarawakians certainly do not want this distasteful and extremists statement to rear its ugly head.

Many are also questioning the relevancy of the statement as it shows that ever since the person in question has been removed from his political office he is very “bitter and angered to the core

Is he trying to gain SYMPATHY from the people or trying to STAY RELEVANT IN THE POLITICAL ARENA?

That is a million dollar question and for all the good intentions the party he represents must avoid the statements which are well below the belt which will create a very DETRIMENTAL OUTCOME in peace loving Sarawak which is free from persecution of religious beliefs.


The anger must not be fueled into a religious body UNIFOR set up by the government of the day which in its content sees beyond borders for all religions and associations it looks after.


This is totally wrong and one must atone to his mistakes and be hauled up if necessary by the authorities for clarification and if there is a need a PUBLIC APOLOGY be forthcoming.

Sarawak is a country of many ethnicity, race and religion and we continue to live harmoniously together with the various faiths and religions.


We don’t have the “LUXURY”!!

How Real is the Political Threat to the 4 Parties within Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) asks a registered voter especially from the Federal Run Pakatan Harapan (PH) and an independent local based party PSB plus the others who will join in the fray in PRN12.

Logically and Politically if GPS he says is really not even sensing a threat as the Ruling State Government the CM Sarawak Abang Jo{AJ) would just be receiving visitors, exchanging ideas with Business Entrepreneurs and Investors at the 22nd Floor or be on Trade Missions Overseas getting in Foreign Investments into Sarawak.

Why then is he criss crossing Sarawak at such a momentum? Moreover, he himself
has already mentioned to the press media that PRN12 would not be so soon.

Could he we ask that he is moving around to gauge for himself the TRUE PICTURE on the ground and not listen to just hear-says that all is well on the ground.

AJ and his deputies and Ministers has worked non stop to boost not only the economy but also ensuring development is carried out to areas which needs them.

The other main reason which is of great bother and a PH Propaganda is that the murmurs and whispers have reached “fever pitch” that he is after all not as “Strong” as the previous Sarawak CM.

Deputy CM Uggah has also stood steadfastly with his party president and urged people to saty UNITED and COOPERATE with the CM AJ by supporting his various development programmes.
No doubt,AJ has to work doubly hard to win over the support of his party PBB members and those within the coalition.
All looks pretty well for GPS on the surface but the truth is AJ is going all out to convince the Sarawak Voters.He does not want to sit on the rightful chair without proving his mettle that his “political maneuverings” is the best for GPS.

Lately though, there has been an upsurge of not too kind words being hurled by the parties within GPS Coalition especially clamoring for seats which they termed “traditional”

We wrote earlier that PH is already more a less making it a Wild Wild West Show.

The link:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2020/01/05/wild-wild-westwww-prn12-sarawak/

Within the GPS fold there certainly are some who are trying also trying to grab what is theirs without thinking of the consequences.

luxuryDoes GPS has the LUXURY to do that and emulate the “Gung Ho Politiking” of the PH and others?

The enemy are just at their doorsteps.

Have some “politicians”forgotten about what happened during the last parliamentary elections?
These “supposedly” safe seats which was due to political misadventure Fell to the Opposition fold and from May 2018 they became the PH Federal Government and ousted BN and GPS was subsequently born.

The leaders who practised and preach “traditional” seats must look closely at the threats closing down on them.

Even campaign methodology are pushed up a hundred fold. In this PRN12 claiming seats for GPS must not be just for “Selfish Ends or on an PERSONAL EGO” trip.

The New Sarawak Political Landscape and History will change if the BIGGER PICTURE is not well received by all 4 parties concerned going into PRN12.

The Breakdown of Political Parties after PRN11


PBB-  47
PRS-  11
PDP –  3

DAP -7
PKR -3

Independent Party

PSB -4

Let us refresh our minds how some parties have increased their party strength and their assemblyman after PRN11.

