Politics;”Rough,Tumble and Ruthless”

When one first enters politics into a “POLITICAL PARTY”  one would be welcomed with open arms ,camaraderie with all the niceties that comes along with me. Through the years one would experience that it’s not the beautiful picture that was painted in your head. If one is ambitious there will be many who will set up ‘booby traps” for that person to self-ignite. That’s ROUGH though buts that’s RULE No.1

When the walls starts to crumble it will be very difficult to patch up. Friends will then becomes sworn enemies and in the rule book to cut out the perception of “politics is a long haul” the essence of it all is to ensure it TUMBLES like in the English nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” Who saves you after your TUMBLE in RULE NO.2 is not their concern but if one needs to stay relevant they also need to hold on to the clutches of straws with their hands.

STILL STAYING ON TRACK? Not giving up just yet..Next

Theories aside but practical matters in politics. One must be able to understand that political parties have hierarchy and proper control setups. Many ‘naive’,upstarts and newcomers find it difficult to understand and also “see”. That’s the truth and those who are not persistent and does not have the will power will eventually be washed ashore “BRUSHED ASIDE”. The RULE BOOK No.3 is of course the RUTHLESS.

It’s only eight( 8) letter words and in Malaysian Politics there are many who will wield their powers to maintain their own stability and foothold over and above the whole political scenario. In Sarawak, we know of the existence of them and have interacted,engaged and also being promised the world but decided to stay well clear in the final analysis or they say when “ELEPHANTS CLASH” someone else would benefit.

When this article of UMNO was posted below somehow it struck us that in time many 18 year old will try to join political parties for reasons best known to them. The Minister who put it up to the cabinet obviously is keeping things under wrap and have his own reasons. Time will tell.  

Of course, no one would know the rough,tumble and ruthless world of politics until they themselves have been ‘booby trapped’ and be attacked by “HUNGRY WOLVES” 

However, politics is such too that people will support the right candidates to represent them in their won constituencies. Not everyone can cut up to be a people’s representative and those who are put there will eventually feel the “HEAT”

The Write up below from – Raja Petra Kamarudin


 In essence, without the 191 divisions, Umno will cease to exist. And without a single cent to their name, they will undoubtedly cease to exist because, in Umno, it is all about money. PPBM will then swallow or absorb all the 191 Umno divisions (which is already beginning to happen) and they will become part of Pakatan Harapan. 

Today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in New York that Umno is doomed. He did not, however, say how and why.

And this will be how and why.


All 191 Umno divisions have received letters like the one below. What is happening is: all 191 Umno divisions are being investigated under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

After this, the bank accounts of all the 191 Umno divisions will be frozen and their assets confiscated. Technically, all 191 Umno divisions would be penniless or bankrupt and would have to close down.

Mahathir is still the master-strategist and politician-extraordinaire unmatched by anyone thus far

In essence, without the 191 divisions, Umno will cease to exist. And without a single cent to their name, they will undoubtedly cease to exist because, in Umno, it is all about money. PPBM will then swallow or absorb all the 191 Umno divisions (which is already beginning to happen) and they will become part of Pakatan Harapan.

After that, Pakatan Harapan, which is currently dominated by the Chinese, will become Malay-dominated like Barisan Nasional before this, which also will no longer exist by year-end.

You can say whatever you like about Mahathir, but one thing you will have to admit, though, is that he will go down in history as the master-strategist and politician-extraordinaire, never before matched by anyone. Love him or hate him, you certainly have to admire his political acumen.

191 of these letters have been sent out to every single Umno division


“Don’t TAMBAH the Problems”

Sarawak State Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah,”“We have had enough of leaders from Semenanjung showing their arrogance in Sarawak, telling the people that they could win over the state,”

PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli on scientific election campaign for Sarawak PKR 18 seats “I am sure there will be more than enough areas for us to penetrate which we previously considered as GPS strongholds in Sarawak,

Chong Chieng Jien DAP Sarawak Chairman,”PH government would accord 20 per cent royalty based on net profit in addition to the five per cent based on gross profit.”

