“Spanner In the Works for Malaysia Day 2019”

Lim Guan Eng current Finance Minister would make a good Works Minister as he will always use the words” Works in Progress”

A Finance Minister who plays theory plus rheotoric politics and uses the blame game is no good for the country as a whole and investors would be put off immediately. It does seem that the country is not conducive enough would be a fair comment from would be foreign investments.

lge12When this article column  which we extract below was published in the STAR a widely read and circulated newspaper in Malaysia and online version https://www.thestar.com.my/  it gives a very bad impression. Am pretty sure the Council of Elders Daim Zainuddin will whisper something to his ears.

Extracted from STAR ,”In a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng delivered bad news to Sabahans and Sarawakians.

Lim said the Pakatan Harapan (PH) promise to give 20% instead of the current 5% in oil royalties to the two states could not be fulfilled yet. The Finance Minister blamed the usual suspect, the 1MDB financial scandal, for the government’s failure to carry out the election manifesto promise. The DAP secretary-general said the 20% quantum had to wait.

Wow! Sarawak by the way is playing host to the Malaysia Day Celebrations 2019.

A voter said ‘After Sabah last year why didn’t they pick Kelantan (oh forgot Sabah and Sarawak are partners to Malaysia) or could they be now showing the might of PH as Sarawak elections will be due in 2021?”  

So is POLITICS today into the BLAME GAME? What will Sarawakians as a whole think of the PH Federal Government? Lim Guan Eng has all the makings of a Good Promiser but to execute his works in progress he will need to iron out what he promised prior to GE14.

Let’s rewind shall we and there was also the video which went viral.

Extracted ,PH told Sabahans and Sarawakians that it supported more autonomy for the two states: “In line with the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement and the ascension of Sabah and Sarawak with Malaya to form Malaysia…. Full autonomy on education and healthcare, 20% oil royalty and half of all tax receipts collected in Sabah and Sarawak must be returned to the states.

“They will be fully responsible for the administration and financing of all healthcare and education in their respective states,” Lim said in a video shot before GE14 which is still going viral among Sabahans and Sarawakians.

“So remember, 20% oil royalty, from the present 5%, 50% of all tax receipts, whether it’s corporate, personal or GST, return to the respective states.”

Sarawakians know how to judge and am sure that they will also show an EXIT DOOR to promises unkept and maintain the status quo ruling government but with some tweaking here and there. 

The SARAWAK VOTERS knows best and the Spanner in the works was officiated by our future Minister of Works on Friday 13th 2019 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th) who seems to choose the right words for the right time.

Oh! were we being sarcastic or a wee bit superstitious.You know better……

DAP Now A Local Sarawak Party?

We are trying not to be fooled but this statement as reported by bernama does make  Sarawakians look like fools or be fooled. Read how you want but it cannot be misprinted correct?

“It is a big task for us to make them realise that we are actually a national party representing everyone at the national and state levels.

He said DAP was more successful in Sarawak as they were not considered a “peninsular party”. – Bernama

9 years ago when they were both in PAS if  Mat Sabu remembers these words,maybe he forgot he is now a big boy Amanah Malaysia President what Hadi remarked and we extract from the Star online :-

Hadi had angered Sarawak’s Iban community when he blamed PKR’s loss in the April 7, 2010 Batang Ai by-election to ignorant voters who did not know how to vote and “were still wearing loinclothes”.

Malaysia should by now be one of the top nations in South East Asia but somehow we are all left in a time capsule.

Hopefully the info graphics and these words which we extract might make sense to the Amanah President and maybe Amanah Sarawak might not be a “peninsular party”

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

― Abraham Lincoln

So DAP a “peninsular” party has since become a local based party with local Sarawakians as the Branch Chairmans?



Zakir Naik has No Place In Sarawak

Are we all caught in a Quagmire?

Most of us in Malaysia are caught in more troublesome everyday living than to be caught in a religious incitements and playing sentiments.

Even a cartoon caricature has emerged that employees have requested to ease their burden by asking for “NAIK GAJI” instead they got a controversial preacher “ZAKIR NAIK”

Zakir Naik is according to the Prime Minister that he admits that Malaysia is in a Catch-22 situation as Zakir is “unwelcome guest which Malaysia can’t send away”

Oh Gosh! Really.. Malaysian Government now being threatened by an Indian National  who was given a Permanent Resident Status in Malaysia but in India he is wanted for corruption-charges,money laundering as well as terrorism related charges.