The so called direct candidate was also used by late CM Adenan to ensure all parties are represented, strengthened and maintain a cutting edge to win the seats in PRN11

Everyone was given a fair share of seats and candidates to win the seats which they stood in. There was a consensus of agreement that whoever wins have the right to choose the party of their choice. Thereafter the result was a forgone conclusion.

The direct candidates chose the parties of their choice and this was agreed by ALL TOP LEADERS.

A Political Emeritus Professor has even this to add in.”If the leaders of GPS maintain their stance and are like square pegs in a round hole they will END UP as History.

He further mentioned its  already the age of twitter,instagram, telegram, whatsapp and Facebook but some of our Politicians have not moved with the times but stuck in their so called ‘TRADITIONAL’ mindset when local elections are won not by internal bickerings nor “surat layang2”

Even AJ the CM is always mentioning “digital technology and economy”

Are they seriously looking at the BIGGER PICTURE with him?

The traditional methods of campaigning through newspapers has outlived its age.
The new trend setters are the portals the social media influencers and they will WHACK any politician left, right and give them a total blue eye where they wouldnt know what HIT them.
The PH will use all their might against GPS Coalition as they have their resources at their disposal.
We know too GPS does have the machinery and passionate teams. The FEAR would be ultimately be when the ‘bombs drop” i.e accusations, allegations and Fake news during the campaign period thrown into the PRN12 Arena .

If we are all Not United or in Total Solidarity there will be CHINKS IN THE ARMOUR where PH could capitalise.

The internal threats or Infighting will cause Greater threats than the “Termites” which apparently refers to a local based party were the final words from the Emeritus Professor.

A Deputy President of PH party has clearly said previously prior to 2011 elections that squabbles, staking of seats will lead to infighting which will jeopardise the Coalition. They put a stop to all their seat infighting and compromised.

They did well enough to cause  more than “collateral damage” to the then BN Sarawak Coalition.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR)then did well in 2011 but in 2016 the Adenan U U ooo haa and various policies and his tremor caused them dearly.

GPS as a new coalition will need to look beyond the “TRADITIONAL MODUS OPERANDI” to strike the right chord with the Sarawak Registered Voters.

CM Abang Jo will be the commander in chief leading his team of local based Parties of GPS for the first time.

There must not be any mistakes and if there is a Status Quo of 68 seats or more to GPS CM Abang Jo will know he GOT it right and that is sufficient enough to make a Political Statement that its “Sarawak First”

The registered voter concluded by saying this to GPS,”Now is not the time to claim back the incumbents seats but to FOCUS on winning back lost seats as what SUPP has significantly done.
PDP needs to win back the seats of Krian and Ba’Kelalan and will need all the help from their fellow GPS Leaders and grassroots.”

Only then the effort will not be lost in the eyes of the voters as we know every vote counts for AJ to stake his claim as the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

The LUXURY for GPS will be to ensure that they still have the people’s mandate to lead Sarawak for another 5 years.

Do you agree?

“Wild Wild West”www-PRN12 Sarawak

First of all, let us wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2020.

This article is greatly inspired by a Former Federal Minister who remarked,”Do we still have leaders like that?” Many would be questioning who he is and why was it said the way he said it.

Of course, as a responsible and social influencer we do have our code of ethics which obviously we would not unveil our ‘whistle blower” as “Elections is Not a Joke!!”

highnoon cowboyThey are safely plus closely guarded and protected under our watch as those who sits as State legislative Representatives and also as Parliamentarians.

Sarawak will go to the polls very soon and May 2018 was a watershed victory for the people who voted in a new coalition government in Pakatan Harapan. Nearly two years has passed and many issues have been highlighted by the press/social media platforms which there is now a COMPARISON for the Voters to make their own judgments and the Choice of Candidates to represent them.

It is a known fact that in politics one will have 30% of their own supporters and 40% will be the Voter Fence Sitters who will make the swing votes. Looking at this statistics and figures one would think PH  would have a cruise come the polls in Sarawak.