Minister of Economic Affairs Datuk Seri Azmin Ali,”Sarawak would only get 20 per cent royalty from net profit and not from gross profit.”

Wow! This is even better,creamier, tastier and more juicy which appeared in the local daily which senior vice president of (PBB), Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof pointed out by Rafizi,“Sarawakians’ voices for the autonomy and rights of Sarawak would be heard and respected if PKR won over the state in the next state election.

After PH has taken over from the previous government there are much expectations from the people who voted them in. The above political statements are giving hopes and aspirations to ‘Hookwinked” Sarawakians that they can do better than the present GPS Sarawak Government. 

Has it spun out of control and made the media craving for more?

One must realise though how the media works and Rafizi is certainly one who doesn’t shy away from the media spotlight and is even willing to pay the price and sticks his neck out to ensure he delivers the KNOCKOUT PUNCH.

As much as we don’t want to uncover how the secret works for “political perceptions or getting the messages across’ we want to inform SARAWAKIANS in our little way that sometimes half truths doesn’t mean that its’s the truth.

Are we confusing you all? Read on…

Let’s uncover the lid on the secret of how the media works and how one can capitalise on them to their advantage which will assist them to get the message across. 

  1.  If  Sarawak GPS wins and are successful all the time the media will do very well and will be hugely popular 
  2.  If Sarawak GPS is terrible and go from crisis to crisis for awhile the media will also do very well.
  3.  If Sarawak GPS is dull and sub-standard so like distinctively unimpressive is very quiet than the media take a little bit of hit.

Their papers will not sell and their circulation will drop. That’s how it works and we need to understand this mechanism and not be dragged in to a certain issue and be like a “MONKEY KENA CABIK”

Of course, most journalist would not want a banana skin on their faces. They will go to great lengths to source for a ‘remarkable story” to impress their paymasters and improve their credibility.

The PKR Vice President Rafizi knows it very well and he uses all words like “scientific” which a newbie in the journalistic field will be gasping for air. There is a dictionary mind you, and now we have our own lecturer and tutor Professor Google.

Here goes :-  

The scientific method

At the core of biology and other sciences lies a problem-solving approach called the scientific method. The scientific method has five basic steps, plus one feedback step:
  1. Make an observation.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation.
  4. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis.
  5. Test the prediction.
  6. Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions.
The scientific method is used in all sciences—including chemistry, physics, geology, and psychology. 
PKR (PH) is trying to get GPS pinned at the corner and struggling to get out of their corner. It does take a herculean task for the State GPS Political Parties to come to terms with the PKR Vice President as he keeps hitting and jabbing at the right angles.
Most of the statements are answered quickly by senior GPS high ranked politicians.
Isn’t it time the young and aspiring young politicians in the Pemuda wings of GPS come out and give the PKR Vice President a right hand to his chin.
Don’t just use the Facebook as a punching bag for the black operatives to get at your targets. Oh No!. we might be in for a good bashing here..  
Anyway,we somehow sold ourselves short on this article and a check with a journalist friend who pointed to a rather interesting comment from a Senior Member of PBB who has been through many wars and have battle scars to prove. 
A phone call was then made to Tan Sri William Mawan and he was quick to remark,”I’m media savvy, so please don’t twist“‘which was the same words used in a local portal dayakdaily.com
amawan888.jpgYes, he said that the youth must take the rough and tumble of politics and they must be able to get out of the hole first before they can walk on the moon. He is media savvy because he understands the political perception and knows what PKR is driving hard at.
There are issues to be addressed and the youth must be able to stand out and give a helping hand to their leaders and must not give extra burden to their leaders.

Don’t Tambah the problems.