Zakir should be a good boy and stay quiet but instead he has stirred up a hornets nest in Peninsular Malaysia and also being seen as a thorn in the flesh for the Hindus and the Chinese.

A Muslim friend of ours said  Sarawak should not get involved in this Zakir Naik controversy and stay out of it. Let the Chief Ministers Department deal with it and issue a statement.

However,politicians being politicians will use this platform to say their pieces and of course we have over the few days seen many statements from Sarawak Ministers to Assemblyman to Non Governmental organisation (NGO’s)

No one wants to miss the Train which majority of Sarawakians if not all are against .

Religious Bigotry,Incitements,Extremism,Fanaticism which will jeopardise the racial, religious harmony and harm the peaceful coexistence of all races has no place and is not WELCOME in Sarawak.

zakadenanSo be careful especially what you say and we are sure that our late and former Chief Minister Adenan Satem would have said this to Zakir Naik,”U ARE NOT WELCOME IN SARAWAK AND BAN


The “War Drums” have been Sounded towards PBB and GPS and Jolting Federal and State Relationship.

This “silver jubilee or written 25 years ago political book on Sarawak and Sabah” stood out like a Sore Thumb in my bookshelf. Little did i know that it will play more than a Significant Part in this “battle of the century” article.

Of course, we know we will incur the wrath of many politicians as we will be “ENCROACHING ON POLITICAL SENSITIVITY”

Furthermore as the writer of the book told me in no uncertain terms” today we have many more theorists,political analyst then our Time as today with the WWW (World Wide Web as long as one is connected they can give their opinions and theories very quickly. Times are Changing and so will be the Administration and Systems of Government .


When PH Sarawak took aim at Parti Pesaka Bumiputera (PBB) a Coalition partner of GPS undoubtedly “The war drums are heard as far of from the constituencies from the Southern tip of Lundu to the Northern areas of Limbang.”

The Fear factor which was spelt out by the PH Chairman Chong Chieng Jen who is also a Deputy Minister towards PRU15 in so many words means “he himself is so afraid that his position in the Federal Government is Shaky to say the least.

Why do we say so? What is he implicating?

Has he cooked up AN ANGER DISH which he himself will live to regret.

Sarawakians knows that the present Sarawak Government is State Run now after the State cut its ties with the Barisan Nasional Coalition and formed a Sarawak Based 100% Local Coalition. There is nothing wrong with this concept and in politics its only normal. 

Furthermore, Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sarawak are not local based parties as they are only branches of a big tree from PKR,DAP,Bersatu and Amanah. The local party leaders cannot have full autonomy and they need to seek advice on their decisions from the Federal Body.

Needless to say there were many promises bragged by PH Sarawak leaders during the “BIG WAR” in PRU14 but mosts of the promises in the manifesto are still in the cupboard gathering cobwebs and dusts.

We have heard from PH Sarawak Chairman calling it a “Battle of the Century” which in itself is a very clever ploy in that its drumming up support and trying to cover up the misgivings of the PH Government which was promised by their Federal Leadership and telling Sarawakians this is it. 

This time he might have got it right so we think. This scenario to ensure that DAP has everything in his control and to win the urban seats he unleashed in his little corner of the ring,” yes i have managed to not only irk PBB but also the others Bersatu ,Amanah and especially PKR to deliver their quota of seats in this battle of the century”.

Was it deliberate done as part of rattling up everyone?

PH Chairman has not hidden his intentions well enough but he has woken up the sleeping giant in the Sarawak Government. Not only that he has got some Full Federal Ministers from PH to come out with statements which are not supported by facts.

We do not need to get into details as its a known fact given full publicity in social media and main stream media. The Deputy Minister or PH Chairman is very quick witted and we must also inform him to do some extra research on Federal and state Relationship.

He could place an order for this book no doubt and not using his law books for political arguments. This he must realise and we extract it out so that he will not feel belittle

“Federalism is perceived as the mode of political organisation that unites several polities within an overarching political system, and is done in such a way as to allow each to maintain its own fundamental integrity.