PH in the Dewan Rakyat has 28 /70 Senators, State DUNS 289/592 and in Parliament 139/222. Also, they are in control of 8 out of 13 State Governments.They control nearly 30 over Federal agencies who will be used to influence one way or another the voters mind. This all are not good reading for any political analyst going towards a State Elections. A walk in the Park for Pakatan Harapan?

Are the state Government under GPS ready?

Surely, the Chief Minister must weigh all these options and is certain to win before he calls a dissolution of the State legislative assembly to seek a fresh mandate. The CM would use this simply analogy which is,”For a candidate in an election, the most important question is: “How do I make sure the scales tip in my favor?” He has to worry about 82 Aspiring and Incumbent Candidates and the winning margin first past the posts is 42 seats.

When the Deputy chief Minister Douglas Uggah in his New Year message it is a rallying cry for all in GPS no matter which party they belong too. There must be sense of discipline and no matter what GPS must united in this ‘testing and trying times” His message which was also posted in a Face Book Page in Bites Centre received many comments from both sides of the political divide plus wide outreach and readership.   (link here: (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=956706961395951&id=634556613610989)

It reads,” The opposition will resort to the politics of lies, threat and intimidation to get the people into supporting them.
Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said the people should be aware of such tactics.
“The aim is to topple the GPS government,”

Has Sarawak GPS done enough for the people and their governance of the State as compared to the Federal Run Administration?

The Comparisons are there and the social media fraternity would not be foolish enough to print this which we extract fully,”is there is much unhappiness with Pakatan Harapan, plus the ruling coalition is very badly divided. Pakatan Harapan has failed to live up to the expectations of those who had put their trust in them and had voted for them in the May 2018 general election.

Its a big impact and for anyone to say that GPS under the former BN Government for 56 years have not done enough must be slapping their own faces. Are you doing it now? Look around yourselves and see how far has Sarawak progress and when we were pressured too by the then Federal Government in BN on “certain issue” ( 5% Tourism Tax, Bible issue} our State MPs and State Legislators made their voices heard VERY LOUD AND CLEAR and were not cowed away.

Is this happening now ? We dont want to sound bias but the ‘sounds coming out are very soft and meek by the PH Sarawak Legislators.

Are you all pointing your fingers at us and if possible trying and about to strangle our necks. Try it out,its good for you.

It’s for the Sarawak Voters to Think Hard as even a Sarawak Chief Minister has come out openly and said,”We are more concerned about our income levels, and creating employment. We should not be bothered about what is happening in that side (Peninsular Malaysia).

That is our priority and that is to help people.”

Significantly, there are concerns now that the Federal Governance is not up to mark as even could be seen with the resignation of the Education Minister. The blame game remains and the trust and responsibility given by the PH supporters and voters is showing a real crack in the coalition.

Voters will be swayed by emotions and sentiments and to capitalize on the ground feel without deliverance of the Development agenda by GPS government would only receive a momentum of backlash which must not be repeated.

CM Abang jo has been very consistent in his statements,“Saya Janji Saya Buat.Bukan Kedak Orang Lain.Janji Sik Buat” 

In Politics we all know you will get criticized whether you will do RIGHT OR WELL. But there is a limit to what we can do and how we do it. There are many who are using #FAKENEWS and #Gutterpolitics just to score brownie points.

The Sarawak Registered voters today are well informed of this trend and any past datas are considered obsolete and they will welcome new ideas and politicians who not only speak but carry out their work.

Gone are the days when aspiring candidates appear as “fly by night” hoping to be considered by their parties when they are hardly seen in the areas of the constituency.

Certainly,this coming PRN12 we will not only see the Big coalition of PH Versus GPS but also other local based parties in PSB,PBK,SWP,STAR,PBDSB,Sedar and interested independent individuals to give themselves a shot to win the seats. Its not impossible as Voters nowadays are very well informed and will be swayed by many factors.