They will in time be the future leaders but for now in this topsy-turvy political situation they must exert themselves to the front to protect the seats which GPS holds.
GPS seats he said,”winning the seats which we have won and can still win, this is the most prudent and prime consideration”
All 82 Sarawak seats are different and have different landscapes and those who are capable of retaining the seats must not give way just to appease the ‘selfish ends of those wanting the seats’ 
What’s the point of winning the seat while you still loose it to PH in the final analysis. The good examples he said we must learn from the mistakes of the recently concluded PRU14.

There is no hurry to replace youth over seasoned winnable candidates. Like it or not the media will have a part to play its part and GPS sooner rather than later need to EMBRACE it.


Mawan too is politically media savvy and he would be a guiding force for the youths to take over the seats in time to come. Certainly of course, not now where GPS will be fighting a battle which the ‘normal federal players ‘ are no more on their side.

Rafizi is capitalising on the PH new found Federal government to further push down the gauntlet of the people of Sarawak The Federal agencies would try to stay neutral but they themselves know who their paymasters are and would at the heat of the battle be sucked in. Hopefully not though.!!
PRU12 would not be the same and Rafizi has already started the countdown and tried to blind fold the rakyat of Sarawak with his tasty statements like,” he believes that with him and Anwar in PKR leading the party Sarawak would not be neglected by Putrajaya,especially if PH takes over Sarawak.
PBB senior vice president did not mince his words and for him to say this party members and Sarawakians must stand up and take heed,“This is just a blatant lie from Rafizi and the same party, which during the 14th general election had been making many promises in their manifesto to fulfil the demands from Sarawak.
Sarawak is the last bastion for the PH Government in their conquest and GPS would give them a good battle to safeguard Sarawak from overrun.
Sarawakians know who are capable of running their state and Karim has put the icing on the cake,”I have my trust and faith in Sarawakian voters who do not like to be pushed around and be given empty promises, especially on the return of state’s rights and (autonomy over) our oil and gas.”
Hence, now it’s over to you then Rafizi and PKR…….

“Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak 2021”

1 Year or 2 years time will go by in a flash says a journalist at the recent high tea,’CM Abang Jo With The Media” ON 31st July 2018. What is indeed interesting he said is that “this time the present ruling government under GPS would face its greatest challenge and onslaught from the Pakatan Harapan Coalition when the elections are due. 

One can brush it aside by confidently saying “No Way they can break the stranglehold of the present setup of GPS which holds 72 out of the 82 seats” However there are certainly areas of concerns for GPS as PH Sarawak will not be short of supporters as when the elections are called the Police,Military,Bomba, Federal Agencies including Rela would try to stay neutral.

Will they get INVOLVED OR WATCH BY THE SIDELINES when their Ministers,Deputy Ministers are making a bee-line to wrestle the last frontier for the Pakatan Harapan Jigsaw?

It is not for us to answer that and a month has passed since the high tea event and many issues have cropped up and the rakyat and the ruling government are analysing the performances of the Federal Government.


Penning this article we asked a Senior member of the GPS fold for his political insights and statement. He said for GPS to maintain relevance in Sarawak and especially to the rakyat,”There must not be Personal Feelings or Glory or even Individual Component Parties Pride going into PRN12.

There must also not be questions on how to run the coalition by openly fighting in and out and also within the parties involved and making terms to suit themselves.

This would be a clear cut for death. The PH are considering Sarawak as their last frontier and GPS will not want to have the “LAST POST”( bugle call or cavalry trumpet call).

To make it sound simple or in laymen s term he said,’ Nobody wants to Die until Death knocks on the Door”

Mawan is in support of  Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sport Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah ‘wishful thinking” of PKR’s plan of taking over Sarawak Government. Karim says,”

Anyone who goes into an election would surely say the same thing that Dr Teo had said. The people have the final say in deciding who should be their representatives.

Mawan said it would not be a walk in the park if certain solid measures and strategies are reinforced for the better good of the people.

The people of Sarawak would not want change for the sake of changing but if the personal agendas and glories are still being practised the people would not hesitate to subscribe to the “NOTION OF CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

A journalist in our party asked,” Mawan on the possibility of him not being fielded as the seat (Pakan) is being claimed by his former party together with two other seats( Bekenu and Batu Danau).