The Federal system, as in the case of Malaysia, does this by requiring that basic policies be made and implemented through negotiations in some form, so that all members will have a share in making and executing decisions.

The term “FEDERALISM” therefore denotes the unification of separate states into a federal polity and also the permanent diffusion of authority and power within a nation among several state governments.”

Also he must be tutored as per a former experienced Senior Minister said of  the Sarawak PH Chairman that he must know that meaningful and cordial Federal-State relations are founded on understanding,tolerance, and commonalities,most of which are SUSTAINABLE through network and arrangement rather than dependence on the provisions of the constitution.

There will be differences a plenty for PH Sarawak as they jostle too for seats in the coming PRN12 Sarawak as until recently there were 3 parties involved but now Bersatu has also come into the picture and their President does want seats to be decided too by the PH Presidential Council instead of just by Sarawak leaders. 

Does PH Chong worry too much if he loses in the PRN12? He will still be a deputy minister even though his credibility will take a beating. His rhetoric’s are done as he has nothing to lose says William Mawan who is also PBB Supreme Council member.

PH has declared it a battle of the century and the war drums are already sounded and as an assemblyman for Pakan he has called upon all GPS leaders to be on the alert now and the time is now to fortify their strongholds.

PH will come down with guns blazing but as an experienced campaigner and full of tenacity he would be able to assist and strategise together with the other GPS GENERALS to fend off the threat and give a massive body blow to PH. He knows too this is Sarawak state elections and not a national elections and Sarawak Sentiments will be localised.

Of course, Mawan said that GPS must start getting the necessary machinery up and going. He himself is always on the ground and getting the base support fortified and reinforced as he knows the fire will engulf if he does not hands on in his constituency.

The Fire would be “AS BIG AS IT CAN BE” and GPS leaders must strategise well to use their “LETHAL WEAPONS” to douse this threat.

PBB and GPS knows now that the Big Battle is looming. We are prepared as far as we know says Mawan the batlle has already begun. This seat belongs to PBB and our mission is we must not lose this seat.

The GPS Generals have to know too that the battle of the century as per Chong will be more sophisticated and we might need more than resources to counter the imminent threat. 

“War Room tidak boleh tunggu’ Generals offices have to be occupied with team players for all inputs and information.

The time is now says Mawan and he knows the Chief Minister would welcome extra brains to assist him too. 

It must be noted that Sarawak has been able to benefit tremendously for the good Federal-State relations in the past decades as it has adopted a ‘realistic and proactive approach in resolving many potential state problems and issues.

When a war cry is being sounded “battle of the century’ and Chong also belittling GPS Government is small and PH Federal Government is big and also saying let’s fight an assistant Minister of Corporate affairs Abdullah saidol said it is rather unfortunate that this cordial working relationship would be threatened by such hostile statement.  

CM Sarawak did not mince his words and he too said,”Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) is ready for an all-out “war” with Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the coming state election. If they want war, then we will go all out to face them.If the war does happen, we must get our logistics ready. We must have the correct bullets to “shoot” our target correctly.”

You must not let the general fight the battle alone,” he said, referring to top GPS leaders.“If the soldiers do not back us, then we will suffer. The soldiers and the generals must work together,”

We mention earlier that the PH Chairman might live to regret his wishes and with the Sentiments of Sarawak being tested to the fullest by the Federal government the other PH Leaders in Sarawak will need to know that they are skating on thin ice.

Are you enjoying the DISH that the PH CHairman prepared for you?

CM Abang Jo hinted very forcefully,”If the war does happen…..” One can only read and tell Chong not to read his law books but to use his cerebral cortex and read the ground sentiments  carefully.


GPS FIRST and Intensive PBB Membership Drive

Let us not take anything for granted. We must work on the ground for the people who voted us in and as an assemblyman our constituents needs,wants are top priority and we are their voice.

How often have we heard those words from a YB?

N47 assemblyman who has endured injuries and battle scars from all State elections since 1980 is seen at his best working to win the constituency for his Party and the Coalition he represents in GPS. This is one seat which will be tested by the Pakatan Harapan (PH )to the fullest as its a Rural seat.

