PBB Vice President “Thank You for Your Thoughts”

The small gesture of invitation to other local based parties have earned political maturity and praises from both TERAS SG Banyi Beriak and PBDS (Baru) President Cobbold John to the Vice President of PBB.


In a worded statement released it reads,”Convergence of mind. TERAS and PBDSB. A small step toward a better alliance, Sarawak Baru. We thanked YB Annuar Rapaee for the thoughts. To start with….TERAS, PBDS, STAR and hopefully other Sarawak based Parties with the same mind and singing the same tune with us will converge together to form the new Hopes And Entity, SARAWAK BARU (SB).

PBB Vice President words extracted from a local daily,”“As long they are in line with our (GPS) struggle, why not?” said Dr Annuar, when responding to a query if GPS is inclusive and ready to take in other local parties.

“Let us see how GPS is being formed first then only we will invite. Actually now we want to unite the four (ex-Sarawak BN components) first. Let GPS get itself formed legally. At the moment we are not registered with the RoS (Registrar of Societies).

“After we are formed legally then only can GPS be opened to others. Same goes to PH – opened to others,” he stressed.

Will this be the New Political Landscape for the upcoming elections in 2021?

The coalition parties of GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) and a New Coalition SB (Sarawak Baru) to take on PH (Pakatan Harapan} or SB together with PH taking on GPS?

It remains to be seen and no matter what happens the Voters will have the final say on the outcome of PRN12. 


Caught with  their pants down or the usual,”I thought it’s your turn and all the near to NORMAL PROCESS of FINGER Pointing.” This is a lesson learnt as being the New Government of the Day elected by the people EVERYONE is watching.

Slackness on the part of the Ministers and Deputies will not be tolerated by the net citizens.

Now the VOTERS are and will not only boot out the government of the day but they will ensure that they will make their voices heard through the social media.


Ahmad Maslan its Wednesday atau Rabu though….hehehehehe Jangan Marah ya!!



Politically the Message to their Pakatan Harapan Partners is simple .” In Sarawak we DAP hold the key to wrestling the State from the Ruling Government of Gabungan Parti Sarawak.(GPS)

adapLike it or not 29 Seats we claim first 40 to PKR 13 to Amanah  That leaves the Prime Minister’s party PBBM (Bersatu) in Sarawak as Zero (0). According to our sources in the political field most of them see that as very DISRESPECTFUL AND THERE SEEMS TO BE A PERSONAL AGENDA OR REVENGE of some sort?

This was extracted from online media,”Chong, who is also state Pakatan Harapan chairman, said he could not see another PH component Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) to derail the DAP suggested equation of seats because Bersatu would be in the state only to open up branches and help them win the next state election.”

According to an emeritus professor ,”there is nothing wrong in stacking a claim but if its done in an ill conceived manner there will be political repercussions. DAP might live to regret the words spoken out .”

DAP is making their first move and the 29 State seats is theirs to lose and its up to PKR and Amanah to divide the remaining seats with PBBM if they so wish .

Isn’t this good news for the ruling government in GPS or Sarawak Baru (SB) the other local parties coalition ?

DAP have spoken and its up to all the other parties to interpret their intentions. The Political Message is Crystal Clear….

Abang Jo is CM Sarawak today and Will Lead GPS in PRN12

Sometime in May 2008 these words were uttered to audie61 when we paid a visit to him at his office to invite him for a dinner function,”

ajazMay 20th 2008 

I was told once by the Housing Minister that his voters in his area(10835) are more concerned about market forces affecting their daily lives than development promises. The Minister said at one ceramah a voter even asked him about the “Stock Exchange.”

Goes to show that we live in an era where voters in our areas know what they want. PBB and Parti Keadilan you will have to “Work Hard” to win these seats come 2011….

2021 is exactly 10 years apart from 2011 and Tun Taib has since retired from active politics and today is the Governor of Sarawak while Adenan Satem is sadly gone as he passed away in office after winning the 2016 State Elections.