His answer was straight forward and look into my FACEBOOK Posting, which reads as,

Will Defend Pakan N47 in upcoming PRN12 due in 2021″

That’s clear and precise unless otherwise.

A question on what is “unless otherwise” and he said that there are strong indications that PH is going all out to dethrone and wipe out the CM in his constituency of Satok which is practically in the urban area of Kuching City. 

He further clarified  “unless otherwise” is only if the Chief Minister wants Pakan seat for himself I will willingly let him have the seat and ensure that he wins comfortably and remains Chief Minister after 2021.

Of course,Mawan said the CM will defend his Satok seat as the PH would use this to gain political mileage if he moves away to another seat.

Basically he said.” he will defend this Pakan seat and will not give it up to the component parties wanting it but not winning the seat for the GPS coalition.” 

The PH Federal Government would use their new found political muscle to assist their PH Sarawak counterparts and they will go all out at all the 82 seats on offer in 2021 or even when its called earlier.

The threat and under currents from PH in the minds of many within GPS grassroots is real. They all need assurances from their leaders and only if all parties remain united they will be concerns and insecurity within the fold. 

There are movements to reinforce the concerns in the rural enclave by the ruling state government and this concrete plan would be enough for the rakyat to ensure that GPS is returned to power.

PRN12 would be not for the faint heart and true supporters of the party would be in for a bruising battle in the front line.

82 Seats’An Inconvenient Truth Part 2..Sarawak Social Media Influence”

The Fear,Anxiety and Online Attacks will be Incessant as the Next Sarawak State Elections due before May 2021 is starting its countdown. Its a New Frontier,New Challengers,New Coalitions surfacing and it boils down to the 82 seats. The Alarm Bells are already ringing though the bombardment has not even started.

aac11Will the 82 SARAWAK SEATS be swayed,impacted or affected by the so called social media practitioners ?

The Inconvenient Truth in our first release of which was covered was :- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/an-inconvenient-truthsarawak-the-brand/ 

A Professor friend put it very nicely,” Some will need to volunteer to go or some will have to be Sacrificed or be Pushed out.” this is the reality of politics and this must be done sooner rather than later not just 2 weeks before nomination of candidacy.

Its no more business as usual and the fact remains there is a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAKATAN HARAPAN in place.

Pakatan Harapan Sarawak (PH) will be capitalising on their new found strength to penetrate the 72 seats which are currently being held by GPS (former Sarawak BN coalitions. The Sarawak Based local Opposition Parties in a new alliance of Sarawak Baru will join in the fray and will not only play spoilers but must not be taken lightly by both PH and GPS. They too have set their targets 

Issues which are being played up at the moment are significantly touching on Sarawakians Rights especially the 20% Oil Royalty,besides “pemakai menoa” (territorial domain) and “pulau galau” (communal forest reserve) dilapidated rural schools,water and electricity. 

There is already a misconception that the rural enclave where most of the seats are located and held by GPS will not be so affected by influence of social media of twitters,Face book,Instagram,Telegrams,You tube or whats app.

It was considered Safe Seats for (BN Sarawak) but with PH as the custodian of the Federal Coffers plus having the related security agencies under their control they will be some significant “SEISMIC WAVES” towards them.

The Sarawak Baru coalition will be trying to influence their own ideologies of “Sarawak for ALL Sarawakians” which of course needs to be capitalised fully through their local propaganda machinery.

Sarawakians by an large will protect their turf from outside influence but there is little they can do when their mindset is being tuned to accepting the changes by the creativity and overpowering social media.

A good insight would be a simple short story which involves the Tiger, Fox and the Cat.  The Fox as everyone knows is a cunning animal,knows all, will use all his brains and quick thinking to outwit anyone including the harmless cat. The cat will listen up but knows that the show is just starting.