There was also ‘the survey” carried out and this quote extracted is nothing short of political notoriety,”Pakan is the poorest district in Malaysia, a national Chinese daily reported, quoting Rural and Regional Development Minister Rina Harun.” Mawan replied by saying,”please do compare notes with Pakan District Office to make sure the figure is correct.

The opposition front will nevertheless try to dislodge the GPS assemblyman and mark in their report for the upcoming PRN12 as a possibility to capture the seat. Of course they  will try to field their best candidate.

Is it from DAP or PKR as warring factions are already claiming the seat?

Let them be Mawan says as GPS comes first and he is doubling his efforts to further strengthen the ‘Support Base” and from reports on the ground he is practically working to win this seat for PBB and the ruling coalition.

He is afterall he says,”I am the assemblyman for Pakan and will continue to do so. The internet portal which quoted Mawan,” I still work as hard as i used to be.At the moment, i will just work until I am told to retire.” is politically correct to publish as if one was to read it in a bigger context until such time “one is unable or is permanently retired

aaama8Winning is a habit and Mawan subscribes to the principle and uses Sun Tzu-Art of War also to guide him eventhough he has been through many elections and won them since. Amongst his favourites which makes the coalition sees him as cool,calculated and dependable is this .“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

“We are almost there and will not leave any stones unturned in preparation on the ground for Pakan to win the seat for GPS.

GPS comes First and we in PBB Pakan has gone on to intensify and attract more members to the party.

So far, we have recruited more than 1700 new members and together with the present registered members Pakan has around 3000 strong PBB presence. The total registered voters for Pakan based on 2016 electoral role is 10322.

We will invite the Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg who is also the Coalition Chairman of GPS and also PBB President to launch and receive the new members of PBB in the next couple of months.

Mawan battled hardened, exemplary track record and loyalty to the coalition is enough to signal to PBB that he is very much their man for N47 Pakan. The intensity and actions on membership drive and securing a PBB foothold on Pakan for GPS is his top priority.

GPS Winning the SEAT is IMPERATIVE says Mawan and the further increment in PBB membership for Pakan in the coming months will be a good indicator that PBB is well accepted by the constituents.

Mawan remains very focused on N47 Pakan and that’s very good news to the GPS Coalition. 


N47″Fully Entrenched in Pakan”

When an internet portal published at its site”Mawan working hard to strengthen his support base in Pakan” it captured the imagination of netizens especially so with a media savvy assemblyman who doesn’t mince his words and knows how the digital technology age revolves.

A wrongly worded or misconstrued political statement would in this day and age send any political personality spiralling down and damage control would naturally be the order of the day.

amawan88aThe assemblyman from Pakan was in touch through a telephone conversation and he further stressed the need of being on the ground, reaching out to the voters and also identifying them by MAN MARKING.
Its a football analogy but he has directed his officers, party members to start the headcount as GPS Priority is to win the seat.

Besides the football analogy he touched on some other key factors which obviously does come from Grinding and experience over the years as a man on the ground namely:-

  • 1.The Right way- Ingenious in varying tactics
  • 2.Heavenly Timeliness- Weather conditions
  • 3.Ground-Geographical conditions
  • 4.Command- Fearless , Strictness and Resolute in Political action.
  • 5.Institutions-Requirements and definations of duties.

This can all be found in the many theoretical and strategical books in the open market as they are Guidelines which must also in all fairest be noted.

He also mentioned that this PRN12 for GPS is not and will not be “A Walk in the Park” as the opposition PH will have the full armoury and assistance from their Federal Counterparts.

A  Veteran PBB member who have at least 8 state elections under his belt even agreed with Mawan on that count.

Let me add this he said,”GPS is a new brand and like a new brand it needs to be marketed at all the 82 constituencies to touch ground. BN in which the 4 parties left to start a Sarawak local based party is still very Fresh with the Bumiputera and in the Interior.

The GPS Commander being the Leader and Chief Minister must go down to each and everyone of the 82 seats Individually and to make sure its a combined effort.

Let us just touch on an example Pending seat which is under the opposition DAP . The commander in chief with the President of the Party in SUPP (they held this seat before) should meet up only the 4 Division Chiefs in PBB,SUPP, PRS and PDP together with their members of youth wanita and executive committee.