BN Sarawak has since resigned from the Federal BN and has since formed a Sarawak Coalition made up of former BN4 Parties of PBB,SUPP,PRS,PDP. The Chief Minister according to inner sources from PBB does want ‘Inclusiveness” and not only to have the 4 parties. A formal invitation will be made to parties who will subscribe to the “Sarawakian Call for more Autonomy from the Federal Clutches of Power’

In simple terms Sarawak will want to work closely with the Federal Government but to have more say on issues which affects the State of Sarawak. The Federal Government today is Pakatan led Government and the old regime of BN is ‘history”to many Malaysian voters.

When Azmin Ali the PKR strongmen in 2008 spoke at the Grand Continental Hotel where audie61 was present  of ‘infighting’ within coalition and parties” he struck the right chord amongst the many youths who were present. Somehow, he must have been tutored right and amongst many other challengers he stood tall and fought his way to be the Menteri Besar of Selangor and today is the Economics Minister of Malaysia under the Evergreen 93 year old Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir’s cabinet.

Who would have thought this would happen in 2008 and in 2018 BN defeated against all ODDS at the hands of PAKATAN HARAPAN?

CM Abang Jo needs all his trusted men not to curry flavour to him but to speak the truth on what the rakyat wants and needs. The politics today have changed for the better and to maintain the Sarawak stranglehold he will have to face up to the challengers which are ‘not new” but needs to be addressed in totality for Sarawakians to understand his leadership.

What strikes us to write this article is this piece by a renowned journalist James Richie is someone who tends to venture into areas where many feel threatened that is ‘their nasi periuk” will be “pecah”

You read and analyse this below and Baru Bian is echoing a political war cry of some significance.

Interview with Baru Bian: May 2018

Q: What were the issues that helped you win?

A: Well, a lot of combined factors. I think one we must recognize that the issue of Datuk Joseph Entulu’s sacking and the other headmen. I think a lot of people are aware, or some are aware, even previous to his sacking there were hundred plus headmen (tuai rumah) and four penghulus who were in fact, kind of terminated from their services, and that have angered of course some people on the ground. And that was previous to the sacking of Entulu and Nyalau and three other supreme council members. So that is one, we must recognize. The other thing is that, in fact, a lot of people felt that NCR is no more an issue. Apparently, it was still very much alive in Selangau. Now, I was quite surprised when I went there, the clients that I acted for 10 years back came and told me, you know you fought for us, we won, the land is now ours, and now we are harvesting the kelapa sawit (oil palm), and in fact now a lot of us are even driving one, two hilux you know, and they (the Ibans from the Selangau area) were very happy with that.

Isn’t that enough to tell us that the 82 seats now when in 2021 the elections are called there will be some heavy casualties. What needs to be done by Abang Jo and his team?

The age of technology is far more advanced today than in 2008 and in 2 years time it will be even more “canggih” Don’t tell the youths or middle class about “DIGITAL ECONOMY” and they know better than us. They live in this age and anything that moves or they can smell will bring the government of the day to its knees.

Not only the Ministers but also the Backbenchers on the government side accordingly must be well trained to answer to the needs of their constituents and DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ENGAGE with those who send personnel messages to them.

Oh..!! By the way, this is not sarcasm  have they heard of PLEASE REPLY….unless as Abang Jo puts it in 2011 how to answer to a “PUSA?“.

Of course,the FACEBOOK is the main and most versatile social media being used by Sarawakians at large.

Don’t though for once rule out #twitter #instagram #telegram #whatsapp as they too are very efficient tools of communications. and are very important.

Azmin Ali, Baru Bian are much younger than CM Abang Jo but the CM will need his young and able YB’s who are his lieutenants to engage fully with the ‘cyber warriors” who were formerly opposition in the Federal side but now are the Federal government of Malaysia.