The Hungry Malayan Tiger has yet to set foot on Sarawak and they hold the Propaganda Machine in their hands. They will come blasting away and their security HUMAN counterparts is on their side too and will protect the Malayan Tiger from being harmed.

The FOX no matter what tales it will Preach will eventually be subservient to the Malayan Tiger but the Cat might just get away with it being able to understand the Terrain and Local Conditions.

There is a need for GPS to fully equip itself by capitalising on the various social media platforms or they will not only be left behind but suffer significantly through their ignorance.

The fall of many governments around the world is mainly due to the influence of social media and one would be a fool to think that the ruling Sarawak government would not be swept away by this influence.

CM Sarawak when meeting the media recently on the 31/7/18 “The Way Forward” even said that there was even rumours circulation in the social media platform of “SNAP POLLS ANNOUNCEMENT”. It never materialised though.

The power of the social media is huge and no one must deny its very existence in politics today.

The 82 seats on offer have their own weaknesses where the coalitions can capitalised to ensure that they have the seat in their bag.  The strategy and finer details on the social media propaganda will not be disclosed of course by any of them.

Insiders close to Pakatan Harapan have informed that they have already got their act together and are hellbent in creating a big body blow to GPS in their showdown and they are very highly charged that they will achieve their goal with the Malayan Tiger behind them.

Will the FOX or the CAT be able to outwit the Malayan Tiger?

They will be some collateral damage in the 82 seats and for the political aspirants or incumbents to stay relevant they need to look closely for now at their own brand,their own constituency and the ever growing social media influence.

The 82 Incumbents are now being targeted but are they ready?

The onslaught of this mean no holds barred,no nonsense social media where #FAKENEWS can turn to be real and blow each of them away if they still turn a blind eye to their influence.


Can You Speak”Sedition Act 1948?”


There has been a hype of arguments from both political divides and hoo-haas of late on subjects of interests amongst them,”Oil Royalty of 20 pct , Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)  and many nationalists and activists are turning back to the history pages to stay ahead of the game. 

The people at large in Sarawak and Sabah are in a way being drawn in and most are either confused or being passionate over the oil subject and also have imaginary “Independence from Malaya”‘ tattooed over their foreheads. 

Sarawak and Sabah are not only rich in natural resources and the “black gold” which is lucrative has over the years being used to fund and speed up the development of Malaya in infrastructure while leaving Sabah and Sarawak way behind is coming to haunt the present ruling government. 

Sarawak Pakatan has this to say and we wonder what Sabah Warisan will do,”

“The bottom line is that the 20 percent oil profit now offered will be further and in addition to the present five percent oil and gas royalty.

“This is a positive development, and far better than the arrangement by BN, whereby the five percent royalty stayed stagnant for the past 45 years,”

The people who live on this land where they are born and raised are now asking,” we are shortchanged again and this is mainly due to politics. Why have they suddenly picked up the courage to ask and speak up? Is it because of the NEW GOVERNMENT.?

Surely, they must have some sort of back up and the extraction below has given them something to ponder and question without fear or favour.

We all should read and understand more before we deal in this subject to avoid unnecessary ‘calling‘ from some authorities who might just conveniently misinterpret the political intentions.

Sedition Act 1948 is a pre-merdeka Act enacted by the British Parliament and became Malaysian law. It is an Act that criminalises speech with seditious tendency including bringing hatred and contempt to the government or to incite dissatisfaction against government or engender ill feelings or ill will and hostility among different races.

The definition of speech does not include materials in writing unless published for public consumption that can *incite hatred and dissatisfaction Take note, there is no immunity for MPs speaking in Parliament or in the Legislature. Datuk Mark Koding from Sabah was convicted under the Act for seditious words spoken by him in parliament.
Now, let us examine for practical reasons.

Is representation to Putrajaya by a person, organisations and political parties asking independence for Sabah and Sarawak seditious or an offence under the Act? My humble opinion is that, it could not be seditious. This is because such an action or representation could not amount to inciting dissatisfaction against the government.