It will be a “High Noon Cowboy Arena” which is infact (the western U.S. in its frontier period characterized by roughness and lawlessness} which in this democratic age should not surface openly.

A sitting YB with GPS coalition calls for a united front from all GPS coalitions to win the SEATS FIRST allocated instead of bickering openly which will be a dampener to all the good work done by the Chief Minister and his present team in the government.

GPS knows extreme measures are required in extreme times and they will trust the judgement.

Its not a time where they want their aspiring candidates or incumbents to be “High Noon Cowboys” and get booted out by the voters where CM Abang Johari will be leading his men for the first time against the onslaught from all quarters.

Abang Johari will want all his men to stop wishing but to continue the work and stand up for the People of Sarawak.

CM knows that all sorts of allegations and accusations will be hurled at GPS but deep down he TRUSTS the Sarawak voters to know who they want to lead them as he seeks a New Fresh Mandate in PRN12.

The Sarawak Registered Voters will be the Judge,Jury and Executioner and not HIGH NOON COWBOYS and they NOW more than ever Demand Leaders who has Sarawak in their hearts and not just for personal or their selfish agendas.

This upcoming PRN12 is not a JOKE and no matter which political divide you are in the difference between winning and losing will come down to the campaign which you as incumbent or an aspiring candidate wins over the community in your constituency.

We will not tell you how so be prepared to work it out and remember it well “Wild Wild West www-PRN12 Sarawak have foretold you so.




Anwar v Azmin or Ares v Athena..??

In Sarawak today we still use “perahu tambang” (mini boat or ferry)  especially those who live at the riverbanks along Sarawak River here. Today even though with modernisation and development it is still being used to ferry people across the kampongs and also for tourists alike.

This picture (below) together with an internet portal on line story has become a sensation as the succession war is beating loud and clear as we approach the deadline of 2 years of PM Mahathir transition.


What has this got to do with Ares and Athena and the Perahu?

So who has become Ares and who is Athena? Yours sincerely, was very much involved then in the earlier years of PBDS,PRS when we were heavily involved and it needs no introduction why it has surfaced again in 2019. We need to look at the behavioural pattern of some individuals who are just hellbent of wrestling power at all cost.

Below extracted Greek Mythology 

 Ares represents the violent and physical untamed aspect of war, which is in contrast to Athena who represents military strategy and generalship as the goddess of intelligence.

Perahu tambang is used for transportation but during the Brooke era we also have the Perahu perang iban but today political pundits would just simplify it by calling it who is on board the PERAHU?

We could write in full details the war that is engulfing into Sarawak by a Malayan based Party but we leave it to this online writer who we feel is SPOT ON.

To add more spice the days following the Miri PKR Convention will see more dirt being hung up to dry and before long someone will be sacrificed or RUTHLESSLY taken down.


The extracted version in full below the write up from an internet portal

Azmin and other leaders planning to skip PKR national convention next month while defiant Wanita wing and a faction of the Youth wing will invite Azmin to launch their own convention.

THE feud between PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his deputy Datuk Seri Azmin Ali has reached a point of no return.

Azmin and several others are planning not to attend the party’s national convention in Melaka from Dec 5 to 7.

Their absence basically amounts to a boycott and Azmin’s non-appearance, in particular, would signal that the fallout between him and Anwar is at breaking point.

To compound the situation, the Wanita wing as well as the faction aligned to the Youth wing’s deputy chief, Hilman Idham, will be inviting Azmin to launch their convention.

It is understood that Wanita chief Haniza Talha and Hilman, who is Gombak Setia assemblyman, are doing it without the sanction of the central leadership.

The move is in defiance of AMK chief Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir’s decision to disinvite Azmin, although it is the tradition for the deputy president to address the joint opening of the Wanita and Youth wings.

Instead, Akmal has proposed Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in place of Azmin.

“It is so messy. Organising a parallel event is not the right thing to do. It won’t be recognised, ” said Selangor AMK chief Najwan Halimi.

