Kangkung to Costs More Now…

PM kangkungWhen everyone was caught in the spin and “making unnecessary” statements on Prime Minister Najib I told a fellow blogger please write positive notes on “KangKung” and do some research on it. Well, it went unheeded for a few days until this article from www.theantdaily.com– only a petty issue to Umno cyber boys” caught my eye.

Tan Sri Clement Hii  also posted in FB and this is what he has to say,”I really think PM Dato Seri Najib doesn’t deserve the personal attacks and sarcasm over the kangkong remarks he made. But these are tough times and netizens are quick to find an outlet for their frustrations. One would expect Umno’s cybertroopers to quickly take counter measures. But it’s surprising they’re treating it as a “petty issue.”..

So my mind went into overdrive and now what was innocently a statement on being cheaper in comparison to other vegetables could propel this Water Spinach into the most sought vegetable.

Are we going to thank The PRIME MINISTER Najib Razak after this? Some will still ridicule and as always being opinionted but will never ever give compliments as they think so highly of themselves.

Thanks PM for unveiling the pot of gold which is a “healthy body means a healthy mind”

Kangkung is the health word…..