Precedents had been set about this. Politicians, the Judiciary and Malaysians at large could not deny Tunku Abdul Rahman went to see the British government to seek independence for Malaya which also years later on led to the formation of Malaysia. Lee Kuan Yew before the formation of Malaysia also flew to London concerning decolonisation issues.

 Likewise our local leaders who were involved in the negotiations for MA63 none of them been charged by the British and Malaysian governments for sedition. I hope we should not confuse ourselves. I am giving an opinion, not a legal advice but I hope constitutional experts and other legal experts will chip in their legal knowledge.

From Voon Lee Shan of Voonslegal, Ex-DUN Batu Lintang


“Battle of Imagination”


The Euphoria and Happy Faces of the people have since Vanished into Thin Air after the “promises” which saw to the fall of the former ruling Federal Govt. The war of ‘specifics” into the 20%, Petronas and the ding dong battles between GPS being PH Friendly in Federal and Opposition in the State does not bode well with most Sarawakians.

The prices of daily essentials are biting hard into the wage earners and as one housewife puts it,”TAK ADA GOSTAN.MASIH SAMA LEH“.This is the TRUE VOICE of the people and the gentle breeze and the leaves moving on the trees are a signal of a political earthquake which will reverberate throughout Sarawak come PRN12.

Even Parliamentarians at the 14th Parliamentary sitting are voicing out in their address “KOS SARA HIDUP MENINGKAT” 

Our source a Political Professor said,”We cannot ignore nor ridicule these remarks. The sentiments of the people will eventually turn into a CYCLONE and sweep you off the feet and your safe abode.”

The Masses of People will not Listen to Reason and they will win the ARGUMENTS just based on their own SENTIMENTS.

Good sense,Sound judgement and Reasonable thoughts are being overtaken by Passionate Emotions plus a single track mind.

aasb.jpgOne local based party in Party Bumi Kenyalang are listening to the voice and intentions of the people have expressed their desire to be part of these SARAWAK BARU coalition

This emergence of this new Coalition which is taking shape is mainly due to the oversight or too self-centric of both Federal and State Governments. 

This force who have fought elections on their own sees the opportunity in an “AMALGAMATION” of local based parties and are housed in ” Sarawak Baru” with the tagline “Sarawak for All Sarawakians” is gaining momentum.

They might have just hit the very heart beat of the people as earlier movements “SARAWAK FOR SARAWAKIANS” and other NGO’s have shown them the way and they have capitalised it fully by using it as “FOR ALL” which covers everything which will obviously be dissected for interpretations.


Political Coalitions in PH or GPS will say,”AREN’T WE DOING THIS NOW?”  

SARAWAK BARU sees the prospect of being part of the NEW GOVERNMENT in 2021 as GPS AND PH will go head-on but they will be the eventual “winners”

Hypothetically our source says,” if this situation happens GPS wins 38 seats PH 30 SB 14 there will be the Unity Government made up of either GPS + SB or PH + SB.

This will not be an Alternative to both PH and GPS in Sarawak. The Battle of Imagination as in Politics we know its how they package it to win even ‘that single vote” 

At this precise moment when SENTIMENTS is at its peak anything is possible and the magical figure of passing the post in Sarawak is of course 42.

The Light Breeze will turn to a cyclone as Judgement Day in politics “Election Day” will reveal the truth. 

The Masses of Sarawak Voters know that the government of the day now cannot rely on the “uniform bodies” to give them a head start. With Pakatan at Federal the changes are imminent and spelt out clearly,”We are Clean”

The people will have the choice n its not about GPS, PH or SB. It’S about Sarawak and who will represent them in DUN.

In DUN Sarawak the language to use can be Bahasa Malaysia, English or Iban ( Former Pelagus Yb George Lagong) did this but he had to sit out the last election in 2016 due to a very bad accident . He has since recovered and says he will be back in 2021 if his health is at its peak.