They know the cyber warfare more than our local cyber teams but that doesn’t rule out that with Sarawakian passion,skills and wholeheartedness we will still be able to fully engage their well oiled and trained cyber warriors.

It’s not going to be easy for GPS nor PH but in politics one have to win the “BATTLE OF PERCEPTION” and winning that the other 60% would be how the ground forces work themselves to win those who matters most the constituents who VOTE.

2008 to 2018 to 2021 things have changed so much. Abang Jo knows his task ahead…..

#we are not comparing Abang Jo/Azmin ali

TERAS “Grassroots wants Former President back”

“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best” 
― Otto von Bismarck

The Executive Secretary Banyi Beraik of TERAS ( Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak) have been a very busy man. He has been seen around to the ROS Registry of Societies of Malaysia (Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan getting all the documentation and to ensure that all the 25 Divisions within the party have submitted their annual returns. 

aterasThis is to also to make sure that the political party formed in 2013 will be ready to take part in the upcoming Sarawak State Election which is due in September 2021.

TERAS according to Banyi,’have NEVER GONE TO CONTEST ANY SEAT under its FLAG or with ANY Coalition but we have had the following below under the party when former SUPP and SPDP members joined together on 15th May 2014.

  1. YB William Mawan Ikom (N47 Pakan)-now PBB
  2. YB Wong Soon Koh (N53 Bawang Assan)-now UPP
  3. YB Slyvester Entri (N76 Marudi)- now PKR
  4. YB Jerip Susil (N19 Mambong)- now UPP
  5. YB Peter Nansian ( N02 Tasik Biru)- now acting President
  6. YB Ranum Mina(N01 Opar)- now UPP
  7. YB Rosey Yunus (N71 Bekenu)- now PBB
  8. YB Johnical Rayong Nyipa (N33 Engkilili )- now UPP
  9. YB Paulus Palo (N80 Batu Danau) – now PBB
  10. YB George Lagong (N61 Pelagus) – now SWP
  11. MP Anyi Ngau ( P220 Baram) – now PDP

The party saw also the formation of UPP on July 18th 2014 at a Press Conference the President of UPP Wong Soon Koh said this,”We initially had intended to work with the group of SPDP YBs under the leadership of YB Tan Sri William Mawan through their new party Teras.

“However, after much consultation and getting feedback from our people on the ground, we have come to the conclusion that it would be better for the former YBs of SUPP and SPDP to work in a close partnership but to move forward on separate platforms.”

The parties within BN4 were hellbent in not accepting the TERAS formation and they had their “MERGER OF MINDS” to stop them from being a part of the BN Sarawak family.

We wrote an article on this and the administration under the late CM took note.


CM Adenan even in 2016 State elections had to field the concept of BN direct candidates to accommodate the UPP and TERAS candidates and he was proven right and with his leadership Sarawak State secured 72 out of 82 seats it contested.

The present Sarawak ruling government now under CM Abang Johari was elected under the BN Coalition but since then due to  he Federal Powers being wrested by the Pakatan Harapan Coalition they have left their former coalition.

Instead they will go into the Sarawak state Elections under a new Sarawak coalition GPS”Gabungan Parti Sarawak” PBB with 45 YBS in their party could have just formed the government on its own but with the power sharing concept maintains the former BN4 in the state administration which also includes UPP Assemblyman.

A political analyst said its high time the CM do a reshuffle or is he waiting to see the outcome of the GPS coalition being registered with ROS before he makes the decision. The PH Federal Government will be watching this development as they too would want a local partner to assist them to wrestle the State from the former BN4 parties.

Vice President of Teras Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Datuk Amar Hamdan Sirat said,” obviously we are eagerly waiting for the homecoming of our former President as the grassroots in TERAS strongholds would gladly welcome this move.

He added,”we would also welcome an invitation for the party TERAS to be included in the present ruling administration of GPS. Of course, there are other political options but we will cross that line when the time comes. Our main agenda is at the moment to persuade our former President to guide the party to its former strength and win the seats entrusted to us.”