Yesterday, Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian and some 18 division chiefs boycotted the state convention in Miri, a signal that all is not well in the state.

One of Anwar’s long-time comrades, Datuk Dr Mansor Othman, told The Star: “I am not going (to the convention). I have told Anwar in the face: I did not abandon you my brother, but you have forgotten your friends. You pushed me away.”

There is a mutiny in the making and Anwar will be presiding over the national convention as president of a party divided.

“It’s the first time something like this has happened in our party. People used to criticise Wan Azizah’s leadership but we still managed to grow from small to big under her.

“Now, a year after Anwar took over, there is a bigger crisis than ever before, ” said Khalid Jaafar, who is adviser to the Economic Affairs Minister.

The rebellion will cast a pall over the national convention and the focus of the delegates will be divided between projecting Anwar as the next prime minister and the deepening split in the party.

“I can foresee the debates will be all about PM8 (8th prime minister) taking over. I don’t want to be part of that, ” said Khalid.

On the other hand, Azmin and his faction risk facing a backlash if they attend the congress.

They may be the object of criticism and jeers from supporters of Anwar who are angered by Azmin’s oft-repeated support for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to see a full term as Prime Minister.

They think it goes against the party’s stand that their party president assume the premiership by May 2020.

Those aligned to Anwar say he risks coming across as weak by not taking disciplinary action against Azmin as well as vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin because “they are walking all over the president”.

It is learnt that several reports have been lodged with disciplinary committee chairman Datuk Ahmad Kassim and that action has been recommended but Anwar is reluctant to act.

Anwar needs to keep the party and its 50 MPs together in order to strengthen his claim to the top job.

Sacking Azmin would mean losing as many as 15 MPs who are said to be loyal to him.

His party would be to go from the biggest in Parliament to second place after DAP.

He is obviously biding his time until he moves up before bringing down the axe.

Anwar’s political secretary Farhash Wafa Salvador said the action of the Azmin group is “close to treason”.

“They do not attend meetings but talk about party tradition and rules. No one is bigger than the party. It’s obvious their agenda is to get sacked and form their own party, ” said Farhash, who is also Perak PKR chief.

Farhash, who was in Miri for the Sarawak convention, also disputed Baru’s support in Sarawak.

“The state chairman is an appointed post, it’s an advisory role. Whether we like it or not, the state convention is decided by the central leadership and it has to go on, ” he said.

Farhash plans to make the Perak convention at the end of the month a big show of support for Anwar’s leadership.

But trouble may be brewing in Selangor where the state chief is Mentri Besar Amirudin Shari, an Azmin acolyte.

Amirudin is believed to be overseas and has yet to set a date for the state gathering, even though the national convention is barely a fortnight away.

Anwar’s troubles with Azmin began almost immediately after the party election last year.

Despite the hurdles thrown in Azmin’s way, his team dominated the party polls. Camp Azmin won big, winning 15 of the 20 supreme council seats.

The pro-Azmin group in the Wanita wing made a clean sweep while those aligned to Azmin won 21 out of 25 seats in the Youth wing.

It explains why the two wings have moved in concert with Azmin.

Things quickly went downhill between the top two after Anwar appointed his people to the supreme council and political bureau to shore up support.

“The way he runs the party is not a good reflection of how he will manage the country, ” said Khalid in a parting shot.

The national convention will probably proceed without too many hitches but it will be bad for optics if the deputy president is missing from the stage.

And it could get worse if it turns into an Azmin-bashing session. That would be like drawing public attention to the fact that the party is deeply split.

Azmin recently ran into Hang Tuah Jaya MP Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin in Parliament.

Shamsul used to be with Azmin but has since been won over by Anwar.

They had a terse conversation during which Azmin asked: “You are trying to stab me, to kill me off?”

Shamsul’s reply: “No need to stab anyone, nowadays politicians commit suicide.”

It seems like the Azmin group thinks it is being done in by Anwar while others imagine that Azmin and his supporters are committing political suicide by going against the future prime minister.