If it happens to be Pending seat the SUPP Candidate if already identified meets them in a closed door meeting for the Pending kawasan. This is one way the whole machinery will be motivated to fight to win back the seat from the opposition.

He was also very blunt by saying,” many following CM rombongon just to be seen as politically relevant atau ” ngegeh ngegeh’.

Moreover he said being new in the market GPS must not hold back on resources and use every ounce of their manpower to fight the opposition.

Sik boleh”LOKEK”

The senior member further reiterated that ,” you see this is the sad truth and enough of the get together  and combination of many constituencies just to bring in the crowd. Now we have to BRAND GPS in the mindset of those who will vote for us and not just to make our members FEEL GOOD. The constituents are the ones who determine who wins each individual 82 seats.

Hopefuly, my small little advice is taken in good faith and the leaders do follow it through.

GPS is facing the NEW BRAND SYNDROME which was also echoed by the PBB Bukit Kota assemblyman Dr.Abdul Rahman Ismail who is also an Assistant Minister of Agriculture made a rallying cry to GPS to intensify its ground level support.

The statement,From now on, all GPS party members have an important task which is to let people throughout the state know about our logo, especially at branch and sub-branch level.

It is because we will use the GPS logo during the coming 12th state election and not contesting under BN ticket because we have already left the BN coalition.

GPS as a true son of Sarawak has the responsibility to safeguard the state’s racial unity and religious harmony as well as to fight for the interest of the state and its people.

All taken in the stride GPS as a local based coalition party will still be in for a tough and brusing battle come PRN12 says Mawan and also agreed with his PBB colleague on the above statement.

We must be open to all suggestions if it is to win the seats and form the RULING STATE GOVERNMENT after PRN12.

Mawan asked us to check out his book “Reflections- a journey of hope,aspiration and perseverance” which was published in late 2016.

In our telephone conversation Mawan said that  internet portal did touch on the subject of retirement on which he coolly replied ,’ I still work as hard as i used to be.At the moment,i will just work until I am told to retire.”

As the State Legislative Assembly Speaker Datuk Amar Mohammed Asfia Awang Nasser said in the Reflections book,”Mawan is a “cool cat’ and one who is able to make wide decisions unclouded by emotions even under the most stressful of situations.

Retire, is very far away from Mawan’s political vocabulary and as one may notice and true to his words his programmes are full every weekend and he is seen criss crossing the Pakan constituency informing the people that he is a PBB Member which is part of a local coalition in GPS .

His weekends are very much with the people of Pakan who he has served for the last 6 terms since 1991. The people would want him to represent them come PRN12 and judging from all ground activities which he has carried out he would not be short of Support from his constituents.

Mawan ended the telephone conversation with these words which are excerpts from the book ,”our strength as a Coalition are sustainability which is built on unity and cooperation that cut across social and cultural divide.

GPS he says the stand remains the priority to win the seats in which they contest. Individual interest of component parties is secondary.We cannot afford to learn another LESSON.

There is no Winnabilty without loyalty and for that he is very much ENTRENCHED IN Pakan N47.

Cakap Besar Macam “Tin Kosong!!”

Blah! Blah! Blah..! He has not stop yapping away unnecessarily ever since before GE14.

As far as we know his “too demure character..oops being sarcastic here ” it does seem that it will not be anytime soon that he is going to “lip it up” or in other words “shut-up” even though now he is part of Malaysia’s Cabinet under  Prime Minister Tun Mahathir .

In PRU 14 the 5% swing votes in the Malay hinterland and the 1MDB Saga was too humongous an issue to cover which eventually saw to the downfall of the former ruling BN Government. Of course there was some other “bombastic promises” added and included in the Manifesto which the middle income earners were somewhat mesmerized too and also played a significant part in them voting for Pakatan Harapan legislators.

However,time is ticking by and PH is in office for well over a year and what has been promised laden with “the sweetest honey” is still very much kept “locked and stocked” in the cupboard. Is this affecting the PH Sarawak Chairman ? Has PH Sarawak lost its direction?

The PH Chairman has boldly predicted in October 2018  he believes “75 per cent of Sarawakians want a change in the state government in the next state election, which is due in 2021

Then recently on June 25th 2019 nearly a year later  he said this ,”Unlike the elections before this, the election this time will be fair because we think that PH can win the next state election. There is no need for us to manipulate all the machineries in our favour.”