On the PBDS (Baru) move of coalition SARAWAK BARU if and only in the event that they are left out of GPS Captain Zainuddin said,“this is will be another platform and another interesting political development and this will favour greatly the Pakatan Harapan group.

For now though we are listening to the groundswell from our members in TERAS dominated areas and they are just waiting for some good news and the Chief Minister who is the Coalition Chief of GPS would know what to do.

We leave it to his political wisdom.

TERAS the party knows it will play a very significant part in PRN12. 

Sarawak “Anak Tiri…?”

Sarawak PKR DAP and Amanah said that we will have an autonomy over the State.

However,it does seem that the Pakatan leadership have other priorities. Of course, we congratulate Baru Bian for his Ministerial Post as Works Minister and Chong Chieng Jen for his deputy Minister’s post.

Well in terms of 31 MP state and Sarawak as the largest contributor of  resources it is without doubt that we are again the “ANAK TIRI’ in the Federal-State relationship.

Are we complaining or should we?

Sarawakians should and for the next 5 years know that we will have only 1 Full Minister and 1 deputy. 

warisan-MPTake a peek at our neighbours Sabah. Warisan pull the cat out of the bag. They know Mahathir needs Warisan.

This extracted statement is a body blow to the State of Ssarawak,” 

Parti Warisan Sabah president Shafie Apdal says the appointment of five Warisan MPs into the federal Cabinet shows Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad’s faith in the state.


The five are Warisan deputy president Darell Leiking (international trade and industry minister), Warisan permanent chairman Liew Vui Keong (minister in the Prime Minister’s Department), Silam MP Mohamad Ketapi (tourism, arts and culture minister), Warisan Youth chief Azis Jamman (deputy home minister) and Warisan Wirawati chief Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis (deputy energy, green technology, science and climate change minister).

“This proves that the prime minister has faith in us. We knew there were many others in the Peninsular who were hoping to get these positions but he chose to give them to us. This is an acknowledgement to the party and Sabah. I hope those elected will serve the people well,” he said after the opening of the state assembly sitting by Head of State Juhar Mahiruddin.

Oh Wow!! if we want to be more critical this is even better,

Shafie said he handed in seven names to be considered by the prime minister and the other two remaining names would also be given positions.’

PBDS Baru President Cobbold John also congratulated their counterparts and the new appointments but said,” We must take a leaf out of the political strategy used by Warisan and incorporate into the Sarawak State Alliances.” 

The New GPS of former BN Sarawak parties in PBB,SUPP,PRS and PDP recently formed on 12th June 2018 is still identified as former BN4. If they do not invite any others there is not much difference he said.

We should look into a new Alliance,” Sarawak Baru” where PBDS Baru, UPP,TERAS,STAR,SWP,SETIA and other local parties can come into a united front with close ties to the Pakatan Harapan.

He said,”Only if the GPS lock us outside their Gabungan there is a big chance that Sarawakians will accept this formation of Sarawak Baru

President Cobbold also mentioned that,” we have to work hand in hand or together with those who want to work with us.”

Captain Zainuddin a Vice President of TERAS said,’there are always possibilities in politics and its the people of Sarawak who will vote in PRN12.

TERAS  has contribute greatly in winning a few seats for its members who left and stood as BN Independent candidates and this must not be forgotten.” They have since been accepted as PBB lawmakers.

He concurred with Cobbold that there must be given some sort of political recognition or a new Sarawak Baru Alliance is not out of the question. 

Sarawakians by and large will look at the Warisan concept and will not want to be left out for too long as Pakatan Harapan is the Federal Government. 

Being neighbours to Sabah most Sarawakians will also want an equal footing says Captain Zainuddin.

We do not want to be “ANAK TIRI”

Whose Calling the Shots for Reshuffle and Realignment?

Reshuffle and Realignment of Cabinet Ministers? Why not?

asarawakIts the Prerogative of the Chief Minister of Sarawak says an insider on this subject matter. This will ultimately refresh,fine tune the present set up and it will certainly give more room for the Chief Minister to manoeuvre.