The Anwar-Azmin feud has been like a long-running soap opera with no finale in sight.

Confusion and Political Perception the Name of the Game!!

In our next article we will talk in depth of what Good Governance and getting the Right people to do a job for the Present Federal Government. 

Confusion and Political Perception will further divide all and the country will suffer greatly.

Moreover the Trusts,Tolerance and Harmonious living which most Malaysians practise is now being felt is at its lowest.

Surely, when you read this you will be saying,”WHO SAID SO?

Then Again,Blame it on Politics and now even Mahathir the PM is uttering the words we must practise Racial tolerance with his message at Tanjung Piai by-election


Here in Sarawak its slowly creeping in but we must all stop it before it rears its ugly head.. We detest those who look at colour,creed , religious issues to confuse and earn political mileage and points.

The JKKK and MPKKP issue is being used to break new grounds for  the Malaya based parties to finally have their say in local governance .

Are Sarawakians going to take it on their chins?


The Ministers in the present Federal Cabinet have had their say and in the Parliament this transpired today.

This is what after the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak said  at DUN Sarawak yesterday that the Sarawak Government will deliver to the JKKK.


The extract in full from an internet portal on line.

Putrajaya not involved in appointment of Sarawak village management council members

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 14 — The federal government does not interfere in the appointments of the members of the Village Committee Management Council (MPKK), said Rural Development Deputy Minister R. Sivarasa.

In this regard, he said any payment of allowance was under the state governments.

“For example, in Sarawak, the appointment of the tuai rumah or ketua kaum is made under certain laws, is not disturbed or touched… and the responsibility to pay any allowance to the existing MPKK is the responsibility of the state appointing them,” he said when winding up the debate on the 2020 Supply Bill in Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

On June 27, Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun announced that the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) for states under the administration of Pakatan Harapan (PH) would now be known as MPKK.



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Never Say Never In Politics

Perak-state-assembly-perakMany have uttered those words and how they have come to haunt them at the “best of times”

Surely, in the Tin Mining Town or City of  Grace (Perak Tourism Definition)  it will not be unusual to for a change of guard as it has happened previously. Of course, one would not bet one’s house on it unless if its 100%. A video of the magnitude of the person or CEO in charge of the State will not be easy to douse the flame.

Moreover, the difference in the State is only Marginal to topple the Present State Administration.


This extracted fully from an internet online  portal

KUALA LUMPUR: A Pakatan Harapan leader in Perak disagrees with Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s prediction that the state will fall into the hands of Umno, similar to the 2009 incident where three state assemblyman jumped ship to BN.

He said about six months ago, two PH state assemblymen were unhappy with the Perak government and had threatened to leave the coalition.

“But they won’t leave as one of them is in Mohamed Azmin Ali’s team. And the other is an ardent supporter of DAP,” he told FMT, on the condition of anonymity.

“That is settled. The two will have more to lose if they leave their parties,” he said.

“They are getting full support from the state government and the ministries.

“State assemblymen are able to do a lot more for their constituents with the help of the federal government,” he said.

However, he said there had been a push to oust Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu in the past as some parties wanted to put in place another candidate of their choice.

“Faizal is the MB and they cannot remove him. Everyone is aware of that, and now they just want him to work with all political parties, even if he considers them ‘arrogant’.

“They want him to show more leadership skills. If he can do this, they may be able to serve the rakyat better,” he said.

In the state assembly, PH has 30 state assemblymen while Umno has 25. PAS has three state assemblymen and there is also an independent.

Umno just needs two state assemblymen to cross over to take over the state.

In 2009, a contest for control of Perak erupted when three state assembly members, from the 32 in the Pakatan coalition, became BN-friendly independents. This changed the balance of power in the 59-member legislature.

But the source told FMT that since PH now forms the federal government, the assemblymen are unlikely to cross over.

“Zahid is playing mind games by saying Umno hopes to oust the Perak government.