He is BOLDLY PREDICTING even after his Malayan Chieftain in Federal FINANCE MINISTER has politically declared Sarawak will be “BANKRUPT” after 3 years in a political dinner “Sarawak here we come”


Wow! Bricks, Bottles, Tins, Plastics and even Rotten Eggs and virtually anything that anyone can get their hands on WOULD BE thrown at his Political Master if he dares to UTTER THOSE WORDS again in SARAWAK.

To be honest, we are not been bias but he has openly been criticised left,right,centre,top and bottom by most sectors who felt their SARAWAK PRIDE has been tarnished. We are not Greece or Kelantan for that matter and majority are fueling their anger towards an irresponsible statement by a Finance Minister.

There is a time and a place to propagate but using FEAR PROPAGANDA without facts is very detrimental to the Sarawak economy says a local entrepreneur.

Very much in tandem with his master the PH Sarawak Chairman added some more spices to an already HOT ISSUE.

“DONT BE OVERLY EMOTIONAL” which irked many and by now the fence sitters who voted for PR in 2016 and PH 2018 are convinced that their VOTES have been wasted.
What has happened to the Sarawakian Spirit of protecting our own turf?
Has absolute power put a Wool over this new deputy minister’s eyes says a women voter?

achong1Their “so called fanatical” supporters will still raise their flags, hands up high and shouting at the top of their lungs but will that be enough we ask?

A senior politician has this to say about this young upstart.
“He says a lot of things LOUD plus NOISY, here and there and all the TIME.
It doesn’t mean he knows Everything what he says.
There is a lot of things he says he DOES not know enough”

To put matters worse Sarawakians have not forgotten what he said prior to GE14.

All that is being spewed out by the PAKATAN HARAPAN Chairman at the moment are pure rhetoric’s or one would say, trying to stay RELEVANT. These words which is still fresh in the Minds of Sarawakians who voted for PH during GE14 as it was replayed many times by their propaganda election war machine.

The graphics below courtesy of  the designer are a true indicator of what was delivered in the DUN prior to GE14 and moreover there was evena live feed and recorded.

  • 50 % of all tax revenue collected from Sarawak will go to State Coffer
  • 20% Oil and Gas Royalty will go to State Coffer
  • 100,000 Jobs for Sarawak Unemployed Youths

achong2.jpgIn the video recorded he was so sure and said,”You don’t need to beg….
Who is begging now? Of course the PH and DAP Chairman.

By the way Sarawakians are not suffering from DEMENTIA or as the IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani bluntly put it ,”The White House is afflicted by MENTAL RETARDATION and does not know what to do.” 

Over 1 year has passed and patience are running thin on the ground and Sarawakians being nice would have this to say which would be more appropriate,” You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. 

Maybe the PH Chairman needs to be reminded by our late and good friend in the 16th President of United States in Abraham Lincoln .

We are not here to guide him on how to be a Minister Material but more so to tell him don’t sell your soul away to the Malayan Masters without even putting up a fight.
Rightly or Wrongly a FB page even put up a caricature and had the words “Keldai Malaya” which am sure his “fanatical supporters” would brush aside or even consider using MCMC to check it up.

BN Leaders were subjected to worse name callings and even a video of Rafizi Ramli PKR Vice President had him saying  their job is to “Penghasut”

The point now is that the PH Chairman of Sarawak must know where and what he represents as he is a part of the MALAYSIAN Cabinet.

Does he not even heed the Council of Elders Tun Daim Zainuddin words to watch his words when he opens his mouth? Tun Daim on the 29th of May 2019 said “that ministers should avoid making knee-jerk statements.”

Sarawakians are quietly ashamed that this young upstart needs to go for further grooming and for that reason Tun Mahathir might in his wisdom be correct to put Baru Bian as a Full Minister and Chong as Deputy Minister. 

Correct me if am wrong but his Malaya DAP Chieftain couldn’t assist him for a Full Minister’s Post in Tun M Cabinet. 

Maybe PM Tun M knows that too many Tin Kosong would be bad for his Cabinet.