The Sentiments are there and as per the Political Professor he says,”We need to scan to the furthest reaches of one’s thoughts. We need to join forces be it old heads or new and also those who are right or left of the political spectrum.

At a recent forum,”The End game” stand off with Petronas in the context of re branding  of Malaysia by Zainnal Ajamain a participant requested that Politicians be left out of committees as they are the causes of what the country has become.

This of course is his opinion and some heated exchanges were heard. Politicians are those who will pass the bills and we need each other 

The voice of the people and the sentiments are indeed boiling with intensity and even though we have a MALAYSIA BARU the changes are not felt on the ground.

There is still too much rhetoric and broken promises.

The statement below by PBDSB clearly shows the REAL FEEL on the ground in certain constituencies be it rural or in the urban areas. There are statistics and facts on where the seats they will win marginally or handsomely and at the moment they are looking at 14 but it might be more. Of course he will not reveal his strategy for GPS nor PH to see. 

PKR at the last State Elections won 3 out of 40 or more seats they contested. If they win 14 out of 82 that is a victory for the people who want them. 

PBDSB president Cobbold John Lusoi disclosed plans that his party is mulling the setting up of a third force in Sarawak in response to the changing political landscape in the state after the May 9 general election.

According to Cobbold (photo), his party is looking into engaging with the Star, the United Peoples Party (UPP), Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK), the Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) and the Sarawak Peoples Energy Party (Teras).

He had said the new opposition coalition is aimed at keeping both the Harapan and GPS coalitions in check and will seek to be the “favoured alternative pact.”

PH or GPS will know that they are not having things their way as the issues which are cropping up will turn in favour of ” SARAWAK BARU”

The so called political lobbyists/financial arm who are looking into viability of their investments will know that this Coalition is for real and they will have their returns in investment. Their economic financiers will also inform them that the SENTIMENTS are there to be capitalised.

In all the 82 constituency the GPS and PH are trying to win over their loyalists and be true to their political struggle BUT the injection of this Unified Force ‘SARAWAK BARU” the chess game has since changed into what lies”under that Poker card”

It’s no more a manoeuvring of which party will win this seat or that or who will win. It has turned very much to a “BATTLE OF IMAGINATION” by what the voters want and no one can take that SARAWAK FOR ALL SARAWAKIANS away from their hearts.

The voters request what is due to them and nothing more, nothing less.

PH and GPS has a lot to fulfill and they cannot take anything for granted.

At the tip of some of the voters tongues the voices are already coming out as “SARAWAK BARU

You will soon realise how Powerful the Coalition will become come 2021…..

PBB Vice President “Thank You for Your Thoughts”

The small gesture of invitation to other local based parties have earned political maturity and praises from both TERAS SG Banyi Beriak and PBDS (Baru) President Cobbold John to the Vice President of PBB.


In a worded statement released it reads,”Convergence of mind. TERAS and PBDSB. A small step toward a better alliance, Sarawak Baru. We thanked YB Annuar Rapaee for the thoughts. To start with….TERAS, PBDS, STAR and hopefully other Sarawak based Parties with the same mind and singing the same tune with us will converge together to form the new Hopes And Entity, SARAWAK BARU (SB).

PBB Vice President words extracted from a local daily,”“As long they are in line with our (GPS) struggle, why not?” said Dr Annuar, when responding to a query if GPS is inclusive and ready to take in other local parties.

“Let us see how GPS is being formed first then only we will invite. Actually now we want to unite the four (ex-Sarawak BN components) first. Let GPS get itself formed legally. At the moment we are not registered with the RoS (Registrar of Societies).

“After we are formed legally then only can GPS be opened to others. Same goes to PH – opened to others,” he stressed.

Will this be the New Political Landscape for the upcoming elections in 2021?

The coalition parties of GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) and a New Coalition SB (Sarawak Baru) to take on PH (Pakatan Harapan} or SB together with PH taking on GPS?

It remains to be seen and no matter what happens the Voters will have the final say on the outcome of PRN12.