“This is all for the sake of the Tanjung Piai by-election, which is just around the corner. Zahid, who is a seasoned politician, is trying to boost the confidence of BN and voters.”

He said Umno would also try to create a rift between PPBM and DAP so that the infighting between PH leaders continues and they spend their valuable time on infighting and explaining the situation to the public.

“Umno will continue to say such things, hoping the rift widens. The last year before the next general election, Umno will also start attacking PH leaders for not fulfilling their promises.”

He also cautioned PH leaders that they may end up being a one-term government if the coalition parties fail to cooperate closely with one another.

“BN is clever in handling issues. Even if they face issues, they know how to play them down and work internally to solve them.

“PH parties need to know how to work together if they want to serve the rakyat and retain their seats in the next general election,” he added.



 Your Big Boss have spoken.

So how now for you after all the promises in GE13? For a upright politician and a deputy minister if you are not in the same wave length as your boss you should know where the EXIT IS.

We didn’t ask you to but the Voters will know what to do with you and your comrades at the next Sarawak State elections due in 2021.

ah chong21Extracted quotes from our Prime Minister Malaysia and Your PH Chairman

On oil royalty payment to Sabah and Sarawak, Dr Mahathir said the government now realised that giving 20 per cent to the two states would mean that Petronas would no longer become the international oil company that it was.

“So we have to appeal the Sabah and Sarawak governments that it is really not workable,” he said, noting that both states were also very concerned.

“They don’t want to kill Petronas but at the same time they want more money, so we’re trying to work out how we can give them more money without undermining Petronas’ own strength,” Dr Mahathir said.

CM SARAWAK has this to say extracted from an online portal (see below)

Wonder what will your response be at your SUNDAYS Press Conference?

KUCHING: The Sarawak government has submitted a new formula to the federal government on revenue-sharing with Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas).

Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg said today that Sarawak was aware that Petronas “was an international company but it doesn’t mean that you can deprive us of our revenue”.

I have another formula. And I have submitted it to them (Putrajaya). The formula while maintaining Petronas as an international company will find a way where Sarawak can take part,” he said when met by journalists after launching the state-level Women Day 2019 at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching here.

He made these remarks when prompted for comments on Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s statement that described the 20 per cent oil royalty for Sarawak and Sabah as “not workable”.

Abang Johari said: “We did not ask for the 20 per cent (oil) royalty. Pakatan (Harapan) promised the 20 per cent (oil royalty).”

On a note that the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) in May 2014 passed a motion to request the federal government for an increase in oil royalty from five to 20 per cent, he said: “Yes, because they promised. Then we said you promised, then we said we definitely want 20 per cent. But now that is a different story.”

In the Pakatan Harapan (PH) manifesto during the 2018 general elections, Sarawakians were promised an increase of oil and gas royalties from the present five per cent to 20 per cent.

Asked whether Putrajaya had endorsed the formula, Abang Johari reiterated: “I have submitted our proposal, our own formula.”
“It is (an) entirely new model which I believe won’t jeorpardise Petronas as an international company. We are the one who produce raw material for Petronas in terms of gas and crude (oil) particularly gas.

“So I have my own formula which is commercial in nature. Up to them (Putrajaya) now,” he said.

The chief minister said he could not disclose any more details on the formula as negotiations with the federal government were still ongoing.

He was quick to assert that Sarawak was standing firm on the new model, which he stressed would not jeopardise Petronas.

“Maybe the federal government may lose some revenue. But of course Sarawak government also wants revenue. It must be (a) fair formula,” added Abang Johari.

Dr Mahathir was yesterday quoted in a Bernama report as saying the government had realised that giving 20 per cent oil royalty would mean that Petronas would no longer become the international oil company that it was.

“So we have to appeal to the Sabah and Sarawak governments that it is really not workable. They don’t want to kill Petronas but at the same time they want more money, so we’re trying to work out how we can give more money without undermining Petronas’ own strength,” he told a dialogue session at the JP Morgan headquarters in New York.