Basically he will have more leeway when he uses this power vested upon him to change for the better. He could include New faces bring back Experienced Assemblyman in the fold and remove those who have not touch point with the people. 

Moreover,”It’s a new set up completely as The State Government have cut ties with the Barisan Nasional Coalition. Instead the present State Government of Sarawak will be opposition in Parliament but willing to work together with the Pakatan Government on certain issues which will affect Sarawak at large.”

The insider emphasised that the Federal Government also has also certain expectations on how we present ourselves within the context of the new Federal set up. People in Sarawak too have new expectations. The reshuffle by the Chief Minister too is also fine tuning in cooperation with the Pakatan Federal Government and make it more meaningful.

The “recent call” by the present Deputy Chief Minister of the usage of the 31Billion of State reserves to win the hearts of Sarawakians’ and ‘ensure GPS stays in power’ has indeed created an uproar and not only many Sarawakians have indeed showed their displeasure but also too many prominent State leaders.

Some leaders have chose to keep a plaster over their mouth as they are afraid of backlash and unnecessary hassle plus unkind bombardments in the social media and also from their colleagues in the coalition.

Am sure too that the Federal Pakatan Government is looking at this development full of hope and they will use this to destroy the credibility of the state into submission.


We are not going to hype this issue up on “RESHUFFLE OR REALIGNMENT” but the Chief Minister on his part will know what is coming even though his plate is full. He can be pretty sure that his actions will get more support than he knows.

Afterall, he knows it better as ITS HIS PREROGATIVE but he does need to read again those statements in between the lines  below:-

Extracted are some of the words and this from UPP Secretary General George Lo,”We are appalled that a deputy chief minister should make such an irresponsible statement. With all due respect to Masing, that suggestion is ridiculous and is unworthy of any Sarawak official, much less a deputy chief minister,” 

The political message is crystal clear that something needs to be done and with the new set up UPP would want to play a big part too in order to ensure the State remains and not to fall into the hands of  Pakatan.

Could they too be looking at a Deputy Chief Minister’s post for the Chinese Community?

Surely there is certainly a big cause of concern too, amongst the State Cabinet Ministers when the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said he was shocked by Masing’s suggestion.

He said unless the suggestion was a joke, Masing had really gone far astray in his outlook and it would not go down well with the younger and educated Sarawakians and voters.

“Honestly, I’m shocked when I read the statement today (Friday) and I’m sure all Sarawakians feel the same way too.. it is very irresponsible to even make such as suggestion, which is akin to ‘scorch earth’ policy in war whereby the retreating army would plunder and destroy farmland, water and electricity supplies before retreating, to prevent the enemy from enjoying them,” he said.

The above are only the ones extracted and certainly not many in Sarawak are willing to forgive and forget for the political blunder of words used by the DCM. Those in his party of course would defend and try to paint a different picture but it does seem that there is more than meets the eye.

Don’t tell us in 2021 in the worst case scenario, when all is done and dusted after PRN12 those within “easy reach” of the political corridors of the 22nd Floor will look back and said,” we should also have done the reshuffle or realignment” to win back the hearts of the people who have supported or have yet to support us. Why didn’t we do it?

It’s Political Perception and not only backroom statistics and facts which will win an election. Many current YBs in the State Assembly know where they stand and those who intend to stay as an assemblyman after PRN12 would wise up now and listen to the ground,service their constituencies and deliver their promises.

They will be shown the door if they do not act now and please for GOODNESS SAKE don’t say,” We did not see it coming.

The insider did mention another political quote,”We cannot change just the signboard but we also need to add or remove those who are more detrimental in their outlook for the state than doing good. In other words when we need to Paddle the Boat(state administration) in the same direction and in the right way to move forward

It’s only half time Chief Minister very much like a football game and you still got another half to go before the final result.